Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Theme 188 - Ground

From @swordfish19: He jumped off the skyscraper. He was magnetized by the ground and now he was falling towards it with breakneck speed.  Then there was a crunch and he just had time to take one last sniff of the musty earth. And then, there was no ground. He was floating in the ether.  He felt alright.

From @flirtingshadows: She leaned against the wall, as she heard him raise his voice at her. He was agitated. But she wasn’t sure why or how. She was running short of breath but he didn’t notice that. She took a step closer to him but again it went unnoticed. He only saw her crumple to the ground.

From @tweettabulous:

“You must taste this, it is the most wonderful Shiraz I’ve had in a long time.”
“Alright. Wow! It is amazing and very smooth. You make a fine connoisseur, darling.”

 Somewhere in a vineyard…
“Oh! You humans always celebrating, relishing divine substances and rejoicing. Forgetting how much pain, I go through while being ground. Hmmph!”

From @VidulaChakradeo:

18,000 feet in air, he felt invincible. Everything below him looked tiny. His pompous laughter belittled everything. The world below was so worthless. So full of himself, he took up on a feisty gust of wind. Slapped hard, he slammed into the ground.

The higher your ‘EGO’ flies, the harder it falls on its face.

From @writingchalk:

Started a company at 15.
Had 200 patents to his name at 17.
Appeared on TIME Magazine’s cover at 20.

All of this made him pompous.

Then, he was sued for patent theft.
Lost the case.
His ego fell tumbling from the sky.

He spent the rest of his life turning coffee beans into powder.

From @AskThePankazzzz: Ever since they learnt to crawl on the ground; they loved. They showed love. They made love. They never knew on what grounds did it become 'incest'. They stood their ground. They were grounded. Nobody knows who won between feelings & taboos, but they sleep next to each other now. Some 6 feet under the ground.

From @zoarcher: Aiko was walking home; lost in her thoughts. Suddenly she felt the ground below her feet tremble. Like a delicate leaf. Fear surged through her veins. Her heart pounded. An earthquake was descending on her beloved Toyohashi city, thought she. She looked around frantically. Coming her way though, was just a large group of sumos.    

From @divigyaan: What a hard, yummy curvy texture. It is so difficult to resist it. Really man, “no one can eat just one” but definitely, it is better when steamed and gets chewy. A nut better when not screwed, I like it whole. Love for ‘GROUNDNUT’ will never die.

From @aaroo4: Why do you say “I ground you” when i do something bad? Does that mean i have to stick to the ground? He went on staring at his parents. Exasperated, his dad replied “It just means no fun, no TV, no going out, nothing”. But why do you say” I ground you” he went on.

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