Tuesday, September 1, 2015

55wordstory - Season 4 - Theme 26 - Solitary Flight

From @AshieJayn: 

I can travel through time as much as through human beings.
I may travel in singles, doubles or groups - small and large. 
But my most favourite journey is when I break free from all ideas and the so called practicality and soar high above the clouds in solitary flight.
I am a thought, a fantasy, a dream.

From @_ankitachauhan: 

A teardrop trickled down his fragile feathers while watching them to fly. One by one all the owlkids left the nest but the fluffy one. He too tried to spread wings, limped, crumpled, tried again but those undeveloped muscles weighed him down. He understood he has to wait as nature wants to embrace his solitary flight

From @oink1729: 

I preferred books over people: interesting, yet reliable; emotional, but not destructive. Flying over life, reading on the plane! Strapped in and now descending to a silent and unpeopled landing strip, I find I can recall only in miniature: grid like towns, neat squares of forest, nothing. Get real: books are a load of crap.

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