Thursday, August 27, 2015

55wordstory - Season 4 - Theme 25 - Naughty

From @AshieJayn: 

"Hey, remember the time we ate that chili chocolate cake at Smriti's place?"
"Oh yes! I still wonder how all that chili ended up in it."
"Don't you know? Her kid brother did it for not letting him play with us and then charmed us into eating it. Smriti says his son has totally taken after him."

From @aaroo4: 

What are you doing? He asked the child
I write words I don’t know on this paper that mommy gave & we find it in the dictionary
What word you writing now?
You don’t know that word? he asks with a grin.
No, am a good boy no.

From @Zoarcher: 

She happily wobbled towards the living room, flashing her toothless smile. Suddenly a loud “BOO” caught her unawares. “He and his tricks”, she thought lovingly, “every day up to something”. She turned slowly and admired the mischievous glint in his cataract-blurred eyes. She hoped he would never change. Always remain impish, till the very end.    

From @_ankitachauhan: 

Wickedness is nothing just an ebb and flow of hormones. Don’t judge because some reactions going inside my body at least. I give you more reasons to be cynical as skin colour, body stats and my weight. Go, expand your literacy level. But keep your eyes-off from that zone where I still stay as naughty.

From @oink1729: 

Naughty Wrongflop inherited from her father an extensive collection of pornographic writing and had, some years earlier, inherited a similarly extensive collection of religious texts from her uncle, the famous Bishop Wrongflop. It amused her to house both collections together, sorted alphabetically. Arranged so, the unwilling participants in the battle of ideas, finally at rest.

From @dr_lucy_says: 

“Mumma, my teacher told a story about Naughty. He had a friend called Big Years.”
“You mean Noddy and Big-Ears?”
“Nooo, it was Naughty.”
“Okay! So, what did he do?”
“He had a hat with a bell.”
“Ma, I want that hat too, I want to be Naughty.”
“Oh honey, believe me, you are.”

From @dr_lucy_says: 

Leather didn’t do anything for her, but she had read that some preferred leather over lace. So, she thought about giving it a go.
Crop top. Check.
Hot pants. Check.
Boots. Check.
Handcuffs. Check.
Whip?? Umm…  Check!!
She was going to show him that she was done being nice. She’d take him on a whirlwind.

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  1. Mickey knew he’d be in trouble, he knew his dad would give him a hiding, but that didn’t stop him loading the letterbox full of cherry bombs. He’d weighed up the pros and cons and decided this was the best course of action.


    Mickey smiled. How could the postman deliver his report card now?