Saturday, March 3, 2012

Theme 10 - Skyscrapers

From @Catpricious: Looking down 32 storeys, she wondered how she would land. Would she be an unsightly jumble of limbs? And blood? Director called action, she jumped, the shot was over. Taking off the protection gear she posed for a few shots. Back in her vanity, she realised this was another unsuccessful attempt. Always a failure, regardless.

From @akshayabansal : A poor village. An ambitious dream. To strengthen the straw houses which bowed to the rain. Along came a man from the city, who spoke of giants reaching for the sky. They sway gently with the breeze, swallow people with ease. Oh, how they illuminate the nights sky. Skyscrapers are the name they go by.

From @textuallyhorny : It was a G+44. The journey to the parking from top floor and return was the only time they could have given themselves. Otherwise barred to bond by their business biased families the elevator became their comfort capsule. Surreal seconds of serene solace. They silently wished it takes them up to the ethereal one day.

From @anushreekejriwa : The tall buildings cover the city, add light to it but they don't speak about the lives of the people living in it. Towering high just like the ambitions of the urban dwellers. Happiness, joy and melancholy are carefully hidden by the bright lights. Resplendent exterior and a mysterious interior; places me in a quandary.

From @peckishminx : He walked into the tallest skyscraper he could find, stepped into the elevator and pressed the button to the topmost floor. He told himself that today was the day he was going to kill himself. What reason did he have to live in this concrete jungle of looming skyscrapers? A kid with a book held his finger, Hope.

From @laalfirangi : On the topmost floor, standing by the window, I look down upon the tiny moving figures. I share this space, this feeling with the very few who stood by, holding my hand. This is the highest high in the longest time and this is my space. It has me and you. Thanks for sticking around.

From @nelsonnium : A superhero on the roof of the world's tallest skyscraper. He peered into the other building. Criminals had to be caught. Days of training, waiting patiently, and planning had come to this. A flicker of light, the signal. He leapt and soared into the sky… "Cut! Again!", the director screamed. The life of a stuntman.

From @hersheyka : It was exhilarating; to be atop that skyscraper. She grinned at the insignificant specks below. But she was standing there alone. He had hated her guts; she recovered. On her way up, she stamped on many hearts. That was her payback to the likes of him. She cried one last time. Then she jumped.

From @rohit_bhat : He hesitated a bit before jumping off the jagged edge of the terrace of his own creation. He thought he’d hit the ground immediately. Instead, childhood memories flashed across his mind. Suddenly, he didn’t want this to end. The next instant, his body formed a bloodied Vitruvian Man on the marble floor of the lobby.

From @Oven_Tikka : The Emergency Council had gathered. “I can smell their morning coffee” said one. “Each time I look out my window I have to see at least one of the seven sins in action”. Something needed to be done. Property rates were decreasing. Everyone turned to him. Only the God of Earthquakes could help them now.

From @blublubling : Being an architect Vikram was always attracted to buildings . This was no ordinary building though , the tallest in the world . A hub of activity in the heart of New York. Who could have guessed he would meet his end under the debris of this beautiful building he had once helped design , the World Trade Center.

From @gauravjagwani : He looked up to me. A lot of them did, actually. They loved me for my generosity, my kindness, my caring and giving nature. Everything, actually. All of what makes me the person I am today. But, there was this one teacher who looked up to me cause I stayed in an apartment touching clouds.

From @indianidle : He stood exactly at the same place he stood two months before. Then he was proud owner of his childhood dream.Now his hands marked with blood of his family holding the remainings . His tired eyes flowing with tears,pain. It took 45 seconds for nature to destroy a dream,a family. Skyscraper to pieces of crap.

From @thebigdowg : “You were our pride, the symbol of our strength. You were the reason we looked up every day, the inspiration we required to rise above all others. And then, you fell. Ten years have passed and you still remain in our prayers. You will forever be missed, Dearest Twin Towers.” – The New York skyscrapers’ association.

From @theslumdawg : My slum is surrounded Skyscrapers from 3 sides & the 4th project is under construction. When I get drunk (daily). I sit on my katta thinking, "Kuch dino baad Saala chaaro baju se yeh log upar se kachara fekenge." but When I am sober, I think "Mein slum me rehta hu Usme unka kya dosh?"

From @_PWN: She looked down from the 20th floor. She wondered what it would be like to jump from there. Wondered if it would be a slow fall or it would all end in seconds. Will it hurt? It didn’t look that far though. She dropped her cigarette from there. It disappeared. She wanted to disappear too.

From @nimue_ : With every step she alighted , she thought of him waiting on the rooftop of the skyscraper for her. With each step, she though cursed herself for sticking to weight loss program so diligently.She should have taken the lift. He had to use the champagne to revive her.

From @tweettabulous: She raised him alone. Father,was serving the country she told him.Everyday he walked by that empty land amidst the concrete jungle.. School had taught him about the ill fated incident. At the tenth anniversary he heard his fathers name being announced as one of the brave fire fighters... Who had given up their lives trying to save a few innocent souls in that skyscraper on 9/11...

From @mizarcle: It was her visit to her aunt's place. The one who had escaped the crazies of her family. She looked at everything with wonder. The lights, the colours, the city. Most of all she loved the skyscrapers, big and tall, just like her dreams. Soaring up piercing the sky. And you say sky is the limit?

From @ChhotaRecharge : His dream to conquer the skies met an abrupt halt on 26th June 2011 when the skyscraper took life away from 25yr old pilot, Jonathan Joshua Fernandes. Forensic experts vindicated his friends' stand when they proved Jonathan wasn't inebriated at the time of death! 8months later, "Justice For Jonathan" still remains a silent cry!

From @Freelosopher: “Rebel without a cause!” her father would declare. She was twenty and always wanted to become a DJ. Parents wanted her married. As she gazed outside her bedroom window, the skyscrapers in the distance reminded her of that constant setting on the graphic equalizer of her life. “Too much treble, not much bass”, she mused.

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  1. These are wonderful. Each one is unique and beautiful in its own ways. Loved the concept.