Thursday, March 29, 2012

Theme 34 - Labels

From @akshayabansal: The stage was set for yet another gig, he was the heartthrob of this tiny hamlet. The scene rarely shifted from the village pub, until a 'suit' ventured into this wilderness. Astounded by his talent and skill, he whipped out his card and implored him. "Would you like to sing for a record label instead?"

From @Saureign: The subject of the new email said ‘Buy Books at 50% off’. I was tempted; little else made me happier than buying books at discounts. But I looked at the shelf before me, 7 new books waiting to be read. Selecting the email, I filed it under the ‘Read Later’ label. Ironically, it made sense.

From @sahilk: There a few Arab fashion weeks. Of course, none in Saudi. But I wonder what’s the point. To model for your husband or wear them at a womens-only mall? I’ve seen a lot of girls wearing abaayas with patches, embroidery, Swarovski and the likes. I’m sure there’s some fashion label with a dedicated abaaya department.

From @michramiah: Emo. Plastic. Goth. Punk. Fat. Skinny. Fake. Disturbed. Preppy. Poser. Jock. He licked the labels and stuck them onto each jar containing his victims' teeth.

From @SteelySilence: Emo, slut, nerd- she loved being labelled differently in every new college she attended. It gave her a sadistic satisfaction of possessing a flexible personality. The behaviour patterns she had mastered over the century were useful to avoid detection. She looked at the teacher blankly. This year, she was going to be the dumb slow-girl.

From @tripteased: I will take you back to the roots when you start drifting. I will help you see in yourself what has been blinding you so far. Wandering in timelessness with me,I will show you what you need to see. Come to me. Together,we will 'BE'.

From @Marwaari: It seemed to be a romantic night, filled with passion and lust, of vanishing loneliness. A night, remembering the time spent together. A night, when all the mistakes would be forgiven, He thought. Never knowing that women forgive but never forget. He had the last sip of his favorite label of scotch laced with poison.

From @zushk: “Why do you have that accent?” he asked the bobby-haired girl. “Whath accenth?’ she gaped at him, her ten-year-old eyes round. “You live in India, and you still behave like you’re from Tibet!” he snorted with laughter. “Leave her alone, Sam. She has a bit of a speech defect.” “Oh, ok. See you later, Tibbatti!”

From @hankypanty: A boy called Cairns was dyslexic, he sued Lalit for Label. He didn't know the meaning of dyslexia.

From @NumbYaar: The younger brother made millions by methods, very few knew. The elder one honestly earned a hand to mouth existence. The younger only had scotch, the elder settled for beer. That day they met after ages. A few drinks down, they drank from each other’s drinks. They were kids again, in a world sans labels.

From @rati7: The faces turned, the eyes popped, the moving life seemed to have come to a standstill as he lowered his lips to his life, his boyfriend, his everything. Wolf whistles and slangs echoed in the background. For the onlookers these were labels, for him it was just the plain old simple love.

From @funny_swamy: It was Neha's tenth birthday. They went at that expensive mall again. She chose a beautiful gown. Her eyes were twinkling. His eyes were searching the label. He saw it, and smiled. She knew that smile. "Another dress, please?" she asked the vendor. A tear broke out, he smiled again; the proud father.

From @gauravjagwani: We were at the beach party. All of us decided that the best way to celebrate our graduation was with alcohol and a bonfire. So it began. Towards the end of the night, everyone labelled me a liar. Yes, I told stories. But, they were all true. Then I realised my pants were on fire.

From @ladyclonidine:

"Father am I evil?"

"No ofcourse not!"

"Then why are they cruel to me. Call me names like Freak, Monster"

"Oh son they fear you because they don't understand you."

"but I just want to be accepted!"

"Frankenstein you were not created to you fit in. Your curse is that you will always be special"

From @wekneweachother:

Venue: Subway, Britomart, Auckland.

“And any sauces for you, Sir?”

“Just Mayo, please.”


And accidentally she put some Ranch dressing as it looked off-white too in a translucent bottle. He came in an hour later and asked her out as he loved his Chicken Fillet 6” sub with Ranch. Sometimes, lack of labels help.

From @UnendingQuest: She was a young, innocent, small town Girl. A guy followed her everyday from college to home. She melted and agreed. He took her in a field. Behind the tree, he tried kissing her. She was pushing him hesitantly. Few Men walked by staring at them. That day onwards she lived with the Label "SLUT".

From @rachitmaya: They called me a slut, At times a whore. I ignored it for long, Couldn’t take no more. Got tired of these names, Labels they had tagged. My identity I lost, every moment I was nagged. Got myself a gun, Learnt how to shoot. This time on Holi, Made them look like Bhoots!

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: It was beyond love, what she felt for him. He was her family, her pillar of strength, her God, her home. He was in her blood, her veins, her breath. He’d asked once, “what does this mean?”, she had no answer. Could one really put a label to all this? Heaven maybe? Maybe something more.

From @awsmbong: "She was hard to understand. But the door to her heart was open. Some people reach a place in time where they've gone as far as they can. Place where unknowable and those who remain out of sight, collide with emotions and ambitions. While we were having tea, “no labels”, she said, smiling at me."

From @sumitrai100: How much he waited for this day.In the stillness of night when entire city was sleeping he was wide awake holding a blood-filled ampoule in his hand.The label on the ampoule read '100'-a hallmark of his excellence.The only witness to this event was now lying flat on the floor-cold and silent.

From @indianidle: Today was the first official tour of the newly opened zoo. Children chatted excitingly after passing each cage. But everyone was itching to see the most famous capture of the zoo. They finally reached there and seeing the animal they laughed and gasped in amazement. The cage was labeled 'Human', Roboworld's biggest catch.

From @mitigatedlying: She looked for his name in the mortuary list among the labels. It was there. She sighed and smiled. Satisfied, she left to live a new life with the billionaire. Her lover was out for the night. Alone in her bed she heard footsteps. He was back.She was dead.

From @rootkanal: 'I'm feeling much better, Dr. Acula! The reports say the cancer is still growing, but I feel good!' Dr. Acula smiled and went back into the tiny room lit by only a swinging bulb. He peeled the label off a bottle of what he called the ‘rapture drug’ and hastily scribbled ‘Placebo’ on it.

From @eattweetblog: She was 15, straggling with the usual teenage problems and dealing with her father's sudden demise. Guys took advantage of her vulnerability. She gave in to their sexual demands, thinking that it would fill the void in her life, making her feel loved and important. All she got in return was the lable 'Slut'.

From @sinpinklove: She was sticking labels on the bottles in the warehouse when he approached her.She gave that naughty smile that lit up the dark warehouse.It was their dirty secret and a secret they wanted to keep it.They loved the dark dusty dirty warehouse and the labelling was only an excuse.

From @pearly_swhites: Donning his gray apparel, he thought, ''This is it.'' David had finally made it large. The small town lad had grown to become one of the biggest businessmen, the world has ever known. Tonight, he was amongst the clique. The Blue Label drinkers. Just like the scotch, David was now exceptional. A prestigious rarity.

From @realfartshady:

"I buried the gold here!"

"You sure?"

"Yes master, I labelled the spot with a giant X. See."

After few hours of digging.

"We’ve dug deep, but no trace of gold!"

A kid enters the scene.

"What the hell is going on?"

"We are digging for gold."

"No sir, you're ruining my game of tic-tac-toe."

From @nimue_: She was a grade ahead of others. "Smart", they labelled her. The first in the family to earn, to live alone, and not find it odd; "very modern" they commented. She married the guy they found for her. "How traditional" they said. She divorced soon after. Earning a new label.

From @vivekisms: The actress shook with laughter. The diva that she was. She thought of the new scandal. Its vulnerability and somehow comical intimacy. How was it possible? She knew she was alone, of course and yet the papers went on and on, not giving her a chance to deny it.

From @_Nehu: After 3 months of marriage first time Samir woke up early and prepared the morning tea for her. She woke with bed tea served. Both took the first sip of tea then threw up and started laughing. Since then she puts label on Salt and sugar box. This story became unforgettable part of their life.

From @HelenofAhoy: Sara was labeled as a “fatso”. In two years, she was labeled as "that girl who’s dating Rahul”. In some time, she lost weight and was labeled as “the hot-stuff”. Today, they label her as a typical SOBO girl. What makes me sad is the fact that she lost the label of “my best friend”.

From @quratzafar:

Sweat trickled down her neck: today it would all begin. This was her first customer and there would be many more to come. She told him that; he panicked. He was new at this too.

“Run away!” He urged her.

“I can’t.” She said with a sad smile.

“I’ve been labelled a prostitute since birth.”

From @rbd_sqrl: The new patient arrived. The hospital attendants have seen a lot of lunatics but this man, he was different. He had that spark in his eye. He smiled like all the others. But this particular patient frightened Dr.Spivey. There was more to him than his outward lunacy. His assistant asked, “What file?”. New label,”HAPPY.”

From @OhTeri_: A label, bouquet of flowers. Love story blossomed and went high on tide. The shy smiles, romantic dates and breakfasts at his place. "Soon to be married", the friends did trace. Some past, some lies; she deceived, he cried. They fought, distraught, they parted their ways. Wrist slit; in morgue, labelled 143 he was brought.

From @roshd: They called Leah easymeat, item and loose. She was through many boyfriends who spun their own tales about the ‘fun’ they had with her. The really vicious or bitter ones even called her slut and hoe. All she wanted was love. All she got was lust. And the labels. I gave her one too. Lover.

From @captain_speakin: She shared with him thoughts that she didn’t dare to think aloud. He told her his deepest darkest secrets even when they had never met. Those were magical conversations. What they had didn't fit under any labels; they weren’t lovers, or friends, or acquaintances even, just two perfect strangers with a connection at the soul.

From @saiyona: She replayed the hour long ‘arrange marriage’ interview from the morning in her mind once more. ‘Love is it? Can it happen in just an hour?’ she questioned herself. Smiling, she pasted his picture in her scrapbook and stuck an empty pink label below it and scribbled on “I am marrying him.”

From @jhanvidhawan: She was one of those, wide button-eyed Arabic beauty who wished for nothing more than World Peace. But, in return she was only accessorized with Bullets, Bombs and Blood! The world always picked on her for having a Gangster father. Her name was labeled by his.

From @anushreekejriwa: He was a possessive lover, it seemed as if he had put a label of ownership on her and controlled her life. She felt shackled by his love and wanted to get rid of the label of being a puppet but did not want him to stop loving her. She was in a quandary.

From @dark_gal: She reached me while I was cutting the papers. Everyone has secrets and mine hid under the basement. I stacked zombies. More like pets. The number was growing. I couldn’t identify my dolls anymore, I pondered. That’s when she asked me, ‘What are the labels for?’. I smiled.

From @rinashah: She always preferred a low key profile. She was a very renowned scientist but never showed off. She never fancied owning brands. She was always clad with cotton sarees, very minimal or no jewellery, regular comfortable footwear and a purse which could hold things she wanted to carry. She always loved to be this way.

From @mydirtylinen:

"A one-night stand?", she asked as I snapped her bra open

"A fling?", she asked as I unbuttoned her jeans.

"A pseudo-relationship?", she asked as I peeled her panties off.

"A girlfriend?", she asked as she perched on the platform.

I buried my face between her legs.

That shut her up.

From @madrasmad: During a slow, after-dinner walk, she asked her 55 year old father, “Did you really like working as a stuntman?” He merely smiled, and put an arm around her shoulder. As a young man, ‘Macho’ Rahul’s friends loved him for being brash. His pride didn’t allow him to be caught reading books, his first love.

From @theghostwriterr: I entered the room with huge cupboards and wide drawers, they all contained stories. Albeit, with different endings. Some of the stories were romantic, some adventurous, some tales of irony. Now, all of them lie silent, tagged with labels on their toes waiting for one final journey. A final farewell, amidst tears of beloveds.

From @ghaatidancer:

Her little black dress was a perfect fit. Hair swept-up, heels and a bag. She was good to go.

"Where are you going?"


"You're a fucking liar."

She smiled and looked at him.

As she walked out the door, he called after her.

"Who are you tonight?"


From @tweettabulous: Kartik and Saiema were neighbours, almost of the same age. They were best of friends. Shared secrets; cared, protected, nurtured and loved each other like siblings, at times like parents and sometimes, soul mates even. Friends teased, parents worried. When asked about their relationship, they just smiled. Pure joys in life need no labels.

From @vagabondinact: He looked at the world around; a forehead screamed bitch, a tag read jerk, a gesticulation indicated queerness, a surname indicated shrewdness, a symbol meant faith, while another meant hate. He pondered what his unobvious, yet apparent label says and why it mattered, oblivious that his label, which the world saw, did not define him.

From @SugarsNSpice: She panicked among the shivers as the clock dimed once again. The markers teased the shimmers as papers interlocked with each other. Poetry was lost in its own maze as the scrap book acquired the love label. The pictures smiled within words rhymes, making cartoons shine. No one knew it was their last celebration together.

From @Life_Ambiguous: She was a smart, independent woman living alone. They saw her drinking and partying. Women envied her, men fantasized her. Nobody talked to her, they talked about her. They called her 'loose'. One day her 'gentleman' landlord and his wife had big fight. She had found the 'loose' woman's undergarments hidden in his cupboard.

From @roshd: My wife was fed up of feeding my little son. He would tire of any food.Quickly. Saturday was dad's turn to feed Rylan. Pasta. He hated it."Sonny I'm gonna feed u pipes" I said. He grinned his toothy grin. He loved new names and labels. I loved feeding him. Tomorrow would be 'snakes'. Noodles rebranded.

From @ritukarthik: Lil stickies popping out of her purple book. Some in yellow and some in orange. Everyday I watch her while she gets her coffee. Talking, thinking and scribbling things, turning pages. So organized I think. She forgets her lil book on the counter and Curiosity becomes me. I peek in and it's all blank!

From @ipurplicious: Father. Mother. Sister. Brother. Friend. Girlfriend. Maid. He put them in plastic boxes & labelled them. He played with them & then neatly and carefully put them back in place. The neighbors lived in fear. They never entered Would you dare to knock at the risk of spending the rest of your life in a box?

From @Social_Outcast_: It was his first date. He was a bit naive, so he googled what he should do to make this special night even more special. When he met that girl he behaved like a gentlemen and even gave her a gift. That date ended right there as he forgot to remove the label from that gift.

From @VBPJS: She was witty. He was intelligent. She used to have fun. He used to balance life with work. She was adventurous. He took calculated risks. She had an outgoing personality. He was reticent. The bonding between them was beyond a relation that could be named. But society referred her as 'Clown' and him as 'Nerd'!

From @theslumdawg:He was a fun loving guy, he use to laugh at his problems all the time. He was the most entertaining guy at his workplace, People laughed when he joked. Few of them were jealous. They bitched about him, People started judging him. Boss labeled him unfit to work there.

From @shivangiyadav: It was the epitome of luxury. The glitzy mall housed the most premium products that money could buy. Every international brand worth its name graced these floors. Most people came to look and stare. Very few shopped. For Shanti, the cleaner, it epitomized only one thing. Her children would never sleep hungry ever again.

From @salonitia:

"No no,what do you mean"

Frustrated and confused she looked at them.

They again repeated their question,but,she had a blank look on her face.

It was a simple question. "What is your name?"

Then they heard a voice ,"Label 55 ,Who are you talking to? No talking to strangers in this orphanage "

From @bitchwanti: She liked talking to guys. She preferred them over girls. Girls never understood her. The boys liked her as well. She was not stuck-up, she was beautiful, intelligent conversation was her forte and laughter was her gift. The girls were jealous. They labelled her 'the slut'. She was raped. "The slut deserved it", they said.

From @freelosopher: Ed Hardy placed his Boss Hugo's Apple in the Red-Box and hid it in Pepe's Jeans in The Loft. The Old-Monk named Sam heard Whispers on the WoodLand and saw the Footloose Abercrombie wearing Orange Billabong shorts, Fastrack towards The Loft. Sam Sung loudly. Police heard him and arrested Abercrombie, trying to Loot Hugo's iPad.

From @oxymoronic_me: Ours is the only family in the village that celebrates the birth of a girl child. I am 12 today. The cacophony of women and music is intoxicating. I see the old woman pick up the needle. She tattoos the beautiful paisley on my thigh. The label that flaunts the new whore of the village.

From @abstractions_: She has been living alone for almost 10 years after she left shimla and moved to Mumbai for work. Even with her parents she lived alone until they got divorced. Tonight was one of those many nights when she spent hours sitting on that bar stool alone. she looked up and said "One large black label"

From @kaloladeep: She always was more fascinating about the labels, easily flip into it , That was the time everyone tried to wreck her. But what no one knew was her identity bracelet of labels she gets to turn on. At end everyone falled into the den of her and she perfectly murdered their ambition of taking advantage.

From @Oven_Tikka: She hummed softly as she made her favourite grilled cheese sandwich. Reaching out for the salt, she stopped. Three unnamed jars stood together, each seemingly containing salt. Smiling, she picked one. It was the same every day. If she told anyone, they’d think she was crazy. But she’d never picked the jar of poison. Yet.

From @Gods_Evangelos:“I am from a middleclass family”, he said. “Sir, nowadays to buy things on installments is so easy. Let me show you some possibilities of purchasing it easily”, the salesman replied. I was still in dilemma. I had to make her happy this birthday anyhow. I was staring at that gigantic figure growling INR 1,50,000.

From @writingchalk:

“How dare you break my daughter’s toy!” he said, continually whipping me. I tried defending myself, but that only angered him further, “you value NOTHING, you low-life, degenerate pig.”

I had enough – I tripped him and smashed his skull in with a vase. I never had to feel bad about being called a ‘nigger’, ever.

From @JaaTeri: Friends. Just friends. Good friends. Best friends. These are just labels. just like Everyone else, Kumar too had all kinds of friends. Once he needed them, but some were busy. Some, not all. The one who turned up in time of need was the one - that one friend everyone wants. They need no label.

From @lady_shweta: As she walked among the deserted streets, she couldn't understand why she was being labeled as unfaithful. Her husband had deserted her, a newly wed wife. And was it her fault that she found that same love in someone else, in a ghost. As she walked, the ghost quietly sang in her ears"dheere jalna".

From @Kantaap: She cut the brown paper down to perfect size and neatly wrapped it around her new school books. It all fell on her little shoulders in the orphanage. With society labelling one parent ‘queer’ and the other parent a ‘psychopath’, it was no wonder she left the brown paper on all of her books bare.

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