Sunday, March 18, 2012

Theme 23 - Water

From @gauravjagwani: I saw her when my wife and I took a cruise together. She was absolutely gorgeous. I lost her in the sea of creatures around me. Never saw her again. But, I knew I had to. I left my wife. There are many fish in the sea, no? Unfortunately, I was looking for a mermaid.

From @mentalexotica: It is everywhere. Within and without. Seventy percent they say, of the earth. Seventy percent of your body. Estuaries into rivers flowing into seas into oceans that consume kilometers. There is no reason for the existence of thirst. But when you stoop to drink? Salt. The earth can feed but cannot quench you.

From @kunalbaidmehta: In a cruel and ruthless city like Mumbai, this was his only confidant. Happy, sad or depressed, he would find his answers here. Always by his side, ready to listen to his pains and anguish and advising him whenever needed. The sea, its waves and the horizon in the distance had its language, which he understood.

From @Supramario: At a crowded bar, after four or five pints of beer, Paul asked for a bottle of water. “Water saves you from hangovers,” he explained. The next morning he went swimming in a muddy river. A sudden current swept him away. As his lungs filled with water, he thought: “If only I’d been hung-over now.”

From @Oven_Tikka: It was pandemonium when her water broke. The last 18 months had all come down to this one moment and he couldn’t keep the smile off his face. She, of course, was taking it like she always did. Like Super Woman. No one noticed the thirsty cat. He was to be known as Invincible Meow.

From @moonsez: She let the river of emotions flow. After, what seemed, an eternity, her tears dried. She composed herself once more. It was time to take action. The damp of her tissue a reminder of her determination. It was too late to back out now. Too much water had passed under the bridge.

From @thebigdowg: It was an emotional day for him. He had signed his divorce papers, lost his company & fought with his best friend. He smelled of failure. He had nobody but himself. He submerged himself in the bath tub, hoping to start afresh. It was a false hope. He never opened his eyes again.

From @JeeveSobs: For her he was perfect, for the world he was as perfect as Jack the Ripper. She thought marriage would change him. She tried making him walk the path of goodwill, but to no avail. Alas for her, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

From @IndianIdle: He tied her to the bed using ties as handcuffs. She wore a white shirt,just a white shirt. He drank bit of water from the bottle. He poured the rest of it on her. He felt thirsty, very thirsty. He drank her body.

From @realfartshady: There once was a petrifying monster with pointed teeth and rugged hair. The villagers lived in constant fear. A village kid had a weird tumbler. It oozed with water no matter how much you consumed. One day the kid gave the tumbler to the monster which hoovered it. Now the monster can’t stop peeing.

From @kaloladeep: Wait! She begged him as they were out of the home, "I forgot..." silently cursing herself, knowing they were late, He refused to turn back, "we have to be on time", as it is important to both of us , and he pressed the paddle of car, "But I left the WATER on in the bathroom!"

From @Baba_Bakwaas: They were stuck in the infinities of water, rushing waves, mountains of molecules with tremendous energy ready to consume them. Tortured by energy, they felt very small. They could feel the turbulence in their hearts. They kissed each other, as if to bid goodbyes, closed their eyes, as the sea roared and ate them both.

From @Sukhkarni: She had never stepped into a Pool or a Bath-tub ever. A Hydrophobic, she never had wet dreams either. And then, Marriage. Honeymoon. Beaches. Her husband forced her into accompanying him for a motorboat ride, never to return back. Nobody knows what happened. Maybe he tried to put an end to her phobia.

From @quratzafar: "Just a few drops of water, just for the baby." Imam Hussain (RAU) stood there on 'Karbala', facing the army, with an infant in his hand who was wailing because of thirst. Euphrates flowed freely. There was a cackle. Someone laughed. An arrow flew and lodged in the baby's throat, silencing him forever.

From @ToobaFazlani: An old pauper stopped by the widow's house everyday for a glass of water. One day, the King stopped by, asking for a glass of water. The lady bowed, bought him the same glass she'd kept aside for the pauper, smiling, the King left. When she headed inside, she gasped, everything was now gold.

From @karan_jain: It was the hottest day of the year. Steve was lying in a pool of blood. He had just been shot. He could barely speak. The loss of blood made him dizzy and tired. Everything went blur.He slowly opened his eyes and stretched his arms trying to grip something.All he wanted was "Water".

From @sshweta93: Sara's regular dilemma. Hold on or let him go? Sinking into the bubble bath, she cups the water and clasps her fingers tightly. Then, releases them. Either way, the water escapes. But, it still leaves her hands wet. The water succeeds in making its presence felt. The affinity struck her. He was just the same.

From @sumitrai100: She is pretty but married. Nevertheless I'm the one who feels her hand every-day. I touch her luscious lips and visit all those visually inaccessible places a guy can only imagine. Soon the day ends and HE comes, mixes me with two C, six H and one O. And that's how I meet my death.

From @randomWhiz: Omnipresent, With healing qualities, Carries us away, washes our sins, And brings us back, Calms us, Or just, Returns our empty shell to the world. A pale hand discovered by the Fisherman, A brutal slash across the torso. Chance or fate or destiny.

From @iamafairytale: The first time stories made me nervous. Friends warned me the first push inside shall hurt make me scream, cry but gradually I shall enjoy. I saw him walking with the evil smile, he comforted, if I was fine and ready. Splash, suddenly I was floating on water. Swimming lessons are difficult parts of life.

From @irrationalnumb: They died together. He found himself in heaven whereas she got to hell. “God, why did you separate us”, he screamed. God, “Son, not my fault. I’m just doing my job. You didn’t know how to swim, so you could have waited for few more minutes before you jumped into the water to save her”.

From @kolkatabulldog: As she slowly started to submerge under the holy waters of the river Ganges, he felt unburdened. All the miseries last year brought with it could now be forgotten and things could be started afresh. He was a Bong, and it was the end of another Durga Puja.

From @RadhikaMohandas: Karthik watched as his sister-in-law picked up the bucket of clothes and walked to the clothesline. A drop of water mingled with sweat fell on to Reva's collarbone. She saw Karthik's eyes follow it as it trailed into the bulge of her blouse. Their eyes met, and their worlds rippled for the moment.

From @The_Lie_Lama: "Ah!, The soothing noise of water hitting against a cliff", he loved living here in Cape Town. "Water"? He felt the thirst and woke up ...... at 2 AM in a 2 BHK near Thane, next to his wife whose nose was booger clogged that made this annoying noise."Ah! Reality"!

From @vivekisms: It was an illusion and he knew it. He wanted to change who he was. His roots and his beliefs. He was afraid too. He removed his fez and entered the church. The priest smiled. Water in its initiation touched him. He did not feel any different.

From @ChhotaRecharge: She peeped into the well...not a single drop of water. Tears rolled down her cheeks watching the thirsty children eyeing her with expectations. "Not allowed...can't...UNDER-AGE!" "But, you have to rescue your village!", another voice echoed! Taking a deep breath, she rummaged her bag. "AGUAMENTI" she cried pointing the wand towards the bottom of the well.

From @Marwaari: She looked at the pale body of her only child. Her eyes had dried up but her soul hadn't stopped crying. The Post-mortem report concluded death due to Water Poisoning. " What did you give him to drink"The husband asked. "He had fever, so I just gave him a few sips of the Holy Ganga"

From @sahilk: Know what’s particularly awesome about living in Saudi? Paying lesser for a litre of petrol than for bottled water. No matter how much petrol we consume in those gas-guzzling 8-litre engine cars, there’ll be way more petroleum than there is water. It’s fun sitting in an air-conditioned Suburban. To hell with the World Water Forum.

From @ladyclonidine: He drew up the net hoping to find his slippery friends but instead saw a strange figure, bright pinkish-blue scales, long blonde hair, lovely breasts and a porcelain face. She said “I am Halie, daughter of Nereus, Lady of the Seas, I’m yours now. Marry…” He threw her back into the sea. Fuck this shit.

From @tunnvi: He learnt something different everyday and let go of something old. He saw the twilight at dawn and dusk, saw the river turn grey from blue. He began wondering if this quiet in him was a new beginning or an end. He didn’t look back, just sailed into the horizon. Life on water was borderless.

From @AbhiandNow: He stared at the bedside, only water and not a sign of hers. After spending the previous night in her arms, when her arousing coldness encountered the heat of his emotions, he arose from the bed to discover her again. He was an ice sculptor, people said his creations were lifelike, maybe, they were correct.

From @wekneweachother: Rhea and Shri visited India after a decade. He wanted to eat gol-gappa at a streetfood vendor. Rhea revolted immediately, ‘You’ll have an upset stomach!’ He stepped out of the car, went to a streetfood vendor and said, ‘Brother, here’s some mineral water, make me special gol gappa please!’ It was a win-win for both.

From @Wankatesh: The priest bit off the young girl's tongue, chewed it for a minute, then swallowed it. She screamed, but he never let go of the vice-like grip he had on her face. He then poured the chalice of holy water into her mouth and said, "No more lies from your black tongue, little one."

From @shakti_man: She crossed two villages for some water. This was now a part of her daily routine. She was thirsty but she didn’t stop, to go back to her only family, her husband. Little did she know that her abruptness would stupefy her. Looking at her husband with another woman, she fainted and never smiled again.

From @Gods_Evangelos: Dear Bitches, I know you won’t save me till I get either costly or exhausted. So to make you understand what I can do, I am coming in this form as a slap to your immature behavior making you feel unimportant. Its better late than never. Understand or get ready to Die. Yours Sincerely, Tsunami

From @SugarsNSpice: Sundry coast of the ocean dipped the feet in the misty moments of time as I sat reminiscing of the nostalgia that the waters just wiped past me. Smiles and tears, jumps and falls, births and deaths. One hand slipped past, another held me but I stood still as life moves across permanency of emotions.

From @vagabondinact: They had sparred and had not spoken. The difference unburied, the words unspoken, eyes averted, the roof shared got unbearable. Anger found its way into cooking. The first morsel had them both gasping and red in the face. Fighting for the jug, the discord was gulped; he complained about the absence of glass. Another spar!

From @thebongbabe: “They all came to bid good-bye. Some shed tears, others were busy helping me and my family down from the vehicle. Five wonderful days together – yet, like every year, they are sending me away”, she thought. No one saw her tears, as, resigned to her fate, Durga melted away below the water of the Ganges.

From @Itemboi: Like two lost streams we met and got lost in the sea of love. Battled the strong currents and went with the flow. Found each other again in the vast ocean of togetherness and happiness. Unending. Crystal clear. Pure and pristine. Floating and getting drowned. You to me. Me to you. Like water, indispensable.

From @abhikbee: Slammed me against the suites vinyl door, tongue swooping through the unknown spaces in my mouth. Peeling of the excuses, kicking of the expensive shoes. Caressing, taunting, I reciprocating. The good fuck that followed I blame solely on that suave photographer who dueled with my body and soul. Where’s my Pellegrino? I’m thirsty now.

From @Drun007 : Our blind date and all you ordered was water. Those endless calls and texts made my heart a fountain. Innumerable walks in the rain, am madly in love with you. Am camping by the river thinking about you leaving me for someone 'better', all my eyes can see is a waterfall.

From @MissCandyFlaws: Feb 2050. Choked with Factory fumes, the sky appears beautiful. Sunday evening is going good after hogging on to Pizza which kids downloaded from the Internet. Now taking kids to museum to show them traces of magical liquid which supported lives and in dreadful way took them away too. A weird liquid that existed long back.

From @lady_shweta: To water, bearer of hidden memories, Getting wet in the rain, Vast expanse of sea engulfing my sorrows, Sip of coconut water in cruel summer, Wet wet kiss from lover to ignite me, Salty tears to relieve me, To water, I owe you my life.

From @shivangiyadav: She was mesmeric and angelic here. The mighty Mahadev sat in her bed, disenchanted and regal. Beyond him, the journey was painful; degrading. She had enough, the fury was now unleashed. Even Mahadev could not withstand it, he went with the flow. That ghat at Rishikesh was never the same again.

From @akshayabansal: His throat was parched, he was feeling faint. He didn't know where he was, only sand dunes were visible for far far away. The golden sand, the scorching sun, his tired eyes formed the perfect illusion. A vast expanse of water appeared from nowhere and he dashed towards it like a spirited hare.

From @eternalscrewup: Pacing the corridors he cursed the hospital staff. It had been four hours. He was worried, slightly lamenting his own absence. Thou thinking about the future brought a smile on his face. Nonetheless, it had been four hours since they had taken his wife in. Four hours, since she had shouted “Holy Jesus, i think my water just broke.”

From @SomyaSingh24: He travelled long and far for days. He was exhausted and thirsty. It was war. He could trust no one. He spotted a river. ‘It could be poisoned’, he thought. After dragging himself a few more miles away, he lied down, unable to move. Thirst overcame him and he died a martyr’s death.

From @dinkypinkybrain: The town was rough. Bald bandits roamed with uneven stubbles, denuding rich dames in search of ice. Until the day, Adams' Ale strolled that way, in a skintight unitard, a waterfall of a cape. The appropriate superhero music played. With cannons of blue he raised a storm and bid the bandits to their watery grave.

From @anushreekejriwa: Psychological boundaries had divided the land and borders were created. The river innocently flows across the two nations sees no difference, she quenches thirst and is a source of livelihood for millions on both sides. She has stood the test of time and is a witness to history. She prays for peace to entail.

From @mental_Aunty: We shifted to the new house on Christmas, I had finally made my parents proud. If only I knew everything would be taken away from me. Orphaned, Alone, Suicidal, Scarred. Life for some, Elixir for the rest but only poison for me. 26th December 2004, when nature's fury in its worst guise took it all.

From @bitchwanti: Heat distorted her. It felt like snake to touch. Scaly. Painful. Mouth twisted, lips a chapped mass. The man drew his hip-flask and poured the last drop into the dead woman's mouth, hoping she would wake up. He breathed his last next to his dead wife, the last drop of elixir spent on his love. They were lost.

From @TheHumerus: “I’ll miss you!” They kept on stealing glances at each other. “But hey, you know what? You’re going there for a good cause, ” he told her. Indeed, as the ice-cube was pulled out of the tray and started melting in the glass, the cold liquid quenched another thirst indeed.

From @EngineeratLarge: Epilogue- He lay in a pool of blood and water. The moment the champagne bottle hit his head, his life flashed before his eyes. The beggar. The poisoned apple. The girl whose blood he had tasted just a few days ago. This was his redemption. His gods, and his demons, would torment him no more.

From Proteem Bhaduri: She bit and she scratched and she struggled right through every minute of the ordeal. Futile though it was, she was determined to resist till the very end, it just wasn’t in her nature to bear this indignity without putting up a fight. Yes, cats don’t like being given a bath very much.

From @JestChill: Beta, she gasped. Irritable, he snapped back at her, what? What do you want NOW? Always demanding, cribbing!! I'm sick of you, always beta beta beta! You're a curse, a burden on earth! I AM FED UP!! He pushed her back onto the bed, strangled her. All she had wanted was....a glass of water....

From @roshd: Dad was out late with his friends,would come home very late and go straight to bed. He had banned Prateek from booze till he started earning himself. Prateek took out his dad’s Chivas bottle and poured out 90ml. Had it on the rocks. He then restored the bottle to it’s original level. With water.

From @ChotaaPacket: Their son turned 6 months old the other day. It was time to get him baptised. Sunday afternoon was finalized. Father put him in the holy water for 10, then 12 and now finally 15 minutes. His father was curious, his mother shedding tears. He was finally out, wet and blessed. They named him Ethan.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: "I love you", she told him. This was the first time these words had escaped her lips. After a million tries, there she was, naked in the bathtub, telling him how badly she wanted him. She had been reluctant, hesitant. But he hadn’t, as he choked her neck till the water filled her lungs.\

From @OhTeri_: Rumbling and mumbling voices. Inside and out. Sometimes mild and beautiful, which people admire. Sometimes, just too strong and wild for people to handle. Some drown. Some stare. Some, just walk past. Some, fear it but live with it. Inseparable from within. Unstoppable in motion. Some pure, some too toxic to endure. THOUGHTS and WATER.

From @floydianbrahman: A painted ship upon a painted ocean that painted a thousand words. Lies. Truth is always stranger than fiction. That was the most idiomatic thing I've heard in a long time. Testament to that was us, nestled in the back seat before the distances grew fonder. It rained sorrow that night. Hell and high water.

From @preetidhingra: It was a hot summer morning. She was driving. He noticed she was a little lost. He asked "what happened? What are you looking for? All shops would be shut only, its too early for them to open". She didn't answer then. After 6 more kms she parked the car near a bush.

From @Life_ambiguous: Megha saw him and became numb. She ran straight to bathroom. She went back in time, 13years, became 12years old girl, sat under the tap, trying vigorously to wash off from her thighs, the dirty touch of Vikram, her much elder cousin. "Dirty stains of mind can't be washed off with water", crying, she screamed.

From @swaravali: We hadn't used the overhead water tank in a while. So before we could do so, we decided to get it cleaned. When it was brought down. I peered in and horror struck!!! There was a whole new world which existed in there. It looked like a live diorama from under the ocean.

From @_PWN: I have fallen in love with you again, Even though I haven’t met you in a long time. It rained today, and you were on my mind, but what I felt was far more sublime. I didn’t cry, I didn’t lament, I fell in love with you again, this time, for a lifetime.

From @Freelosopher: He slipped and fell. Using the ground beneath him as support, he got up and walked some more, only to fall again. “I understand it’s a downhill walk, but why do I have to slip and fall repeatedly?! Then again, I have to yield to gravity”, sighed water, as he flowed down the gentle slope.

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