Monday, March 5, 2012

Theme 12 - Sexy

From @IndianIdle : He was a shy and inert boy. Always alone and immersed in his world with headphones plugged in,Guitar in his hand. He would go unnoticed even if you see him. Years later his classmates who always kicked him went in a concert. The guitarist played a face melting solo. They could only conjure one word,'sexy'.

From @ladyclonidine : Deep underground. Freaks. Droopy eyes, blank stares, dull minds. Cool metal against blazing skin. Speakers groan an unrecognizable beat, paralleling his heart. Hold out your tongue. Drip, drip, drip. Technicolour flashing lights. He sees her then. Pale skin, flash of teeth. Eyes as empty as an abyss. Feels like home. The pain dissolves. Absolution.

From @TheSaurabh_ : He looked at the mirror, styled his hair, sprayed some cologne and headed out. On his way out he was feeling lucky. As he entered the club the neon lights glowed her face, he sat beside her at the bar. Their eyes met, she leaned forward and whispered "Sexy is just not good enough"

From @meherness : It was the pitter patter of the rain that awakened the hidden animal that was tired of being ignored and scorned at. Slowly, it was unleashed, and she designed her forbidden path, along the lines of guileless lust. And as they uncovered all the shrouded mysteries of love, he was gorgeously oblivious.

From @RohanDasgupta : He said, “Hey, you look sexy.” She said, “Fuck off, you pervert.” It was 1972. He said, “Hey, you look sexy.” She said, “Thank you. But I’d like it more if you called me pretty or beautiful.” It was 1992. He said, “Hey, you look sexy.” She said, “Your place or mine?” It was 2012.

From @Itemboi : Her weight and constant rejections turned her into a giver. Emotionally and physically. Men used her and dumped her. However, every night as she closed her eyes, she saw him. He who saw the goodness in her eyes. He who loved her imperfections. He who went down on her. He who made her feel sexy.

From @shwetasque : He was extremely possessive about her. They had been together in the darkest of hours. He loved how powerful she made him feel. One touch and she would spit fire and end it all. He slept with her under his pillow. He called her "sexy". She was known to the world as the "Colt Python".

From @OhTeri_ : She was desirable. Alas ! Just like a beautiful butterfly, she never knew it. He met her; fell for her beauty. She loved him more. He wanted her body just like a man, wandering in a desert, longs for water. And, she always thought 'SEXY' was a compliment. Very soon, the butterfly was crushed !

From @Blahblaholic_ : “You fat disgusting thing!" he said and left. Her spirit, tears and autumn leaves, all fell to the ground. Come spring, she saw flowers blossom and decided -NO MORE MOPING-, put on her red dress and looked into the mirror. A ravishing beauty smiled at her. Finally, she felt like herself again. She felt sexy.

From @lady_gabbar : She’s walking down the street, looking as sexy as ever. Boys whistle at her, girls just stare. Nobody’s ever called her beautiful. They call her sexy. Sexy she is. At first it felt good. The extra attention made here happy. But then she realised, they want her but they don’t love her. She’s too sexy!

From @laneslut : She knew that he knew that she liked looking at him. It didn't matter that there was a street between them. She watched him every Friday, after he came back from work. These nights he worked at home, but for her pleasure. He slowly and steadily readied his gear, and sprinkled some oil on it.

From @Kantaap : The perfect smile, those pearly whites all lined up. The perfect weight for the perfect height. Washboard abs and a shapely behind. Breasts that wouldn’t be out of place on a Roman statue. Everything was perfect. All of it reeled him in. It was the intellect, the conversations, spoken and silent, that made him stay.

From @blublubling : While ogling at Katrina Kaif dancing on chikni chameli the whole theatre rang with whistles and claps . Just then Sia said " Maa Katrina is so sexy na " . Hearing a 5 year old use that word , Amita was taken aback and asked how she knew it. " Daddy calls you that no when you dance for him. ? " Kids!!

From @preetidhingra : It was a special night. She decorated the room with candles, spread new crisp white bedsheet on the bed just how he liked it. Prepared a special playlist for the night. She dressed in an LBD was now waiting for him. As he entered, she pressed on play and speakers blared, "I'm sexy and I know it".

From @tyroindian : Maya was on her way to college. When she was about to get down, a guy brushed aside her and got down. He was beyond the comfort level. All she could do was nothing but pity her own self for being born a woman. She was completely clothed yet she was sexy to all men.

From @_PWN : She stood there in front of him. Naked. They had just made love. He noticed she was glowing. She noticed he was smiling more than usual. She’d been missing that feeling, of making someone happy, of feeling beautiful. She asked him what he thought the sexiest part of her body was. Your eyes, he said.

From @Adrenalyst : Today she lives silently in the comfort of four walls, endlessly staring into zero. These were once covered in posters and photos. She was the cynosure in her circles, full of enthusiasm, youth and dare. Daddy's girl. Delhi Girl. That one day, getting back home from the party, she heard behind her back, "Hi, Sexy."

From @whimsytales : She undressed herself, to get ready- once again. She oiled her petite body so that it shined. A fake pearl necklace rested just above her glowing cleavage. Her cherry lips, that black lacy bodice, and her pierced belly made her their favourite. She opened the door and winked seductively at him, one of her regulars.

From @rbd_sqrl : The night was going to special. Wisps of smoke issued from the incense sticks. The smoke danced in rhythm to the notes of the track she had put in. So little time. She needed everything to be perfect. She had just dimmed the lights when she heard the knock on the door. He said,”Hello sexy!”.

From @sanidine98 : He felt her against him. Surrounding him, like an alluring temptress. Caressing, in ways he'd never been touched before. She lured him in.. deep into her. Senses numbing, how could he resist? Oh.. the release, the satisfaction, the calm. All of it so incredible, so.. sexy. Sam would never forget his first swim in the ocean.

From @thelosthippie : Blindfolded, I walk cautiously. I try to protest. He hushes me with a light kiss. His fingers entangled with mine. “Trust me,” he whispers. I hear the waves, feel my feet sink. He pushes me to the ground. My back shivers with the caress of the cold water. My arms open wide, pinned against the wet sand. A kiss under the salty waves.

From @karishmarawat : She dressed into her clothes without switching on the lights. Filled with the dreadful guilt of what had happened. He told her he loved her. She didn’t believe him. What had happened, was only physical. She would walk out the door with her insecurities, without ever knowing he thought she was Exceptional. Beautiful. Sexy.

From @laalfirangi : He: Listen, I am counting till 100. Go and quickly hide somewhere. She: Okay, close your eyes and don’t cheat. He: Of course I won’t cheat. I love you baby. 1, 2, 3… He: 98, 99, 100… She: No Ready! No Ready! No Ready! He: Take your time, take your time… Take your sexy time…

From @Desdemonaous : The weather was sexy. He called Nisha and asked her to take a half day as he planned to take her out for a long ride. They'd been busy the last couple of days and couldn't spend time together. He asked her to hold him and rode like a maniac singing loudly. They were declared dead the moment the ambulance reached the hospital.

From @khatteemithi : His room was a smoke furnace! The exhibition - a day away. His finalised centrepiece was withheld at the customs. Finding a piece of art now? Catastrophic! At that moment his eyes got riveted on a B&W photo hung on the wall - his grandparents looking at each other. Wrinkled smile. Twinkling eyes. Sexy.

From @somyasingh24 : I caught her kohled eyes in my camera. A drop of glistening sweat rolled down her neck, towards her pierced naval, disappearing near her waistline; the lucky bastard. "I'm going to marry her one day" I decided. She picked up her crutches and tottered towards me. I witnessed reality. I married her in two weeks.

From @Quicksilwr : Her brain is potent, twisted, and sexy; controlling something bigger than itself, stirring up mind games and transporting them to the realm of power play. She devised the sweet torture he would inflict on them. She itched for the bite, thrilled by the edge of his breathing. He moved inside her, pulled by her strings.

From @bitchwanti : Sensually she danced around the pole, the black of her negligible garments cutting into the clean white plains of her lissome body. He watched like a man possessed. Her body, swiveling to pleasure him. She turned. "Sexy" was tattooed in the small of her back. He vomited, got up and went home to his sleeping wife and the kids.

From @missblurrii : White shirt, Blue jeans, clean shaved..Those deep dimples and that smoggy smile.."For me you are the sexiest man alive"...She told him just this and that tiny ego boost she gives, goes a long way in this field...As she sits with him for another ride, she winks at that smoggy smiled boy...

From @sahilk : Turned the volume down a bit while waiting at the traffic signal and wished I had the money to buy one of those cars with audio synced to the car’s speed. As people crossed the road I looked at the pairs of eyes amongst the blacks. Salam’walaikum. I am Abdul and I live in Saudi.

From @jestchill : Do you find me pretty? Do you? She asked him seriously, and yet with tears sparkling in her eyes. Tell me that you find me beautiful, and glorious, and sexy. Is it so difficult? You used to, so many times before...He tried. But the disease had worn him down...he was so very very tired.

From @marwaari : Everything was hazy, All seemed to be drugged and smoky. There were eyes staring at me, Holding my hands. Suddenly, I felt nakedness and an excruciating pain. My heart sank. I hardly remember the person who asked me " Hey Sexy, Can I buy you a drink? "

From @breezybeer : 'Hey you're looking sexy.' He said staring at her boobs. 'Wow! Really?' She replied. *Back in 2008* 'You're looking sexy.' He said. 'Okay.' She replied. Same line he uttered in 2004 and was harshly told to mind his own business. I guess people around would've murdered him if he had said it in past century.

From @pomegranatee : I saw her at a wedding. She clearly stood out from the rest of the crowd. In a red saree, her wrinkled tantalizing eyes, her beaming smile, her hands soft as silk. She was just as beautiful as I had seen her for the first time. ' You are sexy.' I said to my mother.

From @Oven_Tikka : She spent hours soaked in perfumed oils and bubbles. Anticipation had her giddy and breathless. Tonight she would be the seductress. Humming softly to herself, she looked through her wardrobe. She wasn’t in the mood for black lace or high heels. Then she smiled. Yes. That night she met him draped in a satin sheet.

From @gauravjagwani : I would constantly call her when he wasn’t around. I hardly said anything. Actually, nothing. It would be the same thing spoken everyday. Her voice took me to my happy place. Unfortunately, it didn’t last too long. The conversations, that is. One day he, my friend, picked up. I miss that answering machine. Redial… Tomorrow.

From @thebigdowg : Yawning and stretching. Messed-up hair. Half naked. Sleepy eyes. She lay in his arms. Previous night was a blur, and morning never looked any better. "What?" she said. "Will you marry me?" He asked. "Probably" She smiled, as they made love on the beach basking under the morning sun. It was their 7th wedding anniversary.

From @anushreekejriwa : She looks into the mirror, immaculately noticing herself to find something specious in her. He says that he was bewitched by her eyes and delicate fingers. She looks at her fingers and is not convinced by his reasoning. Her eyes get filled with tears, questioningly she asks- am I sexy and I don't know it?

From @xmanishaa : Eyes twinkling, her lips so juicy, long, shiny hair. She was one of the sexiest girls around, everybody knew, but she. She didn't feel sexy. She sinned. She had to punish herself. She ate a whole bar of Cadbury. There she was, ready to take it out herself. There she was, ready to feel sexy.

From @nimue_ : she sat alone , scribbling in her notebook, the coffee forgotten. Once done , she read it as she sipped the hot-turned-cold coffee and smiled at her work. Soon she left the cafe. I sat in my usual seat, staring at her blurring form,connecting my muse for this story - the lady with the sexy pen.

From @abhiandnow : Drinking secret solutions to surviving on reduced appetite, she had suffered long since childhood while earning her mother millions by winning beauty pageants. All she wanted was a childhood like everyone else and all she received was a childhood her mother craved. ‘Mom, am I looking sexy?’ She feebly questioned, before anorexia stole her forever.

From @alishacoelho : 'The flyer had said sexy. She'd only managed tarty. And her dance moves? Clumsy. 'Still, she had hope. Mumaith and Rakhi's stories weren't exactly standard fairytales, but at least this was a ticket out of here. 'She was nervous. She'd never been to an audition like this before. The door swung open...'It was time.'

From @caramelwings : I run my hands all over you. I know that the messier I get, the better would be this climax. I apply some pressure. But I must have faith, I must have patience. Your yeasty fragrance penetrates through all my senses, and makes me feel so Sexy. Oh my freshly baked loaf of homemade bread!

From @dimaagi_keeda : He looked at her. His eyes had an evil spark, one that others had seen before. He was feared, respected and the best the generation had seen. His ugly self stood before her. He was a Hypnotherapist and she was his latest victim. “You are sexy”, she said. He felt good, like always. He smiled.

From @bluetoothfairy_ : He was a stray dog who lived in squalor. He often visited the classy, upper-class suburbs to stare at those heavenly bitches. His fantasies. He raised his leg onto his usual pole. He smelled a different odour today. Sexy, he thought. Besotted, He barked away in her search. The pheromones had done their work.

From @freelosopher : 2nd April, 2011. The Indian cricket team were 3 wickets down, chasing 275 runs in the World Cup Final against Sri Lanka. Six-year old cricket fanatic Chintu, watched anxiously with his parents, as Dhoni set about rebuilding the Indian innings with Gambhir. As Dhoni smashed a six, Chintu yelled, "Sexy Shot!!!" Awkward silence ensued.

From @spinandswirl : Bathed in shimmering fabric. Heavily shadowed eyes. Lips oozing with nectar. She danced effortlessly. Fingers weaving through the tousled mess of her hair. The music seemed to cast a spell. On her, on those around her. Everything about her was sexy, suggestive. The only thing holding her back, was the steel pole she danced around.

From @Vilegenius : The wind it blows in your face. The gusty tempest seduces you, you resist the urge but ultimately surrender yourself. Go off the ledge.It takes over you, you float like a feather. The pleasure ends and the pull takes over. Thump and the pulsating ride is over. Crying shame that people call it suicide.

From @OhTeri_BhenDi : He knew he was in love… But couldn’t tell her, she was his teacher. She was leaving, he had to talk her… he waited outside the staffroom for hours. She rebuked him for missing classes. He stammered and said I find you SEXY! “But, you cant see me”. I know, but I can hear you…

From @textuallyhorny : Prima facie - ugly. She never yearned to be the hourglass, neither that silky shine, nor that suppleness. She was unconventional. Several liaisons, some torrid, some timid but they always failed to comfort. Last evening, with that girl, in their gym’s changing room, half wet, half naked, sultry… she felt sexy for the first time!

From @chhotarecharge : For years, she dreamt of this moment. For years, she lusted after him. For years, he didn't even know she existed! Red carpet, introduction, conversation... Goodbye! Unknown hugs, unheard congratulations...blank, transfixed, mesmerized...she broke down into uncontrollable sobs! She felt cheated, confused; the real Salman Khan was much sexier than the one ruling her fantasies!

From @theslumdawg : Sex introduced itself to me. I find women sexy who are older than me. I had sex even before watching my first porn film. I had sex with a woman who was ten years older than me. She was hungry. I was horny. That's the only reason I find aunties sexy.

From @theaceofspade_ : She hiked up her skirt, opened her ponytail and put on red lipstick. She smiled at herself. Yes, she was looking sexy now. Noone would call
here behenji today in school. She got out of washroom and walked to next bus stop.
She never made it to school. ''schoolgirl kidnapped and raped in new delhi''

From @themodestninja : He believed in god. No, he believed in godesses. Yes. Insatiable bodies, mixed with dumb brains. That's sexy. His type? Woman. Call him whatever you want. He doesn't care - he knows it, even. Infact, that's what makes him sexy. You'll say you're over him, then end up under him. He's probably getting laid right now.

From @abhrapal : “Nice legs”, his eyes rose all the way from her heels. She glanced at his built, “You aren't too bad either.” “Thank you. Wondering what you might be wearing underneath.” “Suggestive, perhaps.” “Black?” “Dream on.” She smiled and steped out of the lift. Everyday eyes spoke of lust, silently.

From @Aarom_Ramsey : She was the girl-next-door, a professional librarian and he was the geek-next-door with an engineer’s degree to show for it. There was nothing sexy about this ordinary looking pair, but for the way they completed and complimented each other. They were, in a way, God’s favorite couple because He had Himself written their love story.

From @vivekisms : He fell in love with his wrist. Singular and bold, veins running through, the pulse felt in the middle of the night. He would wake up and look at his wrist. His hand as he was cuddling. Love? Perhaps. The idea of him being sexy? Maybe. All ended and began at his wrist.

From @Goddamittt : Lying down beside a shack at Anjuna, his eyes caught a sight of this exotic beauty. Sensual. Gorgeous. He knew she was way out of his league. He overheard her order a drink & instantly knew, her choice of cocktail, would became synonymous with what he would know her as, all his life: "Sexy On The Beach"

From @mydirtylinen : Eyes met, smiles shared. Broken ice and drink in hand. Our bodies- fluid, rhythmic, sweaty. Hands travel, lips touch hungrily. This isn't meant to be some teenage romance. Take my hand, this dark corner's fine. Bend me over, take me rough. Make me yours--in this moment. I don't want words.

From @tweettabulous : It was their first date. The outdoor coffee shop was perfect, so was the weather.He handed her a red rose… she blushed. Coffee, chatter, smiles entire evening. It began to drizzle. He walked her home, hand in hand. Before she could go inside, he pulled her close and kissed her lips softly…Her first kiss, just as sexy as she had imagined it.

From Proteem Bhaduri : His fingers caressed her naked skin from the alabaster forehead to the prim toe, his breath followed as he leaned in to traverse those contours. Finally his lips, as he fastened them on hers. He paused, stiffened and keeled over from a fatal heart attack. A necrophiliac doesn’t usually expect his partner to kiss back.

From @dinkypinkybrain : Take a step. Flirt with the edge. Another, and soak in the splash of a million drizzles. Curling toes sink into the sand. A lone finger traces a name. You watch the teasing ebb of a wave. Heady humidity. Thick warm breeze. Taste the salt and the sea. With the beach, begins your love affair.

From @PeachBiscuit : "It's me" she thought, "I'm not sexy enough. But ... Perhaps he has a problem? I heard about impotence on TV. What if it becomes chronic?" She couldn't sleep. She took a look at him. He was peacefully asleep, tired after a long day at work and the two hours spent making passionate love to his mistress.

From @EvilMegamind : “Come to Daddy.. SEXY”, he said while disconnecting the call. But when he turned around, he noticed her standing right across the hall. She got very furious, slapped him and locked herself in the room. Just then his 3 friends entered their home with some weed and yelled “Who wants to BOOM?”

From @hersheyka : "Hey, Sexy!" *slap* "But, Mamta Sharma said..."


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  3. I had her photograph as a wallpaper on my Laptop and cell, so that i could soothe my soul whenever i wish. But i was nowhere near her. Her eyes only were enough to make my heart skip a beat. The sexy curves on her body leave me speechless. I have a dream to make her mine, to make Ford Mustang mine. One Day.

  4. wow !! this was a lovely read ! every one of the stories ..

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    @rheality__bites: It isn’t sexy when you call me beautiful, your eyes lingering on my breasts. It isn’t sexy when you cover me with kisses, while your hand slides up my skirt. It isn't sexy when you take me to dinner, as an excuse to take me to bed. It isn’t sexy when it’s just about sex.