Friday, March 16, 2012

Theme 21 - Apple

From @Sonamkholic: Even as she stood, she struck a perfect balance between grown up glamor and youthful attitude. We used to call her - the apple lady. Every evening, she would pick up a poppy red apple with a subtle flounce and hand it over to an orphan. There was an air of mystery to her.

From @mycrotchetyluv:


Modern day princess, fair-skinned, dark-eyed brunette, winks out of a newspaper. Hunted by Charming, heir to multiple multinational thrones. Daddy, he says, pointing at page 3, She’s the one I want tonight.


Man-Friday, wingman, Flotsam, sidles up.
Him: Apple martini?
She looks up, nods, steps back.
On the house, madam. Compliments of Charming.

From Proteem Bhaduri: It was all her fault, they said. For everything that went wrong, for all the sins that followed, she bore the scar of guilt. He, on the other hand was lauded for his vision and his benefaction to mankind. But when they finally met in the afterlife Steve and Eve both found something in common.

From @Goddamittt: The disadvantage of being an investment banker - I’m always on my iPhone speaking to some client. Woke up one morning & returned a call. I panicked! Couldn't hear anything. Later I found out that excessive usage had me going deaf in one ear. Guess an Apple a day, doesn't really keep the doctor away.

From @floydianbrahman: The shrieks always fell upon deaf ears. Empty bottles, her plight every night. Somebody had to put an end to this. He spied a knife from the kitchen shelf, cut through the rosy flesh and placed the jagged pieces next to the stethoscope. They did idioms in class today. "Mother, I will set you free".

From @freelosopher: Once upon a time there was a girl named Apple, who didn't have an Adam's Apple. She wasn't the apple of her father's eyes. She didn't own any Apple product. No apple fell on her head from any tree. Yet, she ate one apple daily. Naturally, the doctor stayed away. And she lived hAPPLEy ever after.

From @irrationalnumb: Thousands of years ago, a revolution against apples was initiated by other fruits. They fought for equality, to abolish the laws that stated that apples were superior. After many years of bloodshed the apples succumbed. They approached the man to help write an equality bill. The man treated them equally, with help of the knife.

From @ToobaFazlani: At the school today, 1st graders were being offered candies and green apples. They were supposed to pick only one from each or choose two from only one. The little boy was torn, but his mother loved green apples. Finally, he made the choice. He picked two apples, "I can always have candies but mother says we cannot afford to buy apples." he thought.

From @sahilk: Like Calvin, I also want to float around the house. There’s nothing much to do in this crappy desert nation anyway. Go to school, come back, take the cycle out, go to the mall, eat a shawarma, and check out the abaya-clad women. Newton, is there really no way to not pay the gravity bill?

From @Dimaagi_Keeda: Mr. Mukherjee was an old man of 70. He was so frail and weak. One could barely recognize the former Booker prize winner. His little grand-daughter of four walked in to the room with her book. She smiled, opened the book, and said “A for Apple”. Alzheimer’s has its ways you see.

From @TheBigDowg: He was an irresponsible surgeon. His drug/alcohol addiction had taken many lives. Her daughter's was one such life. He took a big bite of his favourite fruit and said, "I'm sorry, I can't help you anymore." She smiled and said, "You already did. You see, a poisoned apple does keep a fake doctor away!"

From @IndianIdle: Year was 2065. He was surfing through his Apple iSuper 5. Suddenly he saw a red ball like picture. He asked his dad, “What is this?". "This is apple, son. A fruit". "You are kidding right?” He wished his son could have tasted the juices of a real apple.

From @Quratzafar: "Look what I found Mama!" Ali squealed and tugged at his mother's shirt. "A red apple!" They were standing near a garbage pile and her face was covered to keep the stench off but Ali was adamant so she looked....and there in dirt lay a tiny baby with rosy cheeks. A red apple.

From @Marwaari: "Looks like a police case, Injuries all over the body, Internal Bleeding. Testicles crashed. Who did this to these guys?", the doctor asked. "I did", a strong female voice answered from behind. The surprised doctor could just manage, "But why?” “Because they are eve teasers, they were calling me apple bottomed, they deserved this."

From @shanu8: An eerie silence washed him as he exploded in emotional ecstasy. He could hear two hearts beat, one beating faster with each passing second; for tomorrow, he will be news. Spent and tired, he got up, leaving the defecated girl crying alone in street on a moon lit night. Adam's apple had shamed itself again.

From @wekneweachother: She was dead. Her body was lying beside the fridge. The police kept looking for solid evidence but couldn’t find any. There wasn’t even any injury on her body. A half eaten green apple had rolled far into the corner resting beneath the fridge. The place had become a crime scene with no visible destruction.

From @caramelwings: The day he first saw her on webcam, from thousands of miles away, she was wearing a bright green dress. Her cheeks, though, were turning Red. “You look like a Green Apple!” he said. And there was no looking back. She still thinks of him every time she bakes an Apple Pie in her oven.

From @roshd: It wasn’t about disobedience. She wanted him to bite into it else he wasn’t going to get any. Tonight. Or any other night. That was the weakness she exploited. The call of the flesh won. Adam bit into the apple. It was sweet. Paradise lost, thought John Milton, as he put pen to paper.

From @The_Lie_Lama: It fell from the tree as it did for the past thousands of years. He thought more about why the world sucks. What a bitch, the Apple is, it gave him éclat but those who loved it more, were too engrossed in savoring it, got nothing in return. They were 'probably', just satisfied, he, cited.

From @raysanjeet: Every birthday Rafi received a carton of apples. No one knew who sent them. His curiosity started growing with his age. At 23 he stopped receiving them. He made it a point to track the sender which led him to a village where he learnt the sender was birth mother who just passed away.

From @realfartshady: 'Good morning students, welcome to fifth class.' said Mrs Karen Keefe. 'Let’s get to know each other better, shall we? Tell me your name and your favourite beverage!' Gomez and Nicole and Lauren liked apple juice. 'Oh wow, that’s wonderful!' said Mrs Karen Keefe 'I'm Karen, and I like apple brandy! Let's take a shot, anyone?'

From @kunalbaidmehta: The body was burnt beyond recognition. Police could not establish the identity of the woman. The tea-vendor saw the news and recognized her shoes. He approached the police station and told them that she worked at the office which has apples at its reception. There was some questioning to be done at Leo Burnett now.

From @kolkatabulldog: He was used to the heat and hunger, but this last slap brought him down. He curled his twelve year old body in the dirt and looked at the shopkeeper one last time before closing his eyes. All he could see now was his younger brother lying sick and hungry by the railway line. At no point had he loosened his grip on that apple.

From @gauravjagwani: She was the apple of my eye. I say that she was, cause she no longer is. She left me for the other man. That punk rocker. I knew that being a carpenter was never enough. She was the forbidden fruit. She was ”that” apple in my mind. My heart thought otherwise. Never moved on.

From @TropicalAnda: I want a piece of her. No, I wanted the whole being. I lived in her craze. That polished beauty, that fine spun features. I wanted the high, the ecstasy, in spite of the everlasting pain. Came home with an Apple IPhone that day. Things never stayed the same between me and the world again.

From @Gods_Evangelos: The ashes from his bidi were falling and he didn’t come to know. Who knew this market would lead him to a venture of complete profits. The dilemma of importing apples and making a drink out of it had struck him too early. He was waiting for the customer’s urge to come out. Yo! Appy.

From @JeeveSobs: "They lied mom, they lied!", cried the 8 year old, looking into his mother's tearful eyes. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. He had followed it religously, but all he had known these last two years were doctors. His heart rate quickened, followed by total stillness. Death had its way again.

From @HelenOfAhoy: She lived alone in "The Big Apple". And then she met him. They were "Apples and Oranges". She wanted everything in "Apple Pie Order" and he was the most disorganized person you will ever know. He was the "Apple of her eye". And then came a "rotten apple". He completely "Upset the Apple Cart".

From @radhikamohandas: Acchappa’d always store them in the fridge. We kids never realized how much we were used to 4-millimeters thick, chilled slices of apples after every meal, till he passed away and none of us could slice as finely. It’s been 4 years, and every apple is only a reminder of how we can’t be him.

From @sshweta93: His little girl lay there. Her chest movements had a certain rhythm. A steady heartbeat. That was all he prayed for. He thought about last night; the speeding car, her screams. He should never have left her hand. A cold touch disrupted his reverie. She was conscious. Teary-eyed, he embraced her; the apple of his eye.

From @cheesewiththat: His health deteriorated over the last few days. The doctor had given him six months. Eve left him before the cancer in his throat was diagnosed. His medication was running out. In a hurry to leave, he knocked over Steve’s tablet. He walked to Times Square. A Celtic band played Calibretto 13’s title track .

From @Kanwarse: “Lovely apple, Madam. Export quality. Dekhoji, Big and red”, hissed Bob the Talking snake. “Nahi chahiye”, replied Adam. “But it’s so red and pretty. I want!” Eve pleaded. “Limited stoke hai, Soch lo”, said Bob. “But God…..” “You and God are not the boss of me”, interrupted Eve. She bit the apple. Make mistakes. Mistakes are fun.

From @greyalchemy: You start with A for apple. Then you learn the (A for) alphabets. Then you grow up to be an (A for) Adolescent. Then you (A for) Aspire to be some one. When you become that some one, you marry and have kids. Then you teach your kids (A for) Apple.

From @engineeratlarge: He was ambling down the rickety street when he heard the cry of a beggar. He looked famished. The man rummaged in his over-coat and took out an apple. He tossed it into the eager hands of the beggar who started devouring it greedily. Within moments he was dead. The man climaxed in his pants.

From @sumitrai100: They made their journey together from kashmir to Ahmedabad.On February 28th they were lying scattered on a deserted,blood-spattered road.Blood-whose?They wondered.Hindu or Muslim?A prolonged silence.Suddenly a group of people ran towards them and trampled them.Who cared about those little apples when humanity was being slaughtered.The silence prevailed again.

From @Itemboi: He couldn’t tolerate this more. He was frustrated seeing doctors surrounding her everyday and giving her injections. His tears dried. He tried pushing the doctors away from her but he couldn’t. Helpless, a 5-year-old Vipul ran to the market. Panting he returned home and started placing the zillion apples bought around her cancer-stricken mother.

From @ladyclonidine: The loved the lush sweetness. He dug deeper, harnessing its goodness, forever blackening its shiny, perfect exterior. He needed to, for his own nourishment. He wiggled in eating, eating, never satisfied. He wouldn't stop till he had tainted it, consumed it, destroyed it to the core, inside out.That part was his favorite.

From @akshayabansal: Noticing his child eyeing the apple tree in the nearby field, instantly reminded of his thin pocket, he decided to sow some seeds in a corner of his drought stricken field. He told his child to wait patiently till the tree grew 20feet, for it would bear the sweetest fruit he'd ever eat.

From @narinderkapur: Red and white had always been their favourite colours. It matched everything they wanted to be. Children. Peppermint Candy. Apples, even. Named their only child after it. But it marked them, made them distinct from the others around, an aesthetic no one could compete with. Only them, with their red and white, happily ever after.

From @tweettabulous: Once upon a time, in Fruitland the fruits gathered to choose their leader. Mango was most popular. Apple, the other contender wasn't as famous but he had been important in shaping mankind, if Adam hadn’t eaten me, they would still be in paradise, gravity unknown and devoid of Steve's products. I'm a winner always, he smiled.

From @Life_Ambiguous: He was shivering with rage, holding a knife smeared with blood. A cry got choked in her throat but tears rolled down her cheeks. Their daughter Shreya was lying on the floor, lifeless. He had sliced the apple of his eye...that had fallen for a man he saw as outcast…in the name of honor.

From @EatTweetBlog: Newly weds on their honeymoon in Kashmir. Sitting under an apple tree, they were lost into each other's eyes. He leaned to kiss her on her apple red cheek. She smiled coyly!! They overheard "Run! Run! Terrorist attacks" He took her hand in his hands and they ran! Ran away frm hatred in a hope to survive and live in a world of peace and love!!

From @Oven_Tikka: He pulled the mask over his face and edged his way off the balcony. The adrenaline had kicked in and he couldn’t keep the grin off his face. He even waved to the security cameras. The next day, all the police found was an empty safe and an apple. He was Himachali after all.

From @ChhotaRecharge: “Oh Allah, what’s wrong with our doll? Ask her to open her eyes…CALL THE DOCTOR FAIZAN!” “Why is Ammi crying?” she thought to herself. “It was just an apple Abbu, it’s only a stupor. My prince will rescue me very soon.” If only 8 yr old Saba had known, fairytales aren’t meant to be true!

From @anushreekejriwa: She grew amidst the beautiful hills and played in the apple orchards. She would pluck the fresh juicy apples and savour them. Situations took a turn; state was in a turmoil with unrest around. Leaving the beautiful village, she started living in a city just to hear that the orchards had been burnt down.

From @ChotaaPacket: He sits in the last row, on the corner most seat. Samaira walks, then poses and walks back again. She is the apple of his old eyes. The world is at her feet, her story untold. She talks, about everyone and everything except the man in the corner most seat. She is her father’s ungrateful daughter.

From @Sychlops: "Should jump now”: It decided. "If I miss landing on this guy, nothing shall change. Science shall remain stagnant. Physics students will have an easier Life. Attraction shall have no Law. There will be one less Twitter application." Then it broke off. Fell on his head. And Gravity was Born.

From @dinkypinkybrain: The time was ripe, he dropped to the ground. Red with adventure! Crunchy with determination to be eaten! Never picked, skies changed from light to dark. He decayed until one day, he was only a seed. Never meant to be a salad or a pie. Years later bearing pink blossoms he understood, finally, his destiny.

From @Desdemonaous: An apple a day couldn't keep her from the doctor. Sahil had left her for some young bimbette. She was not sure if she would tell him. Didn’t know how her parents would react. She informed her mother of the pregnancy. Raina could hear the happiness in her voice. It was time to celebrate after 8 years.

From @OhTeri_BhenDi: “Dude, where are you? I’m stuck in this apple” called up one worm from his WormMobile to the other. “I’m also in the Apple”, he replied coldly. “Where? Wait, this thing is opening. I might be free. Damn it, someone’s biting into me. Save me!” “Sorry bro, I’m a malware worm in the Apple Mac laptop”.

From @BoozeSexSundry: It's about the passion you breathe into it, she always said. Mascarpone. Kahlua. Love. Espresso. Berries. Cocoa. Love. And his favorite, caramel-apple sauce. Sans that, beauty'd be devoured. 'Happy birthday love' she said as she placed HIS cook-book on his lap and moved his wheelchair ahead. She heard inside her mind, 'I love you mom'.

From @vagabondinact: The other Apples around him sneered. They called him funny. Though gleaming, his coat was different. Bouncing and crashing into each other, they traveled miles, before landing on a cart. Across the road, on another cart, he saw many more of his kind and learnt he was no odd, but just a Green one.

From @AbhiandNow: 8 yr old Raju took out the present from his pocket for the birthday girl. “An apple,” Sneha shouted and the whole class laughed. A droplet fell down his cheeks as the apple hit the floor. Little did Sneha know that the gift wasn’t just an apple, it was his first meal in two day.

From @bitchwanti: Arjun put the venomous arrow into the bow and aimed. The apple lay glistening ruby-red on Draupadi's white midriff, shattering into luscious pieces. "Devour, oh Draupadi, my love", he commanded. Blood oozed from her lips. She was dying. "If she could not be mine, at least her blood paints only my hands", he thought and smiled.

From @journojuno: He wanted to propose. A year had passed, and she hadn’t noticed him. Confidence had been an issue, ever since his childhood crush made fun of his name in front of everyone. Apple Singh could never understand why his parents named him after a fruit. Today he walked up to her, and said, "Hi I'm Arpit"

From @SugarsNSpice: It was one such beautiful evening, in a garden smelling of freshly grown apples, that the realization hit me. The feeling was new but my veins felt the passion. I wanted to run and catch the sky there. Then, sun dawned on to me to give a new meaning. I decided to paint it forever.

From @Kantaap: He looked down at his smartphone. The weather forecast was clear. He held the iPhone up and calculated the distance, the pull and the angle of the shot. Not bad. Talent was pass√© he thought, as he put the apple on his son’s head and readied his shot. Everyone’s a fucking William Tell these days.

From @rbd_sqrl: Tomas looked down to see a quizzical young man sitting by his feet. The man seemed disoriented and troubled. Myriad birds visited Tomas everyday. They had stories for him but this man had none. He was silent as if looking for an answer. Tomas resented his impudence. A violet shake and the man cried, “Gravity!!!”

From @whimsytales: It moves when you talk to me- Annoying, but I let it be. I hate what it did to your once sweet voice. Made it like a man's, but you didn't have a choice. So you're growing up now, heard you even have a date. But I love you, my little brother. It's your Adam's apple that I hate.

From @abstractions_: Pratap Suri was standing in his balcony overlooking the Arabian Sea with a glass of single malt and his thoughts. A while ago he was awarded entrepreneur of the year at an event organized by the industry body. It was 22 years since he was forced to leave his home - Kashmir, including the apple orchard.

From @KingoFlames: I was about to do my final trick. The trick that had made me famous, sixteen years ago. “I shall make this apple disappear.” I waved my hands in air, producing magic. I dropped my robe over the apple. The circle of life, completed itself. My helper, forgot to take the apple away, in time.

From @EternalScrewUp: ACP Pradhuman vigorously shook his finger in his patented inhumane style, and said “Daya, this half- eaten apple is all the evidence we have of the murderer. Interrogate every person in Mumbai and find out who ate it.” Within an hour, the killer was apprehended and the half-eaten apple was confiscated next morning as evidence.

From @theslumdawg: This Apple is the one which was introduced to us by Sir Steve Jobs. When Ipod touch 4th generation was launched, It was for 19,990/-. The amount which I didn't have. I asked my friend,"Credit Card laaya hai?,20 hazaar swipe karega?" "Yes!", he said. Since then,"Apple a day,Keeps boredom away."

From @designerfoo: She threw the forbidden fruit at him. He caught it, took a bite and asked, "What's your name, love?". Blood gushed out, eyes gone wide; Unknowing what hit him. She flicked his hot liquid off her katana. "I am Apple..., love" she said, taking back the bitten fruit. Her red hair complementing her glowing eyes.

From @melittlepixie: You ate my Apple’, he said angrily. ‘No, I did not’, retorted his friend. ‘Stop lying. What the fuck is this then?’, he said pointing to a half-eaten apple. ‘I swear. I didn’t do it’, his friend pleaded. ‘Fuck you, you jealous little son-of-a-bitch’, cried the Mac as the PC looked on helplessly.

From @lady_shweta: He saw a girl standing at the sea shore. She smiled at him. They looked quite alike. He woke up from the dream. He knew what to do now, bite into the magic apple and to set himself free. To be a girl, feminine and free.

From @Sanch_N: The green fields, the apple trees, the sparkling ocean, and stories under the banyan tree. This is how childhood used to be. The city lights, the crowded streets, the concrete jungle, and the smoke filling the air we breathe. I miss how childhood used to be

From @TyroIndian: Scott entered the deserted warehouse on Fifth Avenue. The place had some spookiness in it, webs all over. He moved towards the basement and saw two dark figures. He pointed his gun towards them only to see that they had already been knocked out and hung from ceiling. It was Spiderman, in the Big Apple.

From @SourPunkQueen: "What The Hell ?" He thought as something fell on his head. Little did he know that the very apple which fell on his head would lead him to discover gravity . Eve was tempted . To taste the forbidden fruit . She tasted it & we all know what happened. One Fruit , Two different circumstances . Two different discoveries . 'Seduction' & 'Gravity' !

From @tanyachopra08: She saw her girlfriends in their 'highs' and 'lows'. She knew how the relationship cycle went about, yet was happy in the whole single, flirting, he's hot thing. Then He came. Time went by-talks, touch, togetherness! He left. She knew she couldn't do much; for she had eaten the apple. She had tasted love.

From @tunnvi: She was born on the cusp of September with fists the size of raindrops and a murmur in my heart that I would like to believe was my first attempt at poetry. Her fists are no longer raindrops but my heart is still as irregular as a sea. She was the apple of my eyes.

From @violinraindrops: The Akira Onozuka dress looked angelic on her and her red lips, full of charm. She would count her steps carefully. If she’d fall, she’d laugh. Quiet youthful one could say. Celeste looked up at me “Umm, did you say something?” “ Nothing!”, in an instant. I went back staring at the scrumptious red.

From @OhTeri_: He loved apples. "An apple a day keeps the Doctor away, isn't it mummy??" and smiled. Happily, he ate those apples daily. Soon, his love changed. He loved the 'other' APPLE. All its products. And, forgot his first LOVE. Later, at some PARTY. Fruit-Salad. Food Poisoning. Death. Love was betrayed. And, Revenge taken.

From @iamafairytale: Little Ria, had an appointment with the doctor today, The thought of injections, bitter medicines made her cry. Her lame excuses to avoid the doctor werent being effective. Suddenly she started biting into the apple, her amazed mother asked her the reason and she sobbed and said, Mumma, "apple a day keeps the doctor away."


  1. I am fascinated to see how many different meanings a single word, an "apple" can produce from all these creative writers.

    Vivek Tejuja, thank you.

  2. @rheality__bites: When we got married they called me the most beautiful woman alive. The mirror agreed. I stepped into a mother’s shoes, raised his infant as my own.
    But she grew up. Nudged me aside. Left me to be forgotten.
    Of course I tracked her down and gave her that poisoned apple. Wouldn’t you?