Saturday, March 10, 2012

Theme 14 - Clandestine

From @JestChill: She answered her cell, spoke softly. At work still, she pleaded, can't leave right now. In the evening? Or lunch? She disconnected, lost in thought. Deciding, she walked out, checking her purse. He was waiting. She passed him a packet, looking around nervously. This is all I have, please please help me with municipal permissions!

From @textuallyhorny: They'd turned into inseparable souls by now being aware of the fact that they can't be together. Trapped in a maze of sin, sex, "society" and shame, they tore each other apart in pain and passion at every unison... That evening at a family gathering she introduced him to her fiance, "Meet him, my cousin."

From Proteem Bhaduri: ‘I give you doors 1, 2 and 3. Behind one lies a million dollars and behind the rest, just disappointment. Make your choice. Make your fortune.’ ‘Door no. 2,’ He said instantly. ‘Are you absolutely sure? I give you one last chance to change your mind, Mr. …’ ‘Oh, I’m sure. And it's Clark Kent’.

From @theslumdawg: A child's 1st Job in a medical store. One day, accidentally a packet of Crocin tablet fell from his pocket, In front of his boss. Yes, he was stealing it. He was removed from the job same day. Even now he doesn't have guts to look at the store whenever he passes by.

From @parekhit: He said he was going to his art school. This was his routine every Sunday morning. He was a son of a staunch UP brahmin. There was no art school. Every sunday morning he went to the Church to pray. His clandestine visit went unnoticed, his love for Jesus unhurt.

From @shivangiyadav: There was so much to be said, and lots to be told. But serenity in this city they could not afford. So they met in a city which had no roots for both. They fell in love with the view from the room and wanted to share it with everyone they knew. And just like that, their meeting was not clandestine anymore.

From @Oven_Tikka: Nervous and excited, they walked hand in hand around the garden, looking at the tulips bathed in the silvery light. They couldn’t believe they’d sneaked out of their rooms at this of the night. It felt so wonderfully rebellious. And they could use some adventure. An old age home could get very lonely you see.

From @violinraindrops: His stomach rumbled. He wanted to shout, most of all, share. But he knew the consequences. Climbing up the mountain, amidst the lush green, a red maple tree beckoned him. The knife crafted a small hole in the trunk. Ryan looked around, then whispered in to the void “I have a secret to tell you.”

From @awsmbong: "Unshaved. Clandestine. Downright Repulsive . He always had dust on his knees. A faint aroma on him, on Saturdays. I was about to transfer him out of the children’s ward. That morning a 3 year old had passed away. Overheard him explaining to the couple, his visits to his son’s grave. Irony of fate, it seemed."

From @dushtumey: She adjusted her shirt, careful to hide yesterday’s love byte. It had developed a deep, purple colour. He entered the room and sat next to her. He kissed her on the cheek first and then, on her lips. Slowly, he slid his fingers under the bra strap. She stopped him, “No, we can’t do this!”

From @Aarom_Ramsey: She thought he didn’t know of her clandestine intentions. But he knew her like a priest knows The Bible. He’d read her and was aware where this was going. The memories of their past still haunted him and he had promised himself he’d not trust his heart ever again to decide anything, especially if it concerned her.

From @lady_shweta: She called her up-"hello.yeah hi, rewa I want you to write a story for me...theme is clandestine..hon,if i knew the meaning i wouldnt be here calling you..its some paper i need to write,don't tell my parents..and if you do that i will kill you..yes its our little secret...ok bye."

From @Itemboi: He was ten. He saw his father making eyes at his mother's sister. He saw his mother indecently touching the gardener. He saw his elder brother masturbate while watching porn. 20 years later, Adrian is secretly kissing his boyfriend in the kitchen while his wife is feeding their first child in the bedroom. Modern family.

From @Shwetasque: This was her first time. She was scared yet alert. She had to pull this off .She needed the money. She closed the door behind her. He came to her. After that he guided her through.. She came out. She had successfully shot "Inception" at the theatre.She was now part of the "Piracy industry".

From @dimaagi_keeda: Rosetta Pereira was waiting for the man in her life to come and ask her hand from her father. The bell rang. Mr Pereira opened the door to the gleaming face of Adam’s mother , and all the clandestine memories rushed back. In an instant, they knew Adam and Rosetta couldn’t get married.

From @akshayabansal: A barren land. An empty hut. A long winding road, covered with dust. No trees, no shade. Stern looking men lie in wait, a clandestine meeting is set to take place. A cavalcade approaches. Tempers flare as the meeting gets underway. The khadi clad politician demands an equal share, a just price for his chair.

From Sneha Madinur: It was a moonless night and I was surprised by the shadow falling upon me. Hey, over here! he called out. I turned and was blinded by the flashlight. He lowered the torch, apologizing. Blinded by the light, the blur in mind cleared and I realized I wanted to be besides my husband and not here.

From @ayechikne: His girlfriend was out of town for the weekend on a business trip. He had always been loyal to her, but tonight his testosterone levels at an all time high.He went online to hunt. He went through many escort profiles and finally stopped at one. Tears filled his eyes. He found her. His girlfriend.

From @BrainyShady: Her husband could never understand her but he still loved unconditionally. As if his love wasn't enough, she couldn't resist the tempting amorous advances from the hot guy next door. The clandestine affair swirled and bloomed, the husband remained ignorant. Was she afraid, insecure, ashamed, bored of her husband? No, she just chose to cheat.

From @sukhkarni: The lady in Red lingerie. Her lustful eyes eagerly awaited someone as she stared at the clock. Her mesmerizing fragrance and her bouncy mane made her an irresistible object of desire. Last seen, she shared her breath with another woman, bosom over bosom, lips on lips, while their men tried to sneak a peek through the peephole.

From @N9K : It was their first day at new job..Eric: The office looks great. What do you think? Rose: Can’t complain considering it’s my first job. Eric: Ok. Let’s not tell anyone that we dated each other earlier. Cool? Rose: Yeah.. (in low voice) whatever..This clandestine affair was not shared with anyone.. until one day..

From @thebongbabe: The darkness of the night accentuated the sparkle of anticipation in her eyes. Their union would be magic – she knew it even though she was a novice to these things. Finally, gathering up courage, she lifted a trembling hand – and her mother’s kohl pencil secretly met her 16 year old eyes for the first time.

From @khatteemithi: She typed ‘I have taken a dip in the ink. Tagore is no longer a help. I will search for your hands. Like I did thirty years back. And maybe I will learn to float again.’ Sent. Leaving her mobile on her built sandcastle, she quietly seeped into the deep. The world unaware.

From @freelosopher: He was a womanizer with a difference. A serial killer who would welcome every lady with open arms, enjoy her sensuous warmth and eventually kill her just by being with her. All the ladies found him irresistible and none knew about his morbid, colorful past. The undisputed master of clandestine love affairs; meet the candle-stand.

From @tweettabulous: They lay in each other’s arms, after the most romantic evening and the sensual love they made.It was the first time they let their passion run wild and threw caution to the wind.He whispered loving to his sweetheart, “Let’s not speak of this, ever”. Our wives must never know of our clandestine love affair…

From @Gulabo_ : Just when she started to pen her story down interrupted every single time. It’s either the Blackberry pings or emails to be responded to or impatient clients or the boss. Irritated and frustrated she finally found a place where she could peacefully think without being disturbed, she thought. The Washroom. Knock Knock, she heard….

From @GaaliMan: I never understood as to why my parents would object to the idea of me having a gola in the summers, a very reasonable demand, I thought. I remember, my sister, surreptitiously, got me one, buying it with her pocket change. It has been 17 years now; I remember her love and not the taste.

From @VijCheers: Secretly leaving the room on her way to the roof, she carefully lit her Marlboro to pollute his lungs with satisfaction again. Admiring the red nicotine, she heard her exasperated father running to the roof after usual feud with his better-half. Watching her daughter hiding the smoke, the father asked, “Can I borrow one”?

From @Quicksilwr: The woman wanted her clandestine affair to satiate her tonight, before her husband returned. The cool steel touched her bare back, contrasting the heat of her body. She moaned into the pillow and that’s when the knife entered her body. He was on the cusp of release, enamoured by his wife post the bloodless coup.

From @designerfoo: "Its supposed to be clandestine!", Said the Gopher. "Clandestine? You got too many holes for being that!", said the Rat. "These idiots keep having my earth, wine and herb. And now her?". "C'mon, we have already gone through that! Its not for us to decide!" Said the Rat. The cat grunted, as the tempest approached.

From @hersheyka: They stood unnaturally close to each other in the over-crowded elevator; and naturally succumbed to the urges of their clandestine passion. Their groping and heaving went unnoticed by the unsuspecting, pre-occupied nine-to-fivers. He wished they didn’t; but the doors opened. “Nice tie, Mark.” He said as they exited. “Thank you, sir. I love yours too.”

From @SugarNSpice: There was indeed something explosive about the union. Their chemistry managed togetherness for half a decade. The story which was written in a clandestine manner was passionately consuming with true love. The spark was beyond obvious but the public character would have destroyed many lives. So they stayed that way forever, breathing as eternal soulmates.

From @moonsez: The nosy neighbor stood by her gate. She waved nonchalantly at a passerby. Suddenly, she saw him. She looked away. She knew. He would wait till everyone goes. It was an established pattern. She has new gossip today.

From @somyasingh24: "She has gorgeous hair!" People would say, whenever Hilary flaunted her long and silky hair in the latest shampoo advertisement. Hilary was everywhere. She saw the city bus carry her poster too. She sat in front of the mirror and gazed feebly at her wig. She has been undergoing chemotherapy for over a year now.

From @Sahilk: I don’t have a steady relationship. It’s difficult. The girls also feel the same way. The boys and girls of our age group do have on and off affairs. To call them ‘secret affairs’ would be underplaying the scenario. Let’s use the word clandestine instead. Sounds more scary. It is actually. You’re caught, you’re dead.

From @jhanvidhawan: They met on a social networking site. She faked herself as the sexiest in the big city. He fell in love. They made virtual love. They never met. It was their perfect virtual world. She faked so couldn’t meet and so never confronted. The clandestine affair died forever with the cadence of her last breath.

From @TropicalAnda: “Keep this under wraps”, she said with authority..adjusting bedsheet. He popped a champagne..took a sip of it, “Of course me”, he said smiling. Keeping the glass aside she reached out to him. Next morning he was found wrapped in blanket, champagne bottle was sign of girl either. She never trusted the word ‘Trust’!

From @aishikb: It was supposed to be just you and me. It was meant to be our secret. You said you loved me. But then you said that you love that thing inside you too. I’m sorry. I can’t keep our secret anymore. Father shall know about your clandestine meetings. It’s either that thing or me, Mother.

From @ladyclonidine: The defunct streetlight illuminated by moonlight. The filthiest part of town, he lurks like a shadow. Adjusts his trench, lowers his hat. Another shadow, Joe. He hands him a roughly, wrapped parcel. He rips it open crudely. Blood stained white gown. Her fragrance still lingers. He strokes his Glock lovingly. Time to pay blood with blood.

From @sshweta93: ''I'm over her, Annie. I love you, and you alone'', he said. Annie believed him. The love that she was looking for, all her life, emanated from every word he spoke. She was relieved, that she was no longer the 'other' woman. Now, he was hers forever. Little did she know, that his clandestine meetings still continued.

From @Gods_Evangelos: He had to understand why he was born. Although leading a normal life the purpose of his birth was something else. He was the messenger of God. He empathized people who came to him when low, depressed, on the verge of giving up. He was sent to disseminate sadness of others and work as a candle.

From @anushreekejriwa : The situations around made her determined to forge ahead and achieve success in life. The little girl inside her who liked playing with dolls and sharing stories with her mates surreptitiously hid behind the veil. The shadowy life was not a smooth flowing brooke but flashes from the past kept her on the move.

From @AbhiandNow: “Sir, the parcel has arrived,” ward boy whispered into his ears. The doctor immediately sprinted towards the hospital’s storeroom. He always despised those clandestine gifts, safely stocked in storeroom’s refrigerators. They belonged to the lowest strata of the society, kept there to save the wealthiest lives.
That night one of them was for his daughter.

From @IndianIdle: Her hotness quotient was unquestionable. She was men's fantasy. Boys kept photos of her taken secretly. Lustful eyes followed her all the times. Many men tried to woo her. But to their sorrow she never paid the heed. She kept a photo of her clandestine love, a woman.

From @BreezyBeer: Their results were out today. He was a brat who would bunk to engage in escapades while his friend was most sincere kid of their class. Still, he scored better grades than his friend. His friend asked him ‘How did you manage doing that?’ He smirked & walked away saying it to be a clandestine.

From @kingoFlames: The accident gave me a glimpse of death. I was fortunate to have survived. But, nothing's the same. I now see figures floating across. Nobody responds to me. As they say, "Search inside you for all answers." A look in the mirror, and I realise my entity no longer exists. Death has, encompassed me.

From @vivekisms: “It is a love that cannot be named”, he said. “What rubbish”, he responded. “I am married”, he replied. “So? Don’t you love me?” he asked. “Yes, but…” he hesitated. “I am done here”, he responded and headed to the door. “But, I love you”, he said. “No! You love secrets”, he replied and left.

From @wannabesanyasin: She barely knew her. But she thought there was something unique in her. She wasn't in love with her but loved her unconditionally. She lusted for her. She wished to hold her in her arms. She longed for her. But all she had was friendship to offer in return. She kept quiet. Dying deep inside.

From @dinkypinkybrain: A tower of sheets. Pillows propped. No moonlight or breeze. A dimly lit torch. Texture of your pages linger, reeling in your smell, the curve of a smile begins. Wondrous, incredible the dreams you weave with me. We'll meet another night, I promise, to share a secret hour, minute or moment, before I fall asleep.

From @sarcogenic: "Miss you. Wish you were here." "Me too. Wish I was in your arms."
"Come to me na!" "Just a few days, honey. Love you." " Good night sweetheart."
"Good night baby. Love you loads." He stared at the screen after she hung up. He pined for her, as he snuggled up to his wife.

From @sanidine98: Walking around the photo gallery, Jenna found every picture to be a storyteller. One, eerily familiar. The distant silhouette of a couple, standing in the clearing of woods. Locked in a tangled embrace under the moonlight, disrobed, unaware. She saw the date and location below. Shock.. Her unforgettable night. Captured.

From @thebigdowg: She sat in her balcony, waiting for his reply. It was a rainy day, with a hint of breeze. He hadn’t replied for a while. Not since he started following a stranger. She was worried, scared too. Just then, her phone blinked. He replied, via a DM. “Thank you for him, Twitter” she said and smiled.

From @gauravjagwani: It was a little after midnight. I snuck out to be with her. I went up to where she lay nicely tucked in her white blanket. I took my shirt off and planted my lips on her. The cops soon came. We were caught red-handed. Newsletter read : ‘College student caught shirtless, smoking a joint.’

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