Monday, March 26, 2012

Theme 31 - Deception

From @gauravjagwani: It was not meant to be. Their relationship tore apart when the truth was revealed. He believed in it. He thought it was going to be the last. The one. However, his partner did not reciprocate. His partner did not emote any feelings. You can't expect from a lab clone. It was not It.

From @Oven_Tikka: Sweat rolled down her brow and into her eye. “Ow!” she yelped, frustration making her stamp her feet. Whoever said this was easy was not right in the head she thought. Hands on her hips, she let out a string of colourful expletives and got back to the deceptively simple task of making round chapatis.

From @TheHummerus: She could feel the cold steel brushing against her, as she realized she was pinned to the track by a force that only wanted her to be still till the train arrived. As sweat trickled down her forehead, the salesman switched off the light and asked: “Did you like the new projection system?”

From @Dimaagi_Keeda: Jeff kept walking around trying to look for Joey. This had become routine for Jeff. Joey would put Jeff on a wild goose hunt every day. “Where are you?” thought Jeff. He then saw something move gingerly on the curtain rods. It was Joey, his pet chameleon the Master of Deception, Camouflage.

From @WickdWeirdWitch: She was hi-profile cancer doctor. He came for biopsy. It was love @first sight for her. He was devastated when she told him he'd six months to live. He'd no family. She became his pillar of strength. She proposed. He was escastic. Wedding night, she confessed "To get you, I faked your biopsy reports."

From @wekneweachother: Let me put on some red lipstick and I’ll show him what I’ve got. Talking to herself in the mirror left no chance of illusion. Her mind was calm and her intentions were crystal clear. The reflection looked like a witch and she immediately smeared the lipstick. I’ll play victim for him. All hail deception!

From @Marwaari: Murder was nearly perfect. "Do you have a suspect?" The commissioner asked. "Yes. We will have the murderer on our hands in few minutes" I said. The moment the husband of the murdered lady arrived, I ordered the arrest. "I never told him the place of murder. He arrived on his own" I said slyly.

From @quratzafar: Bile rises in her throat, her heart is fluttering like a caged bird but her breasts are running dry, her child is wailing and this infant, this little child will die of hunger with her. She has to sell her daughter to monsters. The biggest deception is that the girl thinks she is getting married.

From @Life_Ambiguous: Ananya felt his lips on hers, opened her eyes. She tried to accept the reality. He called every alternate day from there, said "miss you." Ananya was left only with questions. Three years of closeness and suddenly he met Nirali. He was there on honeymoon. Ananya was perplexed, "Whom is he deceiving; me, Nirali or himself?"

From @IndianIdle: Death was circling over him. He could not even ask for help as his had been parted from his herd. Running from his demise he saw a tree, he ran and climbed over it. He closed his eyes, hoping for a miracle. Perplexed, the Eagle went away. The baby chameleon learned the art of deception.

From @SugarNSpices_: His eyes emitted deception. All she saw was love. The naiveté met her beguiler to lose the chess of life. He was a clever one, convincing of a ‘she’ as a family obligation. She believed in the souls. One day, reality stuck, lies exposed wide open. The liaison ended. She broke, He fell in love.

From @funny_swamy: He is deceiving wife and kids. His ailing mother is bedridden for five years. He has stopped mother’s medicines for two weeks. He isn’t tired to wipe her tears every day, but can’t stand her painful eyes. Medicines are, after all, just painkillers. He knew, doctors knew, mother knew but his wife and kids didn’t...

From @roshd: Lokneta completed the second day of his indefinite fast. His selfless crusade against corruption in the government had captivated the nation. The press hailed him as the Father of New India. Pandit from the right-wing opposition was closeted with him late that night as he sipped nimbu-paani. “Here’s new dope on our Coal Minister”.

From @mitigatedlying: Age had deceived her. But that was least of her concerns. What lied ahead for her sons concerned her. They stood there, drenched in blood. Her heart was drenched in wine. To kill them or not was playing in her mind. She proceeded with a knife in her hands, a smile on her lips.

From @RootKanal: ‘No love, that’s not true! I love you!’ tears streaming down her face she kissed him delicately and looked him in the eyes. ‘I wouldn’t believe for a second that you loved someone else,’ said he. She whimpered and snuggled against him. ‘Thank God’ she thought. ‘Thank God she doesn’t know’ thought he.

From @mizarcle: Enchanted by the stillness of your sheet covered naked body, I want to tell you the truth. Dig deep into the abyss of my heart and tell you the truth. This is fun. This is good. For me. For my ego. I have to lie. I deceive myself. Lips quiver. Eyes open. “I love you.”

From @Abhiandnow: “Can I also play?” Chotu asked. “But he’s a servant’s kid.” They all thought. “I think we should play hide and seek,” Abhinav suggested and winked at everyone else. Chotu was excited; he knew a perfect place to hide. He is still hiding there from past 15 days, waiting for someone to find him.

From @UnendingQuest: No, he wasn't that bright a kid at school. Yet, he tricked his way to a better living. Deception was his occupation, his faith, his religion. He thought he owned the world. The little he knew that there's "God Almighty-Master of the game". He had all the pleasures of life but he also had AIDS.

From @MissBlurrii: She begged her brother to give his abode. The youngest that he was, happily sacrificed it for her. Today he stands alone in a tiny home; while she moved on to fill her 2nd home. Miss Itsy bitsy was dealing with her pricey possessions; whereas he was left with a bunch full battles.

From @sahilk: The deception is as good as the art of perception. Make someone truly believe something and you’ve got them eating off your hands. Like how it’s more convenient to live here with the tax-free income, air conditioned houses, cheap petrol, Chevrolet taxis and the likes. There’s no point in telling them about the expensive mangoes.

From @sshweta93: He was the epitome of treachery. Creating illusions was an effortless task. Disappearance was a skill, he had mastered. Cheating death was his favourite game. Camouflage; his best weapon. No one was aware of the surprises he could conceal. To deceive, was his job. He was never unveiled. A charming enchanter; a magician, he was.

From @NumbYaar: She woke up with a start. Something just didn’t feel right. She switched on her laptop to get the shock of her life. Her timeline had vanished, no ‘twitterati’ found. Her controversial tweets flashed, the ground beneath her was gone. Twitter and ‘tweeps’ never existed. She had fallen prey to a well planned deception.

From @melittlepixie: They met at a masquerade party. He was the masked demon. She was the veiled witch. Obscure conversations mixed perfectly with scotch and wine. After which, they headed towards his place. The man took off his mask. ‘Your turn’, he said with a smile. ‘I’m not wearing a mask’, she said with an evil laugh.

From @Neelanjana_B : "Whenever he came on stage, he claimed it. You know the art of conquering with just a tint of smile? He was its unique master; magician of them mortals. A mere ticket was their stairway to fiction and the spotlight, an incarnation of his monarchy. The affair lasted till they paid; deception was always intended."

From @thebigdowg: She was a spy on mission. He was kind & an easy target. She gave him all pleasures of life to gain entry to his country. He proposed. She accepted. They went to meet her family for blessings. Next day, she & her family were found dead. He was a spy too. Mission, accomplished.

From @Hope_vs_Destiny: There were two voices from within; he wondered whether to press the SEND button asking her out to coffee. He finally relented to a voice within. Reply came hours later, NO with excuses that made no-sense. What his heart assumed as mutual was only one sided. Deception of his own heart, a lifeless stone now.

From @kingoFlames:

Commissioner Gordon.

I'm not a man of many faces. The Mask I wear is one. Nobody knows my reality. I hide it, with this mask. This mask defines me, rules me. I'm nothing without it. But, Batman is my true identity. Everyday, I deceive, none save myself. I've mastered the art of Deception.


From @TheOtherBanana: A night as lonely as the moon. Silver splinters of light filtering through the trees. Dark pathways, unbound by the weight of travellers of yore, for it was freshly etched out. The drag of my body in the silence of the wind. You said I would be safe. But the dagger you held said otherwise.

From @tripteased: She had become a known quantity to him,though not in aspects she'd have wanted. She never took it in the quintessential womanly way of thinking.It wasn't a thing of emotion for her,despite all the liking for him, a thing of being perhaps. What started with as a means of self-deciet, had come a long way.

From @DMysticFille_: Despondent. Deceived. Languished. Afraid yet fearless. Indecisive. She decided to give up on life. And there she stood at the edge of the terrace of that skyscraper. She opened her hands wide, closed her eyes and welcomed death. She opened her eyes again after eight months. Death duped her too.

From @swaravali: He saw her on the road, ducked his head and drove past. Why was he avoiding his own mother??? He was seeing her after many years even though they lived in the same city. Then it dawned on him that when guilt gets the better of you, it is nothing but deception.

From @Capt_Ck: "Deception" was an art in Air Combat, he learnt it too late!! He pulled hard right at max "g" forces deploying chaff/flares, he thought he fooled the missile for a few seconds until the missile warning beep grew louder and it was all over in a flash! He said "Ya Allah"..!!

From @_Nehu: Her deceptive smile caught his attention in a crowded pub. He went to the parking lot following her, miraculously the seducing look on her face changed to violent one. With gun she shot him to take revenge of her sister's death. She broke into tears, tears which were waiting for this moment.

From @ThWanderingSoul: Dear diary, He beat me up thrice today. He even slapped Bani once. What was her fault? She was only crying out for her mother. For me. Do i blame my mom? Yes. She told me he'll keep me happy. She told me i'll be fine. I'm not. I'm miserable. She knew. She lied.

From @kunalbaidmehta: Gareth was a VIP at Casino Royale. Blackjack was his game. It was his seventh visit and he had lost 10 lacs till now. The House loved such clients. If only they knew that he was nicknamed Lucky Seven in the Las Vegas circuit as that's when he would swipe the House clean in one night.

From @anushreekejriwa: He was told that hard work bears fruit and the world rewards talent. He was craving to make a mark for himself. With confidence he went ahead just to realize that nothing speaks more than power and money. He felt deceived and confused. He now sits disillusioned trying to decipher between right and wrong.

From @irrationalnumber: He met K daily with the 55-word story theme. He was a nincompoop so his witty friend K conjured up stories for him. Today’s theme prompted him to unveil it. He wanted to ask him to spell a secret delving tale but couldn’t locate him, even after standing for hours in front of the mirror.

From @thebongbabe: Her eyes conveyed her passion. Her full lips curved tantalizingly at the sight of him, the deep blush speaking volumes about her feelings. He felt blessed to have met her - gorgeous, intelligent and so in love with him. He shared his heart and soul unreservedly. She waited for him to share that bank account.

From @steelysilence: The sword slices the beautiful curved flesh without a drop of blood on the lustrous wooden stage. Gasps follow as the shiny weapon is pulled back and the body comes back to life, bowing and smiling. Children laugh happily as their horror has been defeated, it was just magic! Deception was his bread and butter.

From @Ad_Coelum: The guy selling pipes at the chowk in Mcleodganj sold it to me. He said ”You sure?” I smiled, took the packet and set off for the trek. Sitting at a rocky edge, I rolled and lit one. Surprisingly, I coughed..blood. Clutching my throat, I rolled off the edge spraying crimson stains on the sky.

From @shawnlewis: I was 12 when I first saw a dead body. I had only seen them on the television before. Men wearing black suits stood all around as the pallbearers carried the coffin towards the cemetery. They prayed and threw mud into the grave. That was also the first time I saw a 12 year old being buried.

From @dark_gal: I have four hands, a couple of eyes and strive on Titanium. I was 118 last year, and in the next 15 months, I’d be 42. The microray oven doesn’t fit anymore in the closet and neither does my wife and husband in my pocket. If you’re wondering why, stop thinking, I just deceived you.

From @captain_speakin: The black dress Jane chose wear that night made her ivory skin glow. She went around talking to her guests, smiling and laughing like she always did. She was the perfect hostess. The deception had worked again; No one had noticed the story her kohl laden eyes were telling. She had mastered the art.

From @Freelosopher: The Holy Trinity of l, 1 and I have been at it since ages. S has 5 and many of us dancing to her curves. But when it comes to the art of deception, no one does it better than that irresistible duo of O and 0. Thankfully for us, 0 has been exercising regularly.

From @akshayabansal: Racing through the alley, looking over his shoulder from time-time, as Police sirens pierced the air in the peace of midnight. A bullet forced its way into his chest as a shadow lurked around to recover the heist. He looked up to see, his partner standing there with smoke emanating from his Colt45.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: On one hand was a path he was meant to be on, and on the other was his family, blissfully ignorant of the dilemma. A choice between living his reality and living their dream. Between telling them that he’s in love with another man and marrying a woman of their choice, what would he do?

From @vagabondinact: She squinted her eyes and looked harder. It was so near, she only had to stretch out her hand and it would be hers, forever. She did. Suddenly, she was plummeting down. The blotter in her hand fluttered down with her. Her ‘trip’ lasted 17 seconds and ended with a thud. Games, the mind played!

From @vahishta: She ran, using her brains, guns and her magnificent, genetically modified physique to defeat the traps set by the mysterious, mocking voice. The thought of her reward kept her going, till she made it to The Place Behind The Walls. “What do you mean, the cake is a LIE?!” She screamed as the song played.

From @ritukarthik: An accomplished person you’d say. He had everything going for him and almost everyone he knew was envious of his life. Beautiful loving wife, lovely kids a booming business. His pretty perfect life. His thoughts kept wandering to that one night. That gorgeous man in his arms. For how long could he keep deceiving himself?

From @Gods_Evangelos:He was from a middle-class family. Always lived a satisfactory life and in name of God he believed. His wishes were none just a life of happiness. One thought of earning wholesome perturbed him and he lost INR 2 lakhs. It was a huge amount for him. His savings were doomed. He still smiles doubtlessly.

From @alksmehta: It was love at first when Gauri met Ibrahmin that evening. Marriage followed and thereafter the sexual encounters. An expression of love suddenly changed to sexual harassment adding to Gauri's trauma each day now. One day the news of a nymphomaniac killer on the run devasted her and deception took over love!

From @HelenofAhoy: He was her almost lover. They were meant to be together. But fate deceived her. He is gone. Forever. Just last night, they had a fight. She yelled, “Go to hell!” and he left. She still believes he’ll come back. She knows, she's deceiving herself. Denial is keeping her alive right now.

From @ipurplicious: "Let me GO! What have I done to you? Please don't rape me.", she screamed. As Karan came closer, she screamed louder. He heard someone unlock the door, got scared and jumped out the window. Her husband saw her traumatized and called 911. The doctors found a tumor in her head which caused the hallucination.

From @tunnvi: For the traveler, the perception is exacerbated by the absence of deceptively reassuring routines, typical of sedentary, which make us believe that there is going to remain as is for some time. He believed every moment was last because it was unique. She closed the book and said, "Even I wanna see that world someday".

From @ladyclonidine: After months of pursuing, tonight he would bury himself deep within her. Fine dining and back to his place. He kissed her aching breasts, flat stomach and slowly moved down. To his surprise instead of something wet and welcoming, he found something hard and throbbing. She smiled nervously and said “Your baby’s got a secret…”

From @Itemboi: Finally the day came. After months of online rendezvous, they met. She was five drinks down when he asked her 'your place or mine?' She smiled and whisked him away to the restroom. Vacant to engaged. Lust was in the air. He kissed. She went down. Unzipped. "Bastard! Liar! You said it was eight inches!"

From @shivangiyadav: The phone pinged. She knew it was him, knew what he would say. They went through these phases of furious texting. She would get upset; he would try to woo her back. She knew they were on a journey to nowhere. So what was she doing with him? Deceiving her loneliness, she replied.

From @TheGhostWriterr: Liz a Poetry Major ended up being a single mom & a nursery teacher for all the money she could make in a day’s time. Little did people around her knew, she doubled up as a Stripper at night to support her child. In an Ironic way she had to master the Art of deception

From Payal Parmar: Self deception is the worst deception in this world. She kept telling herself that she was not in love with him. Definitely not. She simply liked the way he caressed her. The way he looked at her and lazily smiled. The way his smile would sometimes turn into a full-throated laughter. Just that. Not love.

From @salonitia: Is that really it? I can't believe it !! Is it an illusion? It can't be so deceptive ?No no no no!!! Yes,yes,yes!!! I rub my eyes again, and again ,and again! A room full of chocolates! A room full of sweets ! Oh the life of a twelve year old boy,full of deceptions!

From @drun007 : Newly wed Bharat and Anju reached Goa. Anju suddenly seemed upbeat. Since the wedding three days ago, she's been unwell. She wanted to talk. Bharat was thrilled. "Am sorry, Karan is the one I want to be with. He is here to take me." Even before he learnt, Bharat had forgotten to love a woman.

From @bitchwanti: The gold necklace glittered. It shone, like a ray of sunlight itself had descended into the water. On a snow white towel is glowed. "Here's your necklace, madam, as good as new", said the salesman. Ananya glowed with happiness. A few days later, the necklace lost its sheen. The chemical had robbed it of its life. All that glitters is not gold.

From @VBPJS: H liked S & S had the same feeling towards H. Destiny made them to part and they agreed to remain in touch. S was on the way to travel very far & H could not resist trying contact S only to realise that dreams appear to become true until being deceived in reality.

From @JaaTeri: She stood there stark-naked. Images from the past ran across my mind - a friend's warning, "something is wrong."; my dog's bark; "I'm not what I seem to be.", she had once winked. This was worse than a nightmare. Few years back, this lady was a man! Well. "We are never deceived, we deceive ourselves."

From @milapthakrar: He was goin on his brand new bike wearing Varsace glares ... He saw her , she Deceived him such by closing one eye of her on him .... He was flat and hit a old man ,who was her father .... And the story ends before starting ...;)

From @sumitrai100: She has died 25 times in last week. She left home for him and he sold her to pimp. Faith was butchered. She never expected a deception from him. But here she is caged in a room. Only thing she hears is her own tears falling on the floor. The door opens. 26th death has arrived.

From @kaloladeep: Element of surprise on the exam desk! He was moving first time in rhythm towards the completion of course book, A friend guided not to go through, because of its obsolescence, He thought it was his self deception that's acting. At End, realized he was true, till then nothing left except sleeping 3 hours. Blank!

From @tweettabulous: Being seven and forever sick ain't fun, Ria missed playing outdoors with the other kids. Her mother had told her she was very weak and couldn't risk being out. Red, blue, yellow and green pills kept little Ria alive. Little did she know those were M&Ms; her mom wanted her safe from the cruel world.

From @vivekisms: Their marriage needed something else. They decided on a threesome. That should get it going somewhere, they wondered. The date was set. The time, fixed. His best friend was invited. He knew every pore of her body well-enough.

From @Kantaap: He’d see her from across the street. Everyday, he’d smile and wave and she would too. Everyday, he’d imagine a thousand possibilities, his own esteem holding him back. After picturing the scene over and over again in his mind, he finally approached her. It was up close that he saw the ring on her finger.

From @xmanishaa: Coped up with their own respective jobs, they had everything. She was a big doctor, he worked in a bank. They were a perfect couple. Well, that's what it seemed like.

From @Anjana_Anjaanii: Dark as the night with her never ending legs displayed- gorgeous isn’t he- thought she- and juicy too. The moonlight came flooding in silhouetting his hairy outline. The familiar thrill of anticipation caught up with her. There was no hesitation left- ‘walk into my parlor?’ she softly said.

From @KonfusedKhopadi : The innocence of childhood , villains who were dumb , superheros who were always there to save the world . I realise it was all a deception when I walk in this cruel world .

From @Dooffuus: You think you can get away? With all these words? These stories? From restless minds? And broken hearts? You think I cannot look through you? You believe God? You think He cannot deceive you? Only the devils do? Or are you the one who thinks who deceives? Well, I have just deceived you now. Go figure!

From @madrasmad: Nothing like watching a live concert! We drove about 50 km to get to the auditorium, and finally made it to our assigned places, just on time. What lovely hits they belted out! I was euphoric! And then, it happened. The lead singer and guitarist fell off the stage, but the vocals and music continued.

From @VijCheers: He was excited and why he wouldn’t be, it was his first night after marriage. The bride was there, sitting on rose-laden bed veiling her face with embarrassment supported by her lovely wedding dress. Without arguing with the boner he slowly unveiled the bride and there she was … with her crossed-eyes. Ultimate KLPD!

From @lucifer_sam666: Her pupils dilated with every inch she moved forward straining to discern the figure, searching for any familiarity as they came closer she wondered if she too was looking at her, scrutinising every contour on her face one by one, they met, their eyes, in her reflection like strangers.

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