Thursday, March 15, 2012

Theme 20 - Bottle

From @wekneweachother: “Trapped is my mind in the bottle of your memories. Teary are these eyes from smiling in vain.” “Oh shut up, Mark! You have been unemployed for a month and it’s turning ugly.” “Maybe but I know I have been in love for far too long.” “You need to get out of your bloody bottle.”

From @SpinAndSwirl: Hundreds of cars, stuck, immobile. Honks aplenty. Tempers sizzling. Precious time lost. A traffic cop comes, their messiah. Untangles intertwined trucks. The bottleneck clears, releasing the cars. Relieved, liberated, they finally reach home. The ruby wine in the bottle feels the same, inhibited by the cork. Once freed, it finds its way home, into you.

From @Eattweetblog: "She concealed the wrinkles with thick layers of make-up, camouflaged her loveless lips with a red lipstick, hid the loneliness in her eyes behind voluminous lashes and mascara, draped her aging body in a kanjeevaram Saree and brushed her long black hair. She saw an unloved woman in the mirror, yet the world called her a bottle of old wine!!"

From @FraudianTheory: Chelsea were defeated by Napoli in the 1st leg 3-1, AVB got sacked few days before the first leg. Senior players were blamed. That's when JT said to Lampard, "Let's shove that bottle of criticism up in Napoli's.." 2nd leg, Chelsea won 4-1, going down in history by doing one of the greatest comebacks.

From @TheBigBhookad: It’s a stormy night. The window is shivering nervously like her hands. “You slept with her, didn’t you?”, she asked. He looked straight into her eyes, raised the bottle of whisky to his trembling lips, took a big swig and replied “No, I didn’t.” She walked away while he turned his head to the television.

From @aishikb: A drop to taste sweet. A drop to taste bitter. A glass to numb feelings. A bottle to erase pain. An urge to keep sipping. A desire for a puff with every sip. The thirst unending. The desire unquenched. The frustration with unfulfilled wishes. The impending darkness. The need to forget. The dawn of reality.

From @IndianIdle: Age 1: He had a bottle of milk. Age 7: A bottle of coke. Age 18: He held a Budweiser. Age 40 : He had an Old Monk. Age 56: He drank medicine. Age 74: He was being given blood. Age 83: He was in the bottle on the shelf in his Son's house.

From @greyalchemy: I laid royal dressed in shades of green and transparent. Not to brag, but my mouth was opened by the finest of humans. The rum inside me could make a man do things he'd never done. Yes, I'm the bottle that caused accidents. I am the true murderer.

From @roshd: The rum bottle was empty but Ajay’s sozzled mind was full of angry thoughts. He wondered if Sheetal was with that sonofabitch Harish right now. Staring at her photo again, he felt another pang of jealousy shoot through him. He was very possessive of her. It didn’t matter that she was already Mrs. Harish Mehta!

From @Marwaari: "I never knew I would get a chance to say this but I've a confession to make, I Love You, Since eternity, till death, and I'm not looking for an answer, its just a feeling" Everyone was silent till I said, "OK, I am done with my dare, Spin the bottle." My biggest truth became a part of the game.

From @Dimaagi_Keeda: A feeding bottle, A water bottle, A bottle of Rasna, A Pet bottle , A bottle of Kingfisher, A bottle of Smirnoff, A bottle of Old Monk, A bottle of Jack Daniels, A bottle of Johnny Walker, A bottle of petrol, A bottle of Saline, A bottle of blood, An urn full of Ashes.

From @ladyclonidine: Green. It glinted in the moonlight. Roses surrounded them, her favourite. He watched her sleeping, so peacefully. She was his now, forever. Every drop of her. He drained her blood slowly. Savouring that rusty smell. He corked the bottle and placed it on the mantle, where she joined the others. Red. Blue. Green.

From @irrationalnumb: He looked intensely at the vintage 1996 bottle of wine. “It’s half full”, he smiled. He pulled the cork out and his jaw dropped. The bottle was half empty. He put the cork back on and the bottle was half full again. “I am just drunk”, he thought. “The world has always underestimated me”, the cork frowned.

From @gauravjagwani: A little glass object. Both, my father and I had our lives changed due to that little glass object. We saw it differently. We used it differently. Like Father, Like Son? I don’t think so. When I was an infant, he broke a bottle on someone’s head. Today, I’m serving drinks. He is serving time.

From @boozesexsundry: A coveted mirage. The past. Time had frozen and it was cold and dark. And there he was again. A part of him was. The last things to touch the bottle were his supple lips. There were 3 swigs left. 3 swigs to live by. 30000 memories to replay. One souvenir to cherish. Love beyond imaginations to believe in

From @shanu8: He's been walking in tiring heat for three days. How did it all come to this? Hazy images sweep his mind- paragliding, crashing, and walking endlessly with the sweat trickling down his face. Now, even that had dried up. He would’ve died long back, if not for his only companion- a bottle; his water bottle."

From @Gods_Evangelos: Crumpled up and thrashed again I was in some stinky bin. I am the same who carries the purest of the liquids, whom people have it to quench their thirst. But I am treated like trash; once they have my soul they throw my body. They don’t even bury me, they re-use me. Pity myself.

From @Quratzafar: Each man is a corked up bottle of lust." The Sociology students gasped. He smiled. They were young and so foolish. 'Playboys' read in the sanctity of their rooms at night were fine. Yet, if it was found with someone else, they'd jump to judge. He was done playing games: no more cowering under pretence.

From @kolkatabulldog: The overpriced smartphone vibrated on the table reminding him of yet another party he had to attend. Capping the unfinished whiskey bottle, he started taking drunken steps towards the door. Just before closing the door behind him his eyes gazed across the room to a photograph and he murmured, " Honey, I'll be late. Don't wait up".

From @The_Lie_Lama: She was a loving wife, a caring daughter and a super mom. Professionally more qualified than all the family members put together. But she was still 'only' a 'home-maker'. One fine day she got access to that bottle and killed her image. Her emotions came out like a ruthless génie out of a bottle.

From @SourPunkQueen: Shuffling through the mouldy trunk in the attic, she retrieved the Souvenirs of his childhood, for his funeral next evening. His tiny shoes, pictures, hankies, bib, his bottle of milk. So different from his now-widowed bottle of scotch That Bottle which killed him .That Dammned Bottle . With a sigh, she put it all back in, pulled down the curtains, popped a cork nd took a sip.

From @abstractions_: When young Kan'h was emptying his fishing nets, he found unusual thing. Sealed bottle !! He broke the bottle and found piece of paper...."Everyone creates their own reality. I am creating mine by willingly giving up my life from the deck of USS Hornet, because I dont believe in war.- Capt. Donald Wann, Waters of Vietnam, 1967."

From @ToobaFazlani: She stood looking at the glass jar filled with a 1000 paper cranes, besides it was a bottle of rum. He had made those all by himself, each had an advice, 'I love you's or a trait written on it. She went over to it, picked one, opened it, it read,"I won't ever leave" holding the bottle of rum and chugging all of it down, she laughed sarcastically.

From @TropicalAnda: He closes his eyes with disjointed mind and gets ready to dive. Her arms cloak him in an embrace so chillingly warm that he is numbed. He feels her breath, preparing for her to go down on him, a place where love is pain. THUD!..bottle on his head. He shouldn’t have cheated on her.

From @kunalbaidmehta: It was the last day of campus life. Two years of late nights, projects, group work, parties, sports, bitching, placements and all the razzmatazz had come to an end. They wanted to celebrate all this with bottles of beer. Only thing they did not know was that their bootlegger in this dry state had been caught!

From @radhikamohandas: 16 years of knowing him. A lifetime of loving him. She looked stunning as she waited to walk down the aisle, with the groom of her dreams waiting at the altar. As the music started & his bride walked ahead of her, the maid of honour smiled & bottled her broken heart right back in.

From @realfartshady: He bought a bottle of pills that would "improve quality of life" from his neighborhood pharmacy. But they didn’t. He took the bottle of pills back to the pharmacy. The druggist took the bottle and said 'your harm' and gobbled the rest of the pills. It didn’t work for the him either. They sued the company. That worked.

From @AbhiandNow: Wandering with a gust of the wind like a vagabond, the bottle intensified his urge. Longing for bottle’s plastic love, the touch of her circular lips, wanting to fulfill bottle’s every desire. Her artificial beauty smote him, the way she had never hidden anything reeling inside her. They were in love. Tap and the bottle.

From @April_Phool: Sometimes few weeks pass, never more than three. Firstly it is breathlessness, then crushing fatigue and, on few days, spells of darkness.
But he keeps telling her he is fine. He even smiles reassuringly. The ritual goes on...The sight of blood trickling through a disposable bottle, alternating with tears of his lonely silent mother...

From @purplebrains: It took all of a second for the two of them to realize what had happened. It took all of an eternity for them to accept it. With hesitant steps they ambled forward. Caught unawares, caught without excuse. Call it fate or call it a game. Spin the bottle and let your lips take aim.

From @Sinful_Reveries: Running her hand down the neck, a sudden chill that her fingers would feel. Condensed, charmed aroma. The rubber cork as the stopper, this cylindrical bottle has had a huge leap in its usage, she thought. From sending a message to the lover across the lake to now storing her intoxicant elixir of love.

From @sukhkarni: A long night's sleep, and I woke up on a deserted island. No trace of human existence around. Wandering in search of food, I stumbled upon something. Genie in a bottle? I rubbed hard; My eyes?! Woke up, just to realise that it was my Old monk bottle and I got drunk last night. Hungover Dreams!

From @EternalScrewUp: A bottle washed on shore; note inside read "All I wanted was a genie in the bottle to get her in my arms. All I got was Old Monk to get her out of my thoughts." To the finder, a little boy, t'was precious. A bottle for the toy kitchen of a girl next door. Love reincarnated.

From @awsmbong: "Desdemona eloped. May be the love of an older man was sinfully inviting for the pulchritudinous Delhi-girl. Othello’s intentions surfaced. A procurer from Mumbai. Every night he sold her. He became affluent. An abused Desdemona; his genie in a bottle. But, Aladdin, the last buyer, tricked Othello. Set her free. They’re happily married, now. Yes."

From @mental_Aunty: Parted ways, after 6 long years, it is indeed very easy to end it all. This room which once used to always smell of you feels alien to me, bereft of you. Alone, way past midnight, your wedding card, me, your memories, and a bottle of sleeping pills. It is time to bid you adieu.

From @bitchwanti: They could be together no more. Her hand rested in someone else's, such was the design of destiny. She married, for the love of her parents. But, somewhere in the deepest part of her heart, lay the bottled love for him; he who could not be hers.

From @JeeveSobs: The bell rang. Students rushed out, he among the first ones. He looked around, searching for her, with a deep longing inside, for his heart to be felt, to be understood. Finally he saw her. She smiled at him. But bottling up his feelings, all he could come up with was, "Good Morning Ma'm".

From @ChotaaPacket: The story of her life she wrote, on a piece of crumpled paper. The daughter of a millionaire, her husband was a pauper. She placed it in an empty bottle, the one she had finished. And today after 14 years, I read her life in it. This lady is my mother, the one who bore it all.

From @Oven_Tikka: Theirs was a forbidden love. Secret meetings, cryptic notes and a few trusted friends made up their entire life. On her 18th birthday he made her an eternal promise. That night they sneaked out in a borrowed car, eyes only for each other. Maybe that’s why they didn’t see the molotov cocktail hurtling towards them.

From @xmanishaa: He felt as if he was in the Sahara desert. No sign of life. Water. He needed water. He woke up from his sleep. Without saying anything he saw his wife holding a glass of water in front of him. "Drink it, but mera jhootha hai" she said. He laughed and took a sip.

From @theslumdawg: Once I get drunk (Daily), I sit there for at least 15/20 minutes staring at that empty bottle. That Bottle asks me a question everyday,"Till when you're gonna leave me Empty like this?" I say,"Pass this question till tomorrow." One day, I will find an answer to this question. For sure.

From @HelenOfAhoy: Our journey with bottles. It began when we were little,innocently nibbling on our milk bottles. Then came cold drinks. Some sold our bottles for money to buy a day's meal for themselves. Then came alcohol. Whisky, beer, vodka... And ends with blood and saline bottles. Bottles bottles everywhere, filled with drops for survival.

From @melittlepixie: After two years, they had mutually decided to part ways. And today, they had met after months. Tia was still in love with Karan. Memories lingered. She ached for him. She wanted another chance. Another kiss. She said a silent prayer 'Please God, let it be Karan’. And with a hopeful heart, she spun the bottle.

From @iamafairytale: Dhoni had hit the finishing six. The long wait of 28 years was over, the World Cup was coming home, happiness was seen over the once gloomy tensed faces. The best of wine, champagne, vodka, whisky, coldrink bottles were opened. Today. 2nd april, 1.21 billion people irrespective of their caste, creed, status were partying together.

From @Kneeche: It is Hard, but it doesn't go inside. Regardless of the size. Can't let it fall down, delicacy is around. Probably, time passes, you realize that temperatures need to rise, moisture needs to be added. As soon as it is flexible enough, it will go inside. That is how an egg goes inside the bottle

From @laalfirangi: He drank and he drank more. Another empty bottle. Another tear withheld. He smiled for the world but drowned every moment. Finally found dead, with a note held in his hand, saying, “Every time my heart breaks, I find myself with a missing piece. This time around, the biggest piece is nowhere to be found.”

From @leztah: They never let him join the football team. They never let him join the swimming team. They never let him try for the dance crew. They never let the blind boy be part of their circle. One day he decided he’d make them see. All that bottled up anger. He brought a shotgun to class.

From @wannabesanyasin: She was reminiscing. The way she miserably failed in her academics, the way that no guy ever looked at her with even a hint of affection. Her parents did nothing but fought. She hardly had people left that she could call her own. She was fed up. All she had was that bottle of poison.

From @Ace_Of_Pace: Enraged, I held the plastic bottle into the fireplace until it was covered in a black coating like the filth of the world. I considered squeezing its neck. Without a thought or care, I flung it out the window. Not a sound. I'd rather hang by myself. The Appy Fizz bottle had finally stopped talking

From @labellagorda: She started trembling at the slightest touch…when he traced his finger across the surface… how her body came to life! As he rubbed, a purple haze filled the room and his senses with her musky scent. His Arabian dream appeared before him. With eyes lowered, she asked, “Master. What can I do for you?”

From @NonSensified: There it was, right in front of her very eyes. She stared. A lone tear glided over her flushed cheek. “Danger” it read on the label. As if she hadn’t played with some before. But this time, she really had had enough. Yes, for that moment, her life was miniscule compared to that tiny bottle.

From @Kanwarse:

Dear Diary,

I know it’s not much, but it IS home. I have grown to love it. I HAVE to considering I don’t get out much. I mean it’s airy, it’s open and guys manage to fit entire ships inside it. Property rates have shot through the roof since Christina Aguilera sang about it.

Home Sweet Home.


From @sarcogenic: “Please stop. Please stop now. Yes. Yes. Oh!” He gazes at me, and sighs. This is not fair at all. This is not supposed to happen. He looks around, at the excited eyes, fixated on his hand. He gives me another lecherous look, and spins again. And I realize how much I hate Spin-the-Bottle.

From @michramiah: This dreaded place. Claustrophobic. Trapped. How I long for a pleasant conversation, or even a heated argument. To see an object, analyze its detail, and appreciate its beauty. Oh! I feel warmth. Someone's about to grant me the freedom I've thirsted for. I shoot out of the brass bottle with ease. "Your three wishes, sir?"

From @shivangiyadav: The crackling from the fireplace called to her. Finding one had been difficult; no one kept a fireplace anymore. Every detail was important. With a book and some wine, she snuggled contentedly. Later that night two bottles, one empty, other half full, watched as the amber's faded. Tomorrow was not going to be a new day.

From @Goddamittt: My round translucent shape had me swaying inside this metaphorical womb. There were over a thousand of us lodged in this cold environment. That's when an up & down shudder created chaos among us. Guess it was time to get out & celebrate with the world. Someone had just popped open this bottle of champagne.

From @SomyaSingh24: She ran, gasping for air. People ran after her. She scuttled all the way from the little shop at the corner of the street to the filthy niche where she lived. She turned back. She had left them all behind her. She finally revealed the bottle of milk she had stolen and fed her child.

From @sahilk: My friend’s brother is studying in some city in India, near Bombay.He showed me a photo on Facebook that his brother had posted –30 odd empty bottles of beer.I was sitting with a bottle of Starbucks Frappuccino in my hand at that moment.Don’t think it’s okay to home-brew beer in Saudi.

From @Shwetasque: She looked at him. He was sleeping.She took the bottle away from his hand. The bottle was her failure. She was not good enough for him. But the bottle was his necessity.He was addicted to it. She looked at her full breasts. She hated them they were unable to feed her baby.

From @sumitrai100:He had been the topper of his branch & a complete teetotaler.With such scholastic achievements he would have never imaginetd himself waking up with a bottle of vodaka on a fresh monday morning.Life has hit him hard.Devastated and frustrated by failures in every front of life he was using alcohol to forget his messy life.

From @thebigdowg: It's beautiful here. Virgin beach. White sand. Clear blue ocean. Full moon. Sparkling stars. I have health & wealth. I'm smoking a cigar and drinking the finest scotch. I have everything I need, and yet I am sad. I am sad 'cause I am alone. I am a genie. And I live in a bottle!

From @anushreekejriwa: She had a body that resembled the shape of a bottle, slender from the top and broad from the bottom. Buying a perfect pair of jeans was always a herculean task for her. Bottle had a cork to protect its contents but no one could cork the flow of words from her big mouth.

From @vagabondinact: A casual flick of hand landed it there. A receding wave claimed it, bobbling along; it nestled in a forgotten cove. It lay there for years, home to a crab. The crab was revered among its clique for it had a unique home, until the city woke up to clean beaches and a homeless crab.

From @baavri: A bottle of white Zinfandel wine caught her eye. So many memories came flooding into her mind from that week spent in utter abandon. She shook her head, smiling to herself. There was shopping to be done, chores to be completed. She was getting married to those memories, after all.

From @rbd_sqrl: Jailed by a circular wall of glass. Never was he confined like this. Freedom had defined his life till now. He jumped around only to get thrashed down by the invisible wall. He could see the ladybugs and butterflies. But he could not join them. So Mr.Grasshopper decided to sit down and write a book.

From @engineeratlarge: They were lying in the bath-tub, their bodies intertwined; the warm water engulfing them. The aroma of the candles filled their nostrils. Their love-making was passionate. Spent, the girl lifted the bottle of champagne to fill the glasses. With one swift motion of her hand, she smashed the bottle on his head. Sister's murder, avenged.

From @dinkypinkybrain: Her hands were like crumpled butterfly wings, that could with one flap change the tides in an ocean. She scooped a hand-full of lime. She could fill any empty bottle. Love. Ginger. Strength. Chillies. Compassion. Sesame. Humour. Mustard. Warmth. Turmeric. Patience. Oil. Joy. Salt. Celebration. Sealed tight, she preserved her pickle. And we, amma's wisdom.

From @dushtumey: She unpeeled her sari and took off the blouse. Facing the mirror, she stood examining her swollen nipples that retained their dark brown colour and tenderness. Two light, almost invisible bite marks rested around their round-ness. “Enough of breast milk! It is about time that I started feeding him from the bottle”, she concluded.

From @sweetchillly: She was like a fairy in a bottle. The bottle floated around the world. Been to places handled by many. Went through floods & turmoil never to break up.But no one bothered to open her up. They wanted to keep her as a show piece but she was a fairy who was meant to fly.

From @Itemboi: He makes me cry. He makes me laugh. He makes me think and introspect. He made me forget my past. He made me confess my love to the present. Oh wait, he makes me do a lot of dirty things as well. The Old Monk trapped in a bottle is my best friend. My psychiatrist.

From @nicarus: Their hungry desolation licked off the chattering waves, the stoic cliffs and the dreamy clouds. Their days gulped by a mundane routine, nights ravaged by blasé lust. Today was different for they had a visitor. It shone furiously on the sun kissed beach. A bottle, devoid of a message or perhaps that was the message.

From @freelosopher: This is the story of a bottle. The bottle which was full of Pepsi, got emptied, got smashed on someone's head, got shoved into someone's stomach, killed that person, ended up in a dustbin, then ended up in a junk-yard, got scrapped, recycled and was born again as a Coke bottle. So much for Cola wars.

From @akshayabansal: Typing away fervently as the deadline was nigh, looking around his study, trying to stumble upon a winning line. He noticed a bottle of ink tucked away on the shelf, beside it sat his collection of fountain pens. Instantly he was reminded of ink-stained clothes, shouts from his mother and those hand written notes.

From @lady_shweta: He inhaled the divine aroma of the sauce cooking in the pot. "Perfect" he said and smiled. He bottled the secret recipe and sold it to millions. And that's how Heinz Tomato Ketchup was born.

From @KingoFlames: By the time anyone will find this bottle, I'll be long dead. Nobody can live in this God-forsaken place. I’m out of supplies and all my crew’s dead. I just want everyone to know, that I survived… Survived the Bermuda Triangle. But, there is NO way out, from here. - Captain Ali Shahbaz, Queen’s Centaur.

From @thebongbabe: The walls were pretty pink and sparkly, every girl’s delight. Yet they made her claustrophobic. The plush carpeting on the floor did nothing to soften her confinement. She only had to wish and she got what she wanted - except for that one thing. And Genie waited for eternity for someone to open the cork.

From @RohanDasGupta: I was depressed. The doctor prescribed me 2 tablespoons of what was in that little brown bottle. Instead I drank some of what was in that 18 year old artistically curved bottle. Still the high wasn’t enough for my depression. So I drank all of what was in that white plastic bottle from the toilet.

From @hindolbasu: The room was full of beer and whiskey bottles. Coming out of a bitter break-up he had resorted to drinking to forget his woes. But, today an unexplainable unease had set in. His erstwhile girlfriend Anita was getting married. The next morning, the cops found another bottle in the room, one smaller in size. It was rat poison.

From @textuallyhorny: The conversation started over a bottle of fizz in their college canteen. She was bubbly. He was effervescent. Love sprung just like the cork out of the champagne bottle they drank to celebrate their togetherness…“This association contains only preservatives and No added flavors”, read the back of their wedding card.

From @Sychlops: He knew he was stranded. This was the sort of island Tourists never ever visit. He knew this was the end. He would last days. Weeks at Best. And no one would know. He would be in pieces. Scattered all over. And inside creatures. Unless, he sent a message. A Bottle lay next to him.

From @_wbrodrigues: What seemed impossible was now done, there on the screen flashed “PASS”. He jumped for joy, elated he rang his parents to give the good news. After the initial celebrations, he headed to the fridge to grab a pepsi and said to himself “yeh dil maange more”. He now knew he could achieve more.

From @OhTeri_ : Few silent steps, few whispers; incomplete conversations and those laughs. Unexpressed love and some feelings; the story of LOVE. Misunderstandings. Misintepretations. Fights. Tears. One moment of sadness, endless pain. The blame-game, the sleepless nights. Texts. Mails. Letters. Vain attempts. Photographs. Memories. Tears never dried. Endless phone calls. IGNORANCE. And then, THAT empty bottle. Poison.

From @Life_ambiguous: She hid her medicine bottle in our grandson's room. I found it. Next day she hid it in store room. I found it. Its our routine. When I open the bottle to her, without words I tell her 'I love you". She hides the bottle to tell me, "I know how much you love me."

From @khatteemithi: Two bottles. One old, shielding her bucket list – kiss him in the rain. Another- the usual anecdote. The whiff of memories swayed her. The withered hopes sent warning sirens. She chucked the old bottle into the sea with the first drop of rain. Uncorking the other bottle, she took a long swig. Her perfect kiss.

From @tweettabulous: Nothing in a bottle ever appealed her. Boxes, fascinated her they could store jewellery, hide old photographs and stash forbidden goods. Until, she found that little bottle with fluid so divine… she mixed it in his drink and set herself free from the two year long abusive relationship, she was in.

From @floydianbrahman: The posh club was her paradise. Everyday, as the sun went down, the whole street buzzed up with gleaming sedans; music from their boombox bringing the night alive. Today was no different. She picked up her bag as dawn broke, shuffling through to the backyard. A dumpster full of empty bottles greeted Muniya's eyes. Jackpot!

From @BrainyShady: Though I had known her for 18 months, it was our first date. I knew she liked ‘Fanta’ a lot. We had a bottle of that after our dinner. She flew back to her place. We’ve been on and off. But I still have that ‘plastic’ bottle with me. Prized possession, locked in my heart.

From @CaptnJellyBelly: As she slowly opened her eyes and looked at where she was, she realised something was wrong. The doctors told her she had two weeks to live. A tear silently trickled down and left her wondering how different life would have been today, if she had never succumbed to opening that first bottle of alcohol.

From @unusualrant: The room was filled with bottles of every color. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, ah..what a sight he thought. He picked up a few and looked through them. How charming it was to look at the world in different colors. Then it struck him. Why do they try, enforce their color on everyone? Difference is beautiful.

From @sshweta93: ''Your existence makes someone's life meaningful.'' As she penned these words on paper, Neha glanced at the empty bottle of wine beside her. Perfect. Her very own message in a bottle. As she flung it across the sea, she knew; that bottle was on its way to give the finder another reason to live.

From @Aarom_Ramsey: .... I am not sure whether you really couldn't remember and if I really didn't care. But I know I loved you with all of my heart. I just hope you can find it in you to forgive me…An empty bottle, just like him, rolled off the table and shattered on the floor. He really didn't care in his inebriated state.

From @_PWN: The bottle stared at her. The white liquid in it matched her pale face. She thought about drowning herself in it. There was no point though. She already felt dead inside. She threw away the bottle, and listened to "Coming back to life".

From @peckishminx: He sat there shivering violently in the white sterilized room, pale and parched. He thought he was hallucinating when a lady in white glided towards him and handed him a small glass bottle and a long sheet of paper. She asked him to return the next day. He did. "It's Malaria," said she.

From @DhinchakChokri: This was the second time this week. How would her 'love story' progress if this was the extend of their conversation? She was convinced her mother was conspiring against her. Knock knock. There he stood; her hero. "Hi. Ummm, I'm sorry to bother you but can you fill our bottle? We're out of milk...again."

From @mycrotchetyluv: The cycle trundled along in the foggy dawn, a lone vehicle on a long, leafy street. Baiju’s heart beat fast. Maybe it was the cycling. Maybe it was the shy smile on her face, as, every morning, amidst chores, she’d run out, avoiding the maalkin’s gaze, to pick up the bottle of milk he delivered.

From @binodan: He walked down the stairs gingerly. The rucksack was heavy, but his young arms strong. A few steps before he reached the ground floor, he heard what he dreaded the most -the sound of glass breaking. Two beer bottles had popped out of the time ravaged gunny sack. “Four rupees less today,” he sighed.

From @violinraindrops: Every night she’d dream. The glass that caged her imaginations lay next to her bedside. ‘Safe’ she hoped. But jealousy can turn love into an enemy. She saw him with her dreams in his grip. Scared, she suddenly woke up. Too late. His hand swayed and her dreams fell into a million pieces of emptiness.

From @whimsytales:He bought them their favourite champagne, thats how he used to lure the lasses. He set the table neat and poured it in his fanciest glasses. Lovely dinner, I am so in love with you, she said. But that bottle of champagne that was supposed to see them make love, witnessed her murder instead.

From @par7h: There were endless rumbles of shattered dreams all around the living room. Death was standing there right in the corner waiting for her to finish the Scotch, smiling at her, for fool was the one who told her that the answer lies in the bottom of the bottle.

From @ChhotaRecharge: Love at first kiss! Lips met lips, without an introduction. I still treasure her lipstick marks as proof of my existence. An evening of selfish satisfactions! As I await the arrival of the garbage van; my only regret, ironically the only memory; how I wish you liked me as much as the wine I carried.

From @JaaaChudail: Allie and Bob sat by the beach, embraced in each other’s warmth. Behind them was a shack, filled with drunkards abusing each other and beating people around. It was 1 A.M. The couple got up to go to their room. The papers, next day blared about Bob’s death and Allie’s rape.

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  1. My favourites from today are: SpinAndSwirl, Eattweetblog, Marwaari, gauravjagwani, awsmbong, leztah, Kanwarse, Shwetasque, engineeratlarge, pinkydinkybrain, akshaybansal, Life_ambiguous

  2. In fact, today there were some brilliant stories and it was difficult to pick the favourites!