Sunday, March 4, 2012

Theme 11 - Red

From @rising_tied : On that red colored pavement, with that red sun setting behind him, his eyes feasted on those red lips of that girl in red. Exactly a decade later, with red in his eyes, his heart bled for her as she lay lifeless in a pool of red with her lips more red than ever.

From @mental_Aunty : He saw her every night, serene as the mountains he belonged to, every night in his dreams. "Who's she, I wonder?",each morning he would ask himself. Years later he saw her, running to catch the metro he was in, she was wearing a red saree. They are married now, red is his favourite colour.

From @Desdemoanus: It was 4 days before their marriage and he was sitting next to her in the hospital while she was fighting battle with death. He couldn't believe this was happening. It was last night she was talking to him on phone while driving back home. She uttered those 3 words and then a sound that made his heart skip. Just then appeared a doctor, shook him to inform she was no more.

From @AbhiandNow : Sitting by corner of the bed, he waited from the first wetness of the eyelashes, until the last tear that evaporated. Caressing the satin bed sheet, he waited to hear those melodious footsteps once again. While applying the red lipstick for umpteenth time, he waited to become the queen of that stranger’s nights once again.

From @blublubling : I see the girl trying to fit in , frizzy hair and glasses. The pinafore of her uniform is always slipping off one shoulder and her smile is always wry.I want to tell her that a lot of things are going to be like the red walls in her room. They'll sound better than they look

From @IndianIdle : I saw my love first time in red in a fight with white. I had no clue what was going on. But suddenly my love blossomed and bloomed over white. Sad and tired turned into an energetic enigma. My love smiled, I was awestruck. I fell in love for lifetime. Name? Manchester United.

From @anushreekejriwa : A colour with a youthful vigour which represents life, often associated with emotions of love and hate is just another shade for a blind man. He creates a world based on his perceptions and adds colours to it. Interacting with each other they produce another shade. Red for him is blood flowing through his veins.

From @breezybeer : He looked at her, their eyes met after a long turmoil. 'Why are you ignoring me?' asked her eyes. He didn't speak anything but his eyes emitted a muted gleam. She saw deep hatred, beyond those red eyes. His heart melted, he walked towards her and hugged tightly. Love was overwhelming throug those red eyes.

From @missblurrii : Lonely nights and I think of you, Hazy memories and those blues...But with you in it, it would just be fair, to paint that world dipped in Red...A smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye, you'd be...A thousand miles I'd travel for us to meet, even if it was a dream...

From @Itemboi : Brown mane and hazel eyes; hers was the world of pink happiness. The blues chased her charm. Then one day, she saw the red coming out and her world changed. For a moment she blacked out. She wept in her mother’s comfort and started her journey. The cute little girl turned into a beautiful woman.

From @hersheyka : A memory pierced his heart. “It’s too flimsy and old-fashioned. I can’t wear this. Is it your mother’s?” He had spent his week’s wages on that maroon sari. But that was history. They were posing for pictures - that rich bastard and her. She was wearing a blood red Roberto Cavalli.

From @_PWN: Love. Well who knew what that is? He had given up on love. It always eluded him. Eventually, he started believing and accepting he’ll never find it. But love has its own weird and magical ways you know. There she was. Looking into his eyes. Glowing. Beaming at him. In red. His bride. His love.

From @floydianbrahman : She walked under a starry night down the aisle of no inhibition. The red of her garb flailing around the ethereal divinity of her form. She gets her cue. A million flashbulbs light up. Hastily wrapping up her dignity, she turns away as embers roll down her cheeks. Her account was in the red too.

From @Dimaagi_Keeda : Red. That was the color of his Shirt. There lay a body in front of him. He had just slayed his Wife. His Daughter; scared; sitting in a corner. Tracy was 16 and shocked. Her step Mother had tried to molest her. Her Moms Body soaked in Blood. Tracy smiled at her father.

From @tyroindian : Mohan was running for his life. He was being chased by two gunners. He rushed into his house and felt relieved. But then he saw his step brother pointing a gun at him. Before he could do anything he saw his shirt, drenched red in color. His brother gave him a devilish smile, "happy holi!"

From @peanutbut : Dressed in her bridal saree, bindi and bright lipstick, she was ready. Unsure of what was next, she was nervous. “Not the end, it is just a new beginning” she thought. She went to sleep with a sweet smile, and the knife fell from her hand. All she could see was red. She was free.

From @supaarwoman : Let it run. Crimson red energy. Let it flow through your veins, as you feel the weight lifted from your body. A jump and you fly, a sharp pain, you feel them growing. Your wings, your red, red wings. Everything looks so small from up there. But its time has come. You bring the apocalypse.

From @preetidhingra : Her lips were looking more luscious than normally in the red hot lipstick. He sucked on them like a beast. The kiss was different, it tasted different, yummier. Taking a breath finally, he said, "This red lipstick is yummy". "My blood is yummy", she said.

From @pomegranatee: She sat in a corner, with a knife in her hand. Her husband lying dead in the bedroom acrosss. Love letters from his mistress by his side. Drenched in his own blood. She smiled for the first time in the last ten years. ' A couple found dead in their own apartment. ' In the papers next morning.

From @IT_Kabootar : On a hot march afternoon, they were out gift-hunting for their tom-boy friend. Day long quest ended on Boxing-Gloves. Years later,on a cool march evening, there was a similar predicament. 'Watermelon and roses' were bought! Today,on a chilly march night, with blood-shot,teary eyes,he misses them both.

From @violinraindrops : He kept her locked inside the house. For whose safety? No one knew. She collected dry thorns from the garden. He didn’t disapprove. One day, he noticed the colour travelling from the stairs to the upstairs room. She had turned into a rose. Then for her, he remained a bug.

From @chhotarecharge : "Hey beautiful" I heard her call. I looked around,distracted; the mall was deserted! "Hey, to your right!" The same sweet seductive voice, I was now sure it's real! I followed her words...turned right...and...serendipity! Sultry, erotic, luscious and tempting!! Exactly what I was desperately hunting...Zara finally had the suave red jeans!

From @tweettabulous : On her wedding, the sky was radiating in hues of red… sending its blessings for her happily-ever-after. Dressed in beautiful red bridal attire,
she eagerly awaited the man who would make her a woman. He stepped out, not on his feet but carried by someone…with a gunshot wound to his chest…His blood stained shirt and RED never looked uglier….

From @goddamittt : A fight that could shatter the foundation of their relationship. A hope for things to become normal. An anxious wait for any communication of resurrection. After much despair, she calls it a night. Until in pitch darkness, she sees something that makes her believe in everything again - the red blinking light of her phone.

From @vivekisms: The market was ready. Meat from all sides, various shapes, various sizes – ready to be eaten. Gorged on. The market was decorated. Lights all over. A festival every night. She was all of thirteen. Decked and not wanting it. Knowing that tonight her innocence would be lost. She would never dream of the colour red.

From @kantaap: Murder. Red. Love. Red. Anger. Red. Lust. Red. He’d done it all. He’d been more in this one life than he’d ever be in many. He smiled as he wiped the ketchup off his lips. Now was time to play the part one more time. He smiled and stepped out on to the red carpet.

From @Oven_Tikka : Dark kohl lined eyes. A tiny diamond sparkling on her nose. Full, lush lips caught unconsciously slightly between her teeth. A stray curl lying across her bosom. Gold rings in her ears. A tattoo hidden beneath glass bangles. A bare midriff. Curves hugged in the right places. She was a goddess in a red saree.

From @Adrenalyst : She heard romantic songs, he smiled with time at the arrival benches. Years later, his roses had bloomed again. The unusual landing announcement sent shivers everywhere, the world ran with him. They looked at the overpowered devil there, his life kneeled to her body. His roses fell in her blood. It was all still red.

From @textuallyhorny : It was elections again and red was the mood of the city. Red flags, red hoardings, red walls… She hated all these. To her, red was violence. Red was No. That night when she returned home, he was lying there, red, soaked in blood. Only then did she learn he was a prominent Naxalite leader.

From @nelsonnium : Music. From the next flat. Curious, he looked through the keyhole. A girl playing the piano, her back to the door. He knocked. No answer. He peeped again, now only saw red. A curtain, perhaps. Rebuffed, he asked the housekeeper, who said...“The flat’s unoccupied. A girl was murdered there...
...she had red eyes.”

From @laalfirangi : She took a bite, she took a chance, she took a risk. She jumped into the dark, the unknown, knowing it was wrong. Not entirely wrong, but it wasn’t right either. She sinned, unknowingly. She sinned, to test the depth of her belief. Did the plan backfire? Hell, yes! She should’ve avoided eating that apple.

From @IyerAvin : "It‘d been four years to her first husband’s death. Simran was now married to Abhishek and pregnant with their first child. Life had changed a lot for her. But there were some things she refused to let go – memories. So every year on Ram’s death anniversary, she’d buy red balloons. It was his favorite color."

From @theslumdawg : I always hated the colour Red. Reason, Mathematics. Weird reason, no? Whenever I had given an exam of maths, I got marks (few) & circles on answers stating that its Wrong! This continued from 1st std. till the 10th std. Even while calculating these 55 words I had to check 8 times. I hate mathematics = I hate Red.

From @sanidine98 : There he sits- regretting, wondering, watching.. Her. Separated by infinitude, and beautiful memories cratered by one mistake. Had he believed her truth that night, had he put aside the knife, he could've evaded this haunting all these years. This haunting, of the blood-splattered woman he still loved and ached for. Of the woman he'd painted red.

From @Shwetasque : Today was a special day. She chose to wear white. She knew it always worked on him. The moment would be perfect. She would make it up to him.She was sorry He saw her. She knew it was over He knew. The color of the gown was red
at the end of the night.

From @peckishminx : O'My Sweet Lover, long is the night, passion is the game. Entwined in Love's embrace, let this desert quench its thirst tonight. Sweet whisperings of thy name escaped its bondage with no shame. Oh wind, I plead, let it pierce only my lover's beat; for if not, it'll put me to faze. For you alone hold the key, to feed from the Scarlet Delight.

From @jhayu : It started with crayons. She’d use up the one colour and ask for a new box. Then her toothbrush. Pillows. Wallpaper. Schoolbag. Lunchbox. Then her wardrobe. Shoes. Dresses. Lipstick. At ten, she found a razor. Her mother screamed when she found her, but she grinned. “So much red!” she squealed.

From @gauravjagwani : Red. The colour that bound us together. Her lips. My car. Yes, it was materialistic. But, it was worth it. I was all set to take her out on her birthday. When I reached her house, I saw her bleeding to her death. I dropped the roses. Red. The colour that bound us together. Unhappily.

From @ladyclonidine : 7 pm precisely. She smoothens, the creases on her dress. Red – his favorite color. Him. Across the street. Awkward hug, his smell, triggers, long forgotten memories. Table for two. The wine makes her cheeks red. Slurred thoughts, words.Stumbling keys, inviting bed, breathy moans. STARS. She departs quickly. In time, to kiss her husband goodnight.

From @whimsytales : He picked those roses and headed towards where he used to meet her- every single day. He was late, he thought, looking at his watch. But she would understand, she always did. The place was peaceful, their meetings, private. He smiled at her, placed those roses on her grave and hoped she would like them.

From @khatteemithi : Did the rose ever bleed? Did the thorn ever prick? The rose shed, teared , sheared - Did you ever stop to think? Cease to feel? A single tear shed in rebel to the pain! Sighing deep into the pain, the rose lay slain. leeding...
the thorn did stab the rose ...the red rose..Time froze.

From @freelosopher : It was a hot, Thursday afternoon. The massacre was at its height. The idea was to come out unscathed. He weaved through the crowd of bodies around him, trying to avoid stumbling onto anyone. As he turned the corner, he spotted her and froze, transfixed. Smiling, she quickly spread gulaal over his cheeks, winked and walked away.

From @OhTeri_ : She was dancing and chirping all around. Few days, and she will be a bride. She blushed when they talked about him. And, hushed, when he called. They demanded something, which the girl's family couldn't provide.And, the marriage was over. That day everyone cried,when the GIRL in RED, was no more a BRIDE.

From @vantaskigoli : They were both lost in their own worlds of twisted tales. They had never met before but as fate would have it, they were brought together by a common interest. Their union was inevitable. As he opened the door and smiled at her, she turned the brightest shade of red. She knew this was it.

From @BlueToothFairy_ : She thought she'd paint the olive trees by the cauldron today, the ones she'd stumbled upon by chance. Green, blue, silver. There was more blue in the leaves than she thought possible. A strong yet gentle hand grabbed her waist. She let out a moan and plopped the brush in a blob of red.

From @shitgoddamn : The police opened the seized room. I enter and find myself looking at blood, splattered across the walls & frozen on the floor. Deep red blood. Unreal, yet so real. There are drag marks over the floor, leading to the bathroom, just like out of a movie. Enough to fill a bucket, my aunt's blood.

From @dushtumey : She stood facing the mirror, her waist-length hair wet. A starched-white loosely draped saree hung on her bony blades. She looked at the calendar. It had been a month since the body was found. His religion decreed a burial. Inside the dressing-table drawer rested an insignificant vermilion box; inside the coffin rested he.

From @Nivivacious : Enchanted by the stories of elves, he had wanted play outside. It was beyond 12, with promises of tomorrow she refused. Little did she know how stubborn her son was. The morning paper read, 'Diplomat's son missing. Last seen wearing a red shirt with prints..'

From @themodestninja : He walked up to her. Thirty seconds, she was in a cab. "Room 2466," he waved through. Twenty minutes later, the heated encounter was about to blossom. On cue, the ground tore up and swallowed Lucifer. The air smelled of blood and chaos as she screamed hungrily at nobody, that she was almost there now.

From @thegodlet : Red is the post box down the street. Why doesn’t he stop? It hurts so much. Orange is a fruit and good to eat. I’ll tell mummy what Uncle did to me. Yellow is the springtime daffodil. She will punish him. Green is the grass that grows on the hill. Where is mummy? Red is…

From @thebigdowg : It was their big night. They were in love. She had waited for this night for the longest time. He was the one. He was the one she would marry and have kids with. Her parents were away for the weekend. He came on time. She couldn't face him. It was that time of the month!

From @xmanishaa : There it was again, the festival of Holi. Her favourite festival.
He promised to be with her on Holi, the last time they played together was 3 years ago before he was sent off to the border. She asked him blushingly if he would fill her maang with sindoor. He wouldn’t come back ever again.

From @bitchwanti : Slowly she plucked the ruby red petal off the rose, then another one she chose, till the flower was a pool at her feet, tinged with the scarlet blood of her dripping wrist. He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not,she muttered as she fell asleep. Forever.

From @sahilk : The garbage truck’s just left. It’s a rather dark lane but you can see a dog a little behind the trash cans digging into something for dinner. Someone pulls away the curtain at one of the windows in the lane and there’s a bit of light. It’s time to throw away that bouquet of roses.

From a guy who is not on twitter, Proteem Bhaduri : The fact that he was once Lucifer Morningstar was long past. He made his penances. He had been given a human host. He, like all the puny humans, wanted this woman to voluntarily host his ubiquitous seed. She took the test. No pink, no blue, the pee read RED. The Gods laughed at me.

From @ghaatidancer : A flash of skin. A swirling red dress. A blur of limbs. Enchanting music. The stage was hers. A flower in her hair, she swayed. He was mesmerised. Fire in her eyes, she moved. She moved him. He joined in with the others: "Encore!"

From @dinkypinkybrain : The sky burst into a phoenix sunset. Tattered clouds were streaks of sparkle drenched in red. Thoughts dissolved into shades of ecstasy. Hate is love upside down, a monochromatic lie. Whoever said you had to wait till dawn to find hope, she thought, as a scarlet night enveloped her.


  1. pomegranatee: Congratulations. It's beautifully sad.

  2. So many colours of Red, I never knew about it before.

    So many unique and beautiful stories, each one of them is special in its own way. Brilliant work people, and specially the ones who were saying theirs weren't that good. :P

  3. beautiful, having a lot of talented people on my TL!

  4. i specifically like the one by @indianidle.
    so much to say on just one colour! great work all u guys!! :)

  5. What a brilliant collection of stories, thoughts and feelings. An superb amalgamation of succinct writing. Shall follow most now since they've inspired me!

  6. Thank you for the comments guys! I loved the stories... :D

  7. @thebigdowg .... bann u killed it man... been laughing my guts off

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    @Nivivacious @OhTeri @missblurry @hersheyka @mental_aunty @abhiandnow @IndianIdle - today's favourites :D

    I love this idea :) :)

  9. All the stories are so different, yet beautiful.
    I never knew that one word could create such writings. :')

  10. This was a treat to my senses!