Friday, March 30, 2012

Theme 35 - Dysfunctional/Dysfunctionality

From @mitigatedlying: Her life was dedicated to him. She went wherever he went. She was his shadow. It wasn't embarrassing. She was used to people giving them looks. They read each others thoughts. Her love for him was above everything else. He was on a wheelchair. Their love was anything but dysfunctional.

From @gauravjagwani: He had a gig early that evening. They were all in splits. A girl approached him after asking him out for dinner. He obliged. They skipped dinner. Went straight for dessert. His place. She was in a different kind of 'splits' now. Ready. The stand-up comedian couldn’t get it to stand up. Erectile Dysfunction personified.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: Hand-in-hand they sat there, staring into each other’s eyes. The love so evident, so perfect that it hurt. Their voices so soothing, their touch healing. This is what the world called ‘dysfunctional’? Just because they were women? Only if they knew, only if they could see, they’d understand how whole, how complete this was.

From @theotherbanana: He moved. She stayed. She flowed, he delayed. It was as though the entire sequence was choreographed; but none so much as the argument that derailed their entire relationship. Because even when at odds with each other, they were perfectly in sync. Poetry in motion, the cliché said. Dysfunctional seemed to apply to them better.

From @IndianIdle: She was nervous, not scared, walking alone in Gurgaon at 10 pm. He came from behind, tried to touch her and got a powerful karate kick right in the groin. A few days after in metro an eunuch came near her and said, “Aye beti 10 Ruupya de”. The face looked very familiar to her.

From @Kantaap:The house smelled of alcohol. Soon, the yelling would begin, followed by something breaking. Then the tears would flow, as freely as the alcohol had earlier. She looked at her brother, the child prodigy, immersed in his books. None of it even fazed her. Down’s syndrome can be as dysfunctional as intellect or marital discord.

From @sahilbulla: He hated being in this building. With the absurd sounds, the weird people and the white walls constantly staring back at him. “I am sane” he yelled.
He was not insane, at least that’s what he thought. He struggled in his straightjacket and thought "In a dysfunctional world, normal men are considered dysfunctional". He laughed.

From @TropicalAnda: They were supposed to meet and finally bring an end to the war. A guy named “Chris Nolan” approached him with an idea of building a machine for his movie ‘The Prestige’, further deteriorating the prospect of a patch-up between the two. ‘War of Currents’ was nothing but a dysfunctional relationship between Tesla and Edison.

From @vivekisms: Ever since he could remember, Rajat had had this imaginary audience in his head. They would follow him around and watch him like he was a movie star. He would talk to them knowing they weren’t there. He wasn’t the only fifteen-year old who did this. It was their culture.

From @TheFookFace: He sat with excruciating pain and his eyes kept looking for an assurance on the display. He’d been waiting long for this. Growing impatient, he started making loud grunts and blurted an abuse, every 10 seconds. The screen blanked out every time he restarted it. The DVD was dysfunctional and he couldn't watch the film.

From @realfartshady: She was in her balcony, wondering what she could write. How she'd tell him not to see her. She was leaving today. It wasn't the same anymore.
Since the day they've met, he’d bring something fresh and nipping into her life. But not anymore! She wrote, the truth.

"No milk today, tipu bhaiya. I'm travelling."

From @wekneweachother: They’d lost their virginity to each other. A decade later, he was a banker and she was a professional equestrian. She’d launched her solo exhibition of photographs of her various horses. It was in local news. He noticed a familiar face. On the opening night of exhibition, he said to her, “You’re dysfunctional but sexy.”

From @rati7: His beefy hand tugged at her stomach as he snored, pouring alcoholic fumes directly on her face. She didn’t dare move, controlled her gag reflex and lay there. She didn’t want to repeat what happened yesterday. Her bruised swollen face was still hurting . The fear of loneliness was what kept this dysfunctional marriage going.

From @SteelySilence: She was known to have dysfunctional tendencies. Her phone sported a permanently cracked screen wallpaper and she was always carrying seven types of hand sanitizers in her bag. Signs of physical violence and emotional turmoil were sometimes visible. They mocked her during her presentation. The next day, all their computers crashed with the message “dysfunctional”

From @ThWanderingSoul: He's the boy everyone fears. Every timid limb crouches in the shadows when he walks. A menacing smile forever dances on his face. He's a bully from a broken family. The father paints his mother's and his body black & blue everyday. Psychologically, he's the victim. But to them, he's still a monster.

From @Marwaari: The date was set, as well the place. He came early to the venue. He would be an example for everyone; After all he is doing this for the awakening of the nation. Remembering god for the last time, he poured petrol and set himself on fire. The dysfunctional society stood still as always.

From @roshd: Vinay and Shalini were the perfect couple. They looked very much in love. Even after 15years of marriage and two children. “And ED”, thought Dr. Avinash, their family doctor and Vinay’s best pal. “How do you manage to keep her so happy?” Vinay winked him and replied, "When something does not work, use your head”

From @rinashah: Though she was back to the routine, there was something wrong which the family members could spot. Unusual forgetfulness, lack of ability to comprehend or understand things, miss out on details, were all suddenly spotted in her. Initially, no one could guess the reason, only later they found that hypothermia had left its side effects.

From @funny_swamy: The doctor was wrapping a plaster on his right hand. "Can I play again?" "I'm afraid, sir" "I promise doctor. I won't drink again. Please..." All his life, he wanted to be a football player. He was given a professional contract yesterday. Doctor handed him a report. 'Dysfunctional hip', it read.

From @unendingquest: Woke up in morning to find the Dysfunctional Coffee-maker. Outraged. Rushed to office. Early Client Meeting and Presentation. Day went in Jiffy. Got Headache but No Coffee. Thought will go to Coffee Shop after office, but Boss shouted, "Let's have a Drink". Reached home sloshes to wake up to another dysfunctional day without Coffee-maker.

From @bitchwanti: The kids marvelled at the big cars in the museum. The scooters. The motorbikes. The trucks. The steel birds. Now all they had were cycles and carts. "That there, that golden liquid, in that locked container? That's petrol", said the teacher. It's extinct. That's why all these beautiful vehicles here are lying, unused, dysfunctional. 2020.

From @Sanch_N: One moment they were in the kitchen, fighting and then, something changed inside her. Theirs had been a dysfunctional relationship, but they had enjoyed the last 8yrs. She was stunned by her own actions. She looked across the floor, there was blood everywhere. She gave up her life so she could save her tears.

From @sinpinklove:"What's wrong ?'' Jay asked Miraya."Nothing'' came her spontaneous reply.They were in love but there were secrets she never let him know.She was afraid to lose him.Her mother was an alcoholic.Her father had abused her as a child and her brother had watched in silence.She had a dysfunctional family.

From @pearly_swhites: Her forehead was enveloped in little beads of sweat. Clenching her fists, Sandra knew it was taking over her.The anger.The profound rage. Bloodshot eyes, her body trembled. No medication could calm her now. Helplessly, she surrendered. That night, Sandra cried herself to sleep. Her little boy had borne the wrath of her malice.

From @dimaagi_keeda: To the world he was dysfunctional. A guy that smoked weed, who had an eccentric streak about him, A great leader, a calm influence over the rest and someone who was never shy of a challenge! His unorthodox means challenged their very society. It was year 2100. The year Shiva was destined to re-incarnate.

From @Numbyaar: He was the sweet talker who could sell ice to an Eskimo. His contacts could help him out of any situation. It goes without saying that he was quite a ladies’ man. But all that came to a tragic end last week when the ‘end call’ function of his phone got delayed by a minute.

From @saiyona: She fantasized about this day since what seemed forever. She knew it would change her life forever and it did. On her 8th month and 27th day of pregnancy, she went into labour. Their first baby was on its way and when he came, he didn’t move. It left her and her husband devastated.

From @oxymoronic_me: He swam and raced ahead of his brothers. They passed through a tunnel with no obstacle in sight. The goal, he had heard, was something to live for. He reached the target, awaiting the reward. His only reward were tears. Tears of the woman who could not conceive because he, the sperm, had been dysfunctional.

From @madrasmad: The year, 1672. I had been secretly building a machine. On a platform lay a motor, connected to axles and wheels below. Two seats on the platform, roof above. I gathered enough courage to try it on the streets. What a racket! Every part of the motor-driven carriage made a noise. Except the dysfunctional horn.

From @akshayabansal: He lived like an outcast in a World inhabited by billions. He stayed away from the crowds, he was a ghost for his neighbours. The only way he communicated was via fibre-optic cables. This World didn't judge him, he could be whoever he wanted to be, away from the prying eyes of society.

From Ruby: Ann: Mom its 1st June. I would be going to Dad’s house. And she continued packing her bag. This was nothing new for Ann. Every alternate month she used to stay with her Dad. She had been doing this ever since her parents were separated. She could do nothing but grin and bear it.

From @sumitrai100: People were buzzing.He was silent.The moment came and he couldn't resist.Tears started streaming.It was supposed to be him not his father.If only that truck had stopped,he wished. But now what a shame.He couldn't stand.The lower part was dysfunctional.He rolled the wheels and set the pyre on fire.

From @life_ambiguous: 'Nine year old boy, stabbed the neighbour", she read his file. She sat quietly giving him time to talk after introducing herself. She observed the result of an affluent family of a workoholic father and a mother drowned in alcohol in parties. On first glance innocence seemed lost; but his eyes still preserved it beautifully.

From @lucifer_sam666: He danced with joy as he held his daughter and son, his wife hugged him from behind and planted a kiss on the nape of his neck. He beamed as they entered their dream home. Perfect. He smiled and shut his eyes and wondered why everyone called him schizophrenic.

From @vagabondinact: Mrs. Ganeshan patted my daughter’s head with a pitying smile, while another god-knows-who-aunty scoffed me from the next chair. I sat there, a small smile playing on my lips, feigning heedlessness to the apathetic stares around. My daughter held their gaze and in sign language said ‘fuck off’. I almost fell of my wheelchair laughing.

From @salonitia: Such fresh air,bright sunlight. Oh what a journey it has been,I ,me ,all alone,all by myself! So miserable I was. Only when I saw the ray of light did I move towards it ,using it as my guiding star,and look today I'm the only flower blooming from a pile of rocks!!!!

From @anushreekejriwa: Football was his favorite sport and he dreamt of being a footballer. However he suffered from a chronic kidney problem which rendered one of them dysfunctional. He did not lose his spirit and continued praying to be associated with the sport, he now is a commentator. The dysfunctional kidney couldn't bog him spirits down.

From @thebongbabe: 'Rosanne - quiet, trusting and weak. Rihanna - dark, brooding, with a violent streak. Both clinging to the other for their existence. Both products of an abusive childhood that had scarred them deeply.' Dr. Kerber read till that point and closed the file with a sigh. Cases of multiple personality disorders were always the toughest.

From @freelosopher: Lately his life had been in a state of painful limbo. He was going through the motions, waiting for it to end. "This too shall pass", he told himself. He could be seen constantly running in and walking out of washrooms. He told people he was dysfunctional, because he couldn't function due to dysentery.

From @kunalbaidmehta: By the time Jonathan reached fifth grade, he was cracking the mathematics problems of ninth standard. On his 19th birthday, he was felicitated for getting an IIT degree and finishing his doctorate in Applied Physics. He loved his nickname ‘Einstein’. Ironically, people called him Einstein even after he was detected with Alzheimer’s disease at 35.

From @mystiquepai: She surfed medical websites for hours on end, trying to find something that matched her symptoms. Manic depressive. Schizophrenia. Bipolar. Anxiety disorder. ADHD. Nothing quite fit. Maybe she had two of them. Maybe she had them all. Giving up, she went to a therapist. Diagnosis? Hypochondriac.

From @SugarsNSpice: “Doctor, what keeps you in the laboratory at night?” asked the inquisitive nurse. “I would no longer be here after dawn” replied the doctor. “So did you manage to invent something, doc.” “You will know when it’s time,” spoke his failure. The dysfunction Frankenstein unleashed the devil within Dr. Walton. He knocked Lucifer’s door again.

From @Hope_vs_Destiny: It was a relationship of 9 years, knowing each other in out. Love, respect and everything a relationship craves for. Now, they understand what long distance can do to anything functional; it makes it dysfunctional. Such is their lives that in order to live happily; they have to ensure that their paths never cross again.

From @Oven_Tikka: The word, they said, was dysfunctional. He shrugged it off. Nobody understood his relationship. So what if it was different? That didn’t make it wrong. So she didn’t look like all the other women around him. That didn’t make her wrong. He was happy. She was happy. So what if she was made of plastic?

From @rohwit: They got of the car together and walked towards the elevator. He was busy with his phone. She pressed the button of the elevator, it did not respond. She pressed it again and again restlessly. She saw “not working” written on a placard. “I know” she thought and took the stairs to the councilor’s office.

From @captain_speakin: She sat by the window looking at the stars. The room was dark except the light from the tv. Some channel was playing music but she didn't care. Her phone was ringing continuously, she ignored it. She just wanted everything to stop. She was looking for moment of inertia, to jumpstart her dysfunctional brain.

From @rootkanal: She stroked his hair. 'I'll leave my husband. I will. Our marriage is an emotional disaster. It is beyond dysfunctional. He pushed me to the brink of madness. You brought me back.' She kissed him. A foul smelling woman broke the reverie and snatched the mannequin away. ‘No talking in the asylum, bitch!’

From @lady_shweta: Her father ran away with his boyfriend. Her mother ran away with a water purifier salesman. Her brother ran away to be a monk in Himalayas. Everybody ran in her family. No wonder she ran marathons. She came from a dysfunctional family.

From @_Nehu: Earlier just for chocolates she used to play with her elderly cousin even if she detested but now as she is growing, she understood the play. He used to touch her intimate parts to fulfil his pleasures. For her growing old was not fun anymore. She was embarrassed of growing as a woman.

From @JaaTeri: I was thinking of a TOPIC for the day's diary. I recalled the day's events..With a hurting back, I strolled my bike & bumped into a traffic guard. I bribed him with Rs.100 to avoid a Rs.500 challan. All this after I had walked for an anti-corruption campaign that morning. 'DYSFUNCTIONAL', I wrote.

From @VBPJS: "Wow! My workplace is in New Delhi", she exclaimed with joy. A girl from a small town in the south knew little about the dysfunctional values of the men in north. Her train was delayed by 5 hours to reach at 11 pm. By then, God made her story similar to "Jab we met"!

From @writingchalk: There she is – my delusional wife. Penny-wise and pound foolish. Then my brothers, fools who only believed in charity. My children, who cared more about the next gadget and next party. I’d never seen them together before, but it was a special occasion – the last day of my life, the day I signed the will.

From @Gods_Evangelos: He was born a bit abnormal. It seemed it’s just a normal thing and all will be fine. As and when he grew the problems increased. His parents had the same selfless love ever. They never made him feel disabled, always motivated that he is differently abled. He is now 8 years old struggling hard.

From @drun007: Gary held his newborn son for the first time. No excitement of a new dad could be seen. He checked the baby's fingers and toes. Met the doctor to reaffirm that his son was not disabled. A smile creeped in, but vanished at the thought of mental disorders. Gary just extended his dysfunctional family.

From @OhTeri_: A soon-to-be-mother, dreamt of a daughter. "I want a boy !!" said the mother-in-law. She begged. She wasn't ready to abort, like a lioness she fought.
She was hit with belt and rods; miscarriage; the baby-girl was lost. She was declared mentally dysfunctional and an asylum was sought. While, for him, a new bride was brought.

From @ladyclonidine: You could fix a dysfunctional family but what about a dysfunctional mind? Twisted & dark.Enveloped in layers of insanity you couldn't even fathom. A constant darkness with no light at the end. The racing of pulse for the worst of things. Deviant desires, lucid dreams and hazy thoughts. A kaleidoscope vault of perverse thoughts.

From @shekhartripathi: Medha (27) works for a corporate bank - doing quite well as a Manager. Draws a pretty decent salary, but is bogged by many pressures in life. Deviating from the norms of Indian social behaviour, she dreads the deficit of personal space after the wedding. She refuses to think about it, but is she Dysfunctional?

From @dhavalmehtas: "Was at roadside tea shop asked for Masala chai.saw a person was abusing.on whom?why?don't know.actually nobody knows what exactly is going on his mind.but I was sure that's what I wanted to do when he(that man with power called CTO) was barking on me in office. But suddenly realized living in the real world."

From @kingoFlames: I saw hope in every misery, sunshine in the depths of the night. I always wanted to own stars and other celestial bodies. Having a dysfunctional brain helps you become a writer. But, not as much as a dysfunctional family does. My mother is an ex CIA agent and my father's an ex Mafia.

From @sahilk: The women lot of today in Saudi. They want to drive. They want to vote. They want to work in offices alongside the men. They’re campaigning if they won’t get what they want. Next will be a ‘No Abaaya’ social media storm? For the mutawwas, the women are dysfunctional. For the world, my country is.

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