Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Theme 19 - City

From @Dimaagi_Keeda: Adam was a tourist. He entered the Camp Nou to get his first blood of an El Clasico. What he thought was the world’s biggest football rivalry. 5000 packed fans. As the game transpired, Adam realized that the game was so much more, about pride, about respect, about redemption, a tale of two cities.

From @roshd: Chanda knocked on the BMW window at the Haji Ali traffic signal hawking her flower bouquets. The fat, bald man grinned at her as he rolled down his window. She spat on his face even as the signal changed to green. He would not be able to abuse her at his Walkeshwar flat ever again.

From @ladyclonidine: Toiling away, doing exactly what he'd wanted to escape from back home. The city had invited with big dreams, swallowed him whole and spat him out, nastily. He started digging again as the deafening train whizzed by. So many vegetables to harvest in the harsh Sun but was still better than home.

From @ToobaFazlani: "Hiten, why are you packing all these bags? Where are you going?", asked his mother. He smiled, "I am going back to the city, but this time I am not going for myself, I am going to fulfill your dreams." with that said, he touched his mother's feet and left, left on a journey to live his mother's dreams.

From @TropicalAnda: He came from distant land to the city that never sleeps, Few days passed-by staring at hunger take over his dreams, Not the one to back down he pulled up his sleeves,At midnight crawls down the sewer to clear the dirt,
And with his broken heart, Ensures the city never sleeps.

From @JaaaChudail: It was 10:00P.M, as the clock read at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Hoards of people, some waiting to return home to their family, others coming home from work. Precisely 24 hours hence, 164 were dead and 308 wounded. “How dare they attack my city? How dare they?” screamed everyone. But none, took action.

From @Oven_Tikka:

A New Life.
A changed life.
A new family.
A new city.
New people.
Different people.
And somewhere amongst them, friends.

And now, another change.
Another city.
Another set of people.
And maybe, just maybe, friends?

From @Aarom_Ramsey: Late at night, he stood in front of the window of his 22nd floor corner office. He could see the city lit-up like it was on fire. He was where he had wanted to be but he had lost too much. Lying, cheating, spilling blood. Nothing seemed to be sacred anymore. Nothing sacrilegious. Nothing unholy .

From @AbhiandNow: “Tonight we’re celebrating the festival of our city,” loud speakers were declaring. “The chief ingredient of our special dish Maghanbagosh is…” master chef spoke to his juniors while sharpening the knives. Somewhere a bus carrying the native villagers traveled through the deserted roads, leading towards the jaws of Bombai city. “…the country blood,” he completed.

From @Marwaari: "Breakfast?" Mom asked, "Not today" I left hurriedly . I was to propose her, I didn't even know her name, Just the train she boarded. It was 8.38 AM, I won't miss the local today and may be her as well, I thought. I waited patiently, She never came. I lost my love to this city.

From @whimsytales: So you're educated now. Rich, elite, famous and how. Mr. Hotshot CEO of a blood sucking MNC. A bungalow in the States, good times and all that glee. But you are not as happy, somehow, it all feels wrong. For your hometown is still calling for you. Your humble city is where you'll always belong.

From @labellagorda: As the angry ocean lashes the shore; yet another section of the ruin tumbles into the hungry waters below. Stone, brick, wood, hopes and expectations…all turn to rubble as they crash on rocks on their way into the frothy arms of the sea. Once a city of dreams, today it is just an empty echo.

From @realfartshady: He rose in shreds and steps out from his makeshift shelter. He didn't pay rent or have a house loan. Looking at New York city traffic he ironically sighs "what a fine morning to move." Filling his shopping cart, with life and loneliness, he continues living homeless, from one city to another.

From @IndianIdle: I stand on the artificial rocks near seashore. In front of me lies a dark sky and free flowing sea . When I look behind I see ocean of lights with tides of people racing with time. A choice, a prisoner of light or the king of the dark.I chose latter ,I am Batman.

From @wekneweachother: She sat there as translucent smoke rings left her pouty lips painted cherry red. It was early Friday afternoon. She wanted to forget the madness of the corporate world. The bar waiter kept an eye on her. Vulnerable and beautiful, she kept fiddling with her cigarette for hours. Tears on her cheek tasted like betrayal.

From @EatTweetBlog: "I live in a ‘Big City’. A city where Ego is bigger than humility, loathe than love, revenge than forgiveness, audacity than graciousness and infidelity than commitment. Yes, it acts like a total Bitch at times. But, i still love it, for it teaches me some invaluable lessons, every single day."

From @Itemboi: Kissed at Marine Drive. Whisked away each other in hotel restrooms. Romanced in the black and yellow. Scandalized the drivers. Exchanged sweet nothings in cheap bars. Made out in plush pubs. Held hands in crowded local trains. Went down and dirty in the empty ones. Love and lust. You and me. Sex and the city.

From @SourPunkQueen: For some it was a treasure trove ,for her , the city was a living hell .It shattered her dreams . It made her sell her soul , morals, everything. A knock on the door bought her back to her senses. She said to the man sleeping besides her , "Chal Shaane .Tera Do ghanta Khatam.Abhi Next customer."

From @gauravjagwani: A chain of thoughts. A sea of people. My friend asked me to walk inside. I do. More people. So much chaos. But, he’s my friend. Needs help. I lean forward and give him my hand amidst the happenings. My eyes are shut. I open them. My mind is truly the city that never sleeps.

From @kunalbaidmehta: Having an office that gave him the view of the entire New York City from its 105th floor was a dream come true for Rohan. Today was his second day and he was enjoying his cup of coffee, looking out of the window when he saw the plane coming towards him. He was staring at death.

From @Gods_Evangelos: It was the 600th birthday of the city. The walls were getting painted with enormous and different theme paintings all over Ahmedabad. People were so excited, the city appeared to have got fatty with happiness, lights, joy, fun and satisfaction. Also the queen Shreya Ghoshal performed here at Karnavati. It was an epic time indeed.

From @DushtuMey: It was night-time when he arrived. Standing outside the station with the rucksack that carried a pair of distressed of pants, a discoloured shirt and a few hundred rupees, he gaped at the overbearing sight – a volume equalizer with tiny illuminated squares amid the uninviting darkness, while the cityscape stared back at its new stranger.

From @moonsez: The migrants didn’t consider her its own. They were here to fulfill personal aspirations and dreams. The residents no longer considered her their own. She was changing too fast and too often. The visitors were always there with their own agenda – once fulfilled, they left. But the city embraced them all – unfailing and unwavering.

From @Life_ambiguous: "He balanced his small feet on the rods of grille, holding the front rods with his small hands. Watching outside- cars on the road, pigeons sitting on opposite building, leaves on the only tree nearby. He was confined in his playbox: the grille box of window of his house on 15th floor. He was laughing."

From @Freelosopher: He drove far and wide in his Honda, through Blinding Lights, forever in search of Paradise. His eyes swept the Vatican in one glance and
carressed the sins of Las Vegas. As he passed Salt Lake, he could smell the sea and the humid weather of thirty-five degrees. Red-eyed, he returned home to the city that never sleeps.

From @ChhotaRecharge: SLEEP! Who doesn’t love it? Sexy, sensuous, serene siesta! How I loved it…how I miss it! I don’t even remember the last time I enjoyed the coziness, the warmth and the contentment of a good night’s nap. Who is to blame? FUCKERS take pride in calling me the city that never sleeps! Bhencho motherfucking HUMANS!!

From @_PWN: I knew I was running away from memories. Memories of us. As I sit at the airport waiting for the boarding announcement, I hope running away from this city counts as the first step in getting over you.

From @iamafairytale: Cosmopolitan. Fantasy. Merriment. Passion. Relationships. Exquisite. Pep. Helpful. Educative. Supportive. Charming. Statuesque. Multi-religious. Monsoons. Love. Money. Poverty. Lust. Rape. Greed. Betrayal. Wicked. Parties. Corruption. Riots. Bomb-attacks. Politics. Assiduous. Bollywood. Gate way of India. Marine Drive. 5-star restaurants. Shopping. Street food. Crawford. Beaches. Duplicate brands. Historical Monuments. Seaface. Local trains. Welcome to Mumbai city.

From @abstractions_ : “You live your thoughts, decisions, wishes and expectations and thus you live your life. Life and karma are neutral to the city we live in my son.” Sobha. “No mom, I don’t want to be the victim of your and dad’s nomad life. Maximum or not this is my city and I will stay.”

From @Sanch_N: She walked around her city, soaking it all in. The sun was peeking out from the horizon, waiting to come out. She was mesmerized. The roads had certain calmness about them. The chai-wallahs seemed to be busy with the morning walkers. She couldn’t believe it had been 20yrs. She missed this. Then, she woke up.

From @ScribblingOn: "Ah, Delhi it is!", she thought; her aspirations soaring high on wings of her untamed imagination. She was in her happy place until that unfortunate night; the blackest of all- when her virtue was outraged. "The sunset of the village is brighter than the sunrise of the city", she mused, as she visited the psychiatrist.

From @bitchwanti: In the quiet greenery of the cityscape, she discovered her solitude. In the pressing hustle of the multitude of bodies, in the city's other facet, she glimpsed a face that seemed familiar. She smiled. And blinked. The face was lost. What remained, was her old friend, solitude.

From @abhikbee: Save the svelte city searing in the sun, sinking slowly under the sins of its sinister sons. Scared in silver, by a silver scythe it screams softly.
Suddenly the shaman of South Sudan reaches, swirling in a saffron dervish –
soaking sulks, sinking smog, stabbing scowls, she saves the svelte city searing in the sun.

From @leztah: I‘m a paid assassin. A hitman, if you will. I’m supposed to be a cold-hearted person who murders with no remorse. So why do I find it hard to not rush to you every time I land in your city? I shouldn’t but I feel deeply for you. That’s why killing you will be difficult.

From @_dexterni: She'd awaited the day she'd change her "current city" to Mumbai for years, but when it came, she felt an uncanny void in her heart. Being away from family wasn't as fun as she'd imagined it to be. She clicked on the "Save Changes" button, as she sat all alone in her room, eating Pringles.

From @The_Lie_Lama: They came to the city in search of a better life. It turned out to be more of a jungle than civilisation. They were better off in their backward village. He shouldn't have sold his land. "Greed never pays", said his father once. Raju and his family were now left with nowhere to go.

From @aiwekuchbhi: Money.Mansions.Cars.Strutctures,Great shows.Parades.Breathtaking .Peace .Just numbers.We Human Robots *my city*

From @EternalScrewUp: "I miss the city" he said, his voice laden with disappointment. "What do you miss about it the most? The polluted air, noisy environment, endless traffic, hectic work schedules or lack of companionship?" He looked at the sun, setting upon the horizon across the fields and said "No dad, I miss cribbing about all this"

From @anushreekejriwa: Sitting by my window I see skyscrapers, bustling roads, hawkers and a swarm of people wandering about to reach their destination. It was once called the city of joy but now I don't get to see the joy, ambitions have taken over the reins of human mind. Its paying the price of disguised development.

From @sarcogenic: Silent whispers in lonely nights. Unsaid emotions in loud fights. Dark shadows in illuminated rooms. Evident scars when the camera zooms. Crowds suck you to their core. Conversations leave u wanting more. Old wounds refuse to heal. Strong, firm nerves of steel. Life hidden behind closed doors. This city of millions and crores. Mumbai. *sigh*

From @theslumdawg: Nowadays, We talk a lot about cities here. Doesn't matter if it is regarding elections,music concerts,etc. etc. The worst part i have came across is Rape = Delhi, STOP BLAMING 'DELHI' FOR RAPES!

From @OldMonkBaba: It started with a walk, became a journey, met people on the way, some joined the journey some parted away, When we stopped and settled it became a village, when we made it better it became a town, more people came in and it became a city, city where there are more people but lesser people to meet, so now i intend to start on the walk again to make another city.

From @rj028: The thought of working in a new city always excited Vikram. He always wondered what fate had in it for him but this time, it was different as it was no ordinary city his train was approaching. It was Mumbai, a city that 'never sleeps' but still it is called the 'city of dreams.'

From @HindolBasu: It was 10 PM in the night. The millennium city was shining with all
its might. Rishabh and Sonia, after celebrating their first wedding anniversary,were taking a walk down the road. Suddenly, Sonia found herself dragged along while Rishabh was left gasping for breath. The city had woken up after 8 PM.

From @greyalchemy: Imagine a million suns shining together. So bright that you see nothing, but white. That’s what New York City is like. The city is flooded with People. People so busy, that they have no count of time. That’s why the city is so barbaric. It fears no one. It forgives no one. NYC is not over- rated. It’s exactly that!

From @xmanishaa: Parents from Delhi, being born and raised in Amsterdam, living in Almere. Loving Mumbai, want to visit New York, want to live in London, addicted to Goa, experienced Paris, lost heart in Nagpur and currently stuck in my own world. Story of my life.

From @mental_Aunty: My childhood, sold to the poachers of flesh. 'Investment', that's what they say I am. Why do those people do what they do to me in the night? Everything is dead, everyone is a skeleton, a shadow. Dream City, that's what they call Mumbai. What city? What dreams? Who am I? Where are the answers?

From @SomyaSingh24: He was pacing the corridors of the City Hospital when she came by. She looked enrishing, not at all like he left her in the OT. Just then, “I’m sorry. We couldn’t save her. The car ran right over her head.” He gazed foolishly at her. She smiled at him. Death couldn’t do them apart.

From @raysanjeet: Prateik left work for home overjoyed to propose his 7yr old
girlfriend. He realized Opera House was shut down. He went blank for a moment, when he looked towards his girlfriend’s building a passerby just said, “Bhaiya, us building mein toh blast hua hai, kuch nahi bacha.” The ring fell off his hands and tears rolled down his cheeks.

From @RadhikaMohandas: Maa was trying to remember a name. We were in an auto, waiting for the signal to let us pass. A eunuch came along and clapped hard next to Maa’s face, at the same moment that she remembered the name aloud. Both jumped out of surprise & started laughing. I’ve never seen such pure laughter.

Fro @Aawara_Mann: He was felicitous, shifting to CITY.. It have ample opportunities,
immense money, clean wide roads, glittering malls, Skyscrapers kissing heavenly bodies, imported cars, Pretty girls.. He was Obsessed...What He Sacrificed.?? amm not much., Just Mom's hands' food, Pure air, Soil of his realm, Genuine friends,b And., Serenity of Mind...

From @exprncdvirgin: The city was her canvas. It was the playground of her observations, imaginations and creations. She loved it. Loved the story of it, the anatomy, the spirit. She breathed in it the sweetmeat fragrance of her childhood and the romantic sunshine of her youth. The city, her favorite city, RAPED her.

From @Shwetasque: She was aware of him the moment he touched her. He had the charm but was down to earth. She wanted him to stay with her. This one seemed to be the "Loyal " type. She would teach him the ways to survive..She gifted success to him. Then New York beckoned Calcutta was heart broken.

From @Ajinkye: A night of terror; a night of fear. The city was taken over by evils. People were killed, massacred. Peace was seized. Bullets pierced the body, taking away the lives. But the spirit was passed on; to build the bridge of audacity for people to walk upon. It was the city of dreams, on 26/11.

From @purplebrains: Block A housed the petty thieves, Block B the kidnappers. Block C laid claim to manslaughter and Block D the castrated rapists. Murder was etched in Block E and in the middle stood their mayor, the Jailor. With one slow twist of his baton he chortled to his public, "Welcome to the City of Angels".

From @cheesewiththat: She walked alone, hurriedly. It was just a week she got here, a new locality, a new job, a new life. Her husband warned her not to venture out late, too many goons lurk the alleys, he said. Hailing from the ever vibrant Mumbai, she didn’t believe him. She was being followed. 8PM they said.

From @BreezyBeer: Heroes were on ground. Celebrating, grooving and enjoying the limelight after winning the cup. People saluted their lords who held their pride high. Pride of being Indian; the ultimate champions. Strident vibes of ‘Chak De India’ made everyone cheer at their loudest. Mumbai- city that never sleeps was lost in horizons of dreams and desires.

From @melittlepixie:

Insomniac nights. Obscure dreams.
Unbroken spirit. Violet realms.
Greys. Blacks. Muddled whites.
Paupers, strugglers and shining knights.
Celestial stars. Real and reel.
Choked emotions. Nerves of steel.
Bullets. Bombs. Fears. Gore.
Bruised. Battered. Abused. Sore.
Restored faith. Hope goes on.
Zara hat ke zara bach ke, yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan.

From @Peachbiscuit: She saw the shops and houses pour their lights into the sea. The deafening noise of the city became a soft murmur. She was on the boat, leaving forever. When the city turned into a diamond necklace, she felt sad, but she had no choice. She did not want to go to jail.

From @rbd_sqrl: It had been a long time since he last visited the place. The Sarayu
River was as majestic as ever. He walked along Market Street, reminiscing. The green picturesque town was no more. The great banyan tree was still there but had lost its mystic demeanor. Concrete jungles now. He exclaimed, “O my Malgudi !!”

From @Ace_Of_Pace: The train pulled into a large, noisy station. Suddenly I heard a man yell "Yaaron ek to tumhari madad karne ko bag utharein par tumhare jaise chindi choron ko koi kadar nahin ... Baigan me mila diye meri izzat! Poore charminar ke potte bula letun idhar pinde ki meri..." I knew I was in HYDERABAD city.

From @lady_shweta: "Do you have to leave me?" he asked. "yes" she answered. "Did you ever love me?" he asked again. "No..i was always in love with the city." she said. J'aime Paris.

From @Sychlops: I look at you walk by every morning. I notice you hitting on your colleague. I see you steal that precious nap. I sigh at you not returning your mother's calls. I observe when you think. I smile when you drink. I get sad when you cry. I pity when you lie. I am.... your City.

From @HelenOfAhoy: Blinding city lights. Indulging city sights. Endless wandering nights. Ruthless silly fights. Sky reaching heights. Pink and purple highlights. Not so bright streetlights. Unstoppable termites. Surprising delights. Unexplainable frieghts. Chasing carlights. Sleeping under the starlight. Living blacks and whites. Our wrongs and rights. Profound insights. Secret love bites. Our stories and plights. Our cities, our lives.

From @RJSucharita: This night, 7 years ago, her sister was found naked and dead, on the side of the road. It was her own fault really. She was out and about after 8 PM. In the capital city of India, that crime is punishable by rape. Women needn't be so adventurous, the judge had ruled.

From @michramiah: Years ago, she moved to the big city. A dewy-eyed girl who planned to study for an adequate life. Today, she dines at Michelin star eateries. Attends lavish events, wearing taffeta gowns and heavy makeup. The cars that drive her around match the lustre of her curls. The perks of being a high class escort.

From @sahilk: Being the largest exporter of petroleum in the world, we don’t care
about trains running on electricity – the only route’s between my city and the capital. Want to travel across the country? Hire a car. Take a bus. Fly! No clue why I love checking out the local railway museum when we go abroad.

From @WickdWeirdWitch: Smoking his nth ciggarette, he reflected on his life in this city:- A wife & divorce..Job & pink-slip..Entrepreneurship & cheating business partner..Affairs & heartbreak..Children & illegiminate abortions..Fortune 500 slot & bankruptcy..Mayorship & jail stint..This city giveth & taketh away, BUT it was also the "City of Eternal Hope"!!!

From @RohanDasGupta: The wild used to stay here once. Careless. Untamed. We killed them in the name of civilization. Construction? Or destruction? But the truth is that the wild still stays here. Within us. Hidden. It unmasks itself and comes out in its true, wild colours behind the closed doors of this concrete jungle we call “city”.

From @ShivangiYadav: Travelling 40 hours, 1 way, for a 2 day conference was madness. More so because her destination thrived on excesses, lived the glitzy life and jived to money power. None of which charmed her. But at the pulsing strip, overflowing with people and snazzy cars, the energy of Sin City rubbed off. Las Vegas enthralled everyone, even if momentarily.

From @sukhkarni: Having heard the unexpected, heart-rending shrieks, screams, screeches down the stairs, outside my apartment, I rushed out to see what had happened. To my astonishment, there lived a woman, in the flat next door, whom nobody knew of! Unable to bear with the extreme depression, she died. Every face in the lavish of these Urbane Metropolitans tells a different lonely story

From @Sinful_Reveries: Covering your hair, wearing an 'Abaya', staying in the house, not going out to play; Riyadh had some strange norms for girls, and I was one. As a city, a 'fancy' place, but I hated it once. Not anymore. I miss it. Even more when I know I'm never seeing my birth city ever again.

From @tweettabulous: He always dreamed of a better future. He knew he was destined for greatness and to leave behind a legacy. His heartfelt desire to serve his motherland... He knew his goal, civil services, to help the underprivileged.
But, the distance between the flickering lamppost and the scintillating dreamy city lights is what kept is belief unrequited.

From @akshayabansal: A bustling town hall, a fountain where children played, parks where families gathered to wile their holidays away. The hostilities had scarred the people, the city lay in disarray. How could one make memories, the curfew kept everyone at bay. Their freedom a distant dream, all the children wanted was to go out and play.

From @thebigdowg: She is popular with the rich and the poor. She is a million dollar whore, and her pimps have sold every inch of her. Now, her beauty lies in her uglinessness. And after fourteen long years of my affair with her, I have accepted the inevitable. She is perfect, just not mine. Bombay, I love you!

From @awsmbong: "She’s happy; she had finished shopping. Gleaming shoes, new dresses. Overjoyed. Suddenly she realized, a weary man is following her. She runs. Falls. *thump*. She looks back. A man emanated from the shadows and kindly said, “Its almost 8 pm, go home.” A hero to her. Love happened, on her first night in the city."

From @unusualrant: Moving to a big city was a big decision for him. There was much he knew he would miss, especially the peace, the quiet and the warmth around him. The city, in contrast was fast, angry and dissatisfied. He questioned his decision, but instantly realized he had a mission there. He will be the change.

From @QuratZafar: So this was it. This messy, smoky blurry place where beggars caught at his shirt and begged for food, while the dogs went to special beauty parlors was the city that he had given up everything for. Back home she must be getting married. He’d left one dream to come after another and lost both.

From @Kolkatabulldog: Stepping outside the airport he got into a cab. It had been over 5 Years he avoided setting foot here. He tried to get in, Suddenly flashes of that fateful day overwhelmed him. Flashes of taking that last ride with her in a similar cab to the hospital. With a sigh he softly murmured, " Aaahh.... The City Of Joy"

From @textuallyhorny: He was gauging the spectrum from his top floor balcony. The photon race of red and yellow on grey pitch. Black sea. The gloomy clouds and the storm within ruffled up a lot of dust coloring the sky orange. The moon was pale though and so was he. ESCAPE, the only feeling that reigned.

From @taklooman: They wondered whether this can work sitting thousands of miles apart. Is this reality or a hopeless effort of a broken heart to hang on to the ray of hope? Until yesterday, it was just another city. Today, it is the home where they hope to live together and create a world they've dreamed of.

From @dinkypinkybrain: Isn't this a place we all breath to life? Not mere buildings, but what we build with clarity and passion and cement with hope? Walls with doors of many opportunities. Where we're strangers, not strange. Dark alleys safe. Where we come with gratitude not greed. How many must be building a city of dreams.

From @floydianbrahman: Beanstalks flung into the skyline with golden spires poking through His carpet. A million footfalls on the serpentine bloodline, kith and kin of bread. Meandering rivulets on a potholed boulevard, doused in the chrome's black breath. Seagulls perched atop havens of white sand in this city of new dreams and shattered alike. Utopia? Not yet.

From @brainyshady: They were born and raised up in different cities, entirely different cultures. She, abroad. He, in a middle class Indian family and city. However, destiny played so well to bring them together. They first met in Delhi. Later moved on to London. Toured far off cities together. Cities changed, but their hearts and love didn’t.

From @nimue_ : She was suddenly reminded of a movie scene where the actress writes
of falling in love with a city 'cause you start loving some one living there. So true ! she thought and shed a tear as she packed her bags. This city tied her to him. And him to her. And them to broken hearts

From @Goddamittt: Opened my eyes with great difficulty. Managed to get up with zero stamina. Found myself standing in some random hotel room. Twisted my neck, a crackling sound made way for a splitting headache. Bammm! Fell down again. Glaring light through the french windows hit my eyes and all I could think was: “Fucking Vegas!”

From @sweetchillly: Life is like a train journey.It leaves behind the fast paced world.We have to get down on the chosen CITY Stations. Solve our life’s purpose &get back on.There are twists and turns and dark tunnels as well.Every moment is our’humsafar’ jeeyo to zindagi,ya fir ek aur lamha. Such is Life don’t stop. Lets Move On!

From @ipurpilicious: As he stood there amid a field of crops, in the scorching heat, a sudden gust of air flung his sun dried hair towards his face as he glared at the fortune of the lucky few on the plane. He smiled as this memory flashed when he landed in New York. The city of dreams.

From @TheAxomiya: He eyed the leftover sandwich greedily. Food was a constant struggle in the city. He had to move fast. There will be others. He moved swiftly but was beaten to it once again. “Shoo, Shoo, “the rag picker gesticulated to an annoying crow that almost had tried to make off with the leftover sandwich.

From @BoozeSexSundry: Ignoring some scorns and blank faces, she paced ahead and reached for the park. 'Please be the same old beauty' she soliloquized. It wasn't. The swing was rusted and demented. The bench was defeated, blanched and faded. It was chilling, not breezy. Without him, it was just a claustrophobic place which slapped reality on her face.

From @khatteemithi: London 27.12.2010. 00:15 hrs. A pop-up message on the screen. A bespectacled display photo talks of Anna Karenina and Garcia. A slight blush tangles her tired mind. Kolkata 27.12.2010. 05:45 hrs. Insomnia stricken random thoughts. Mindless scribbles. Incomplete metaphors. That moment the girl with the bewitching smile who reminds him of Tolstoy’s Anna, comes online.

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