Sunday, March 25, 2012

Theme 30 - Alien/Aliens

From @MystiquePai: How could anyone enjoy this? She wondered. The concept was alien to her. He held out his hand, beseeching her to trust him. "It's completely safe, you'll see. You'll love it." Oh well, she thought, if you can't beat them....she grabbed his hand and they jumped off the plane. Skydiving lesson number 1.

From @LadyClonidine: The little children stared at the creature, transfixed, some frightened. Suspended in the sticky gel like substance in the pod, it looked serene. One brave boy went ahead and tapped the shield, the creature’s eyes flew open, they all screamed. The teacher yelled “Children move on now, don’t disturb the Human! This next specimen….”

From @irrationalnumb: The exploration was over. The space ship had jaunted for thirty seven light-years before it succeeded in locating alien life. The newly found planet was being broadcasted live at the International Space Science Institute. “No movie or literature ever got it right. They have got two eyes and one nose“, the head scientist said.

From @Sychlops: This was the last resort. The only way to save him. The tiny vehicle disappeared into the distance as his Home was being destroyed. He was destined to do great things. He'd be loved. Like one of their own. It wouldn't matter that he was Alien. He'd be the Man of Steel. He'd be... Superman.

From @Kantaap: When she walked in to the party, heads turned. Curves in all the right places and sharp, elegant features. Ordinarily, she’d have men falling over themselves to be her host for the evening. Not here. She stood by herself in the corner, waiting, wanting for some attention. In this gay party, she felt alone, almost…alien.

From @ipurplicious: A need to vomit rose from the bottom pit of her stomach. After throwing up, she stared at her puffy eyes in the mirror. Waiting 60 seconds after peeing on a stick, she came to terms that an alien is growing inside her womb. She couldn't be, could she? She was only 15 years old!

From @realfartshady: While taking a walk after his dinner, Vikram the most renowned lawyer of the city, saw a spaceship land in the woods. The aliens came out and shook his hand. Aliens asked him questions to know where human species stood but as he was a lawyer, the result was unsatisfactory. Disappointed, they flew back.

From @Marwaari: The best minds in the world were together for this meeting which would change the course of human existence. They were convinced. The only way out would be to attack for their survival. Somewhere, on Mars, they didn't know, aliens were planning to take over their planet as they discovered water there.

From @akshayabansal: The tie hung like a noose around his neck. His palms were sweaty, his brow twitched. He homed in on his cubicle with an eagle's precision. Looking around, his gaze settled on a few smiling faces, it seemed this wouldn't be such a bad place. Instantly the alien surroundings started feeling familiar again.

From @gauravjagwani: The news came in. We didn't know whether to believe it or not. A group of weird looking strangers came, spoke a foreign language. We were simple villagers. The village head went to speak to the head of the weirdos. Neither of them was understood. We were content. Learning English was such an alien concept.

From @Ad_Coelum: 25 years, since the night he crossed the strait, on his arms. As the city grew taller, he too built a life. Now, they were sending him back, on a ship. The bridges he had laid bricks for was their pride but he was their shame. A new law for state's aliens was in place.

From @vahishta: She wiped the sweat off, where his baldness had nestled between her breasts and ignored the slight soreness between her legs. She thought, as always, of her father, sustained by the paycheck she sent him. The clerk next door said, “Esmerelda Perez? Permit granted; you’re cleared to work three months.” He leered at her, knowingly.

From @bitchwanti: 45 years he had lived in Pune. He was born here, he had loved here, and he had married here. This was where he had made a life. Yet he was the North Indian in Maharashtra. The alien. The unwanted. Someone called 'Bal' claimed so.

From @sumitrai100: A loves B.B loves C. A and C are alien to each other.2 years later A loves B and C, B loves C and A and C loves A and B. They are doing threesome three times a week and are living happily in a 3BHK flat on 3rd floor of Trishula apartment.

From @kaloladeep: “Today’s special is Veneto, sunnyside up eggs, buttered toast, coffee included.” He flicked a last glance at the menu, and nodded. She registered his spit coloured eyes. “Need a morning paper, Hon?” “Paper napkins. Yes.” She nodded confirmation to a waiting girl at the end for the special. Alien Outlanders never survived the Veneto special.

From @sshweta93: He could sense their repulsed stares. Perhaps, this was the reason his mother never allowed him to venture out. He knew he was different from the rest. 'Retarded', is what he had once heard someone call him. Only he knew how miserable it felt. To be alienated, like he belonged to another planet.

From @ritukarthik: She spread her wings, ready to fly. Leaving behind the colorless life, so alien at first all of this seemed. Flowers in orange, reds and blues. So many hues of green. The bright gorgeous day, the mountains and the sea. All things beautiful. Ah so this is life, thought the yellow butterfly.

From @iamafairytale: The spooky witch, evil wizard, thirsty vampire, blood drenched bride, one-eyed pirate, murdered nurse, white ghost, scary alien, a variety of wicked monsters. The place looked haunted with skeletons and spider webs all around. The eerie sound added flavor. It was one uncanny creepy Halloween party of the town.

From @Gods_Evangelos: 6 days prior to the 2nd year anniversary. That phone call and everything was over. The next day, the final call, and it already appeared strange. Its more than 2 years since we broke-up and I now am aware of why it happened. I am happier. Contended. At that moment it all felt alien.

From @UnendingQuest: It was Sunday morning. I was alone at home. Lightning flashed. A silver muscular alien with red eyes, long hair, half-naked walked into my room. Scared and hesitant, I stood up. That alien came close and started licking my hair. At that instant, I woke up and found my dog licking my hair.

From @KonfusedKhopadi: Wherever I go people doubt me, eyes questioning "who are you?” They make fun of me, talk around my back and avoid me when I try to interact. Oh world, why are you so rude? Don’t treat me like an alien, I am just an introvert.

From @Life_ambiguous: Two different creatures were left in the universe, to be with each other. Sometimes they were drawn to each other like north-south poles of magnet and sometimes repelled each other like two south poles. They tried to understand each other but remained aliens to each other, one from Mars and the other from Venus.

From @rbd_sqrl: His metamorphosis and her recalcitrance. His new found happiness and her age old beliefs. They were different. Alien to one another. Held together by the strongest force of attraction in the universe. Wherever they went, they created their own world. A world, not know to others. Nature played its music. Love choreographed the dance.

From @roshd: The idea of working was alien to Leonard. He was ‘a leech sponging off other people’. Wife left him taking his kids along. His large family of siblings and cousins avoided him. Now he is diagnosed with terminal blood cancer. They cannot ignore him anymore. Each month one sibling or cousin pays for his treatment.

From @vivekisms: “You’re so smug”, he’d said. She decided not to report this to the authorities. She decided to forget it. Jeanne didn’t realize that they recognized each other. They always do. Perhaps he is brilliant in someone’s eyes, she thinks. Even though he is that kind-of-green beneath, he isn’t my type after all, she thinks.

From @kunalbaidmehta: Krish joined work after a break of ten days. He had taken to seek psychiatric help as he had been dreaming of UFOs since the past few weeks. Today everyone was heading to Blue Frog and asked him to join. Alien Chutney was performing there. He did not want to go anywhere near aliens anymore.

From @madrasmad: My uncle and I lived on a farm. Lush and idyllic. With cattle and sheep. A hilltop within sight, where bright aliens descended every few nights. We’d decided to hike up on Sunday morning, and find out for ourselves. But, on Saturday night, I burned down the farm, killing all, and returned back to mother-ship.

From @MinolAjekar: Seated on the dining world, Mum shoved some pictures under her nose. “Here are some more pictures” She flips through them, and then says none of these. “You have rejected all eligible boys; I think none are left on this planet. We will have to ask the Men in Black for some alien rishtas now”.

From @theslumdawg: My mom calls me an Alien. She caught me eating a Bat (Bird). She beat me and came to know that I had eaten pigeons, a tortoise, a rabbit and Beef. I have tasted a few birds whose names I don’t know. All of them tasted awesome! Bat rules when it comes to taste though.

From @ChhotaRecharge: "Captain, they wear clothes, and actually pay for them! They eat, sleep, talk non-stop all day. Laugh like the world is ending, cry like there's no tomorrow. Love too many...and hate the same. WEIRD species! I think I've found the lead protagonist of our movie. It has to be HRITHIK!" Jaadu, debutant director of Marsywood.

From @TheOtherBanana: Anonymous. A sea of passing faces that did little to provoke her memory into working again. But then again, she wasn’t sure she wanted to dig it all up. She kept walking, not knowing where she was going. She was bound to end up somewhere. Like a river that ends up in the sea. Somewhere.

From @SugarNSpices_: It was at the clash of the titans, when they first showed their face. Short, round and devilish they looked. Everyone feared that Satan was here. They felt the same in losing directions to find earth. Cruel devils were some in that war that killed millions. But then there were others, like our cute alien.

From @journojuno: He stood there open mouthed. The chalk in his hand quivered a little. The numbers and calculations on the blackboard looked alien to him. Mrs. Sharma, his mathematics teacher taunted in front of the class, "Can't solve it, can you?" The numbers danced in front of his eyes. He did not know he was dyslexic.

From @iMatrixGirl: Agnes and David were on one of their usual strolls in the park. She saw this person standing in front of them. Tall, slim, skeleton like hands. He reached out and said.”Hi.” She shook his hands and found it was wet as a fish. She cried out, “ALIEN!!” David apologized to Uriah for her.

From @TheGhostWriterr: I pulled Jane close & felt her Moist lips on mines, “I shall come back for thou, I want you to become my queen”. She replied with a smile. Heimdall opened the Bifrost & I took a plunge in it yielding my hammer, for I am Son of Odin, King of Asgard!

From @Freelosopher: An orange light was glowing on the fifth-floor of an otherwise deserted building with red mud dotting the landscape. The NASA flight controller maneuvered the unmanned droid up the stairs. Adam was standing there naked, as old as mankind, with his Apple MacBook Pro. Adam waved, “Well, men are from Mars, so here I am!”

From @IndianIdle: He was top notch in his job. He killed people like he was eating French-Fries. In a swift movement with no emotion, no pity. But today was different he felt an alien knot form in his throat, as he locked his target on his son who betrayed the country.

From @RootKanal: The little girl went closer and poked it to see if it was still breathing. It opened its eyes, snapping at her finger. She dodged, squealed happily and clapped her hands. "Dadda, I'm going to dress it up in a pink dress with a pink bow and pink shoes! My very own pet alien!”

From @HelenOfAhoy: Jokomi and Mikojo from Planet Boring started their quest for the most interesting Planet in the universe. They entered the planet we call Earth. They met me and asked me to show something interesting. Instead of stripping, I showed them my TL. They left and they named our planet "So Boring".

From @VBPJS: We see the alien who moves through the crowd everyday and fail to recognize him. He is always with us in the train, on the bus, at the restaurant. He is longing for a smile & yet he doesn't complain about lack of trust. He is the one whom we refer to as a stranger.

From @sahilk: It’s a boring country. The most adrenaline pumping event here was the Gulf War. I wasn’t born then unfortunately. I’m told that everyone had their set of gas masks. So cool. Yet, so uncool. I’m jealous of the Americans. They’ve got Area 51. Can’t we get one specimen from them? Our army supplies are American.

From @ChoteyDilWallah: She knew they were coming. The aliens. Being their polite selves, they'd let her know beforehand. She was restless, it being her first contact with them. Getting herself a glass of water to soothe her nerves, she heard them approaching the door. After a deep breath, she called out to her husband, "Your parents've come!"

From @Scribble_Cribbl: Feeling of uneasiness came all by itself stepping down from ship. This was not moon’. This was earth, Earth of some different time. He turned back to realize his ship was gone. She stood there in place of it. “He should not have killed her in the previous life” she thought watching him in pieces.

From @ThWanderingSoul: She walked out of the bistro in a confused state. She couldn't register what she had just seen. Her own sister was an alien to her now! Permed hair, fake nails, ugly make up, surgically bee-stung lips. She looked like an ugly version of a Chinese product. What happened to being real?

From @anushreekejriwa: She is a part of this world but has reached a zone where she fails to understand things. Human language is difficult for her to comprehend, emotions scare her and only ambitions catch her. People who know her are not being able to cure her; it seems she has become an alien to them.

From Payal Parmar: She felt like an alien in the city of dreams. Nothing belonged to her. No one belonged to her and she did not belong to any one. She had a place you could call a ‘flat’, she knew people one could call acquaintances. But not one who could make her feel like she was ‘there’.

From @Abhiandnow: Blood trickled down her mother’s lips; it has become a daily event in her lifetime of 6 years. Her father used to beat her mother, citing her as the reason. Until one day she learnt a new word and asked her mother, “Mom, have you given birth to an alien and that’s why dad’s upset?”

From @lady_shweta: Mr. Woody Allen in an exclusive interview about his new movie "midnight at Area 51" "We are going to explore the sexual relationship between aliens & women. Steven Spielberg is going to direct it. He is good with aliens. Queen Latifah stars in it, of course for her big...screen presence."

From @tunnvi: It had become very difficult lately, she didn’t enjoy anything. She smiled; maintained composure. But there was something behind that crooked smile. Feelings she had locked deep down. It was getting difficult for her to pretend and keep these feelings at bay. She wished she had never let go off her childhood imaginary alien friend.

From @Aarom_Ramsey: “These unevolved creatures are still looking for us in outer space! We have the element of surprise on our side. We have waited a million years for this day. Let unite, my brothers, and take over the world!” the cockroach standing on a mound of garbage announced. Similar gatherings were happening everywhere in the world.

From @BoozeSexSundry: There was something alienating about him. That scornful look. Those forlorn and detached eyes. 'Why do you keep isolating yourself from everyone?' she yelled, berserk. He didn't blink. He didn't care. 'No we're not coming mom', he hung up the phone. 'Why won't you learn to trust people?' He smiled, 'Stop expecting, stop getting hurt.'

From @tweettabulous: Julia hated her school, her bullying classmates. They mocked her plumpness, her spectacles and her braces. She wondered if these traumatic years would ever. She didn't want to see her classmates ever again. Ten years later, everyone rushed to the school reunion to see the gorgeous TV starlet. Julia wasn’t the alien any more.

From @OhTeri_: The cries of the women. The agony and pain of some others. Meera could hear it all. Everyday. All the time. Screaming, some sobbing. Mysteriously, she would forget everything that happened every night. They were killed. Torn. And the blood savoured. The police found. And, she never understood, who owned her at nights. The ALIEN.

From @kolkatabulldog: All alone, in a tiny planet at a distant corner of the Universe we are waiting...... Waiting for a friend, for answers, for hope. Hope that we are not alone. Can you hear our cries? Can you dear Aliens?

From @shawnlewis: Today I met Carl. 10 years ago we schooled together. He was the bravest kid I knew. Always told us that he wanted to fight for our country like Will Smith in 'Independence Day'. Carl's a lieutenant in the army now. And I know that if ever we get invaded by aliens Carl will be there...

From @vagabondinact: Their son had wondered aloud that evening, that she looked like an alien with all that makeup. She had again come late and gave no explanation. He asked, she silently went about her routinely skin care. Stripped of all that makeup too she looked alien, he thought. Looking at the mirror, she felt alien too.

From @singhlicious: I was lost in the jungle, suddenly met a person had Extraterrestrial life(alien), helped me in escaping from there, it changed my life in just 2-3 days, my fake friends came to know about it, they informed it to police, police shot it in my absence. At last I woke up screaming.

From @JaaTeri: As I opened the door, I instantly identified the cable guy. He said, "We created your world. We control you. There is no God. JHINGALALA JHINGALALA." Just then he transformed into a miniature UFO, flew away & disappeared in a moment. "The huge dish on his head was not a DTH antenna?", I wondered. "Aliens!"

From @swaravali: He saw her on the road, ducked his head and drove past. Why was he avoiding his own mother??? He was seeing her after many years even though they lived in the same city. Then it dawned on him that when guilt gets the better of you, it is nothing but deception.

From @Oven_Tikka: Looking at the closest mirror, she tried to tell herself she was beautiful. But she didn’t feel it. Her strawberry blonde curls looked wrong. Her eyes seemed too blue against an unnaturally pale face. Her mouth, too big. She felt like an impersonator, an alien. But so did being a man for 25 years.

From @ChicNManiac: He taught Rohit how to top the class. He taught Rohit how to play basketball. He taught Rohit how to fight evil. He gave Rohit the confidence he was craving for. He gave Rohit his vision. He gave Rohit his super powers! He is not Jaadoo or any other alien. Rohit calls him super dad!

From @Jhayu: We cannot understand their language. We try, but remaining undetected is a problem. Last week they found one of ours, Ram Prasad. Beat him nearly to death. It appears that they believe we don’t belong here. We need to find some way to communicate that we come in peace.

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