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Theme 33 - Chemistry

From @Mitigatedlying: It was like titration. I kept adding love till I got that wine red color. It was bliss. That sparkling color. I was ecstatic. But it faded away for I had gone overboard. Too much isn't good either, they say. I withdrew. We fought. I spat out acid. And so, it all fizzled out.

From @Abhiandnow: She was just 21 when I was 15. I wanted her to help me with Physics, to build our chemistry. A door works on the principles of physics, and our feelings on the principles of chemistry. When I pushed open the door, she was in bed with him. Knife’s blade is a chemical compound, right?

From @vivekisms: She reads books. He doesn’t. He loves the opera. She detests it. She thinks a picnic would be nice. He would rather sit at home and play bridge. He wants to take a walk along the beach. She hates sand in her shoes. They sleep together at night, sharing the same dreams. The same life.

From @unedingquest: In School, Chemistry was not my cup of Tea. In College, at the dance floor my chemistry with "That Cute Guy" melted many hearts. At Work, my unorthodox and my boss' orthodox approach, made Chemistry extinct. In Love, it developed gradually after many permutations and combinations. Well, that's the History of Chemistry in my Life.

From @Marwaari: She was beautiful and mirror was her best friend. It acknowledged her, appreciated her and complimented her. Their chemistry was unique. But now, she despises the presence of mirror. She wants to remove every sign of mirror's existence, because it makes her realize the ugly acid burnt face she has, courtesy her jilted lover.

From @_PWN: He had been asking her out for 3 months. She liked him, but was hesitant as she barely knew him. A broken past didn’t help either. But when she saw how persistent he was, she kissed him. She wanted to see if they had chemistry. They did. He lost interest instantly.

From @gauravjagwani: The chemistry they shared was evident. The love they shared was evident. They considered meeting at the laboratory was a blessing. They fell in love at that very place. Today, they are still in love. However, it’s a different kind of love. The chemistry they shared was evident. The crack shared and produced was evident.

From @SupraMario:

They had nothing in common; yet, for twenty years, he put up with his wife’s nagging. One day, he couldn’t take it anymore, so he smashed her head against a wall. He called in sick at the laboratory, knowing he’d have to dispose of her body.

All he needed was a flask of hydrofluoric acid.

From @_wbrodrigues: “This physics thing was nerve-racking. She walked in the room when he was concentrating the most. He looked at her, she didn’t but sparks flew. Suddenly the experiment was a success, everyone cheered. She walked out but before she left, their eyes did meet and rest is history’. That’s how I met your mother.

From @Dimaagi_Keeda: “What do you do?” “I am a Chemistry graduate and do my own experiments” “What kind of experiments?” She asked, inquisitiveness growing. Chemistry Experiments back in 1938 weren’t very popular. “Try this” he said, and gave her a small cube of sugar to pop. It was the first time Albert Hoffman was testing LSD. History.

From @Tropicalanda: 5 minutes into the exam. I gazed around to see if anyone else was screwed too. Frustrated with the findings, I scribbled questions on the answer paper. “Ma’am, I’m done” ensuring everyone hears it and what started next was a chain reaction. I was not alone after all. Bonding in engineering students, Sigh!

From @NumbYaar: They could understand each other’s silence and talk with their eyes. Yet so much remained unsaid. They looked great together and loved being that way. Still, they grew apart. No one knew how and when things ended. It must’ve been chemistry, but they’re history now.

From @wekneweachother: Dr. Yakubovich went to the university a little early that day. He rushed to his lab and immediately walked to the bottle containing two writhing worms. News of unrest in Serbia caused his wife nightmares last night. Holding the bottle in his hand he thought, “What a cruel world. One rarely dies a peaceful death.”

From @rachitmaya: As I inserted my tube, straight into her funnel,I could finally see light at the end of the tunnel. But something was strange, there was a mystery. All in all, we had an awesome chemistry. But Chemistry was boring, English was my thing. That’s why I write, this fifty five word story with zing.

From @pearly_swhites: There was something about him. A certain charisma that lured her. Those appealing dimples. Those enticing eyes. They drew her to him like, iron to a magnet. She felt an inclination, so passionately intense. A temptation, so seductive. A chemistry, so magical. He was her ultimate fascination. She loved him. Sometimes, he did too.

From @Oven_Tikka: She chewed on her dark braid as she pondered her situation. She was 23, single, and babysitting her nephews on a Saturday night. This was not how she’d pictured growing up to be like. Something needed to be done. The next day, she woke up ready to have more fun. Thank god for hydrogen peroxide.

From @madrasmad: He had a heart of gold. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. They formed a lovely bond in no time, periodically making love on the table. But, her family formed the nucleus of her life, and he didn’t react well to this. Their bond eventually broke, and he turned to alcohol.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: He couldn’t see. Neither could she. Their first interaction was a conversation in a restaurant. He couldn’t help smiling at the sweet voice talking to the waiter. He’d always been a good judge of character. He knew it that instant. It wasn’t love at first sight. It couldn’t be. Instant chemistry they called it.

From @realfartshady:

She was appealing and beautiful. Our eyes met. She shyly smiled.


"I’m sorry, I can't."

"Aah. Married?"

"Not that. I’m not programmed to move from this spot."

"What the.. you're a robot?"

She shook her head slyly. "No idiot, I really have to pee real bad."

We laughed till we cried. The chemistry was hard to miss.

From @RootKanal: Soon all this pain would be gone, he wrote. Soon I'll master my destiny. His old back bent over the worn out wooden table. He continued mixing the ingredients over the burner, his long, white beard danced dangerously close to the fire. ‘Why do you elude me thus, eternal life?’ wept the broken alchemist.

From @Koquettish: “Don’t worry my little one, this won’t hurt a bit” he said as he took her hands in his. The stench of his chemistry lab congested her senses but she sat still, waiting. He took some concentrated acid, poured it carefully all over her hands and said, “You always wanted black nail paint, didn’t you?”

From @quratzafar: Ah but chemistry is a fascinating subject: the chemical formula of the nylon dress you wear was made simultaneously in New York and London. For days there were claims from both sides and then a wise man arbitrated: he gave both cities credit and named the polymer "Ny-Lon" making both cities, both nations very happy.

From @saiyona: He studied chemistry in college while she was marketing. He was a geek and not in her wildest dreams did she ever think that she would end up dating one; but he knew his chemicals well and had created just the right potion to get her hooked onto him. She was crazy about him thereafter.

From @steelysilence: He felt the heat rise and sizzle and grinned in excitement. A swish of long black hair and his hand slipped. They all saw the mini explosion and his burnt hair that followed, emitting sparks. She, however, smiled apologetically. He might suck at one type of chemistry but the other one made up for it.

From @swaravali: My Chemistry teacher in grade 9 was a smart young guy. All the girls would vie for his attention. Someone would spill the acid, another would mix the wrong solutions all so he would come to their rescue. He kept his cool in the midst of all the pandemonium. He had able lab attendants.

From @IndianIdle: He didn't like the potions before he got that magical Gothic book. Like a spell he was amazed by the unusual methods and wonders. He learned and took the same path and made mends in his fields. He never found that book in libraries nor about the author. Still sometimes Sherlock Holmes thought who was Nicholas Flamel.

From @Sahilbulla:


Understanding the chemistry between people is simple. Every person is a volatile liquid who possesses unique properties and formula, constantly combining and reacting with others. Some reactions basic while some quite acidic. However we only long for that one other liquid, the one who can help them avoid the problem and together become a solution.

From @Gaaliman: Your sight soothed my parched vision; your fragrance triggered my olfaction; your smoky voice, echoed through my heart; your warm touch, was tender love. You sparked in me, a reaction, a lethal concoction of emotions, something so intense that I couldn't handle. You were my opiate, I was high on you. You were my dopamine.

From @sahilk: Sulphuric acid and water, mentos and coke – they are chemistry experiments for kids. That’s what I learnt on my Europe trip. The ones with a better taste of experiments go to Fat Duck or Noma. Style, flamboyance. Whipped pork fat with apple aquavit and scratchings. Goodness. Dad shouldn’t find out that’s what I ate.

From @anushreekejriwa: Mixing was her passion and hence she chose chemistry in high school to experiment with chemical mixing. The smell of acids attracted her and compelled her to work towards inventions. She burnt her hand with concentrated acid one day and developed a phobia. Not giving up on her passion she now experiments with bases.

From @Freelosopher: He was a bright kid who always stood first in class. Science being his favorite subject, he would participate in and win every science exhibition and quiz. The teachers loved him and he was much admired for his intelligence. He went by the name of Chetan Mistry, more famous amongst his friends as 'Chemistry'.

From @sumitrai100: Poor Birju had finally bought a frock for her little Munni. How content he was. Good crops had yielded him sufficient money. Ammonium Nitrate felt proud on his little contribution to crops. The joy was ephemeral. Five blasts rocked Delhi.30 died, 130 injured. How ashamed NH4NO3 was on this feat. No one asked about his feelings.

From @TheOtherBanana: She got up and wriggled into her clothes while he watched. She was in such a hurry that she didn’t even bother to bid him goodbye. He knew he meant nothing to her. Their night together was devoid of anything remotely resembling emotion. Their chemistry lab encounter was meaningless. The irony wasn’t lost on him.

From @swatiitweet: It happened almost everyday. She cleaned them carefully under the tap water and put on her glasses. She cried as she cut through them or as she peeled back the skin. Yet, it was important for her to add them in every meal. She knew it was chemistry with the sulfuric acid of her onions.

From @irrationalnumb: “You and I will be like concentrated sulfuric acid and potassium permanganate. Every time we’d meet would be a subtle reaction with immense heat and passion that’s invisible to the eye”, K said proposing her. “I’m tempted but I worry about the explosive Manganese heptoxide that the reaction would produce” she smiled and walked away.

From @akshayabansal: Made for each other, they were inseparable. He was her pillar of strength, she looked out for him. They could rely on each other, he knew what pleased her, she made waffles for him. Love, laced their banter, but things were left unsaid. He loved her, but for her, he was just a dear friend.

From @randomWhiz: We talk in enclosed messages, this friend and I, about the most random things. Met almost by accident, yet the interactions so perfect, it might've been deliberate. The yin, the yang, the black, the white, all in perfect balance as we communicate. The right chemistry this is, conversations with this friend. Nothing should change.

From @MinolAjekar: Anya held her trophy high and her eyes met her Dad’s moist eyes, shimmering with pride. The youngest woman to be awarded, in the male dominated field of Acid-Alkali Analysis. The day her Dad brought her that “Chemistry Made Fun” board game was the day she declared I will be a scientist. Child’s play no-more.

From @SugarsNSpice: Merriment was our quotient even as books called forth. We were buffoons in our own times trapped among X-rays and messy dissections. Then, test tubes busted among slap pats in chemistry labs. I giggled watching your appalled visages’. We whispered in silent corners to share secrets. Dancing to tune of our own, we strengthened bonds.

From @vagabondinact: Irritated, she turned the pages of her book. Frowning, he sat their wondering what his girl had meant by “chemistry missing”. She asked him why understanding organic chemistry was difficult. Deep in his thoughts of reviving his lost physical chemistry with his girl, he ignored his sister’s predicament, until her chemistry book thumped his head.

From @ritukarthik:

I sat down, to interview him:

It was a mistake you see.
The explosion, it was awful.
It blew the building apart.
Into a million pieces he said.
If I had been alive, I dont think you would have found even a finger.
They call it spontaneous combustion. However, leave that for another day.

From @theslumdawg: Chemistry? For me, It was the way two individuals relate to each other. For her, It was the chemical composition and properties of an object.
"Our chemistry was wrong from the beginning, We hated each other."

From @WickdWeirdWitch: Finally the duo were alone at home. She looked into his melting brown eyes & he held her gaze. He pulled at her stray hair & she leaned towards him & kissed him. Suddenly he twitched a wee bit & sighed. She said, "Time to change his diaper!"The mother-son chemistry was just electric!

From @kunalbaidmehta: Rajan was confused. He asked Sanjeev with a puzzled look "Please explain this article. 'Shahid Kapoor and Nargis seen together in Goa! The chemistry between them was evident.' How can that be? When two people come closer, it's the force of attraction. That's physics and not chemistry. Isn't it Dad?" Sanjeev didn't have an answer.

From @rocker_chd: Love indulgence and complex chemistry of relationships had knocked him down. Like a wind he would drift from one lane to another. Until there was a reaction with her spontaneous smile and his heart glowed. Until now their chemistry is just fine...

From @salonitia: Both the countries obviously had some chemistry between them. But, they were always at loggerheads with each other, always. What could be done to solve this....we had cricket matches, movies, music and fashion shows together, now what? Nothing, just let the hostility exist, for without them both will just have no chemistry between them.

From @HelenofAhoy: 11th grade. Ryan was my lab partner. He was dumb, I was smart. He was cute, I was not. He didn't get his chemistry journal one day. He asked,"Can we share?" I felt chemistry, he meant chemistry.

From @rbd_sqrl: Three creatures sat in a circle. Throwing in ingredients and muttering spells beneath their breaths. They used their chemistry to conjure spirits and to foretell events to come. The venomous cocktail had foretold the arrival of the king. The once thane of Glamis was on his way. Preparations were to be made. The chants continued.

From @ThWanderingSoul: The only chemistry she knew about was the one that existed in relationships. She was the girl they eyed in the bar. She laced their drinks with lust. She played with their hearts like a vixen. Now her face is veiled with bitterness. They say her lover cheated on her. Beauty is a bitch.

From @_Nehu: Chemistry between her and boss was perfect. He would appraise her, allow her to leave early. Timely bonus, incentives, promotions, everyone in office use to envy her. She was beautiful, sexy and charming. She was his fantasy till date a new girl arrived in his team. For her life changed, for him it’s same.

From Ruby Mathew: It was the last dance performance for the day. Everything was perfect. The costume, choreography, song selection, their moves… There was only one thing lacking – Chemistry between them which once upon a time worked wonders. Divorce had culminated the eternal bond of togetherness and ultimately it was the end of their magical performance.

From @TheGhostWriterr: I sat beside them in a café & yet didn’t see the chemistry, the blushing, the meeting of their eyes & soft embraces. It was only when my wife left me, I had understood that he had fallen for her all women’s soft-ball team mate & deserted me for her. Love can happen to anyone!

From @roshd: She was 27, he was 40 and divorced with two kids. She was a khandaani successful actress while he was the scion of an erstwhile royal family and an average actor. They shared an amazing chemistry. It was not evident on screen. All their movies together bombed. Maybe it was time to marry he thought.

From @floydianbrahman: It was the last day of school. Four years they sat in the same class, sharing the same notes, laughing at the same jokes, eyeing one another. Hesistation, maybe trepidation. Not today. The lab was at the farthest end of campus. Time lost its meaning. Love bubbled over a long walk to the chemistry class.

From @Gods_Evangelos: Her English was pathetic. She had long hairs. The last benchers made the class a canteen by filling up the benches with packet foods and cold drinks. The moment she turned to teach, everyone was like munching and chattering making the class a café. It was a nice memorable time spent though in 12th Std.

From @shivangiyadav: Periodic sounds of whoosh emanated from the room. Every possible shelf housed beakers, filled with liquids of varied hues. He whistled as the solution turned perfect red. Even after all these years, this made his heart sing. It was normal work day for Cupid. After all, love was nothing but a chemical reaction.

From @bitchwanti: Acid. He put a drop on the mouse in the box. It looked back pleading as its fur burnt. He smiled. He would burn Aradhana's beautiful face tomorrow. That's what he had spent his life studying chemistry for. Revenge. "How dare his mother run away with another man", snarled the 13-year-old.

From @whimsytales: Neither the roses, nor the texts. Neither the closeness, nor the sex. Neither that white shirt, nor that signature cologne. Not even those million conversations on their outdated phones. It's how he completed her, how he knew every expression she wore. She wont miss him much, it's the chemistry she'll miss so much more.

From @lady_shweta: I want to be loved, inside and out, rape my soul, tear me, take away my thoughts but love me. And today i feel so high, like a bird, i can fly freely in the sky.." She jumped off from the high rise building and died. She failed in chemistry and psychedelic chemistry took away her life.

From @ipurplicious: "Aye, you! Stop making noise up there. I'm trying to sleep!", said Roentgenium. "Aye ji, suntey ho, let's get our own place & end this daily drama", Gold said to Silver. Platinum PoinTed & laughed at lonely Mercury who was busy stealing you from flats 112 to 118 to get a HuG. No chemistry anywhere.

From @Life_ambiguous:

Anuradha: "Doctor says I have a problem. And I am imagining that your mother wants to kill me."

Raman: "She doesn’t."

Anuradha: "But I saw her hiding the knife?"

He was looking far away from the window.

Raman: "It’s due to faulty brain chemistry."

His mother entered his room, “Whom are you talking to son?”

From @alksmehta: Mohit and Tanvi's eyes met, time froze.They could feel their hearts connect instantly. The countless meetings brought flood of ecstacy,bestowing passion and different hues of love.Forty years of companionship turned fatal with an accident but in their deathbeds the chemistry between them was still like the fusion of two but one indivisible soul.

From @abstractions_: Adiya was sitting in the front row of the college auditorium at her daughter Nidhi's annual cultural show where she was to perform. Nostalgia had gripped him. He had atteded same college. The place hasnt changed much, Aditya thouht to himself. Same night Nidhi got award from Miss Banerjee, his chmistry professor and first crush.

From @Baba_Bakwaas: They were together for 62 years now and still spent each day, like it was their first. They could barely walk, but together they’d travelled miles. They grew fond of each other every passing day and couldn’t stay off each others’ arms for a moment. They’d kept their love, their romance, their chemistry alive !

From @JaaTeri: Trust me, Chemistry must be a female. After school I thought we'd broken-up, but it would'nt let me go. Every time I fell in love, Chemistry would do wonders initially. Just then this J chemistry would disappear. Then? Another break up. It happened with Ruhi, Juhi, Mona & Lisa. So, Chemistry & I? It's complicated!

From @rinashah: She was a research scientist and kept experimenting with chemicals and studying chemical reactions. She also knew water compositions and different states of water in different temperatures. She had also read on how humans could survive in ice cold water. That is why she could survive from hypothermia that she got in that rafting accident.

From @oxymoronic_me: She entered the well-known coffeehouse. The aroma of coffee permeating all around her. But no. Today was not the day for coffee. She ordered the much talked-about strawberry smoothie. Sitting in the corner she sipped the pink drink. Little knowing, that it was all a part of chemistry with the cochineal beetles extract at Starbucks.

From @ladyclonidine: They didn’t see it like she did, the delicious complexity. How bonds could break and be established. New entities formed that could play havoc or heal. Precise moment, when perfect crystals of wondrous colours and shapes were borne. Tricky groups that could impart shocking behavior. The heat, the energy, sublime. Organic Chemistry, her true love.

From @VBPJS: "How will I know unless you tell it?" Her friend appeared to be ignorant. "Didn't you notice our behaviour?" He reiterated. Though the chemistry was evident, it was the words that mattered to her friend. This was his last chance. He was left with no option but to take the difficult decision of speaking out.

From @OhTeri_: "Chemistry; mystery which nobody knows, once the reaction completes, the history unfolds." Similar were the stories of Chandan and Sunaina. Nobody knew why they were always together. Some doubted they were dating. Some thought they were just flirting. Little did they know, they were meant to be soul-mates post-DEATH. Together, with an accident they met.

From @kaloladeep: It was the time when everyone had their self deception against both of them, The reason was their chemistry, But they both knew that they are not made for each other, after words they decided to be apart and make good chemistry, The result was girl topped in the subject and boy found someone special.

From @writingchalk: Open air makes me claustrophobic. When I’m with you though, in that small, round tube of a place, there is a sense of tranquillity. That’s when I know – I don’t have to explode in anger. The very scent of oxygen hurts me, so I need to be with you forever, Kerosene. With love, from Sodium.

From @drun007: Ashok was out and out an arts student. Parental pressure got him specializing in science. He hated everything about his class - lectures, lab, projects, except Sharanya. He put up with it all only to woo her. She finally fell for him. Final year results were out. Ashok flunked in all subjects, except Chemistry !

From @dhavalmehtas: "went to coffee shop for relief.had ordered cappuccino.there were just one couple in the coffee shop.was about to finish my last sip,she entered (seated two tables far from me)took the menu started flipping it.meantime that couple started fighting.(can't they do fight at their home)at same time she looked up at me and smiled as she got me. Chemistry I said :-)"

From @tweettabulous: They met through a matrimonial site and started talking to each other. Thoughts matched and so did their passions in life. After months of social networking, they decided to meet and seal this bond. They met at the bar, smiled lovingly, held hands and instantly knew they were destined to be just good friends.

From @ghaatidancer: He combed the last strand of hair into place and took one last look in the mirror. He went down the stairs and held his mother's hand as they walked next door. It was her 10th birthday and the day he'd follow his brother's advice and tell her he thought they ''had chemistry''.

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