Monday, March 19, 2012

Theme 24 - Job/Work

From @Itemboi: At 72, she still has the charisma of a diva. The entire gathering stands up to give respect to the body of work of the lifetime achievement award winner. Holding the microphone with her frail hands, she sighs and says, “Firstly, I’d like to thank my mother for teaching me how to give good blowjobs.”

From @vagabondinact: L’s office was plush. P’s makeshift. L sought and perused ‘clients’. P did too. L’s clientele was ‘elite’; they wore dark suits you see. P’s were ‘shady’. The elite paid L for ‘servicing’; P too was paid for ‘servicing’. L and P both earned commissions. L called himself a Lobbyist; P was just a Pimp.

From @michramiah: For decades she has strolled through the narrow aisles, selecting random books. Between assisting avid readers, she escapes to the world inside the pages. At night, she sleeps on the carpet by her desk. She could never leave this place. A world unlike those depicted in the stories, the real world, would destroy the librarian.

From @Freelosopher: His was an unconventional job. No pay. You could call him a slave. He'd have to scour through different forests at any time, day or night. It would always be dark there. He’d brush aside carcasses of dead, white creatures regularly. The worst part was combing through unfamiliar terrain; the black forest of an unknown human head.

From Koquettish: She walked through the dark alley looking for him over her shoulder repeatedly. This was a different kind of anticipation, not one of fear but rather a certain longing. She needed a kiss that would bring her back to life. He saw her wait and then thought shyly, this looks like a job for Spiderman.

From @nishant_kaushik: The wiry lad laboured over his banjo, regaling us with his music till he was awarded with a cup of yogurt for a hard day’s work. Someone knocked him over, denying him his square meal. He fervently brought out his banjo again, and smiled wryly on hearing a customer mope over a jaded job.

From @gauravjagwani: I splashed some water on my face. It was time for my morning shift. Got dressed up and walked outside. As I walked, I saw many a stranger heading to their respective workplaces. That day, I did not work. I wanted to take it easy. I walked back home. Being a wanderer is awesome.

From @pbkulkarni: He pinged her on messenger in office "What are you working on?" She replied "Building a report. Why?" The chatting session continued for some more time. Suddenly she asked "but why are you pinging me on messenger when you are sitting right beside me?" He said "This way we can pretend we are working"

From @Irrationalnumb: Heart surgeon by the day and serial killer by the night, he ate as many hearts as the number of surgeries. “My job is to maintain balance”. He was lying in his deathbed and the balance sheet read +1. He punched a hole in his chest but found no heart. The world remained imbalanced.

From @The_Lie_Lama: "Do not come upstairs, I'll handle them", said the brave soldier before being shot from back and succumbing to his injuries. It was his 'job'. Least the chief minister could do was attend his funeral, but it wasn't his 'job'. RIP Sandeep Unnikrishnan. Get a life Achuthanand.

From @RadhikaMohandas: Alarm clocks. Rickshaw-strikes. Crowded trains. Stuck elevators. Lecherous watchmen. Borrowed pens. Forgotten mails. Gtalk. We talk. Office couples. Deadlines. Dead-meat. Tissues. Menu cards. Cigarette butts. Locked doors. Con calls. Post-its. Desk-wars. Passwords. Contracts. Lost pens. Losing minds. Losing faith. Sarcasm. Lunches. Making eyes. No cute guys. Air kisses. Lipstick traces. Cheque? Cashed. Another day, survived.

From @thebongbabe: Married for three years, they seemed the perfect couple. But their lavish home hid a story. Of his torrid affair with her best friend; and the bitterness of betrayal she carried within. They executed the motions of marriage perfectly. But this relationship was now a chore, to be ticked off on their daily to-do list.

From @AbhiandNow: He shuffled through the jobs. He hated them and the sight of people working for no reason except some money. He hated people working devoid of passion; imitating a dull motion without any notion. He left it all to embrace the beautiful poverty; now, every day he fulfills his passion, in his own unique way.

From @Gods_Evangelos:“Can I come in Sir?” I asked. Yes come in, come in please have a seat. So tell me about yourself. I just gave a dim introduction. So why call centre? I replied: “Sir, I want to try something new in this vacation period” I said. Okay we will pay you 2000 more than you expect.

From @IndianIdle: She was unmistakably the hottest of the feminine pack in the bar. She was in a crisp formal dress, that made her more desired. Chatting with her I though I had the clear shot to score today."What do you do?" I asked. "I give jobs". "Consultancy?". "Nah,Blowjobs. Name your price."

From @BziB: She waited impatiently for the light to turn, the traffic a snarling dragon belching noxious fumes. Settle down, she chided herself, you cannot mess this up. She crossed the road and walked in, cool air welcoming her. Calm enveloped her. She knew then she’d be alright. This job was hers, her ticket out of hell.

From @Marwaari: Its pitch dark out here. No water and nothing to eat. Its already been 36 hours since the entrapment. No help had reached yet. "paanch sau ek ka prasad chadaunga yahan se nikalte hi " Ramlal said. "main apne liye nayi naukri dhundunga" I managed to say. Life of a daily wage worker in coal mines.

From @anushreekejriwa: With so many difficulties around, she always wanted to work and free herself from the shackles of repression. She prayed and worked towards a job with beauty, benefit and good. She created values at workplace and emanated positivity. Situations were adverse at times but she sailed through. She now shines bright like a sun.

From @mental_Aunty: 5 in the morning, do all the chores, slog till midnight, make ends meet. Alone in the big bad city, support the family, hate the work given to me. I wish I could just study like the other kids, I wish I too had a childhood. "Chhottu Chaii kaun layega? Tera baap?", a man yells.

From @lady_shweta: She made a meal fit for the kings & the master chef judges loved her. "Anita...where is the file ?" a thunderous voice boomed in her ears. Snapped out of her dream, she started working again. Were day dreaming a paid job, she would have been the richest woman in the world.

From @realfartshady: A bungled magician advertised a job vacancy in the newspaper. WANTED: Assistant to fill recently vacated position. Female in early twenties with a theatrical background. Must be energetic, dedicated, homely with provoking outfits, knife throwing flim-flam and very late nights. Acquaintance with first aid, CPR and expertise in removing blood stains from sheets is a bonus.

From @theaceofspade_: He lit a cigarette and looked at her again. Wrapped in blankets, sleeping like a child. Beautiful, Innocent. No loose ends. He reminded himself. He had secured all the info to get job done. His Latest Job: Her father. The Assassin checked the Gun, drew a long puff and pulled the trigger. He walked out.

From @sohamsabnis: Right from swipe in to swipe out, life is full of music. At work, I hear clock ticking, irrespective whether it is showing IST or EST! This fades away, when I start typing, often hitting backspace key. I hear high heel shoes punishing the floor, Coffee vending machine too, is on a song today.

From @whimsytales: It was the day she had been setting reminders of. First date, you see. She had even bought a dress. Staring at the clock, she pictured him and the candle-lit dinner table. Just as she was leaving her desk, the phone rang. "Stay back. Important meeting!” said her boss and disconnected. "Sonovabitch ", she murmured.

From @vivekisms: The factory-worker was on the night-shift. He hadn’t spoken with his wife in five days. She worked as a receptionist for a conglomerate. He came home. She had gone for work. She returned. They smiled. She went to sleep on his side, feeling his warmth and tenderness through the sheets.

From @abhikbee: My knees cave at the altar. The clock strikes twelve. Mid day traffic drowns my thoughts. A black bird flies over the rafters. I light my cigarette. I walk and I cry. “Double whisky please”. No time to cry. Under eye makeup and I’m at work. I’m no longer dissatisfied with my job. I’m indifferent.

From @JaaaChudail: She sat on her bed, pleasured to an intensity which she had never achieved. Sticky and wet, the juices flowed down her fingers. She licked it all up and sucked on it a little while more. Finally exhausted, she lay down and waited for sleep to come. 5-year-old Mary had just blow-jobbed a lollipop.

From @sahilk: When I grow up, I don’t want to work here. With the massive roads and super highways, the only time there’s a traffic jam is on weekend evenings or when there’s a check-post. I want to be able to use traffic as a valid excuse when my boss asks me why I’m late for work.

From @ToobaFazlani: Killing people. That's what his work, his job was. He earned his daily bread by killing them if they fail to repay his master's loans. He didn't want to but he had no other option. He felt like a monster, so he did what seemed sensible enough. His last breath was a sigh of relief. He accompalished his work.

From @SpinandSwirl: Faraway dreams, interrupted. No wonder the word 'alarmed' denotes danger. The bed, my magnet. Heading to work, battling the practicality of life. The boss drones on. Yawns demonstrate our enthusiasm. Then, he walks in. Crisp shirt, damp hair. The old-school cologne wakes me up quicker than caffeine. The next morning, I wake, before the alarm.

From @Dimaagi_Keeda: The Amphitheatrum Flavium was full. Emperor Aurelius was perched on his throne. The crowd was electric and buzzing with what was to come. Aurelius had announced a new sport to keep the people entertained. A Royal Bengal tiger was tied at each corner. Hungry. Restless. Aurelius’ usher then called out “Bring the Gladiators in”

From @roshd: “What do you do John?” Ted asked. They were meeting after twenty years. “Oh, I work as an escort”, John replied with a wink, “No woman who has gone out with me has ever turned back”. Ted looked at him in admiration which would’ve diminished considerably if he knew that John was a hearse driver.

From @Kneeche: It was perfect. He had love, he had friends, a loving family and all a man needed. Superficial happiness. Fulfilling. What he lacked was a lot of money, and the perfect job. Slow, they called him career-wise. Nobody knew what he desired. What he eyed were the worldly pleasures, the finer lifestyle. Like a boss!

From @wekneweachother: He: “But you’re just sitting at home reading fancy books on Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo and Diane Arbus; and making paintings that are so abstract I’m utterly speechless and disgusted! I don’t care how much you’re selling them for. It’s over!” She: “All that is my sacred art work. I’m glad ‘us’ is over.”

From @moonsez: She wiped his face and fluffed his pillow before laying him back gently on the bed. As she turned to go, he held her hand looked into her eyes and mumbled incoherently. She read the deep gratitude in his eyes and smiled reassuringly. It’s days like this that made her back-breaking job worthwhile.

From @sukhkarni: He accidentally broke the glasses. Scared, sweating, breathless, he hid under a table. Suddenly, someone pulled him by his hair. A monstrous devilish face! A punch in the nose and he started bleeding. The hands carved soft enough to etch future for themselves, were getting rusted in washing dishes and labor work.

From @bitchwanti: Toiling away. Flying in all weathers - rain, sun or freezing cold. He drank blood in every shade of red. Many times, he lost his life at work. His wife extracted revenge with a single lethal bite. Malaria turned into a plague. It was the mighty mosquitoes’ job to show humans who the boss was.

From Proteem Bhaduri: She tapped her feet a tad pensively as the Head-hunter in the immaculate business suit pored over her extensive resume. She had answered all his questions with the ease and confidence born of years of experience. ‘I’m impressed’, he finally pronounced. And then proceeded to lop her head off with a machete.

From @awsmbong: Still unemployed. Been weeks. No calls. Bored. He was just about to sit on the bogs, the phone rang. He’s now employed. Oh! The thrill of employment. A freeman! Or was he? Nevertheless happy, can pay bills, again. Your job is exactly who you are. Relish every moment of it. Also, “Salary has been credited.”

From sshweta93: Another call out. An unusual cacophony which customers uttered to signal him; the waiter. Diligently, he performed his routine. Serving dishes, cleaning stains off tables. At night, his urge would surface again. The urge to learn; to study. But little Gopal would repress his desires. He was bound by labour. He was trapped in this job.

From @EatTweetBlog: First day at her new job, and she wasn't excited. Going down on her knees to please her client, made her teary eyed. It was the exact opposite of what she had always dreamt of, her man going down on his knee with a solitaire. She held her tears back and continued with her work.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: She entered the room unable to breathe. It was dark. But she needed this job. After a course in computers, she’d left home to find a job here, in one of the most talked about organizations ever. She needed the money. She crept in quietly and began undressing, as a tear escaped her mesmerizing eyes.

From @jhanvidhawan: In red lipstick and a shiny velvety kinky dress she ran upstairs because she was late from her work and her 10 year old was hungry. The child looked at the lady in an inglorious manner. She wiped her makeup, covered her body with a shawl and with tears tickling down her cheeks, started cooking.

From @Oven_Tikka: She swallowed her shriek of horror as his plane twisted and turned in the sky. “I hate his job” she mumbled under her breathe. “OMG you’re married to a fighter pilot? That is *so* cool” gushed the excited teenager next to her. “You’re so lucky to live life on the edge.” She just smiled quietly.

From @_PWN: Four years, eight semesters, one degree, hundreds of memories. We set adrift, with a degree for a sail and lots of nerve for oars. Soon, we climbed our separate mountain, walked through a different desert and eventually we must find an ocean in the vast global waters of work, job, career and the worldly domains.

From @akshayabansal: The neon lights bounced off her glittered body. She gyrated to the beats as prying eyes devoured every inch of her skin. Her heady perfume lingered in the dense air as she shed her clothes without a care. Selling your soul was a requisite for this job, as ravenous souls frequented this seedy spot.

From @ChhotaRecharge: I knocked, he beckoned, I entered and he smiled. That one moment… that one smile…I still have it pictured in my heart. What if he is my boss? What if he is married? Not that I'm getting ambitious; no, ofcourse not! But all work and no Uday, really make office a very dull place ;-)

From @ChotaaPacket: Yamini is 18 and has been working for a month now. This is her first job. Today is going to be hectic but she will manage. After a quick shower, she wears a pretty dress, her hair pulled back. Then hurriedly, she goes to work at begum's brothel. A job not by chance but choice.

From @sumitrai100: Today also Henry couldn't get a job.Lack of money had made him look like an urchin.This didn't bother him so much as the thought of going home and seeing his children empty-handed.Joseph couldn't understand his inability to buy his medicines.Emily didn't have a proper frock.He felt ashamed.Tears rolled down his eyes.

From @Wankatesh: This was the creepiest job interview she had ever conducted. The man, who sat across the table from her, couldn’t take his eyes off her chest. ‘Excuse me’, she said, ‘but, what are you staring at?’ He looked at her eyes for the first time and said, ‘I’m just wondering what your heart tastes like.’

From @nimue_: To wait , and try not to make someone wait; To listen even when you want silence around, To speak when you wish not to share your words, To look your best and accept his worst gladly, If Love was all this, she thought it was 24X7 job. Until she met him.

From @meetumeetu: Shaqina had turned into that rare breed of Monday-lovers. Mondays guaranteed minimum interaction with known people for five whole days. She loved guessing what her first patient would be like, always a tad disappointed to see a known face. It spoiled her mental game, her morning ritual. New emotionally troubled people were exciting puzzles.

From @BreezyBeer: He got a job. “I’m proud of you,” said his dad. “Hope you progress a lot.” His mom said. “CHAL DAARU PEETEIN HAIN,” were the words of his friends. He lost his job. “Don’t worry, you’ll get another,” said his dad. “That job was bad.” His mom said. “CHAL DAARU PEETEIN HAIN.” His friends said.

From @ajinkye: We sat quiet, sipping corona and thinking of future. Once again we had been rejected. “Only if I had better grades; only if I have studied.” I cursed myself. Just then a stupid joke by someone, fountain of laughter and beer spilling out of the mouth. “Damn! Do hell with your job; I’ve a life.”

From @kunalbaidmehta: "My job sucks man!" said Divakar while gulping his peg of whiskey. "Yeah man! Crazy hours, pathetic pay and a moron boss" chipped in Tulika. While heading home, they saw an old man without legs, at the signal and Rhea spoke "He is working in this condition, at this hour and we complain our work sucks!"

From @captain_speakin: It was 4 am and she was ready to leave. She quickly looked into the mirror, adjusted the epaulets on her shoulders, picked her bag and kissed the guy sleeping on the bed. He asked groggily “why do you work so hard now, you have everything you ever wanted?” “Cause it makes me feel alive” she smiled.

From @SugarsNSpice: It was one of those callous afternoons at work when the summer was affecting the vivaciousness in me. Abruptly, the boss’ voice almost woke me up from the secret nap. I was still playing with the affectations of my hair when I saw him. Then, in an instant, violins started playing in flirtatious office smiles.

From @abstractions_: He started writing, “Working is not just earning bread and making big in life, in the process you discover yourself and life’s mysteries stands explained. Self discovery goes a long way in building character out of us. I came with qualification, leaving with experience….” It was Mr. Naik’s last day in office, 36 years later.

From @EternalScrewUp: Years ago, my friend once told me he wanted to become Batman when he grew up. I laughed. Surprisingly, he did grow-up to work as Batman for Christopher Nolan. Sent me mail yesterday saying "BC ab hass le." God knows I miss being friends with Christian Bale n HELL I WANT A JOB THAT COOL.

From @khatteemithi: She: Mr. Mukherjee, I appreciate your help with our event. He: No problem at all. (Sipping tea) So, I guess you must be graduating soon? She: Would you know some suitable job opening for me? He: Oh yes, I do have one in mind. Dad finishes the story throwing a cheeky grin at Ma.

From @theslumdawg: I was in 10th std. Board exams were around. Dad had Asthma, He was unable to work. My mom was working as a maid. I was bad at Math. Someone suggested, “Join XYZ tuition by paying Rs. 150.” which I didn't have. As soon my exams were over, I gave an interview & started working.

From @tunnvi: My dearest son, Do it for them. They provided you with everything you needed to the best of their abilities. They deserve it. Work hard. Do NOT settle for anything less than amazing. You have it in you. This is all the motivation you need. Do it for me. Do it for yourself. Love, Mother

From @Life_ambiguous:Centuries ago when humans started civilization they had only few natural things to do- eating, drinking, mating and procreating. There was plenty of time left. They invented me, the concept of work, to structure their free time. Slowly they progressed. Times changed. Now the situation is reversed. This how I was born and I ruled.

From @aaroo4: The day dawns with the To Do list that stares at me like the rays of the sun I sneaks in through the window crack . Alas, with every passing minute, I feel the glares till I attack and conquer them all. I wipe it clean with a grin on my face only to remember tomorrow awaits!

From @SomyaSingh24: It was 1993. Ramu woke up every morning and went to work. Stink, filth and muck were his children, apart from seven others. “Government passes The Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act”. Ramu lost his job. The Act posed a question on his existence. Who would sweep their poop henceforth?

From @caramelwings: A beautiful morning, a clear blue sky, and this peaceful silence is pierced with the sunlight, revealing on ground the shadows of birds high up in the air. I notice a line of thin Stratus as I roll gently through the taxiway. Holding short of the runway, I think, “I have the best job ever”.

From @reyshunkah: Her 'modern' mother smiled indulgently at her ambition of being a chef. Her 'modern' family seemed all too agreeable, as she completed her degree in Culinary Arts. Five years down the line, her baby cried in its bassinet and the pressure cooker whistled angrily. This would be the only job their ‘modernity’ would allow her.

From @textuallyhorny: He met her at the hotel lobby. Spark occured. Love happened, probably. They went into their rooms. Sex followed, maddening. The night passed by in a flash. Next morning, while leaving she crossed his path again, exchanged glances. It was just another night at work. They will come back tonight again but, different rooms.

From @dinkypinkybrain: No, it's not working. Broken. Hear. The crack of a wooden trapeze. A juggler on a tight rope. Snap. The strings have come apart. Torches burn. War cries are hurled. The silky fabric of society. Pinpricked. Tumble down a rabbit hole. Work up the courage to first stop. Acknowledge. Lend your tools. And mend it.

From @drun007: She just.......Ensured everyone started their schedule on-time. Managed finances & accounts. Maintained the home & the people in it. Did the purchases. Organized events. Planned travel & logistics. Forget not the catering. She is 65 and continues to do it all & more. Yeah, my mom never had a real job !!!

From @OhTeri_: It was too hot that day. He packed the bag with books and notebooks. Put all the stationery; took the water-bottle and rushed downstairs. "Malkin, baby ka tiffin de dijiye, school jaane ko der ho jayega." Carried everything to school, to the class. "Kaash, main bhi school jaa pataa !" But, he had to earn. WORK.

From @tweettabulous: Vaibhav was born with a silver spoon. Work for him was an extension of home and a daylight party. His undeserving persona and lack of worth ethics was abhorred. When the old man was cheated of his wealth, he died of shock. Today, we welcome Vaibhav into our slave lives… Sincerely employees.

From @chaitanya_13: He wondered why he was all alone; searching for solace when he started to think what went wrong. He realized he wasn’t earning to live but was living to earn. He sighed and wiped a tear when he realized he left his home, his parents, his love and family just to work like a slave.

From @thebigdowg: I gave them love; they chose to hate. I gave them family; they chose to run away. I gave them happiness; they chose to sulk. I gave them friends; they chose betrayal. I gave them everything; they pissed it all away. It’s tough being a God for these assholy humans. And yet, I keep trying.

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