Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Theme 32 - Holiday/Vacation

From @Abhiandnow: “We are on a vacation, going somewhere we don’t know. Who cares, we are on our own. We’ve this minibus, and we’re off to find happiness. We’re drunk, we’re drugged, we’re on a vacation.” Those were his last words before he hit the car and killed a family. He’s going on a long vacation today.

From @tropicalanda: "No more; no more will my spirit be crushed and patched up. No more will I travel to the edge, only to be dragged back by energy so irresistibly pleasing and yet so vice.” There it was when standing on the deck of a cruise ship I opened my laptop and typed, “I resign”. Send

From @gauravjagwani: They were having issues. Constant fighting. The mind was never made up. What made it worse was that there was no middle ground. One said work is important. The other said play. It was never going to be work and play. One day, he ignored the voices in his head and went on a break.

From @SteelySilence: It was her first vacation abroad when she met him. They ate, drank, travelled and eventually slept together. The next week, she left for home without any promises of another meeting, disappointing him. “How was your vacation” her husband asked as she unpacked. “A journey into an alternate universe” she replied with a mysterious smile.

From @MitigatedLying: All she needed was a break with someone who was around but didn't have a say. A peaceful place with lingering silence. A loved one she could count on with her dark secrets and sinful deeds. She needed a holiday. She opened the drawer and took out the syringe. Nothing better than a good-ol' drug.

From @ToobaFazlani: The last vacation he'd been to Simla. He found her there. Beautiful, charming, elegant, flawless. Love at first sight! She worked at the local grocery. At night, when he went to talk to her, what he saw was heart-breaking. There by the corner of the building was his girl in torn clothes, bleeding to death.

From @IndianIdle: Rajat came home from office, tired and bathing in sweat. His brother Pinak was lying on the sofa watching TV with a beer in hand. ”What did you do whole day, lazy ass?” “Nothing chilled at home, bunked today” said Pinak. Rajat kicked him mockingly. He missed a holiday in disguise.

From @zushk: The golf buggy dropped us off. The first thing we did was jump into the abnormally large pool. Three hours later, we were cycling down the green slopes with water-logged ears. Dinner was a late, long affair that night, under Orion the Hunter. Nobody would have guessed that we were meeting after 11 long years.

From @wekneweachother: In the flight to Hamilton during Christmas, our son innocently asked: ‘Mom, what’s that smell?’ Puzzled, I turned to him and he yelled: ‘Smells horrible!’ I looked at my husband to check his expression if he’d farted but he seemed OK. I looked at my mother-in-law seated beside our son and she winked at me.

From @drun007: @drun007: Aman planned this perfect holiday ten years back. He never had time for a vacation. There was always work. Now living his dream he thought about his parents who were no more, kids who preferred being with friends, siblings & friends and their own lives. Looking into Neha's eyes, he saw his life so imperfect.

From @QuratZafar: For thirty years Ghulam Rasool worked, hoping that one day the pension would afford him and his wife a vacation. When he finally sent his son to collect the money, he brought home a gold set for his wife. He said his parents were almost dead: they might as well give something to their children.

From @rootkanal: She laughed, I grinned. She ran across the pristine beach with her long, flowing dress flying behind her. I followed. She promised me the world. I knew her's was here. She swam towards the sunset, her eyes asked me to follow. As I watched the waves embrace her, I knew my vacation romance had ended.

From @unendingquest: That unexplainable vacation she took to her dream destination with strangers. Bizarre and Astonishing. She saw someone getting mugged, someone drowning, someone dying, someone traumatized, that fear in someone's eyes, crying and shattered souls. She saw more than she signed for. But she met LIFE. She initiated her quest for soul searching and humble living.

From @roshd: It was the most mind-blowing sex she had with him in two years, while vacationing in Kodaikanal. Rajan had ended his affair with that bitch Renu and Shirley was glad to have him completely to herself. Eyes closed, Rajan wondered if he would be able to make love to his wife without fantasizing about Renu.

From @Realfartshady: "Oh-Oh!” yelled mom as she saw the weather update on her phone. "It's gonna rain on Sunday, our barbecue plans are spoiled!" "Calm down." I told her. "I'll wind away all the mist with my huge propeller." On Sunday, my propeller bulldozed earth into a different orbit, which even scientists from NASA couldn't do.

From @swaravali: At the peak of winter we got into our suv, heater on, hot chocolate, some lovely music. The overnight drive took us to our destination. The sun peaking through the fog took our breath away. We walked around the whole day, drove back home all night. Are holidays merely about the location and duration?

From @michramiah: She unzipped her suitcase, and unpacked her clothes, toiletries and books. She glanced out the window, checking the view this time. She hopped onto the bed, and waited. She was there so often, it was like her vacation spot, her second home. The nurse hooked her onto the drip, and went to call her doctor.

From @supaarwoman: She left it all behind her. Her phone was switched off; she had no access to the Internet. “Heaven,” he smiled, inhaling the cold wind. Meditatively, she stared at the sky, her thoughts drifting through several subjects. Bunnies, pink motorcycles, Rohan, his lips, deadlines. “I’m on vacation!” she sighed, switching on her phone. “Hello boss?”

From @Saiyona: Her 24th birthday had to be special but his flight got delayed and suddenly all plans seemed to be crashing. He pulled a few strings and made it just in time. This dream was real. Just the two of them. A weekend getaway. Goa. A Nude beach. Candle-lit dinner and a whisper, “Happy Birthday Love”.

From @vivekisms: It would be a long vacation, he thought to himself. No one would go back mid-way and there would be no cancellations. There would be wine, the summer sun, food, and lots of trees. He would make this a vacation to remember. He wistfully looked at the packed trunk of books that would accompany him.

From @NumbYaar: He’d seen the highest mountains and the deepest sea; his wanderlust had taken him places. Yet this time, he felt like never before. It wasn’t the prettiest or finest destination. Yet it evoked inexplicable emotions. He was back to his birthplace after 25 years, without the vaguest recollection of what it was like.

From @ladyclonidine: It was their 25th Anniversary honeymoon- Bahamas. She sat alone in the hotel bar. A gin & tonic stood before her. She imagined how it would burn her throat, how that tingle would spread and numb the pain. So thirsty. She lifted the drink, inhaled the pungent vapour, took a sip and said his name.

From @TracyDeSouza: On reaching home, we found notes like “I’m going on vacation. If you need more sugar, tea or rice, the pantry is well stocked.” This is how we knew she was going, but we didn't know where or for how long. A week later they found her body.

From @sumitrai100: The paper listed 30 items for 30 days. She could serve only 13.War terminated all vacations. Her son had to go. Years rolled. The paper got framed and was now hanging on the wall. The old, wrinkled eyes kept watching and wished for another vacation, another chance to complete it. The list remained unfinished.

From @Marwaari: It’s been so long we had our good time. I miss our being together. Remember, the last time we met at Simla. Those three days were bliss. The best time I ever had in my life. Let’s take another holiday. Do reply. *SMS sent* FUCK, I'm DEAD!! I sent that SMS to Wife!

From @theslumdawg: Wake up at 8:30am. Reach railway-station to catch 9:25am train, Reach Grant Road by 10:18am, Reach workplace by 10:30am, Spend 10 hours at workplace, Reach Grant road to catch 9:25pm train, Reach Borivali by 10:28pm, Reach hotel by 10:45pm to get drunk, Reach home by 11:45pm, Go to sleep at 12:30am. I need a vacation.

From @purplebrains: The townspeople remarked about the slightly bad odour coming from the rosewood cottage on the forest lane. It was a home-for-hire and the new tenant had stepped out only once. He came around to purchase fava beans and chianti. Perhaps the residents of this peaceful hamlet were unaware that Hannibal Lecter only took working vacations.

From @MinolAjekar - Papa said it was a real vacation. Maybe, but padded walls, jacketed uniforms, styrofoam cutlery? Well room service was good and meals were hot and on time. Back to playing with Laura, delightful playmate. She only plays with me because she says only I truly see her for what she is. I am not complaining.

From @mildnarcissist: With her heart in a jar, she headed to a land unknown. She thought she’d set it free. She dreamed and she was sad. Even cried sometimes. Tremulous and waiting to let it all go with the flow, to build a new sand castle of hope. Only to return to the land of known.

From @designerfoo: It felt as a nightmare of a resigned dream. To her, it was all there and nowhere. Her footsteps lead up to her. She knew the waves wouldn't let them be. Yesterday, she was walking with another’s' footsteps. But yesterday was a vacation and today a reality.

From @madrasmad:

The rock band was writing their next song.

“Let me take you to the cabin by the stream, where nobody can hear you scream”

“We need something more tender.”

“Let me take you to see my grandma, who..”

“Just came out of a coma?”

“Let me take you far away, you’d like a h-o-l-i-d-a-y”


From @akshayabansal: I wish to write something dark and morbid but happy thoughts engulf my mind. Oh, how I aspire to be different from others, but I fall flat on my face every time. Constructing verses shouldn't be this cumbersome, I've done this all my life.... Maybe I just need to retire to the countryside.

From @_Nehu: Arrange marriage and first vacation together. Introvert he was, she was shy. He offered his hand, she trusted him. Hand in hand they walked on a lovely beach. Silence broke into words, words into feeling and then it turned in Love. Love which would never lasts. Vacation to cherish lifetime - the honeymoon.

From @swatiitweet: She slipped her henna laced fingers through his as they lay on the sands of the Caribbean beaches. It was the vacation they had planned since long. She looked with pride at her lover who stole her heart and the groom’s money. He remained locked somewhere in the hotel bathroom on their supposed wedding day.

From @jhayu: Fight with me, nephew, he said. We'll crush them, he said. Oh, look at me, I'm the almighty Cron-dog. I'm going to win. Idiot. Now I'm stuck here, keeping grandfather from getting laid. Fuck this job. Fuck Zed. Fuck his little punishment assignment. I'm out of here. Atlas shrugged.

From @sshweta93: The office bustled with people. Sitting in her cabin, Emma observed how her colleagues couldn't contain their excitement. Christmas was just a day away but Emma never understood what was the hunky-dory all about. Grim, humorless and a workaholic, she had no family. For her, the 25th was just another date. A mere holiday.

From @TheFraudMallu: In an excitement he rushed out of the examination hall like every year to celebrate his summer freedom, forgetting how this excitement had orphaned him last summer.

From @Sanch_N: She stepped out taking in the crisp spring air. Midterm holidays had begun and she couldn't wait to see her boyfriend. She turned around and saw a blue-jeep stop before her. A handsome man walked out, he looked at her and said, "I'm sorry grandma, but we have to take you back to the asylum."

From @rbd_sqrl: His subconscious mind flirted with reason. Opium had taken logic prisoner. He could see it all. The incense-bearing tree and those yellow spots on the green grass. A spot his possessed mind had devised for him. The pleasure dome and the damsel stood before him. He started scribbling away about the virtual vacation – Kubla Khan.

From @sahilk: While heading to the airport I had always seen road signs with symbols for goats and camels. Never had seen a herd until today. We really do have Bedouins. I wonder if their kids go to school. No school means no summer holidays. But a holiday for them would be from one oasis to another?

From @SugarsNSpice: It was a vacation I promised myself. A soulful conversation I waged within to actualize. Splintered were the wings when I took the step. I am still wandering like a vagabond. All I gained were smiles, gathered on way, from strangers of time. I lie on the sand to breathe the breeze carrying lost tales.

From @anushreekejriwa: It was their first holiday after wedding, a time when they could understand each other the most. The picturesque locales set a perfect backdrop for a fairytale. However, she met someone there who made her feel complete and they fell in love. It wasn't meant to be but what was it meant to be?

From @ipurplicious: He worked, through his teens, to provide for his widow mom & unmarried sister. Couldn't go to college and get a fancy degree like his colleagues but managed to work his way up to a respectable post. Once, he decided to take a day off. Fate has different plans. That day, he won the million dollar lottery.

From Ruby Mathew: Summer Vacations always reminded her of family get-together. It was a time when all the cousins used to meet, laugh and play all day, get pampered by uncles and aunt’s, bedtime stories by grandma…. But the frequency of all this reduced as time passed by. She still misses them.

From @rohwit: He picked up all the bags (smiling all along) knowing that he would finally get a day off. He got to the right compartment and stormed in. Putting those bags in the railways compartment he waited to get a tip. A tip that would ensure he takes his mother to haaji ali, in a taxi.

From @vagabondinact: The phone cradled on her left shoulder, she looked over her right, to check the screen, again. The red insistently blinked on the phone while her whole desk vibrated with the incoming on her mobile. It was 1.00 pm; eying the untouched breakfast on the table, she sighed at the advent of another holiday season.

From @salonitia: Clouds all around me seemed as if they were talking to me, nice and fluffy, so soft. I laughed and giggled. A bird flew by, ignoring my presence, I thought...how did it miss me, did it not get cared, what happened? Then I looked below and saw my body, I’m on a permanent vacation!!!

From @irrationalnumb: “God must have created you in His vacation”. He was smitten from day one but she only married him after he wrote an insurance policy. They were vacationing in Pacific. She pushed him and sharks had nice dinner. “God’s never on vacation. I ensure it. It was in fact my vacation”, the devil laughed.

From @theghostwriterr: I met Celine during my holiday in Ireland. Chemistry worked & passion flowed, promises were made only for us to part ways 3months later. Some people come in our lives only to help us turn over a new chapter; End of a chapter doesn’t mean we stop writing. There’s a fairytale for everyone to write.

From @rinashah: The ice chilling water of Beas and getting ready for the white water rafting was so exciting for her that even though she was dead nervous, she was all set. They started sailing, water splashing and she was enjoying, shouting with the thrill, suddenly her life jacket lock broke and she went into the river.

From @kaloladeep: Holiday plans were entrenched, Just in few moments all the dreams of making it big was about to start, But don't know what went wrong, A thought struck his mind and dream of it took hours, Till then exams completed and time to submit the supplementary started, plans ruined with a FF in last exam!

From @tunnvi: She was back home to her loving dog. She was back home to mashed potatoes and steak for dinner every night. But the first thing she did was to take a bath. The vacation soothes the mind but a shower cleanses the lingering residue of the days after the vacation. And that’s what she believed!

From @bitchwanti: The gnarled roots caught around her ankles as she climbed the hill. Scent of Nilgiri leaves drifted into her nostrils. Up-ahead, his hair shone against a rising sun. She felt happy after a long time. Startled, she opened her eyes, when someone shook her. Mortified, she looked at the boss. "On a vacation?” he asked.

From @Life_ambiguous: She heard the waves dancing on the shore. She ran on the sand, letting it feel her feet like a lover. She moved embracing the naughty wind. Few fisher men looked at her and she blushed as if caught with her lover. This vacation was different, she felt content as if after making love.

From @Freelosopher: Bal-Krishnan Murugan was a devout Hindu. He would undertake the pilgrimage to the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple located in Tirupati, every year. He would seek Lord Venkateswara's blessings and get his head tonsured as an offer to Lord Balaji. Meanwhile, Bal-Krishnan's combs would enjoy a two-month vacation after each of his annual visits.

From @mizarcle: I promised I would do a “Eat. Pray. Love” I would go to places undiscovered to discover myself. Instead, increasingly I found myself doing the “Drink. Play. F@#k.” On the downward spiral, I promised myself it would end. I would go on that vacation. Well a promise is a promise. Even when it is broken.

From @captain_speakin: They had planned it together, every minute of it. All she had to do was take that flight to where he was. She didn't show. He didn't ask. She had reasons, he didn't want to know. She held on, even when he let go. The vacation she didn't want to remember but couldn't forget.

From @abstractions_: She remembered how they met some 22 years ago on holiday with their respective families. Fell in love and everything that followed. She was busy making pasta for son who is coming back tonight from long holiday in UK. She came out and looked at that smiling photo on the wall. Time flies.

From @lady_shweta: you should always write, what your heart strongly feels about" he said. "What should I write.., that I never had any fancy holidays..." I said. He interrupted "Do you remember that summer vacation when your cousin kissed you for the 1st time ?" "Ah..that" I said and started writing.

From @dark_gal: I was happy. It was a change. They called it a miracle. They thought I mend my ways. I liked the irony. I played along. I kill for a living, not just a phase, I said. Yes, my swords, knives, hammers and nails were packed away. They are on a vacation, and so am I.

From @Kantaap: The doctor entered the patient’s room. “Heart attack, eh?” asked the doctor. “So they say. Truth be told, it was life’s way of asking me to slow down. Lying in bed, having someone look after me? Best vacation I’ve had in ages.” The doctor smiled. He’d cancelled his holiday when the emergency call came in.

From @Oven_Tikka: She was tired of being stuck in one place for so long. As romantic and enchanting Paris was, she couldn’t wait to get out and explore the world. There was only so much you could look at the Eiffel Tower, she thought bitterly. But she remained standing where she was. In that snow globe forever.

From @lucifer_sam666: She returned like she did every year for 9 years for a holiday to their favourite destination. It was after all her daughters birthday today, she was beaming joy and headed straight to the river to be with her where she had lost her 9 years ago.

From @Engineus: He entered the room just as the nurse tiptoed away. The boy was lying still on the bed as his parents gathered around. The mother started sobbing silently as the father held her. It was time. As the machine numbers steadily dropped, he smiled to himself and thought, “This boy is lucky I’m on vacation.”

From @tweettabulous: Summer vacations were the highlight of his young life; a trip to the hill station at his grandparents’ cottage. Exams finished and his thoughts filled with beautiful apple orchards, playing with the vacation-friends and being carefree. Fate had other plans though; terrorists attacked the town and killed everyone. Vacations made his skin crawl now.

From @MystiquePai: I'm on an island. Sitting on the deck of this beach cottage with a beer, blinding blue ocean as far as I can see. It's beautiful. No work, no deadlines, no stress. I've been here for a month...and I'm BORED. I need a break from my vacation.

From @writingchalk: “Toro! Toro!” I yelled as the bull raged at me. Its hard, pointy horns were literally staring at my guts. I provoked it to no end, until I felt its horn piercing my arm, drawing blood like water. “Where to today?” the doctor asked, applying cotton. “Barcelona. Tomorrow, it’s France. What do you say, doc?”

From @Gods_Evangelos: I named the Album “Engineering Ends with a Bang”. I was just back from the trip to Mount Abu. The two day trip along with Dad was just fantabulous. I got a permanent tattoo which said “Om Shanti”. Dad always took care of such short trips whenever mugging up for exams had exhausted me completely.

From @JaaTeri: As Ruhi's father ran towards me, I could see fire in his eyes. I had married his daughter against his will. I figured out his motive as he threw something at me. I hit it straight for a six. Team Juniors won! Cricket with family is so much fun when you are on a holiday.

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