Saturday, March 17, 2012

Theme 22 - Gods and Demons

From @SupraMario: “You should leave,” she said, with furtive glances towards the door. “What if I don’t?” he said with a grin. “If Shiva finds out, there will be hell to pay.” “Ironic. You Gods can be as vindictive as us. Wherein lies the difference, then?” “Just leave. Now.” Mahishasura walked away without looking back at Parvati.

From @parapraxist: Melanion smiled a Cheshire smile as Atalanta raced away. Aphrodite had told him the scheme would work. That he’d win the race and therefore, win his woman. So he threw his three apples to make Atalanta slow down, but she never stopped, except once, but that was to laugh uncontrollably. You see, FEMINISTS HATE APPLES.

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From @Oven_Tikka: Old men in black robes and turbans sat in a circle. In front of them were voodoo dolls, peacock feathers, black thread, a rabbit foot, coal, bowls of blood, mounds of fruit, knives, black candles and his parents. He looked on in disbelief. Yesterday he’d come out to his parents. Today he was the demon.

From @JestChill: Traditionally, she worshiped Durga. Not just the regular "I go to the temple every week" but really loved and adored her. Her every breath was dedicated to Durga. When children started disappearing, no one blamed her. Durga ki bhakt hai. But at night....Kali deserved more than worship. The tantric told her so. Young blood.

From @gauravjagwani: Her uncle asked her the other day whether she believed in demons. A hell, perhaps. She replied with a ‘No.’ Her uncle asked her whether she believed in God. She replied with a ‘No.’ Her uncle asked her why she didn’t believe in them. She replied, ‘My mother told me not to talk to strangers.’

From @BoozeSexSundry: Agony. Pain. She slumped at the dark corner, weeping. Her jaw ached and stung. Lips, wrested, frazzled and bleeding. She traced patterns of blue bony fingers all over her. Glass shattered with a familiar scowl. She went running and soliloquizing, in more pain than ever. Blood was dripping from his fingers. 'NO! Does it hurt?'

From @akshayabansal: The noon sky looked ominous in hues of gray, it were as if hell hath taken over that day. The winds created havoc, tornadoes swept everything away. Seas reached for the sky, tremors tore away. The mortals remembered the Mayan premonition, oblivious to the fact, it was merely the Gods and demons at play.

From @thebigdowg: "Well, she is adorable but quite annoying at times. I can feel the evil behind her divine smile. I know she cares but the question is whether she cares about me too, or does it apply only to her offspring? Honestly, I'm not sure where she truly belongs, heaven or hell." - Everyone, about their mother in law.

From @irrationalnumb: "Please set me free", the demon said thwarted with his diabolic life. God nodded. The demon heaved a sigh of relief before he realized that he had turned into a human. "Why God? I asked you to set me free”. God smiled and raised his hand again. The human got a toothache to die for.

From @ladyclonidine: In the blackness of the witching hour, cloaked figures drew a pentacle in the cemetery ground. They carried ancient books, silver dagger, a spider, mirrors, blackthorn and a goat’s head. Across the Earth in bright sunlight, white-veiled figures cast a circle, chanting. They held a butterfly, lavender, chalice, incense, a white dove and sacred ankh….

From @realfartshady: 'I have launched a satellite that can scorch the city of Pittsburgh to ashes!' Dr. Josef submitted over the city's hacked radio. 'I demand ten billion dollars; I am your God today.' It was heedless. He hated when there was nothing good on television. You know what they say; idle mind is a devil's workshop.

From @RadhikaMohandas:

What if I didn’t let him exist?
Deny him the right to dictate my ways?
What if I choose my temptations?
And outrun his wasted pace?
My virtues equal my vices and my madness pours in streaks
Gods and demons?
You live at my mercy.
Gods and demons?
You don’t have a place in me.

From @Marwaari: The fear of losing life was sinking in. He saw the Demon reaching him at a speed of hundred miles per hour, Death fast approaching, staring directly into his eyes. It struck him, and his eyes opened. It was a dream. He remembered his God and promised himself never to cross the railway tracks again.

From @IndianIdle: The people who 'handled' religion got together. They were losing power on common men. People believed in God but not them. Arts, Science and new ways were being dug to reach the Almighty. They called a man, transformed him, and gave him powers, filling the hatred against God and people. They named him Daemon.

From @mizarcle: She fought with them everyday. Voices in her head. To call or not to call. "Hello. Can we meet?" "Come home.” "No. In public." They met. He noticed the black eye he had given, healing. She handed him the divorce papers. Everyone said he was her God but she had seen the demons within.

From @kunalbaidmehta: I started dreaming in the 60s. My dream was to upstage the leader in all big industries. I started tasting success in automobiles when I became bigger than USA. Soon, I earned the wrath of Gods and Demons and was struck by earthquakes followed by a terrible tsunami. My name 'Japan' soon lost power.

From Proteem Bhaduri: They used to play in my garden every day. The little gods and the little demons, their laughter like tiny bells. So curious, so inventive and so fond of make believe. Each day they would craft something new fueled by childish innocence. Until one day they created a Human. There’s been no more laughter since.

From @anushreekejriwa: The lotus flower blooms in a muddy pond and emanates beauty. She takes inspiration from its life; the positive energy pushes her to forge ahead while the negative one is ready to attack her. God and demon in constant conflict with each other. Her wisdom and power of prayer will decide to who triumphs.

From @QuratZafar: They say it is black and white. All I see is grey: blurry, murky, vague, misleading grey. I feel the tug each day: propulsion towards the dark and then the bite of the conscience. It’s a battle that has gone on forever: the gods and the demons are nowhere but within me.

From @kolkatabulldog: Unbuttoning his shirt she wrapped her arm across his body. She was now kissing her best-friend, who was clearly in love with her. She could never commit, she knew that. “I'll just be a sec" she said and went to the bathroom. She needed some time to let her Gods and Demons fight it out.

From @engineeratlarge: All his life, he was tormented by his gods and demons. Flesh. Aroma. Desires. He was a slave to their whims. He must do as they command. This girl, in front of him, a temporary respite. Her breasts were tender. A silver gleam of knife. They oozed blood. Sacrilege. A drop on his tongue. Sanctimony.

From @ShwetaAnil: I walked towards the old beggar who was always perched outside the temple. I handed him a 10 rupee note. I watched in amusement as he clutched the note and staggered into the temple. He dropped the note in the hundi and prayed "God, please give me food" he said

From @ToobaFazlani: For leading Adam and Eve to temptation, Satan was banished from heaven. Being the head of angels, he asked God to grant him time until day of resurrection. Since then, Satan's being leading humans to destruction. The first murder, jealousy, hatred, all being led by him. So, the hell fire's being fed by erring humans.

From @iUranium235: Gods and Demons are at war. The whole world is divided. Me? I refused to pick a side. All I wanted was to live my life in peace. Now I find myself straddling, stranded right in the middle, waiting to be ravaged down by both forces, the price I shall pay for being an individualist!

From @Dimaagi_Keeda: Mrs Srinivasan loved her son. He was; loving, successful, hard working; an atheist. He had a pet peeve, Anger, Temper. She didn't understand what got her son mad when he went into a rage and stabbed her. Her parting words, “ I thought you were a Saint, But you turned out to be Satan.”

From @roshd: Be ready to bribe, I was told. The engineer at BMC was very tough. I earnestly explained the technical superiority of our systems, praising BMC's foresight in implementing it. I look him in the eye with hope. He blinks, and signs the file. As I leave,I thank God that demons are the mind’s creation.

From @greyalchemy:...and lord Ram aimed a giant arrow through his bow at the ten headed king, Raavan. As the magical arrow touched him, Raavan disappeared into dust. This is how gods save us from demons. By now, she realized that her 7 year old son was fast asleep. With all her love, she kissed him goodnight.

From @sumitrai100: 67 years ago somewhere in Czechoslovakia a man named Schindler was surrounded by 1100 Jews. The in scripted ring in his hand read 'Whoever saves one life saves the world entire'. Tears rolled down his eyes. He looked at the group. His soul cried: six million. How could? He wondered, what demon humanity can be!

From @The_Lie_Lama: He had set astir thousands to take part in the revolution. He believed in it, so did his followers who would fight unto death for the cause. Conditional to the movement's success or failure, their names were to be conscribed as Gods or demons in the hearts of the next generation. What a gamble.

From @iPurpilicious: The poor orphan boy had no choice but to learn his lessons through life. The world taught him to cheat, lie & betray instead of honesty, love & care. He prayed for the death of his inner demon & to be closer to God. The next day he slept, forever.

From @JeeveSobs: Spunky, cheerful, lively, and colourful. All these years, he, who was like a God for her, bringing her up, playing with her, teaching her, mentoring her; turned Demon almost in an instant. The difference one night can make. Blank, afraid, empty, and alone.

From @ChhotaRecharge: For years, the four were the proud, dignified pillars of our strength; OUR HEROES! Abrupt breeze of young change - new thoughts, new energy… new politics! Too sincere to survive; each fell, one by one, leaving just one struggling amidst all the chaos! Hurts to admit; Our Gods lost to the Demons. Indian Cricket Team!

From @captain_speakin: It was a screaming match between the Gods and Demons of society. Each blaming the other for all that was wrong. He sat there smiling and making smoke rings, he couldn’t pick a side. He was a bit of both yet not completely either. His halo was neatly balanced on his horns!

From @BreezyBeer: 22 years of immense efforts, dedication & commitment. 100 centuries in his career; a true legend. No words to describe the man, Sachin Tendulkar, he’s the God. Still they say India loses when he scores a century. He scores a ton, they criticize. When he doesn’t; still they criticize. They are the demons.

From @EternalScrewUp: He felt the life drain out of her for the sparkle in her eyes was gone. He questioned the exorcist and pat came the reply "There exists no coin with just a single side. You asked me to remove the demons for inside her, the gods had to go too. She is alive and breathing but the same can't be said for her soul."

From @Freelosopher: Word Deciders at the World Dictionary Conference were in a tizzy. Times were bad. The masses were fickle-minded. They needed a word for national heroes, who were raised on a pedestal and pulled down equally fast. "Why not call them demigods? Demon plus God!", croaked The Wise Old One suddenly.And so it was decided.

From @HelenOfAhoy: You're a Demon. You've been untruthful to your loved ones. You scar people everyday. Wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony - you've done them all. How inhuman can you be? You give hope to the hopeless. You love unconditionally. You fulfill dreams. You make people smile. You save lives. Are you not God?

From @dinkypinkybrain: In the diabolical black of the first night, Naso, Nasopharyngitis awoke. From within her, he would attack. Searing breath. Choking lungs. Bitter tongue. Limp body and a final resignation, he was sure. But she knew. With the devil, there was also divinity within. She summoned the numinous strength of Dhanvantari, and began the eternal war.

From @thebongbabe: Everyone loved him. A well-respected doctor, his was a story of high birth, valuable connections and a spotless life sans secrets. Or so everyone thought. They never knew about nights like these when he let his dark side take over. Gulping down the potion, Dr. Jekyll smiled at his reflection in the mirror and waited.

From @AbhiandNow: He was too scared to go against the Demons, and since childhood, he was a god-fearing man. For him, the only way out was the fatal clutches of the rope hanging from the ceiling. Staring at it, he immediately picked up his diary and scribbled, “I guess, I’m afraid of committing suicide as well.”

From @par7h: Gods and demons - Hell and heaven are fabulized by man, its just a part a conspired dirty plan. They confine us form doing what we ardor to do, and at the end they classicly mock us saying "Son, why didn't your happiness make through."

From @theslumdawg: Is there any movie called 'God and Demons'? If yes, I'll watch it some day. If no, Leave it as it is Because, I don't believe in both of them.

From @awsmbong: After almost seven thousand battles later in the land of library against the demon, Typo, brave @vivekisms had finally defeated the "your/you're" monster. But even god was by side of the demons, vivek declared to me,"Typo, has manufactured the their/there monster." The battle was far from over.

From @ChotaaPacket: The doctor signed his death certificate. The soul had left his body. Angels refused to take it to heaven. A sinner he was they said. The demons too refused to take it. Kings have no place in hell. Now lies his soul in the hands of Gods, till then no right he has to live.

From @RJSucharita: She’d forget to eat, but never to pray. When her husband beat her up, she prayed. When she broke her hip, falling down the stairs, she prayed. When she was denied care, she prayed. When she died, away from her children, alone and ignored, she prayed. They were looking down upon her. Gods and Demons. Equally.

From @lady_shweta: "I miss my son" God said. "We can always call him back, give him one chance. May be..." the minister said "no" God interrupted. "Jesus has to learn, fight the demons inside him & be the man he is destined to be." "Any news about Mary?" God asked.

From @tunnvi: All writers of fiction have this strange and powerful gift. We create figures and give them life. Sometimes we also take that life away. We invent strange machines and make time move backwards. We give birth to great heroes and terrible villains, as well as everything in between. We are the invisible Gods and Demons.

From @RohandasGupta: He was his own master. But he felt like a puppet. He did it all on his own. Still he felt like someone was making him do it. He was praised for his good. He thanked his imaginary friend, God. He was punished for his bad. He blamed it on his imaginary enemy, the demons.

From @EatTweetBlog: Somewhere in a world of glitz and glamour, lived a superstar. He killed inculpable animals for pleasure; Rambled on the streets inebriated crucifying innocent pedestrians and tortured his pristine-like girlfriend. Now he's the new age Mother Teresa, generating hefty amounts for charity by selling watches and t-shirts. Is he God? Or a demon wearing a facade?

From @Life_ambiguous: Nitya started with Indian mythology on Gods and Demons, "Naah..too many to choose from." She wrote another few lines and cancelled it. Whole day she kept thinking of different aspects of both, Gods and Demons. "Oh! what the hell!" Gods and Demons were dancing on her head as they have been doing on humans since centuries.

From @NarinderKapur: He stood between both mirrors, silently staring at himself. On one side, God. And on the other, the other. He was tempted. Religion is tempting. Violence for all is a buffet of sorts, isn't it? But he had sympathy for the other. After all, a falls a fall. They just picked themselves up.

From @RaghavGanesh: The Manhattan skyline was ugly. My son had died. And it’s not like we haven’t tried ever since. The Lord looked sad. The demons inside my hell were rising. As I pondered to take that plunge into the Hudson, she calls me,” I’m Pregnant.”Happiness. The Lord had a smile. The Manhattan skyline was beautiful.

From @TextuallyHorny: There was this man who was blessed enough not to take any blame but he claimed that whatever happens is controlled by him. So there came this poor fellow who sacrificed his ego and took all the blames on himself. When language found its meaning we named the first fellow "GOD" and the later "DEMON" !

From @floydianbrahman: 1965. Sprawled on the warm venetian sand, they talked of stormy rides on moonlit highways. Lucy's diamonds in stow, they set out to seek the doors of perception with Dionysus at the helm. Cannibals in a vegetarian world. The electric shaman baptized your demons in a trance around the ring of fire. He was stoned. Immaculate.

From @vivekisms: The long dark avenue was scary. He kept walking for he needed food. It would soon be three am – the devil’s hour. He was forewarned. He paid no heed. Walked away. He needed to eat something. The munchies were killing him. Every man’s eyes on the street seemed yellow. It was 3 am.

From @Baba_Bakwaas: He was a demon who resided in her as her god. He killed her from within and yet for her, their love was chaste. He sucked every inch of life out of her and yet she refused to acknowledge life sans him. As she sang her soul to sleep, the demon consumed her physical self.

From @sahilk: After I am done with college, I want to write a show for NBC. I want to write about the 70 Halala petrol, the Camry taxis, the Mercedes lorries, the air-conditioned neighborhood grocery stores, the clear blue water by the clean beaches at ARAMCO. And just for fun, put an Indian as the main character.

From @abstractions_ : She couldn’t believe what she read in newspaper, it was indeed him. Ajmal, her classmate in school, who got the bravery award from the President of India for saving a life. The same person was arrested on charges of terrorism. She was wondering, how the journey from almost being god to demon would have been.

From @bitchwanti: Her heart in her throat, she walked the corridor, wanting to investigate the sounds emanating from the Living room. The clock struck 3 a.m. A ghastly face stared at her. Arshiya fainted. Water fell on her face; she looked into the eyes of her daughter clutching the demon mask. Cartoon network was laughing manically in the background.

From @MystiquePai: God is dead, they said. They proclaimed it in the streets, mourning loudly, beating their breasts. Anger-fuelled, they broke down Satan's door and hung him from the rafters. On the other side of the globe, Adam grinned at the news and bit down on a freshly plucked apple.

From @vagabondinact: A serene sly smile dancing on the dark red lips slowly turned into an alluring smirk. Wrath was loved and the virtuous viced . In desperation rose hope and was sneeringly caressed. Rejoicing they grieved, for pious emotions waltzing with the demonic urges had given birth to another Human.

From @Sanchi_N: “Don’t do it,” said the angel. “Do it, he deserves this,” urged the devil. She was standing there, with a pistol in her hand, facing the man who killed her son. All she had to do was shoot him. Minutes passed. BANG! His life was a gift, from a mother who loved her son too much.

From @theghostwriterr: With her pregnancy she had the power of gods, yet she sat in the termination center, Thinking of her life with her husband & career. Not a thought of the angel In her. Choices make us what we are. In the next 5 minutes, Yesterdays God became the Demon of today. Stop Female Foeticide

From @digibberish: He didn't know how to respond. He'd granted her a wish. But He didn't expect her to ask for this of all things. Damn His own creation. His thoughts were however interrupted. She asked again, "Dear God, Please kill him for me."

From @tweettabulous: Kumar was a kind name, his friends knew of his noble deeds. He would step out in the darkness, like an angel and clothe the naked, feed the hungry also help shelter the homeless. The sunrise shone on his illegal Sex-Selective abortion center. There is a God inside us but the demon is just stronger.


  1. @KonfusedKhopadi : He looked innocent , known to be calm and decent. For if they could hear his thoughts , he would be hanged or shot .

  2. @KonfusedKhopadi : two friends got drunk . One went and made love to his wife and the other had beatten his wife . The alcohol is just an excuse , for its really who they are .