Thursday, March 22, 2012

Theme 27 - Bed

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: She entered her room after six months. Executive programs were always hectic. She hadn’t seen the love of her life in six months. At first she had thought she’d never survive. But here she was, looking at her bed – a clean white sheet, not a fold out of place. And she knew. Everything wasn’t okay.

From @TheOtherBanana: It was a creaky old thing, secluded in a dusty, musty attic corner. The once pristine cream mattress was shredded while the black satin sheets were neither black nor satin any more. He approached the relic with trepidation. Silver flashes. Rivulets of rich red. The bloodstain was still there. But faded, like the bed itself.

From @QuratZafar: For five years she’d slept on her side of the bed leaving the other empty. Each night she cried. Then she found his love letter. The scoundrel had been having an affair while he was married to her. That night she slept on the full bed but there was no comfort, not even in tears.

From @pbkulkarni: He went to bed with her quite early in their relationship. And they both soon rose out of the bond abruptly. But quite on the contrary of general belief "Early to bed and early to rise. Makes you healthy, wealthy and wise" - this didn't yield any of the things for him. Or her either.

From @gauravjagwani: She was a morning person, but she just wouldn’t get out of bed that day. She didn’t think twice about it. She had made up her mind the previous night. Her lover was there by her side. It was over. He pulled the plug on their relationship. Also, on her. Having cancer made it easier.

From @awsmbong: “Not just one! But I hope to see Bulgakov's Devil and Mr. Holms, for their enchanting conversations. The Cheshire-cat would be welcome for his enlightened humor and his knack with N-Particle-Transport. Finally, Mrs. Norris and Easter-bunny; fumble their way on the red-carpet.” “Such sweet pillow talk”, said Dorothy, to her tin-man Joachim, in bed.

From @sahilbulla: Its a bed bed world. They scattered under the mattress as soon as the light was turned on. They smiled and spoke in hushed whispers. Everyone felt the mattress rise as a boy lay his body down. A gentle voice said "goodnight don't let the bed bugs bite". The bugs smiled a whole lot more.

From @Marwaari: Anxiety crept in to her parents lives. Her father started to be more tensed and mother more protective. Groom hunt was a major task. Pressure from the relatives added into the anxiety. After all she's twelve now. It all started the morning her mom noticed Lakshmi’s bed.

From @IndianIdle: Two guys, miles apart, shared a same story. Two passionate souls playing out their heart ,football. They collapsed one day while playing. They didn't share the same fate. One got a bed in hospital with prayers of the world. The other went unnoticed and met his deathbed. Rest In peace Venkatesh.

From @mbrmjd: I woke to the shadow of the oak waving hello against the stark white wall. Zebra stripes of darkness and light covered our naked bodies, his tone so similar to my own. How intimate it is to watch a person sleep, to watch them dream and fall into the wavy depths of their unconscious.

From @Gods_Evangelos: The room was embellished with lilies and candles all around. The anticipation increased by interpreting every note that followed to a scintillating surprise. The music in the background was solace. Everything there appeared so lustrous and appealing. The motleyed petals of roses suddenly descended from the fan. A cherubic voice uttered in hush: ”Happy Anniversary, Honey”.

From @moonsez: She selected only the best. The smooth ones, round ones and sometimes the speckled ones that caught her eye. She brought them home, washed them & put them in pretty glass jars. But the silly pebbles hankered for the cold dark river bed.

From @michramiah: The little boy slid under the duvet, and watched his father peek under the bed, as he did every night. "Don't worry, son. There are no monsters under." He winked and walked out. The boy had just watched the evening news. He knew that all the monsters existent in the world weren't under his bed.

From @realfartshady: She fell to her rear, held her hands to her face, and started praying solemnly. She bowled and yelled as they lowered the deathbed into the soil. Her brother gently brought her up on her feet and hugged her. "Calm down, sweetheart." He said. "I’ll buy you another goldfish."

From @wekneweachother: It knows me, my moods, my joyful moments, my late night sobs, my noodles and my skin. Skin is a very fragile and fleeting thing as it constantly replenishes the dead cells. As a souvenir, I leave few of my hair strands on my bed’s pillow. Loneliness isn’t an apt word. Yes, it’s definitely intimacy.

From @AbhiandNow: "RUN ADAM RUN." Adele, just go on without me, my love. My end is near." A solitary teardrop rolled down Adele’s cheek. “Mom, is that how dad died?” Her son questioned, as they crossed another mountain of crease. “Squished by him,” she pointed, while leading an army of bed bugs to avenge Adam's premature death.

From @sumitrai100: This cancer had devoured everything like a black-hole. His mother was lying on deathbed. He couldn't see it. He left home for Mumbai. He worked hard, skipped food, slept on pavements and then sold his kidney. He had to do this to save his mother. 'Isn't this life all about- sacrifices and compromises', he thought.

From @Dimaagi_Keeda: Habits formed at the cradle... She thought to herself. Mrs. Iyer saw her son and started to sing “Krishna Krishna”, his favorite lullaby. Tears rolled down; as she saw her 25 year old on the bed she never wanted him to sleep in.

From @mydirtylinen: Your hair lies tousled across the pillow, curling in mysterious ways. We went to bed last night and I experienced something I never have before. I began to love you. We kissed like we were fucking. We fucked like we were making love. I look at you—peaceful, serene. I wish you would leave.

From @kaloladeep: The silence in the room was vicious. Unwrapping the bandage from around his face, a frightening anticipation after months of lying in a hospital bed, his mind raced anxiously. Opening her eyes, staring at the mirror, she knew her life would be changed forever. A promise to herself not to a shed tear, Humbly broken.

From @Maidumji: She closes her eyes and sighs dreamily. He gently nudges her towards the bed. Ignoring the uncomfortable feeling that begins to settle in… “I’ll worry about it in the morning”, she decides firmly. Concentrating on the pleasure, she lets her husband make love to her. Cheating on her lover…the feeling of guilt comes later.

From @Kneeche: Intriguing. Questioning. Demanding. Full of life, still so naïve. She gets on to it like a fruit salad attacked by a range of knives. The quintessential diva doesn't have a name. I am looking for her, but the progress is lame. The day I stop is when I find my B.E.D, My Big Eyed Dame!

From @roshd: Tanya tossed and turned on her bed. She couldn’t marry Abhi. He was too dominating. Tomorrow he would come home with his parents. It weighed on her mind. So she dialed him- “Abhi? It’s not me, it’s you. I don’t wanna marry you. Don’t come over tomorrow or ever.” And she slept like a baby.

From @cheesewiththat: "She woke up startled. Breathing heavily, she called him. His phone was switched off. She panicked. He was to leave Jalalabad for Kabul hours ago. Her phone rang, it was his mother. He was killed she wailed, a mine in a bed of roses. She loved roses. She woke up startled. He slept peacefully."

From @zushk: “It’s a mahogany bed,” she told him. “Probably a hundred years old,” he replied. “You see those carvings on the headboard?” she continued. “They can only be made if the owner is a maharaja.” Eyes glimmering, she giggled. “This is going to be fun!” “Yes. We’re going to live like kings,” said the bug.

From @jakebinge: "If someone told me this day would come when I first saw you I wouldn't have believed it; You and I together in one room with one large bed in the middle; I am overwhelmed with passion; I say I love you; I didn't know it then but it was the best night of my life."

From @Rootkanal: “But you don’t even fit in that bed anymore!” Mom screamed. She wouldn’t understand. She doesn’t remember how it is growing up. Old clothes make way for the new, Math books instead of the Nursery Rhymes and fair weather buddies replacing best friends. All that remains is that bed I don’t fit in any longer.

From @abhikbee: Middle Eastern prostitute, with neon blue wrists, orange hair, a fake mole, a rather tight halter, a caustic tongue and her suitcase, appear mysteriously at the Charles de Gaulle airport. Chain smoker’s in China town play cards, as the stock exchange crashes while I eat soufflé after dinner, under a quilt and hemorrhage in bed.

From @Freelosopher: Mrs. Cot got off the phone and glided into the bedroom, extremely irritated. She stopped dead in her tracks. Her king-size bed and cupboard were hanging from the ceiling. The fan was whirring noisily on the floor. "Oh well, I'm getting old. Been dead since a long time now", she sighed, turning herself downside up.

From @MystiquePai: We like sneaking around, the boyfriend and I. We’ve got a list: restaurant loos, dressing rooms, taxis, dark alleys, office conference table (after hours, of course), airplane loos, stairwells and god knows what else. We crave the endorphin rush, knowing we could get busted. Can’t remember the last time we did it in a bed.

From @KonfusedKhopadi : I’m lying peacefully in its embrace when the world is at chaos .This is where I dream of sex power money and think of everything considered taboo .Countless times I have lied to spend some more time here .It is Satan's gift to the kids of Adam.

From Payal Parmar: It was the bed that separated us, in the end. I hated how the two single mattresses would push apart, hated the sliver of cold floor against my bare back. You used to joke and call it L.O.C. My mind would worry about this inanity when I should have been focused on you. On us.

From @tweettabulous: I can’t recall how long I’ve been in this room. It's dark and dusty. Others around me have visitors, but none for me. I keep wondering if I will be loved again. Perhaps, my wait will end when they bring home a new life, which will need nurturing in my warm and cozy womb…

From @OhTeri_: Soft, comfortable and delicate. The care and the fuss. A new born's bed. Full of toys; it's for the baby boy. Giggling and crawling; hurting and crying. Memories and heartbreaks. Long conversations and tears. Some drama, some trauma. Marriage. LOVE. Kids. When tired; when sound asleep. AGE. Weakness. Some disown, some don't care. And, Death-Bed.

From @labellagorda: Let me caress your thoughts. Let me feel the naked emotions that quiver with anticipation as you lie in bed, waiting for me to engulf you in my words. Unmasked and disrobed, are the promises I make to you. Our union isn’t merely a meeting of bodies, but a fusion of our minds and souls.

From @WickdWeirdWitch: Tottered & tattered. Centuries Old. Ramshackled condition. Diagonal broken legs. Tarnished Brass hub-caps. Creaking springs. Insect infested frame. Dust laden engravings. Mouse feasted mattress. Punched headboard. Rotting wood. Unregal elegance jutting through. The once-upon-a-time, cynosure-of-all-eyes four poster magnificent king-sized bed was now on it's own death-bed...

From @theaceofspade_: “God, take my favorite toy but let my mother live.” He pleaded. God Smiled. He pulled out his sword. Ready to fight. He won’t let him take her. She woke up on hospital bed to her 8-year-old son, crying in his sleep, holding her hand tightly. That day, her cancer healed dramatically. She will live.

From @nishant_kaushik: He lay beside her, holding her lifeless hand. Staring at the foot of the bed, he recalled their first embrace; those promises made and honoured; the bedtime stories they whispered to put their child to sleep. Suddenly, it was all gone. Lying still, he let his tears melt into the crevices of the peeling wood.

From @Adrenalyst: They curled up facing opposite sides. He had seen them, in this very bed, where it had forever been him and the wife. Even if they didn’t, the thought of them, would torment him. She was not at peace either; red marks were visible on her fair skin. He sought vengeance, in blood. Pest Control.

From @sukhkarni: The Bedding followed The Great Indian Wedding. Decked with roses, and a crisp white-sheet, platform was set for the bride and groom to hit the sack and roll in the hay. Ladies in the house were excited enough lick the stained bed sheet clean, which, to their astonishment, was plain and white, the next morning.

From @JeeveSobs: Just married, new job, fat paycheck - all that he ever wanted. Life had become a bed of roses for him. In a flash it all started to end. Hunky dory times got over, paychecks turned to pink slips, hellos turned to goodbyes. Recession made the roses show their thorns to him.

From @ChhotaRecharge: Our first “night”! I was changing in his parent’s room into the skimpy lingerie picked by him, when the doorbell rang…I heard attentively…“Mom…Dad…How? WHAT?” Picking the cue, I hastily grabbed my strewn clothes and slid under the bed just as the doorknob turned! Someone had sex that night…it wasn’t the boyfriend and me!

From @akshayabansal: Dawn to dusk he swept the floor. Washed the vessels till his hands were sore. 'Odd job boy', he was affectionately called. His food was rationed, meager was his pay, what bargaining power did an illegal immigrant have anyway! How did he know it was time for bed? When his master's hissing voice rested itself.

From @kunalbaidmehta: 'This is an awesome bed. Clear sky, bright stars and a full moon make the night beautiful.' thought Mark camping in Matheran. It’s been 15 years since I came to Mumbai and I'm tired of sleeping under this open sky. I miss my charpoy in my village' thought Raju while lying down on the footpath. Perspectives!

From @irrationalnumb: The four legs fell apart again. The bed crashed whenever they tried it. “Let’s try on the floor”, she said five months after marriage. It resulted in an earthquake. “Why God”? “Prophecy says that your 3rd son will be devil”, God answered. “3rd!! What’s the hoopla now”? “Because I don’t trust devil’s Mathematics” God sighed.

From @iamafairytale: He was the only witness to the CM murder case. Court procedures were gonna happen early next week. That one night before, he was found dead in his room. Throat slit by the same murderer. He paid a heavy price for helping the justice. Now there was a silent witness, bed in room no. 701

From @anushreekejriwa: When I come back home tired my bed welcomes me and patiently listens to my joys and agonies. The soft linen caresses my rough skin reassuring me on the humble kindness which can still be found. It has been stained and hugged but stands still; it has no life but infuses one in me.

From @melittlepixie: Unable to speak, he drew furiously. Parallel lines. Straight lines. Curvy lines. Diagonal lines. Time was running out. His friends were trying to help him, but in vain. ‘Time’s up’, someone yelled. ‘It was a bed, you morons’, he cried helplessly. The opponents sniggered. Afterall, they had won the game of Pictionary.

From @ToobaFazlani: Ever since he adopted her, he's been using her to fulfill his desires. He'd keep her locked in the attic. Yesterday, she'd got hold of a broken shard of mirror. Dragging her to the bedroom, he laid her on the bed; she didn't whimper today, she smiled. There on the bed, lay his corpse.

From @madrasmad: I was in a hurry to drive the parked car back to the club, where I worked as a valet. He sat on the pavement, staring into the night. As I drove away, I could see him in the mirror, bending down to pick up the large cardboard which must have been under the wheel.

From @nimue_: Habits. One cannot live with them , life cannot operate without them. He sighed and cursed himself one more time. His cell chose to disturb his thoughts with her text - "Stop cursing. You know you will not sleep without my bed time message." He smiled and went to sleep.

From @The_Lie_Lama: It was a Mumbai night-club. He met Zarine who was even more beautiful than the place she belonged.....Kashmir. "Your place or mine?” she signalled Amar. He was a skeptical army officer who feared a 'spy in bed'. Bloody cynicism! He remained a virgin till he died in an operation in Kupwara.

From @_Nehu: Bed time stories were ritual she and her dad use to follow every night. Today after 30 years when dad asked her to talk at night as he could not sleep, she replied : "I am tired, may be some other day dad". Unaware of the fact that it was his last night.

From @rohwit: Having thought about how his friends ditched him, he started thinking about the tragedies in family and how incapable he was in handling them. Why should he handle them afterall?(he thought). He has been doing it all his life and now he will rest in his castle because he cannot move. His castle, His bed.

From @HelenofAhoy: "I'm so stupid". She was struggling with her 55 word story. Topic was "Bed". She thought, "Fuck! I sleep, drool, pee, fart, study and imagine stupid things on it! And I can't fucking write about it?" She wrote some stupid sentences and sent it. She slept on the couch that night.

From @whimsytales: It saw her smile, it saw her blush. It saw her cry when her dreams were crushed. It watched her grow, and it watched her learn. It noticed her messy hair in the morning sun. It let her dream, it absorbed all her tears. Her bed continues to save her, even after all these years.

From @jhanvidhawan: This mean world, the catastrophic society and the harassments has got me to this level from where I can see the end of my life. I wish there was a place in real life, like the underneath of my bed, where I used to hide in those days when parents’ scolding was the biggest fear.

From @meetumeetu: I turn and toss; no reason or rhyme. This ain’t home, but then, I’ve dozed in buses. Colors, rhythms, patterns and smells, warp in and out of sense. Trippy, strippy – this is all at once. Oh, am I that girl with golden locks? Or the princess who felt a pea, twenty mattresses across?

From @theslumdawg: I was six years old. I used to spend my vacations with my naani, listening to her bedtime stories. Now, she's no more. I miss her bedtime stories.

From @Life_ambiguous: The moment he kissed her, she felt her resolve of break up melting. He dragged her to his bedroom...few minutes of passion passed. "I have some work before we leave. Can you make the bed?" he said. She was numbed, making bed for him for another few minutes of passion with his wife.

From @bitchwanti: Arya looked at the sunlit bed. It looked cheerless and bereft. Nostalgia hit her like a bullet in her chest. She remembered fondly the times she lay in her lap, listening to stories she spun for her. A slow tear trickled down her cheek. This was her haven, her crib. Now her grandmother's death bed.

From @sshweta93: He was ecstatic. Having completed his MBA from the States, Amit had finally returned home. The aroma of home cooked food, his mother's tender touch; he had missed it all. He placed his head on his mother's lap. He took in her scent; a content smile on his face. Tonight, he didn't need a bed.

From @ThePeachBiscuit: The room was almost dark, except for a dim light which emanated from the sky, lay a small diamond on his left pupil and gave a lunar glow to his skin. She looked at him, fascinated. He looked unreal. She quietly got naked, joined him in bed and together they slipped into a parallel universe.

From @lady_shweta: They were all waiting for Mr.Sonawane to come home and bring the bed with him. The family was collectively dreaming about owning a bed. No more sleeping on mats. Class upgrade. Mrs.Sonawane receives a phone call. She is speechless. "what happened, aiyee?" Vishnu asks. "your father died today afternoon."

From @TheGhostWriterr: I carried her to the bed in a candle-lit room, as passion took over. I captured her lips with mine & she surrendered to my deepening embraces, in moments we ravenously explored each other. Love was made, bodies entwined & two souls united never to part. The lost flame of love re-ignited.

From @alksmehta: When Mili saw her husband’s lifeless body that morning, she went to a flashback. Those romantic nights, their long hours of conversations, their fights, their makeup, their morning tea together, all thoughts started diminishing. Her heart pounded and she fell beside him and that’s how their souls also united in that bed-This time FOREVER!

From @Radhikamohandas: She checked it one more time as her sister knocked. "This room smells different. Did you do up the bed?" Kimaya looked at it, her heart beating aloud. Pillows? In place. Bedsheet? Perfectly set. Stains? Covered. As her sister turned, there came the last sound Kimaya wanted her to hear from under the bed- "Woof!"

From @floydianbrahman: The gold-leafed scroll from Her Majesty humbled her doorstep. Freshly crinkled blossoms, seeping red on the beach of Normandy. The summer breeze quietly whispered the memories as a tempest broke within. She didn't wake up on the wrong side of the bed today, she was sure. Too soon. She still didn't know which was which.

From @shivangiyadav: No marriage could take two ambitious, go getters, with crazy schedules, so they separated. Six months later, somehow they were in adjacent hotel rooms. When the mayhem started he could only think about her. When the cops found them, they were entwined under the charred bed, in the Taj Heritage wing. Finally together.

From @vivekisms: Insomnia was their curse. No type of bed could help them. They kissed instead. Hungrily. Now they knew why they loved sleeplessness. It was theirs. It made them see that other people were no more real than the beautiful dreams they supplanted.

From @Baba_Bakwaas: Their love knew no bounds, they’d always be together melting in each others’ arms on that little bed that witnessed their love from the depth of the seas to the zenith’s height, it also witnessed their separation, saw her die within, saw her bleed. She died in its lap and soon it became her sarcophagus.

From @randomWhiz: It was dark, but neither of them were sleepy. The mattress has been newly installed on the gigantic rosewood bed, waiting to be explored. They crept on to it, filled with curiosity and excitement. As they jumped on it, came the voice, "get down kids you'll break the springs!". "Yes, mom" they sighed.

From @KarishmaRawat: You know her body like it is a part of you. The many beauty spots on her lower back. Brown and black. The hollow of her collarbone.The scar on her elbow from a childhood fall. You know that she would wake up, and go back to him. Today you put an end to it all.

From @ChicNManiac: Drunk and kissing, they entered the house. It was a small apartment in the city; and he was #11. “Let’s go to your bed.” Their lips were glued. “But I want you right here, right now, on this couch.” She was good. They had a passionate night. Her ex’s love slept quietly on the bed.

From @Oven_Tikka: It cost them nearly a week’s salary, but they couldn’t resist buying it. Light teakwood, a soft lilac mattress lined with soft toys, and just the perfect size. It was to be their son’s first bed. Little did they anticipate that the spoilt brat would want to sleep in their bed till he was 7!

From @VijCheers: The occasional caress, change of diapers, everyday quest for remote, jumping kids, pillow fights, late night movies, even wet towels; the bed had seen everything. Sometimes it punished me with a tipped toe or a concussion. But I’ve to move on. Wish if I could take those indelible moments. Will miss you partner.

From @vagabondinact: Returning after all these years to a patch that had been home for years, the vista could not have been more idyllic. Gentle breeze played with swooshing plants, their petals copiously lay at its feet. Dreamily, it moved ahead, steadying itself on its numerous legs. The millipede had finally returned to its flower bed.

From @captain_speakin: She got home after being at work for 36 hours. The house was clean. “ too clean” she thought. She walked into the shower and got into bed. It felt different, also smelt different. Not of him or herself. She didn’t want to think, so just shut her eyes tight hoping it would block everything out.

From @sahilk: Dad got a new mattress for me. It’s like really soft. You sink into it when you sit on it. And that’s my issue. Now I have to keep the air conditioning on full blast so that the sunken in body area doesn’t get all sweaty. Maybe I should switch back to my old mattress.

From @_PWN: As she slept after they made love all night, he looked at her and remembered how empty his bed was before she walked in to his life. Before her, he did bring a new girl to bed every week, but he had never kissed anyone on the forehead before.

From @dinkypinkybrain: “Vidhya”, she insisted. “'Va' 'Va.' I have always let you call me Bidhya, but its important to get the flower arrangement right! Don't want my family hunting down Soumitro for marrying someone else afterall!” She stressed, with a ring of humour. The old man remembered. Big bold letters said, “Soumitro Beds Vidhya.”

From @ghaatidancer: You beckon me invitingly and I crawl under your comforting sheets. We lie, fused together. Enveloping me in your warmth, you make it harder and harder to let go. As my eyelids begin to droop once more, I curse you silently under my breath. I smile. I surrender. Alas, you win again.

From @textuallyhorny: Sheets of sins. Promiscuous pillows. Creases of comfort. That beam of sunrays and the streak of moon, that's where I wondered if the ceiling is a bane or a boon?! Mattress, the mute witness right through the time. Tasted blood, sweat, tears with a splash of lime. Ok now? That lady on u?! Coming soon...

From @khatteemithi: Witnessed. Prayers. Fears. Tears. Clandestine midnight-calls. Johnny Depp. Silent moans. Re-reads of Austen.That man with hazel eyes you often dream about. Passion shared. Annie's song. Scotch-laden Introspections. Dead letters. Sleep talks. Sleep walk when I pay no heed. . A constant in your ever-changing life. One plea.. Share it now with someone worthy of us.

From @milapthakrar: Bed is 1 part of my life where is sleep lookin upwards bt i wakeup upsidedown ... Bed a thing on which world's most desirable thing happens .. Yes , u guessed it right its Sleep ... I miss my hometown home's Bed and this dedicated to it ...


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