Monday, March 12, 2012

Theme 17 - Wicked

From @aishikb: He destroyed his brushes and paints. He hammered the canvas. He was about to burn the paintings when he spotted it. A portrait of him, his brother and his sister. His brother loved him after all. He smiled. No one would suspect him anyway. His modus operandi was impeccably like that of his deranged sister’s.

From @Stoned_Heretic: He knew what he had done to her. She wasn’t bad, but he wanted to still see her suffer. Sadist. He knew how badly she wanted him. He knew what could make her wet, what would break her down. Slave. He gave in. Bleeding she was lying on the floor and then he laughed.

From @TheBigDowg: On 3rd January, he lost his love to his best friend. Ever since, he carried a secret. A secret he wished came true. Today is 3rd September and he couldn't stop laughing as he bought "It's a boy" balloons. His wedding gift for his best friend: Chocolate flavoured condoms...with a hole!

From @Marwaari: "Let’s run now, before Sahil comes in", he whispered. We left the room, waiting eagerly for the ultimate moment. He came out in the morning, completely smeared in red color and visibly angry. He threw the sixteen alarm clocks and screamed, "Where are you fucking wicked people? You guys ruined my wedding night!"

From @IndianIdle: "Damn we failed !", I said to Deep. He sunk into his bed, horror on his face. "Bhencho, we shouldn't have watched IPL. And these bloody night chats with her." He mouthed,"What will I tell my parents?" He looked up after the cribbing session. A wicked smiled took place on my face.

From @leztah: After the Great War in the sky Greed’s celestial fall shattered his jaw, scattering his teeth across the earth. Hurrying to complete his face in time for Armageddon, he took the form of the Tooth Fairy, stealing freshly fallen teeth and leaving behind his symbol. The propeller of desire. The root of all evil. Money.

From @ladyclonidine: He switched off all but that lone light. Quick glances at his cheap watch. There she was, the little minx. He moved to the window, moistening his lips. Wet hair, pale skin, he could almost smell her. The towel dropped on cue. Perfection. She picked it up but not before stealing a cheeky glance at him.

From @abhikbee: And Jesus said, my father will smite the wicked and make the believers prosper. Moloch feasted on crimson pears and fornicated. Joshua turned his purple Cadillac, headed to the synagogue knelt and wept for forgiveness. The salty sea shared his loneliness and abandonment with a deep brown drowning fisherman. The sky fell down.

From @irrationalnum: He prayed for eleven years seeking immortality. "I can't do that. To compensate, ask for two things", God said. The man was a wicked logician. "Bless me that I die after that monkey. Bless the monkey that it dies after me". "Granted"! The logician died after few years. God whispered, "Time is an earthly conception".

From @roshd: It was passionate love and Raghu was his usual selfish self. Yet again he did not use protection. Luckily Rita had taken her pill. He would never do this again, she felt for the gun under her pillow. Raghu kept up his positive countenance. It matched the ELISA test report he had received last evening.

From @anushreekejriwa: She lived in a cocoon and was told that the world outside is abominable. Through the window she could see the clear skies, green fields and hear the birds twittering. She knew that the world outside was a mix of black and white, ready to ameliorate herself she ventured out to experience the world.

From @Ace_Of_Pace: "Her dazzling white gown gave her an ethereal appearance as she appeared to float through the crowd in an elegant grace. Wavy auburn tresses framed the cherubic contours of her face. She cocked her head in defiance as her eyes refused to back away from his uninvited gaze. Innocence gave way to wicked seduction."

From @vagabondinact: His hand moved in rhythm to cadence, only he heard. The killing gave him a high. It was gory, he leered. He was getting better each day. Each new kill lead to a jubilant ‘WvviicKKedD’. He heard none over his headphones. In despair, his father pulled out the Xbox chord ending his Call of Duty.

From @kunalbaidmehta: It was the last day of the circus. Two months and not a single day of applause for him. All the applause was for the ring master and all he could manage was a few guffaws and some sniggers. He was sick of being the clown. He had a wicked open the cage.

From @narinderkapur: The child climbed up the apple tree. Slowly, she picked out the ripest, juiciest apple and bit into it, the cool juice running down the side of her mouth. Life was hers, as she climbed down, and the Old Guard came into view. She ran, but he caught up, and the lightning smote her down.

From @sukhkarni: The foreign delegation arrived and the 'meeting of his life' was scheduled in an hour. Suddenly, his phone rang. Something baffled him and he left. Gasping for breath, he reached home, just to find that it was their wedding anniversary and his wife had fooled him into telling that she had met with an accident. Surprise!!!

From @sshweta93: ''Be the angel, not the wicked trickster.'', said her mum. Innocently, Rachel, all of 5, swore to never let her mother down. Naivety got the better of her. But things changed. She was growing; discovering. Immoral desires, vindictive demeanors, a spiteful tongue.. Yes, the wicked side was developing. This time, circumstances got the better of her. She was no angel; only human.

From @purplebrains: The lion, the tinman and the scarecrow cheered. It was time to leave for Kansas. But Dorothy had other ideas. Stepping over the oozing remains of the witch with a scornful glance, she sat on the throne with Toto by her side. "Oz needs a new Wicked Witch of the West", she said and grinned.

From @AbhiandNow: “Sahib, no one brought me. I decided to come here,” she said. “You came to Sonagachi because you wanted to?” He was shocked. “Ji sahib, hum toh gaon mein bhi roz chudhte the aur mana karo, toh jala diye jaate the. Yahan kam se kam chudhne ke baad paise, roti aur kapda toh milta hai.”

From @iWritingGirl: She smudged the red lipstick on her face, only to be killed by his fatal sight later that night. Soaked in lust they lay on sand, while he unlocked the door. Betrayed trust can be heal worthy, how naive to believe in an unforgiven notion of love. He lived for love, we died for lust.

From @SugarsNSpice: Wickedness spilled out from his eyes and yet he tried playing a game of innocence. Gambling with cards can be lame but when life is at stake then it becomes the biggest stake. The last dice was soon played and he tricked others by illusions of his hand to steal lives and gain umpteen slaves

From @vivekisms: Little Red Riding Hood is on her way home from sleeping with one of the three bears. Goldilocks sold herself to Jack in exchange for the beans.
Cinderella is the madam of a whore house and Rapunzel is the new witch about town. Fairy Land has changed much, hasn’t it?

From @Gulabo_ : He abdicated my hopes and desires. His wicked intentions couldn’t hold me strong. I abandoned myself to grief waiting for a secret touch of ecstasy. Just then my room was surrounded by the aroma of Chinese food. I think I found my dose of happiness. He was crestfallen seeing me happy. The mind was wicked indeed.

From @shivangiyadav: She walked into the apartment, brimming with excitement. As soon as the door closed behind her, a black satin sash covered her eyes. First a feather touch, then a loving caress. The sensations overpowered her. With him she was deliciously wicked. She treasured these enchanted moments. They kept her company on many lonely nights.

From @moonsez: She lay listless crumpled & worn. The doctor imparted his somber verdict & left. The grandson sat down & held her close. “Can you sneak in some pickle for me?” she rasped. There was an impish gleam in her eyes. Each wrinkle on her face said that she had many new stories in their folds.

From @akshayabansal: Gazing upon the valley from a vantage point, they fixed their eyes on a train chugging along the incline. A plan was in place, the men covered their faces and waited for the moment nestled in the ravines. They plundered the train with their bloodshot eyes and wicked smiles, ensuring chaos consumed this peaceful terrain.

From @iPurplicious: That night she decided to drown her sorrows in whiskey. He watched & waited patiently till she got vulnerable enough, to use a sleazy pick up line. He started walking towards her. When their eyes met, she blurted, "My name is Aisha Saxena. I'm your daughter.", wiping away each & every trace of his wicked intentions.

From @realfartshady: My neighbor is a wicked bald dude. He is a wicked over-abbreviator college student, plus a wicked history major genius. He's one of those wicked 'I can't believe you haven't seen/heard/played this' guy. He also owns a wicked yellow Austin healey, drives it wicked slow. All of this about him make me wicked annoyed.

From @JaaaChudail: There were two things that he could do. Simply fool around with her or give her his heart. The tiny voices inside his head screamed, “Imbecile, you have already once faltered in the latter”, whilst another screamed, “ Faith will take you a long way. Believe in yourself.” And they say, he was wicked.

From @greyalchemy: Green she looked with paint and otherwise. Swaying her broom swiftly across her own shadow. While the moon shone bright, She acknowledged a scary old pumpkin from her hands, also green. An eager loud bell overpowered her wicked smile. Then they opened the door and the eight year old said "Happy Halloween, candy?"

From @iamafairytale: The floor was sparkling, the windows shone, the utensils were stainless, the laundry ironed and folded. Aroma from the kitchen was luscious. Then the fiendish matron inspected the rooms stringently. One lapse and the children would be spanked hard. The orphans let out a silent mourn to God, to not let them sleep hungry again.

From @gauravjagwani: All things wicked were once innocent. There is this saint that said that’s what we all should believe. He personally did not believe that people were wicked. He just believed they were lacking good. One fine day, I pointed out that if he truly saw someone wicked, he’d appreciate innocence a lot more. Wicked, no?

From @sahilk: For us Saudi boys from orthodox Muslim families, you know what’s wicked? Not going to the mosque five times a day to pray. Who’s got the time to sit and chat with Allah when I can be bumping a cigarette off one of my friends while revving up one of their GMCs at the corniche?

From @vikranntLFC: He believed that he was a good person. And he would do anything to
maintain that perception of himself. This one time he killed his friend's cat so
that he could comfort his friend. Comforting sad people was a good thing, wasn't it? He was a great person. He knew it. But he sometimes wondered...

From @thebongbabe: They walked as quickly as possible down the road – holding hands, praying no one had seen them sneak out together. Even the incessant drizzle couldn’t dampen the excitement of these stolen moments, of doing what they knew was forbidden. “Two chocobars please” they gleefully told the ice-cream vendor. Grandpa and grandson were being wicked today.

From @khatteemithi: Sheila carefully draped the saree to hide the ugly marks that Joy had left – after a drunken night of repeated sexual abuse. His problem was alcohol; her’s – love! They walked into the party together greeted as usual by a loud cheer. Sheila in her black saree. Joy is his maroon kurta. What a “wicked” couple they made!

From @dakumangalsingh: His team needed 4 runs off the last two balls. Rahul came up with a bouncer and Ganesh pulled it for 2. Last ball was a brilliant yorker, leg stump rooted out. Ganesh stood there, he didn't move for he owned the bat. He gave Rahul a wicked smile and won the match for his team

From @rbd_sqrl: Not a soul in the village was aware of the beast. The dark of the night camouflaged his intentions. Not a rustle was made as he made his way towads the inconspicuous hut. His brain was dancing to the tunes of his stomach. A loud thud and then silence. A shrill cry - “Tiger !!!”.

From @peckishminx: She runs towards his outstretched arms, his beaming smile welcoming her. He plunges a stake into her back and smirks while she lies there lifeless in his arms. She sees him smiling as he turns that alley. A single pout that led to this. The wolf & Me.

From @michramiah: He gazes across the park. She sits isolated from the chatty cliques. Her hazel eyes full of secrets and despair, so beautiful that it makes him ache. Her tousled locks blow gently with the breeze. Her smile, brittle yet captivating. He turns to his boss, who smiles wickedly, nods encouragingly, and hands him the gun.

From @parekhit: I am numb, I am dumb, am nothing but an evil lump. My mind has cancer, brain is dead, eyes are scary, bloodshot red. I wake up every night to spirits dressed in white, sweat with fright. Don’t want to live, pierce me please. These are my final words before I begin my journey to another world.

From @WickdWeirdWitch: Lacing his drink with Viagra, she said, “Shall we go kinky today?” Doing bottoms-up, he replied, “Sure”!!! She undressed him, blindfolded & tied him to the bed. Drew the curtains & opened all the French windows & doors of their ground-floor flat. She then taped the divorce papers to his boner & left him forever...

From @Oven_Tikka: She couldn’t move. Her eyes seemed glued shut and her limbs were heavy as lead. Her head felt all woozy and wrong. Had she been drugged? With great effort she managed to move her head. But the rest of her was as lifeless as before. It was Monday, and her bed sighed in wicked satisfaction.

From @captain_speakin: Sitting on a rock at the beach, sharing a beer with her best friend she said, “I am never falling in love again, this isn’t for me, it hurts like hell” “yes it does” he sighed and looked away so she wouldn’t catch him staring at her. Some where up there fate smiled wickedly!

From @lady_shweta: She chopped the onions furiously, her anger with the family was being simmered in a dal. How could anyone treat me like a maid, she thought. Spicy you want, she said to herself, she chopped 8 fiery red chillies and put them in the dal. Today was her day to be wicked.

From @PeachBiscuit: She was sobbing. He was looking at her. He could say anything, she would apologize. He knew he was wicked but he had control over this relationship and liked it. "We have a real problem... Don't you think so?" she asked. He replied: "The problem is you. You're always negative, even the way you ask your questions is!"

From @designerfoo: His mouth was agape. He was in desperate need of knowing. Knowing, how it felt to be young and over powered. There were many of them; All men. Drinking, laughing, whistling and knowing. His hands were coming out of his pockets, with green letters of communication. She understood him. Her smile, both, inviting and wicked.

From @violinraindrops: The backyard garden in Rehan’s building was owned by the first floor aunty. “Don’t touch those leaves!” her voice screeched while she stood at the window. One morning, Rehan tiptoed into the garden, “White rose for Ria”, he thought. His hand reached for the most wonderful flower he saw. A gentle 'pluck' and then “REHAAAN!”

From @melittlepixie: 'She loves me’. ‘She loves me not’. ‘She loves me’. ‘She loves me not’, he muttered, plucking the last petal. ‘She loves me not, he reiterated. ‘She loves me not’, he laughed sadly. He walked towards the bedroom. She was fast asleep. Her face shone in the moonlight, as did the knife in his hand.

From @eternalscrewup: He asked, “Why is life so wicked?” The presence halted, then replied “It wasn’t how I intended it to be. Man has transformed it so” He continued “But then why does it feel like a horny bitch with a massive hard on?” The presence was flabbergasted. The questions were however useless for he was already dead, and the ubiquitous presence was godly.

From @theslumdawg: It was Ganapati Visarjan of 2006/7. He left his workplace early, Because his friend called him up to be at Grant Road. He reached there. Friend : We are going to fuck have sex! Me: You sure? He:Yes., I'm afraid, I haven't had sex before. "That day,I realised, how wicked i can get."

From @awsmbong: She was utterly vile to him, never cared about his family. Yes, she is his wife. Mother of 2, beautiful. She demeaned him, in front of them. Every. Single. Day. Fine evenings had turned into a misery for him. Wicked, indeed. Their eldest asked, “Baba, why does mother treat you like this?”. He replied, “Dowry”.

From @Sinful_Reveries: He was late. The folded newspaper proved that it wasn't even read. He reached for the elevator but it couldn't accommodate him so he briskly climbed the stairs and there she was at the door. She had something in store for him. Her wicked smile just made it ascertain when she said, 'Good morning, Love!'.

From @freelosopher: The papers ripped him apart with every article. He lived his life on the edge and the reporters would sharpen their claws, itching to write
him off completely. Didn't matter. The top of the pencil knew that those evil papers and sharpeners would never get to him, as he would've long passed his utility by then.

From @ChhotaRecharge: "Mom wants me to meet her friend's son" He walked towards her and tenderly placed a kiss on her trembling lips, she didn't need much persuasion. They made love more passionately than they ever had! Hurriedly dressing.she ran to the mirror "YOUU! What is that I see on my cheeks?" "So, who were you meeting, again?"

From @dinkypinkybrain: He didn't come wearing a point black hat. She didn't come dressed like a vamp. They didn't toss their head back to howl like banshees when they left the lifeless girl under a starry shroud. Hearts not corroded with malice, but minds left diseased from the past. And the world was wicked never to understand.

From @preetidhingra: It was a lazy sunday. It was the third time, he said he's hungry and she got up to cook for him. During the breakfast, she kept chit-chatting as usual but he was just staring at her. She asked "why are you not eating, you were so hungry, no?" He replied with that wicked smile, "you know what I'm hungry for"

From @tweettabulous: It was raining heavily; he was in dire need of an ATM. After 2 moneyless branches and drenched to the bone, he finally found a functional one. He punched his pin and withdrew the amount. On reaching the bar, he noticed the machine had given him 5 grand more. He smiled wickedly, more to drink…

From @JestChill: Lewd. Tease. Offend. Molest. Rape. Bash. Hurt. Drugs. Theft. Murder. Pickpocket. Burn. Lynch. Slap. Hit. Threaten. Lie. Cheat. Con. Harass. So wicked, he said, all Political Parties. And yet, early next morning, before dawn had shown her saffron and rose hues across the skies, his wife lay dead. Burnt. Dowry, he had forgotten to add.

From @sarcogenic: Stunned. Breathless. He stared at his monitor for the longest time. This can’t be true, he murmured, feeling the hollowness in his own belief. Six years. Every single detail. Duly recorded. He believed his marriage to be a happy one, till he found the anonymous blog.

From @DushtuMey: She chatted with Jatin almost every day. To her, he was a special friend. But they had never met. That day they discussed love. She came home and found her husband in the shower. He had left his laptop on. She stared at the monitor where a chat window blinked… [Jatin says: I love you]

From @mental_Aunty: She was 12 years younger to him, a step-sister. He called her his little minx, helping her in studies, reading excerpts from Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita, touching in the 'wrong places', inviting his friends to play the 'game'. His friends called him a 'lucky dog', for the police who rescued her, he was just another Paedophile.

From @menakasays: I hadn't pushed him on to the road when the speeding truck hit him. But they blame me for his death. I had tried really hard to live up to the standards of his first wife. Well, atleast now he and I can both be with the people we love.

From @OhTeri_ : They met THAT night. The party was lively and everyone was high.
She let him come closer. Hand in hand they danced. The KISS. Some corner. Some private room. They tease. They bite. Desperately they fight. Made love that night.
WILD. SMILES. That wicked beast was born. And, he fell in love, after all.

From @Gods_Evangelos: Yes she knew her atrocious intention. “Hold on you bitch”, she said. I know your intentions and your efforts to ruin all between us, but wait it’s not over yet. Divorce, you told right? We are going for our second honey moon soon. Now take that tits and show it to some other horny men.

From @sweetchillly: A free-bird, she chirped Integrity in a faraway nest, encountered a chance meeting. He was bad in an enjoyable way. A strong conscience which she held on to made her think she won't make it with any boy she doesn't love.This passes for an extreme morality in the world of Wicked Intentions.I totally salute her.


  1. He walked out of the courtroom as a free man. The mob greeted him as a champion; having crushed immoral motive of a woman to defame him, his stature and dignity. He smiled; the wicked smile, though he knew, deceptively veiled a woman’s tears, who had lost not only the fight but also her dignity.

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