Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Theme 180 - Argument

From @aaroo4: He opened the door and peeped through the little crack. His grandma was making gestures shouting something. He couldn’t make out the words but it sure looked like a heated argument. His father just stood there, staring at her. Dammit, why did his room have to be so far off? He couldn’t hear a thing

From @RadhikaMohandas:

“You’re always trying to prove me wrong.”
“Cedric was Ravenclaw.” “No, Hufflepuff.” “Po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe.” “No!”
“Why HIM?” “I couldn't stop him!” “YOU WANTED IT TOO!” “Well, NOW I do!”
“Why’d you remove the bookmark?”
“What are you talking about?” “Drop it, please?”
“You never put off the lights.”
“Just hug me, won’t you?” “Okay.”

From @swordfish19: They’d been married for thirty years now and had not had a single argument. Not one. How could they? Both were born mute and deaf. It’s not possible to argue with your eyes, right? I mean how much can you scowl? They once tried to have written arguments, but their hands ached. They gave up.

From @VidulaChakradeo:

You are really mean. You shouldn't have said that to her. I am not mean. It was she who started it. Of course you are. You know she isn't like that. Listen, I know her better. She is exactly what I said she is.

When Guilt and Self-defense argue, peace-of-mind is a bystander who suffers.  

From @ArmchairPsycho:

We balanced on the wire and waited. His beady eyes darted between her and me as she stepped out of the pool. She slowed down on purpose, pushed her hair back allowing the water to glimmer down on her skin.

"Mine!" I cawed and fluttered over her.

Plop! My empty stomach had marked its territory.

From @flirtingshadows: She sat huddled in one corner, with her quivering lips, irreconcilable differences and tumultuous emotions. The room reeked of disappointment. But she was too spent to care. An apology could wait; she murmured and reached for a sip of water. But he sat in another corner, in wait, for another argument festering over her indifference.

From @deescjockey: He walked along the shimmering beach in the pouring rain, thinking of the argument they had earlier today. Claps of thunder resounded, and the few people who were still outdoors were closing their shops or running for shelter. He dragged his feet, wondering if the coming storm would be bigger than that raging at home.

From @evansrebello:

No more. It’s done. You’re gone. Crawl home.

We argued bout for bout, I took a long time to figure it out,

I can't do it alone, you took it away.

From @TheQuietBelle:

Every night was the same, only the issue differed. What started as friendly debates would turn into heated arguments because every opinion she expressed was subjected to mockery and laughter.

" You think I'm just a silly child, right?" , she would ask burning with anger.

" No I just think you look ridiculously sexy when you're angry."

From @zoarcher:

They never saw eye to eye on anything
Thick headed and thick skinned, both of them
Every debate turned ugly
No situation seemed pretty
Their sanity was at stake, and so was an indecent amount of money
Finally, they agreed and went their separate ways
Once, long-time business partners
They now were aggressive competitors.

From @moonsez: “Why do you always…?” She asked raising her voice. “Why don’t you ever…?” He shouted back. “Do you always have to accuse me back?” She retorted sharply. “Why can’t you give a straight answer?” He lowered his voice. “What’s your question?” she asked tentatively. “Will you marry me?” He blurted, surprising them both.

From @tweettabulous:

“No, but I like this color.”
“It won’t match the theme.”
“I don’t care, change the colors there. I’ve made up my mind.”
“But, it’s been approved and ordered already.”
“Damn it, it’s my wedding I want everything perfect.”
“Love, it’s our wedding… You know I’d do anything as long as it makes you smile.”

From @DNRamki:

The flow was almost irrepressible. Let the right side go on a bit, and you would scald your skin. Whereas letting the left side go on, you would keep shivering for hours.

Every morning he woke up to settle this argument in the shower, setting the right temperature was just that important!

From @slokabs: Harsh words were spat. Long accusatory fingers were pointed at each other. "It was your fault, you were speeding”, said one. “Why should I? You never honked before overtaking”, barked his opponent. In all this chaos, a youngster missed his exam, a pregnant woman gave birth to a still-born and an old sick man died.

From @roshd: This argument wasn’t going anyway. No matter what she said, he had the perfect reply. She raised her voice, he started to get irritated but didn’t abandon his damned logic. It was still her fault. As usual he was winning it. So she burst into tears. Now he was where she wanted him to be.

From @divigyaan:

Boy: Do you love me?
Girl: no
Boy: why?
Girl:don't feel the same
Boy:any reason?
Girl:that is the reason
Boy: is it enough?
Girl:more than enough
Boy: then no point arguing but i wish I could.

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