Sunday, November 4, 2012

Theme 178 - Imagine

From @TranceWriter:

"Imagine the future, when you are a renowned writer, you are attending the release ceremony of your new book. I will be standing right in the front row to cheer my hero, would you like that?"


"Don't give up writing, for that vision, if nothing else."

From @aaliznat: I fell in love. I looked for you in the books I read. I found you in between the lines. I breathed you in like the scent of a new book. I wandered in the library of my dreams and traced you like a book's spine. I imagined us together. I read you.

From @roshd: Imagine India didn’t have to pay obeisance to one family. That it would not support the twisted logic of hate mongers dividing people on religious lines. That people would not litter, spit or double park on the road.  OK, I’m asking for too much. It’ll be easier for Karan Johar to get married. To a girl.

From @tweettabulous:

Well read mind, an innocent smile that reaches and lights up those naughty eyes, broad shoulders for me to fit perfectly in warm embraces, mind blowing sex and a good sense of humor harmonized with articulation to keep me and my whimsical mind engrossed.
My work of fiction, my imagination… he, strangely now my only truth.

From @tweeting_anu: "How could you imagine me betraying your trust when I said I love you,The boy which you saw last evening with me in the mall was my cousin.Thank you for not trusting me,Its all over now" said she to her Boyfriend and walked away forever.

From @DNRamki: She stood at the door, careful not to disturb him. She watched intently as he introduced his stuffed tiger to his latest possession, the “Transmogrifier”. He stepped into it, shouted a few instructions and stepped out.  To himself and Hobbes, a transmogrified Tiger. To the rest of the world, same old naughty little Calvin.

From @Erotalgicholy: "Come here, let me take you to a world of real virualities; a world you’ve always dreamt of being in. Look through this peephole. You can fly like Superman, and breathe underwater like Aquaman. You are nothing, but everything you desire. Come, imagine with me. He kept the pendulum inside and took every child along."

From @flirtingshadows: For a few moments every week, I allow myself the luxury of slipping into a make-believe world where you and I can pretend that the rest of the world ceases to exist, where I can pretend that you are mine, only mine. I imagine a time when your time becomes ours and we become us. 

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