Thursday, November 15, 2012

Theme 185 - Sea

From @wekneweachother: If only some of that salt could rub off on me. If only I could breathe in that organic oxygen one last time. If only soaking up that deep blue pushed my blues away. If only floating like a tiny particle, insignificant yet significant, through the years of overflowing saturation led me to the light.

From @MirrorofErised_ : "Our Castle," I said proudly looking at him. "Only ours," he conceded, looking straight into my eyes. The sand castle stayed there unbrandished by the waves. Silently, we stared at the serene sea with its waves peacefully hitting the shore. I shifted my gaze to him. In his eyes, the sea looked even more magnificent.

From @shark_speak: I stand at the docks, looking at the Arabian Sea reflecting the night sky. Inshallah, tomorrow I make my first voyage. People warn me about strange lands and sea-monsters, but... A strange sense of destiny seems to be calling out to me. My first mate asks me, “Sinbad, do we sail tomorrow?” “Yes,” I reply.

From @aaroo4: It was a welcome break. No hospitals or injections for 3weeks the doctor had said. They packed and hit the road. He drove and she sat beside him in silence. Suddenly A small voice from the back seat screamed "Thea mommy, look look, so much water". Teary eyed they looked at each other and smiled.

From @salonitia: She saw her fall ,before she could rush to pick her ,her daughter,got up and finished the race .It didn't matter whether she won or lost ,what was important was her ability to get up on her own and run again.Sea of emotions welled up in her as tears trickled down her cheeks !

From @Asteroidosmic: Tightly, she clutched the sand with her feet. The fear was rising. The Blue Monster was closing in. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath. She let it kiss her feet and embrace her. She released the sand, she let go of all her fears. She felt free. She had found her happy place.

From @lucidillusions_ :

She would look up every night.  She would see bright lights in the darkness. These lights fascinated her more than anything, she decided to name them stars. Night after night she would wish upon these shooting stars.

Finally one day she gathered enough courage; decided to swim up and explore the world beyond the sea.

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