Friday, January 4, 2013

Theme 198 - Invent

From @kunalbaidmehta: 

Churning out stories from thin air!

Creating something on a page, where nothing existed moments ago. With every word, a chain is formed. A series of such chains is what leads to a creation. Sometimes the word limit of 55 keeps the chain small. But, if this is not an invention, then what is?

From @jhalli_talli: She was huge, white and black, cute, lovable. We were all very amazed to see the pregnant cat running with a huge tummy, it almost scared me how she would manage the process all by herself. In the evening we saw five kittens by her side; she mewed and purred showing us what she accomplished.

From @divigyaan: It is the only creation in this world that is possessed by one and all. It can solve problems and can let someone fall for you. You can use it as a weapon or charm, it completely depends on you. The inventor never claimed copyrights. He left it to the world to name it ‘SMILE’.

From @SaniaaSan: "In displeasures of daily life, in crowded elevators and minds: they created a space somewhere between each other, a place of perfect calm. In time, it turned into something they took immense pride in. This was their best secret invention ever."

From @DNRamki: 

Here in the real world, it seemed dull. The same cold people and their colder voices. It was all mundane, monotonous. Even stones seemed interesting.
But, in his very own world, people were interesting. They talked to him, made him laugh, and even danced with him. He liked this world.
Outside, the doctor said “Schizophrenia” 

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