Monday, January 7, 2013

Theme 201 - Immediately

From @RuthSaldanha: ‘Change must come Immediately!’, she screamed, hysterical, her eyes darting over the sea of humanity, each as rabid as her. ‘All men are dogs! Death to them all!’ As the teeming mass below bayed for blood, she exited in triumph. She couldn’t be late. Her husband needed his dinner on the table sharp at 8.

From @roshd: Boss wanted the report. NOW. "Don't email it from home, but stay back and send it, NOW!" But she took the bus home. She'd email it from home. If he called her extension, it was forwarded to her cell. Also, he was too lazy to come down to her floor to check on her. Ta-dum.

From @flirtingshadows: She lived in the difference between urgent and important, in the fine line between a genuine mistake and careless error, in the gray between the completed and pending tasks. Every email was urgent, of the highest priority and had to be tackled immediately. It was a relay, a repartee and a volley, all at once.

From @vidulachakradeo: Tick tock tick tock. Slowly, at a snail’s pace. No. Slow enough to let a snail win. Taking baby steps. Mexican wave of yawns taking over. One experiencing all possible definitions of ‘waiting’. A queue drags till the end of patience. Even after that. And someone utters immediately “Aisa toh sirf India mein hota hai.”

From @kanakkupullai:

“Sir, I am leaving for the day.”
“So early?”
“I had informed earlier that I have to leave early,” he persisted.
“I want this work done, are you questioning me?”
“No.. it’s just..”
“Yes Sir! Right away.” He ran into his little cubicle and drowned into the messy paperwork.

From @divigyaan: Bring me my orange juice immediately. Switch on the AC NOWWW. I want to see my stylish right away. Need a new boy friend without delay. Her life wanted everything immediately. Hope, she doesn't behave the same when confirmed pregnant. 9 months is a long wait, if not patient, she won’t see the next she.

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