Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Theme 204 - Blind

From @shaaqt: Her drink was finished. Every time the door opened, she looked up, restless and hopeful, at its latest offering. And every time a man walked in, she hoped he wouldn't notice her or the shiny earrings she was wearing. She told herself that dating was bad for her heart, particularly the blind kind.

From @flirtingshadows: You were too enamored with his words, his lopsided smile and the simmering texts to notice the tell-tale signs. His tarrying, his lying, his vices. You always turned a blind eye to them all. There was little you could do, you admitted. And blinded by the light, you didn’t see me lurking in the shadows. 

From @tweettabulous: 

Strangers on a train exchanging flirty glances day after day. Weeks later, a bold step taken. Seduction led to throes of passion. The cold bathroom floor home to their unison. A night both wouldn’t forget, their bodies made to satiate each other.

Lying in bed, reminiscing how blinded by lust they forgot their marital vows.

From @swordfish19: 

The window rolled down and a hand holding a tenner came out. The note was placed in the outstretched palms of the beggar with dark eyeglasses.
The lights turned green and the car started moving. Suddenly, a crow swooped dangerously low and the beggar ducked. The astounded eyes saw this in the rear view mirror.   

From @ImNotThatWitty: I was standing there, not sure what to do. Once again in my life, I was blind to which road I should go. I wanted to go on a right path which leads me to glory. Both seemed easy and hard. I really wish, I had Captain Jack Sparrow's compass right now! .Is this the end ?

From @fungeetu: 

It's a long night. He wants to talk, there is no one around. The silence, the night are complete as is his solitude, his aloneness. He has put up with stuff in pasts,pain,barbs,bullets-life. But this here is his nemesis. His Achilles' heel. Indifference.

Like love.

From @MirrorOfErised_ : The tinkling of her bangles notified me of her presence. The aroma of dal and rice mixed with her jasmine body odour wafted in the air. "Open your mouth, honey," her nightingale voice reverberated in my ears. Her touch sent shivers down my spine. In my world of black, she was my ray of sunshine.

From @divigyaan: Became a part of the cause. Fought his way and took it as a tast. He didn't know he was already the talk of the town.  Wagging his  tail he crossed the line but shockingly he disappeared in time. A stray, partially blind became the surprise element and the timeless story of the mumbai dream marathon.

From @vishalshriyan: He smiled as the child finished breakfast. It was a daily ritual. Even though she didn't know that he was with her. Nor that he wouldn't be around for long. The monitors showing his vital signs said so. He was thankful for the life across his hospital window. In the house with the open blind.

From @drun007: 

Pinkal read that love was blind. She never believed.

She finds her perfect love. Her world suddenly seemed different. Parents disapproving, friends advising, colleagues mocking.

"So what if my love is twice as old?"
"So what if my love is married?"
"So what if my love is a She?"
"It's magical for us."

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  1. i am @divigyaan. It is TASK not tast. Sorry for the mistake.