Friday, January 18, 2013

Theme 205 - Carnage

From @labellagorda: All he had ever wanted to do was maul those vicious beings that made him run, that mocked him with their stinking rubbery existence and drove him wild. Today it was his turn as he was finally faced with his nemesis: his master's Nikes! Today was the day for total carnage, thought the puppy!

From @thebongbabe: The five year old who played amongst the fields, the 12 year old who loved studying and wanted to become a pilot, the 16 year old who day-dreamed about her prince charming. They were all dead. Killed the instant she looked into the eyes of the rich, withered old man she was to call “husband”.

From @aaroo4: “So mom, I was wondering- can I not study history anymore?” Saul asked. “Honey, it is part of who we are. You need to learn that stuff” countered his mom. “ Eeks, reading about the appalling carnage in that war torn country makes me want to puke. I want to learn about robots” he whined.

From @RBtrary: When he released the trigger of his automatic machine-gun, blood drenched bodies lying there terrified him. Mental rehearsals used to be so different. Sight of the carnage that he’d caused killed him inside a thousand times before being shot by the police.

And a few-hundred miles away, across the border, they celebrated the terrorist’s ‘martyrdom’.

From @monathais:

The Blue Galaxy was puffing heavily.

There was space left for only one reincarnation.

Wherever you looked, you could see the same soul: crushed, mashed, bloodied, mutilated, slayed and consumed over and over again.

She had repeated the story for billions of years.

She was the master of her own carnage.

From @zoarcher: Rahul wore his anger and arrogance on his sleeve. Being the boss gave him the license to do so. He constantly kept his 200-strong team on tenterhooks by abusing them. While everyone braved the salvos, they silently died inside. One day, a braveheart finally raised his head and ended the daily massacre of everyone’s confidence.

From @vidulachakradeo: On a dreaded mission, he was Bill on the kill. He removed his weapons, wore his shield, gave his signature terrorizing laughter and jumped in the battlefield. “You all are dead” he screamed, massacring them one by one. They ran to save themselves. Just little roaches, they were no match for the mighty Bill X-terminator. 

From @divigyaan: The day has come. Preparations  are at their high. Guest list, check. Menu, check. Music, check. Kitchen is nothing but a war zone. Everything fresh is the criteria and carnage in the kitchen is the only way. Because, no chicken. No party. We are punjabis.

From @lucidillusions_ :

He sat there in the corner. He felt at peace; looking at the carnage he created. The sudden outburst, the violence, everything was over in a fraction. There they were, dead, burnt, a few still trying to run away from him.

He got up picked his magnifying glass and went in search for another ant-hill.

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