Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Theme 18 - 2014: Excess

From @dude_macha: 

There was a decision to make. She thought for a second. There was no decision to make. She left the bag containing the rest of the souvenirs behind, took the bag of gifts she’d ever so carefully picked out for her son, and gently placed it on the weighing machine. No excess baggage. Perfect.

From @donbratman: 

He was the happiest man in the world. He was famous and people worshipped him. TV and Radio channels played his songs all the time. Fame had finally reached his head. So Kurt Donald Cobain, pointed a shotgun to his head and pulled the trigger. "Too much of anything is not good", his dad always said.

From @Ungaayaa: 

"How do I, Vikas, become this finicky monster, the day you decide to tell me you're going to be engaged to another woman?" asked Divya.

"Come the fuck off it. Stop over-reacting," he underplayed.

Divya threw the water from her glass over him.

"What the .."

"Ex-cess" said she before storming out of the restaurant.

From @Jazz_CB: 

Being with her was all he lived for. Her smile always turned his stomach into jelly. He loved her so much, some said, too much. Some, were right. He lay there, broken without her. He summoned that final bit of strength. A loud bang and splattered blood was all that remained of his broken heart.

From @podidosai: 

I have always played by the rules in my life, whatever the situation. People call me "Rules Ramanujam". Says it all doesn’t it? But this situation has forced me to break a rule. I have no other choice as I have drawn a blank. How much ever I tried, there was just one word in excess!

From @qwzrs: 

Hi, why was my entry rejected?
      Sorry, the words were in excess.
Excess? Impossible. I counted 55!
      "Didn't" is two words, not one.
Jesus! It is one word man! Even if it were not, it is a technicality.
       Sorry buddy, rules are rules. Be careful and better luck next time.
Shit! This is outrageous!

From @captain_speakin: 

He loved her more than anything else in the world. .He built her a palace with beautiful gardens around it. They dined on delicacies every night then slept on satin.His passion knew no bounds. He hid her from the world and kept her just for himself. She hung herself one night. She died of excess love. 

From @_souringpie: 

Positive attitude is important in every aspect of your life.”He yawned.“It helps you with confidence and enthusiasm. You can learn, succeed and grow better.”He yawned,again.“It keeps you healthy and mentally fresh.”He yawned once more.“There is no such thing as excess of positivity………Only excess of yawning, isn’t it, Karan?”Everyone turned back. Karan stood up,yawning afresh.

From @snehzana: 

Last reply to Ishita- 3.25 pm.Last seen on whats app- 3.30 pm. Last active on Facebook-3.45 pm. Last tweet on twitter- 3.50 pm. He was active on all media platforms & yet no reply to her. Is he ignoring me,Ishita thought. Excess of communication platforms leads to excess of miscommunication too.

From @_curses: 

"Behenji", she heard them giggle.

She stormed out of the gym in tears, her petite frame trembing in anger, wondering why she was being judged for working out in a churidar.

She clearly overcompensated the next day, working out in a tiny body-hugging tee and a barely-there pair of shorts.

It was an exercise in XS.

From @MsMecheri: 

"One peanut butter double cheese sandwich topped with mayonnaise and a chocolate cake please", smiled Kenny.

"Extra! Do you see your toes beyond your tummy? extra, extra!",shouted the paper boy on the road.

Kenny looked down at himself and choked as he gulped down water."Never mind", he sighed as he quickly walked away.

From @hinnaz: 

The sirens blared all around her, the smoke thick and dark.

It was too late now, but this was all she knew.

If control would have been a friend this would have never happened.

She now hated him as she had always loved him, limitless.

If only she could have budgeted either emotion, but alas.

From @heyman_guy: 

He was walking through Ranganathan Street with his son on his shoulder and a cotton candy vendor walked past them yelling, “10rs candy!” capturing his son’s interest. He sifted through the crowd, dug into his pocket and asked “Can you gimme for 3rs?” The vendor smiled at the son “I don’t want money, keep this”

From @kanakkupullai: 

"Are you trying to bloody embarrass me or what?" He screamed. The whole office quietened out. "Do I look like I can wear this??"

The admin was trying to suppress a laugh. The T-shirt was the smallest size out there. 

She clarified. "Sir, but you asked for XS."

"Excess, I said..excess size for me!"

From @ajaw_ : 

"The questions were specific. He was made to take the blows for crimes that were not his. He was running out of answers! ‘Empower Women’, ‘Inspire the youngsters, he blurted out repeatedly in defence. It was a serious journalist, a big stage, and the bruises; excessive and painful. He was now officially the nation’s ‘Laughing Stock’."

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