Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Theme 19 - 2014 - Social Media

From @sourcasm: 

"I am the undisputed king of social media.12673 Twitter followers,  6742 friends on Facebook, 63821 Instagram followers, 81623 Tumblr followers. All this within 2 years" he said, as he cut his birthday cake alone in his apartment.


From @Jazz_CB: 

Social media is terrible! Now I know what you are thinking. There are umpteen examples of Twitter helping the needy, starting revolutions etc.

When I hear “social media”, I imagine this horrifying scene – Arnab Goswami asking you a question at a party because the “Nation wants to know”.

Congratulations. You now hate social media too.

From @LungFakeer: 

He studied the alphabets on the screen. ‘Committed’, the word they formed. He grew uneasy, indignant. He looked high up in the skies, stared at the sun; and let go of a high pitched roar. The stars were aligned together, they mocked his misery. Downcast, he tried to lull the mind to sleep. Again.

From @donbratman: 

"Guilty" was the unanimous decision. There were no facts, no arguments. The concept of a jury never existed and no lawyers participated in this trial. Judgement depended merely on the mood of the judges and the opinion of the people around them. Trial by social media is perhaps the swiftest and most painful of them all. 

From @abi_da: 

"You're late."
"Sorry dear... I just came back from college."
"You forgot about our date? We're suppose to watch my movie today!"
"No noo, I didn't forget. I just got caught up with stuff in college."
"Ok, shall we start?"
"Awaiting your command."
*same movie started playing on respective laptops*

From @Ungaayaa: 

"Dude, give me a life. It wasn't my fault. It was the truck guy who rammed into me." he ordered.
"Sorry son. Whatever's happened has happened. Can't reverse anything now."
"Don't 'son' me, moron," he clenched his teeth. "Give me internet access at least."
@_DeadManTweeting tweeted "I'm dead now. God, #Yousuck" to his 50k followers.

From @aalfpaayil: 

The verdict had been passed by the "experts" and "leading panellists." He was guilty until proven innocent. The days ahead looked bleak- long battles, dreary fights and avoiding the hounds. He smiled ruefully as he thought about all those who had chosen to side with men whose only concern was TRP rating and pulled the trigger.

From @kunalbaidmehta: 

I knew I wanted to do something like this. There was always the urge, but wasn't aware of the source. A place where like-minded people could talk on a similar topic but with different perspectives. Social Media  got me on Twitter and made me find the #55wordstory theme and have been addicted to it since then.

From @MsMecheri: 

“Ma, I’m going to meet my friends.”
“You wouldn’t know. They’re college mates I’ve not told you about.”
“Never mind, come back soon.”
“I will!.”

Shravya checked into foursquare: “Tweet up with @Madraslou at CCD”

“Hello!”, said a familiar voice from behind.
“@Madraslou”, grinned her dad.

Tweet from @Shravya221: Also, #FML

From @qwzrs: 

She wanted her work to be famous. But wherever she went the producers rejected her. That's it, she had had enough. Proud of her talents, she decided to turn to the people directly. To hell with the establishment, let Social media decide, she thought. She became a sensation alright.Friday, Rebecca Black. Worst song ever.

From @kanakkupullai: 

"Hi! We meet. Finally.."
"Hi.. Yeah.. Finally.."
"Landmark is a good shop, no?"
"Yeah, good books."
"Um.. we were more talkative on the net, weren't we?"
"Haha.. yeah."
"So, yeah, you hungry?"
"No no, just wondered."
That night :
"Hey!!!!!!! Awesome meet up!!!!! You looked cute!! ^_^"
"Hey yeah!! Was fun!!"

From @BrewingMocha: 

Social Media had let one word replies shift to never ending conversations. Concealed identities had let me confide in him my biggest secret. Little did I feel I know this person, as if a long lost friend. Reading his signature in the e-mail that day, I realized who had duped me with a fake identity.

From @_souringpie: 

It was the “Elite Social Media Bonfire” night. Twitter came in with fresh wood. Facebook brought some dry leaves. WhatsApp entered,chattering. MySpace started playing music. Looking at Instagram click randomly, YouTube smirked. WordPress added some fuel. Everything was set except those capable of igniting the fire was missing. Books were busy somewhere,showing someone their magic.

From @ajaw_: 

“Today’s theme is Social Media.” read his whatsapp text!

“Hmmm..” >>> wwwDotgoogleDotcom >>

 "Social Media Explained"
Twitter - < I need to Pee! >
Facebook – < I peed! >
Foursquare – < This is where I Pee >
Quora – < Why am I peeing? >
Youtube – < Look at how I Pee! >
LinkedIn – < I’m good at Peeing >

>> “Now, I’m going to write a 55 worded story on it and of course pee!”

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