Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Theme 6: 2014: Caress

From @bwoyblunder: 

She was lying in his arms. But it wasn’t enough. He stroked her hair. He kissed her forehead. He patted her back. But it wasn’t enough. Her thoughts were somewhere else. Her Emotions needed caressing, not her body. He had touched her, and still had lost touch with her.

From @karan_jain: 

It was the month of December. Christmas was around the corner. They had a fight.  There was uncomfortable silence. All they could hear was the crackling of wood in the fireplace and cold wind gushing on the window pane. She was shivering. He wrapped himself around her and caressed her on the forehead.

From @bitchwanti: 

The night wore on, the sky turned from black to ink blue, and then to faint grey of predawn. Birds chirped, dew glowed on the grass outside, but the sweet caress of sleep eluded her as she lay there with eyes wide open.

From @DeeSCJockey: 

“Caress,” she whispered in that weird, off-putting manner once again, even as Ted fought with himself to cling on to his long-lost-and-found-again Slutty Pumpkin. We all burst into adoring peals of laughter, sitting back and enjoying our Sunday sitcom marathon. We all laughed - except Sandhya, who seemed suddenly lost. Was it something someone said?

From @chaosparticle: 

The convocation cloak swept the station as he darted towards her bogie. He handed her a yellowed note before the train chugged away. "You called it a twist of fate. Let's part with our belongings now. I will keep the memories of every caress. You keep your justification, because I know you wouldn't care less."

From @kanakkupullai: 

She looked fresh, felt soft, probably softer than a flower's petals. He felt happiness, but couldn't express it, numbed as he was. The doctors were cleaning her, getting her ready for life. He smiled at her, as he held her in his arms, gently caressing her little hands, his first show of love for her.

From @alksmehta: 

Annie was tired and so Ken started to massage her neck and then shoulder.Then suddenly his hands started moving softly down giving shivers and sensations to Annie.When did this massage turned into caress and then love-making they did not realise.All they knew was that it was a beginning of an exciting journey together.

From @shekhartripathi: 

He made the first move. He gently caressed her forehead. Her tantalizingly tender slow thoughtless breaths on the nape of his neck told him all he needed to know.

Her eyes shut tight. Lips came closer. She exhaled in extreme anticipation.

There was no going back.

And in that single heartbeat moment, nothing else mattered.

From @ppriyanka79: 

She caressed the sculpture that had arrived. He had remembered her birthday. As she ran her hands over the figure, she could feel him. It was probably the closest she would ever get to him. Suddenly her husband's voice startled her and she dropped the figure.There it lay broken just like her heart.

From @Stupidiotica: 

It was hard to believe that the infant now in deep slumber against her bosom was just a while ago an inferno of tears and howls. All that was needed for the transformation was the caress that only a mother could give.

From @AdvancedDexter: 

He took a piece of paper, pen and pounded his thoughts on to the paper. According to him, a pen , paper and thoughts made the best threesome ever. He was penning a really sensitive topic this time. He had to caress his mind to emulate his thoughts into words.

From @captain_speakin: 

She dragged one foot after the other in the direction of home. Like most days she was lost in thought. Going home worried her. The time she spent there oscillated between exhilarating and dreadful. "Last night was the scariest, I have had in a long time" she thought as she caressed the teeth marks on her wrist. 

From @ankitsharmatup: 

Tonight I sit by the window staring at the starlit sky. I sense your presence around me. Your voice travels in every breeze. Outside the leaves on the trees are falling while the gentle breeze caresses my cheeks.  

From @snehzana: 

Sheela felt her posterior being caressed in a crowded bus. She turned around angrily to give a tight slap to the offender. A little girl's head was touching her behind, she looked up and asked her-"I have lost my slipper, have you seen it?"

From @meticulousBlues: 

A pat on the back that assures us we made a loved one proud; a gentle stroke on the head that showers us with blessings; a quick embrace that comes as a surprise; a mild breeze that dries up an unattended teardrop. Sometimes all we need is a simple touch; a gesture that says, ‘you are not alone’.

From @zoarcher: 

Alice noticed him, as she entered the party. Standing handsome in a corner, he wore his attitude on his 'Touch Me Not' tee. Charmed, she felt challenged too. She went and introduced herself. He kept his distance. She got closer; he moved away. When his guard dropped, she teasingly caressed him. To her shock, the Prince Charming turned into a frog.

From @Oxymoronic_Me: 

He looked at her with desire and longing. She lay asleep on her bed, breathing peacefully. He moved closer, slithering over her body. She stirred because the feeling was unusual. He caressed her body softly and tenderly. But before she could wonder what was coming, he raised his hood and stung her. She died instantly.

From @The_Lie_Lama: 

Like every other time, her mother's caresses on her forehead freed her of a heaviness in her head. "Ma I love it when you do that!" (She had been crying the whole day before this.)

A breeze unsettled her locks of hair and she woke up startled. Her mother's bier was being taken away.

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