Saturday, January 4, 2014

Theme 3: 2014: Prelude

From @sharma_garvita: 

“I promise I will never let anything come between us.”
“I trust...
Before she could complete what she had to say, the baby cried. That was just the prelude to his broken promise. 

From @RealFartShady: 

“You know” said my girlfriend, “I speak a lot, don't I?”
“Indeed, you say more than you actually do, since you prelude each sentence with the words ‘you know’.”
“You know...,” said my girlfriend. “I think you’re right!”
From @sourcasm: 
"Fine" he kept repeating to himself for all those years. Struggling in silence at the same mundane post. He went through the repetitive days hoping that this was a prelude to something better. Finally he got the promotion that he was waiting for. "Sorry, you have cancer" his doctor said after the annual check up.
From @AbhiandNow: 
You’re good for nothing,” his dad shouted.

“You’re a fool,” said his classmates and pushed him to the ground.

They were all laughing at him, ridiculing him, constantly reminding him that he was a misfit. His head was filled with voices, killing him slowly and then…it all went silent,

as he stepped on the stage.

From @NumbYaar: 

It was all over. Nothing was the same anymore. Nothing could ever be the same again. The story reached a dead end from where there was no going back. But in real life, the words ‘The End’ do not flash to mark the end. Because when one story ends, another is bound to start.

From @shekhartripathi: 

When his sister complained that his home was always filthy and messy, he hauled her outside, showed a bird’s nest high in a tree and said, “At least, it’s not like that.”

She found it inspirational - a prelude for things to come. She ran away from home and, years later, became a Nobel-Prize-winning ornithologist. 

From @Aaliznat: 

The crowd was applauding. She couldn't believe that they liked her music. She couldn't believe anyone could like anything about her. She was always the one who would never make it....

She mentally shook herself, no negativity again. The applause today would be the symphonic prelude to the rest of her life.

From @3nvinyatar: 

"He sat cleaning. First the inside, clearing out the oil and the grit. The smell of rifle oil pervading his heightened senses. Every mechanism was checked, and double checked. The barrel gleamed from the inside. The outside stayed dull, not shining.

After all, he couldn’t afford to be seen that easily when the bugle sounded."

From @Goddamittt: 

She walked gracefully like a tigress prancing towards her prey. Arousing more than just eyes. Red lace defining her gorgeous shape. Holding on to the rod in front of her, she does a magnificent swirl & a low squat. A performance her husband would never forget as a start to their private 25th anniversary celebration. 

From @Mitchellez: 

She hated the world.
She loathed people.
She despised what men were and what they pretended to be.
She detested those who could smile at life and all its hardships.
She brewed ugly within and happily so.
She let poison ooze out of her skin like a sour wound.
Hatred was her prelude to love.

From @captain_speakin: 

Crimson roses were placed on the table next to the bowl of drunken strawberries. The sheets were changed to black satin and the lights were dimmed. The Bordeaux was chilled. He was cooking her favorite spaghetti in marinara sauce while he waited for her. This was only a prelude to what was on offer that night. 

From @MinolAjekar: 

She walked up to him said, room number 10 and turned away. That’s that. No smiles, no drinks, just a stare and a command.

And that was the only harbinger he had to indicate what the night had in store for him. 

From @alksmehta: 

For Michelle,his first touch,first kiss,the warmth of the first time their bodies mingled n melted as one was the beginning of the sweetest prelude to the umpteen number of amazing experiences they had created together over the years.Today,critical at eighty,she is still mesmerised by his charm,at the dawn of her life!

From @meticulousBlues: 

His ruthless luck smirked when he was admitted into a facility for the terminally ill. He felt hopeless until the day he met Nethra, a volunteer at the facility. Something started changing around him and, more importantly, within him. He realized his life, before her, was a mere prelude to the story that is her.      

From @Urban_Sanyaasi: 

“What was that?”
“I’d say it was simply an event that brought us together.”
“What for?”
“That’s for us to find out.”
“But then what was the point of that event other than convergence?”
“The hope that it gives you a memory that you may smile about?”
He felt her lips curve as they kisses.

From @floydimus: 

The events of that most important day of our history are unclear. All we know is that too many were packed in a cramped spot & the agitation was peaking. No one knew the time, or how long they've been waiting for that spark: The start of something beautiful.

And then came the Big Bang!

From @snehzana: 

The slap still hurt her. If he had started the violence, then she would be the one to end it. The prelude to her happiness would be his death with the help of the rat poison in his favorite  paneer kofta curry.

From @randomWhiz: 

A small step. A change in how he made his decisions. He started to save. He worked a little harder. A little more. He spoke kindly. For her, for the family that would be. Was th is love? He didn't know yet. It definitely was a beginning.

From @vagabondinact: 

Though, the henna, obscuring the lines on her hands was yet the fade, the  laughter, resounding with   merriment and songs, happy faces amidst the colourful flowers, their  fragrances enhanced by the smiling faces of her parents, the assuring whispers, the promising blessings,  all faded. The prelude called the wedding failed to depict the marriage.

From @Stupidiotica: 

One of the last images he saw was the red stain spreading rapidly across his chest. It was then that he heard the voice, again. The words were irrelevant, but the voice was crystal clear, unmistakably hers, calling out to him over all the years. The prelude to death suddenly felt a lot less hostile.

From @zoarcher: 

Winter was here. It had brought along a chilly nip in the air. Mornings were lazy, spent cuddled under the quilt. Days were sluggish, interspersed with frequent hunger pangs. The resistance to munching, whenever the tummy growled, was non-existent. And this was the prelude to tilting the weighing scale against Shreya's favour.

From @Ms_Unattached: 

The glass broke.
My neighbouring aunty sang from the core.
Singing only occassionally,Yelling as chore.
Too scared to ask her to stop her newly found hobby,
Not Too brave to answer about the glasses to my landlord lady.
I mustered up courage and told her I need Solitude
She said,"Honey, This is just a Prelude"

From @mekkanikk: 

He wore the finest of his clothes. He mumbled an inaudible prayer,his right arm involuntarily clutching his lucky charm. He knew that today is just the beginning of something much greater. But unfortunately, not for him. He checked his watch again,made sure he wasn't late for his first a suicide bomber.

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