Tuesday, August 18, 2015

55wordstory - Season 4 - Theme 17 - Float

From @shivom_oza: 

He never got the things he chased after - be it money, success, friendships or love. Happiness came to him from the most unlikely situations.

It was then that he learnt - maybe he isn't supposed to surge towards his wants. All that he must do is remain afloat, and he'll get what he needs.

From @aaroo4: 

He saw his son hold onto the photo tightly in his tiny palms as sleep caressed those eyes. He was sure that within minutes the child would float away to dreamland and all will be forgotten till next morning. Alas, he could not say the same for himself. He missed her and sleep eluded him.

From @dr_lucy_says: 

It was a dark day. The clouds loomed above them, casting outlandish shadows over the sprawling fields. Everyone was in daze, gaping at them, anticipation apparent in their parched eyes. But the clouds started clearing away without shedding a single drop. Nothing was left floating above them. Not even hope.  It was a dark day.

From @_ankitachauhan: 

And that day she was freed from the thread of affection. She began to float in the nothingness, just like a gentle bird’s quill. All the —maybe, maybe not— suspended. The fear of separation ripped apart. An impulse of love folded, comforting gaze lost its essence.

The day when he sternly uttered 'I need space.' 

From @GreaterBombay: 

"Ice-cream with Coke? That's disgusting." 
"Well, in Eastern Europe, they make Coca-Cola soup. .. "
"Stop! You're making it worse!"
"I think an Elvis fan has no business being grossed out by food." 
" Meaning?"
" He'd have fried banana in his sandwich, for God's sake. Even Jughead had cream sodas at Pop Tate's."
" Really? Chal I'll try one."

From @CruciFire: 


“Somebody save me…”
“Try to stay afloat love; I’ll come back with a lifesaver, I promise.”
“Come back soon… this brown water… this white iceberg…will be the end of me. It’s freezing in here.”

*A finger scoops him up and throws him out*

“SO many flies here, man.”

“Boss, please replace this coke float.”

From @TheQuietBelle_ : 

You were like the ocean at night - a beautiful, dark, cold, mysterious, inviting expanse of blue. She, besotted with intrigue, dived head first completely oblivious to the storms brewing in your depths. She valiantly fought against all the turbulence you offered, trying to keep from sinking. Ironic how only when you had sucked every last living breath out of her did she finally come afloat. Light. Happy. Lifeless. Dead.

From @AshieJayn: 

A gust of wind picked it up from the flower bed and carried it across the garden. The rose held itself together until it just couldn't anymore. The winds pulled the petals from the stem and finally set them free. 

If only I could be like that. A free spirit, floating in the breeze.

From @nobar_code: 

Was it the shoreline or the feeling of being swept by the waves, which worked wonders on his soul. He felt light, almost like being buoyed by an invisible force. A combination of lethal drugs and here he was reduced to a catatonic state. Staying afloat with the help of an analgesic; not done.


  1. A beautiful concept ...... actually a 'brain recharge' ....... would love to join n contribute !

  2. Son : Can this breakfast get any lower? I'm going to give it a Half Star Rating!!
    I bang a pan on his head .
    I : Now! Did you see stars?
    Son: Many ( rubbing head)
    I : You just had a multiple star rated breakfast, finish it up.
    Floating stars you know!

  3. Today, a furtherance of yesterday, a continuum, a portent of a better tomorrow. Hope floats with today

  4. Her need for a lasting eternal love, became his basic instinct. Hope, just floated away, scarring her forever