Monday, August 3, 2015

55wordstory - Season 4 - Theme 2 - Walking

From @MeghnaIyer: 

She found herself lost in thoughts of the times she’d spent with him, holding hands and walking around the French streets of Pondicherry, along the promenade.

A walk down the memory lane was all she could have with him after the night he’d called to say, “We should take a break. I need some space”.

From @lucidillusions_ : 

It was his favourite part of the day. Meeting her every evening, sitting next to her in the park, looking around.  Saying the most absurd of things to her as she looked at him in a confused manner. 
And as the sun set, it was time for him to walk her back to her owner's. 

From @SugarsNSpice: 

Walking across the path of glory she paused. She was afraid of failure that awaits. She trusted her capability and yet the dark room she was in was scary. It smelled of carcasses of her past. Then a tiny finger held her hands and said, 'let's go na?'. And she regained all her lost  confidence. 

From @lucidillusions_ : 

He walked into the clinic with a stomach pain. When I tried taking his blood, he said "I got no blood".

I decided to discuss this with a psychiatrist. She suggested he might be depressed and to ask him if he has a heart, stomach etc.

He replied, "No."

He suffered from "Walking Corpse" Syndrome. 

From @DNRamki: 

Client meetings, presentations, deadlines, work trips and so on. They were excuses he’d give himself. Her birth, her first words, he’d missed it all. As he woke up to her cry, he decided he’d had enough. He resigned. 

He smiled in glee as he held her nimble hands and she took her first steps.

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