Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Theme 142 - Platonic

From @flirtingshadows: She was his early morning wake-up call and late-evening, after-work chat. She exasperated him but he never forgot the days she made him smile. It tore apart the illusion of platonic love with the opposite sex. It took away from the innocence of a warm friendship. Yet, it made him feel terribly good about everything.

From @DrNiravParmar:

Deep in love,
Looked great together.
But he had elder sisters unwed,
She was passing the marriageable age in her community.
'Love is not in holding what you love, its in letting Go.'

He found her a nice guy.
She stayes in touch with him.
He's still unmarried.
Her children call him 'uncle'.

From @minolajekar:

She sat on the table buttering her toast, even making that innocent little breakfast routine about sex. She sips her juice and smacks her lips.

He re-checks the napkin on his lap to avoid unnecessary height.  He visualizes hurting himself with a butter-knife when she replied to her mum, “no he’s my buddy it’s platonic”.

From @whiteness:

“Well, uh-um, you know that I’m married and you are less than half of my age, I think we should stop chatting. Really it’s hard for me to say."
“Don’t be silly, can’t we just love each other without giving any name to our relationship? I think sex is overrated.”
Then they exchanged smiles.

From @NumbYaar: Sameer sat on the first bench only during Social Studies class. He would do his homework and read every chapter before it was taught. His agenda also included dropping the pencil intermittently and studying the teacher’s voluptuous body. There was something inexplicable about the fourth grader’s Platonic lust for Mrs. Anne.

From @roshd: She wore the pants in the house and brought home the bacon. He kept their house tidy and took care of their son. He was kind and faithful. He didn't excite her. His brother did and they started a roaring affair. She made him believe their relationship was platonic. Good housekeepers were hard to find.

From @tweettabulous: Rahul and me, the closest of friends… he, my 4 am person. Every first date, crush or heart break he'd there with whacky ideas or ice creams. When we moved in together, the neighbours frowned upon us. It wasn’t “ethical” they termed. Who cares? Love, in its purest form is what we share…

From @Greyllusionist:

Is it love?
Will she listen?
Or shall she chop off all touches?
Ah, touch! The word sounds so unfamiliar here…
Will I ever touch her? Do I at all want to? Does she?
Ah, so confusing and they call it love, hah! Nonsense!
But, how does Plato feel to be pioneering this perplexity?!

From @kunalbaidmehta: It was a small seed at first. Too small to even notice. But soon, the roots took their place. With every passing day, the roots grew stronger. Uprooting them now was impossible. This small seed of 'Doubt' grew so big, that it stopped differentiating between physical relationship and platonic friendship and ended a beautiful journey.

From @vchatting:

Father's untimely death left him to fend for his widowed mother and younger brothers.His responsibilities made him vow never to marry,quite like 'the Bhishma'.
Now 69, he lived with his brothers' ,who cared for him, in turns. He particularly liked to visit his second brother's house, where he could interact all day,with his buxom niece, whom he clearly loved the most!

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