Saturday, September 29, 2012

Theme 157 - Illusion

From @gauravjagwani: She saw them all rise and applaud. She joined. To her surprise, she easily got to the backstage. On meeting the man, she said, 'That was some magic.'They are all mere illusions', said he. 'Does it matter? You got a standing ovation!' 'Exactly! Mere illusions. You are the only one backstage, no?' She was.

From @vivekisms: "We live with our illusions. Don't we?", he asked him. Waiting for a response. Something to hang on to. Goodbyes need something to hold on to. "Yes we do", he responded, smiling, knowing what his answer meant.

From @maruwahna:

Now why did the local area network stop working? Bah , battery backup issues , they claim. Hogwash !
I start fiddling around with the wifi settings.
Connected and google chrome opened.
*Please enter your credit card details to start using the internet.*

From @brownicetea: Been ugly for so long that when called pretty she feels uncomfortable. From that tiny cocoon to the caterpillar it was a tough journey to be a butterfly. She is used to the fact of being ugly. Now that colours have been splashed on her, she is scared a bit. All of this seems like a lie, just an illusion. Everyone is going to end up Ugly.

From @kunalbaidmehta:

Samir woke up with a startle.
Was this a nightmare? Or was this real?
Was he really lying on the hospital bed? Or was that also part of a dream that he was still having?
What was reality and what was an illusion was something he had to decipher.
The hash brownies had played their trick.

From @quratzafar: She contemplated the syringe infront of her. The drug would get her high and grant oblivion. She knew it wouldn't be enough though: that man had made her feel loved and protected and no illusion felt better than that.

From @viveklectic:

The chimera of money was more attractive than the living world around him.

Running after his dreams like mirages he lost his first love, then friends, family was the last to go.

Sitting all alone at the mahogany table of success the old man reflected at the illusion of life.

From @nefritri: Simon was the world’s greatest illusionist. He could walk on water, be invisible. One day he saw her standing across the road, he rushed to meet her & was hit by a car. Before dying, he saw that it was just a life size poster of her.  The illusionist was killed by an illusion.

From @tweettabulous:

His charm captivated me. He stirred emotions that were long gone, made me believe in love again. Those endless conversations, the passionate love making and blissful moments spent together.
I caught him with another woman.
Mind fucked.
Psyche shattered.
All a facade.
Realized, I was just his muse and he played the perfect “Grey Illusionist.”

From @lucidillusions_ :

She closed her eyes, she knew they were deceiving her. She could still hear him, commanding her. She opened her eyes and he looked at her angrily. She could never realize how her hallucinations could be so lucid.

Never once did she thought that she herself was an illusion, and he the reality, the creator.

From @Greyllusionist: You exist. Right behind my ears, whispering amidst the noise. Hiding behind the clouds, keeping the silver line lit for me. In the ripples of my bed, infusing dreams in my sleep. They’ve garlanded a frame of yours but they aren't aware you come alive for a red rose and that fav chocolate of yours…

From @divyasangwan:

Meher & Sameer had dreams of seeing their only daughter, Syra,a pretty girl,getting married to a guy of their choice.

One fine morning, Syra was missing from her bedroom. she was searched everywhere, only to be found later that she had eloped with her boyfriend.

Alas! Her parents were living in an illusion.

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