Thursday, September 13, 2012

Theme 144 - Kiss

From @IndianIdle: It's funny that even being married now, when they seek the sea of the memory they always found this floating on surface. Shy boy never told her, one day they were out in a disc had a brawl and when they reached near car she said,”Give me keys,fast”. And that was their first kiss.

From @deescjockey: She knew the game, and she was in charge when the party started. She knew he'd make a move; he did. She knew he'd sneak her out to the terrace. She knew what he'd say. She knew he'd kiss her, and she'd let him. But she didn't know what the kiss would do to her.

From @swordfish19: He kissed her feet. He then kissed her knees. Her skin was soft. Further up and he kissed her shaven pussy. Still up and he sucked at her navel. She smelt like roses. He licked her nipples.  As he went further up, he saw a hideous worm eaten face. He woke up with a start.

From @shantusharma:

“A lot of water has passed under the bridge since I approached you. I don’t know if you never realized this or plainly ignored me. I needed a home but you wouldn't open your heart.”

Remaining words stuck in my throat when tears rolled down my eyes.

She didn't say anything… just drew me closer.

From @radhikmohandas: Ma noticed it. I doubt she saw the millimeter-wide blood-clot on the upper lip, to the left. But I kept pulling my lip in and biting it a little. Reviving the sensation. Reliving that bumpy autorickshaw ride. Scents and a stubble. All while trying to keep a straight face. But Ma noticed it anyway.

From @Whiteness: He looked into her bright eyes with winsome smile, while she was having a dark chocolate that he just gave her. It was a perfect magical moment and a sudden feeling that they had, and felt their hearts pounding. That day, every time he breathed he could feel the whiff of chocolate in his mouth.

From @roshd:

Too caught up in work and twitter, I’d been neglecting her lately..

“Do you even notice I’m alive? After all that I do for you you take me for granted. You just don’t love me anymore. You..”

I got the message. Pinned her against the wall, pressed myself against her and kissed her hungrily.

From @tweettabulous: She kept looking at him with anticipation, wondered what had gotten wrong, why the indifference? The separation had taken toll, left her almost lifeless.  When all around her had given up hope, prepared for her to go… He came down. Kissed her parched lips slow yet passionately and reawakened her.

Rains, you complete me - Earth.

From @laalfirangi: Nice moves. Can I buy you a drink? Here's my number. Call me, maybe? Hey, it's me from the bar. I'm glad we met. Where's the vaseline? I kinda like you. You must meet my friends. Will you marry me? YES! We must meet my parents. Cancun it is. You may now kiss the bride.

From @CruciFire:

She was busy cooking.

He slid his arm around her tender waist, caressed her navel, squeezed her breast, and pulled her close. He spun her around and leaned in for a wet, passionate smooch.

“I’LL MISS YOU… bitch!”

He murmured the last word under his breath as his house burst into flames.

A Judas Kiss.

From @bright_eclipse:

I was ogling at her display picture. My heart skipped a beat each time I imagined myself kissing her breasts. She ties rakhi to me damn it!

I scrolled down to avoid battling my conscience. Sigh!

That’s when it popped up.

She: Hi!
My heart stopped.
She: Miss you loads. Hugs and kisses!

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