Saturday, September 15, 2012

Theme 146 - End

From @simbly_menon: "No Kutty, God has his own mysterious ways," said Mummy, as she combed my hair all from the side parting, the way she usually does, the way I usually dislike. "It's a big jigsaw puzzle, but it all comes together at the end."

From @wistyloony: "Its over" read the note, stark and cold. There wasn't any punctuation and the paper seemed to mock her in emptiness. A little square of pulp decided her fate & 5 years of togetherness reduced to two words, meeting its end.

From @indianidle: He was going to end it all today. Death was the only escape. He stood near the edge of the cliff. He looked far, he saw the sun rising which warmed his body, he heard the music of birds. And just when his faith in life was restored, he farted hard. And boom!

From @shakwrites: It was the day he had been dreading. The gooey mess on his exteriors had become a cage. He struggled in desperation. Gasping for life he fought back. He clawed at strings that bound him to this misery. It wasn’t the end he wanted but here it was at last. He was becoming a butterfly.

From @swordfish19: The old Parsi, feeble and helpless, lay on his bed, in the hospice. He remembered his wife, long dead, once in a while. He had stopped expecting any visits from his son. As he looked out the window at the open sky, he could see a kettle of vultures. Or was it his imagination?

From @monathais:

„What do you think?”
„It’s long.”
„Silky smooth and thick.”
„Brownish and playful.”
„I like the way it feels on my lips.”
„It gives me the right pleasure.”
 „Can I swallow now? I cannot resist anymore.”

The Quality Manager smiled. The tasting of the new chocolate batton had the expected end.

From @nimue_: 

are we not meeting tomm? she messaged.
got some work.
Ok.See you later.

She wasnt happy , but they had decided to take a break. She decided to read to pass time, when another sms came :

Wanna have a  drink tonight ?
The break saw its end before it even began,she thought and laughed.

From @absoluteme: People get restless before they see the light. They have complaints, so many things could have been done better, it should have had a happily ever after, been more realistic. Most of them walk out sluggishly much before the climax. Some wait smilingly. There's a parallel between the end of a movie and a lifetime.

From @JaaTeri: "My journey began with holy shrines. I went to every place of worship in the country. In the end, I bathed in the Ganga. Now I am free of all sins. A pure soul," said the preacher. "Clapp!" he clapped, killing a fly that had been bugging him all through his speech. End of sins?

From @Greyllusionist: end, n/v:  We crossed the finish line years ago. Stayed blind. Stranded in the maze. Going around in circles. It seemed never ending but, when we look at it now from a distance above, the end was very much where we started.

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