Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Theme 138 - Revenge

From @SahilBulla: I saw him murder my mother. The blood inside me boiled every time I saw him. The only way to attack him was when he was not looking. I rushed towards him ready to take my revenge. He saw me. He slapped me. I fell down dead.It was tough being a mosquito.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: He had fallen in love. Not once, but twice. The first time it had taken an eternity to get back to normalcy. The second time around it was God’s revenge. This wasn’t allowed. It wasn’t accepted. This was different. And different wasn’t always good. He had defied nature. He had fallen for a man. Again.

From @flirtingshadows: The stage was set and the characters were in place. Everything had happened on cue. She only had to pull the strings and all would go according to plan. But somehow she just didn’t care. Her heart wasn’t in it. The idea of taking revenge had been more enticing than the actual act of it.

From @PWNeha: She often wondered about revenge. So far she’d refrained. But it wasn’t easy anymore. Those memories, those toxic memories… made her blood boil. Perhaps revenge would bring comfort.  Perhaps revenge might bring back her ability to trust. Better than running away from anyone who loved her. Or perhaps she was asking for too much.

From @mizarcle: She sat there making the perfect plan. She would wait until he got back from work. She looked at her bruises, he would pay for them. She smiled that evil smile.  He will have no place to run or hide, her hickeys will be avenged.

From @swordfish19: In the fish town, “manning” was a popular recreation. It involved sitting on the bank of a river or lake putting a long rope in the water, with an eatable attached to its end and waiting. Eventually a man would bite and he’d be pulled up, struggling.  He would then be fried or taken home.

From @TheScotchGirl:

James was abandoned when he was 6 years. He knew pretty well who his father was.

When he was younger, his father was an errand boy. Now he was this big shot business man. James was now head of the Administrable Offices for licenses. He saw the Fernandez application on his table. He smiled.

From @Whiteness:

“Thank you.”
“Oh, please don’t say that, I feel like a whore!”
He got up from the bed. She lit her cigarette thinking about her husband.
“Are you feeling sorry about it?” he asked.
 “I don’t believe in monogamy anymore” she replied, exhaling smoke.
"Why didn't you let me kiss on your lips?" he questions.

From @RBtrary: "His trembling hand slid into the bag and pulled the box out. From one-hand-to-other, the box was soon with the guy at the other corner of the room. The class-bully’s lunch-box was successfully hidden. He cried through the recess and the others enjoyed the Malpua after school. Revenge tasted ‘sweet’, and was served ‘cold’ too…"

From @JaaTeri: Blood dripped from the tip of the knife. He went for another strike, cutting the wound deeper. He seemed so pleased at seeing blood oozing out of the body, he didn’t care if it was dead already. He cut the body into pieces. Today, his revenge was complete. The dog that bit him was dead.

From @SpinandSwirl:

Hurt? She was used to it. Every dog has its day. There would be backlash. Ties broken. Names slandered. Public displays of defection. It reached a point where she almost expected it.
This one, was different. This one went deep. It commanded a unique requital. Silence, it would be. After all, indifference always trumps hate.

From @roshd: They were the local thugs turned politicians lording it over everyone else. Kishan was waiting on their table. They were drunk and abusing him for being an 'outsider' and a bhaiyya. But he got his revenge. He peed in the next round of beer. And served it with a smile.

From @Greyllusionist: You used to refuse sex on those trivial tiffs we had initially. And those mighty mute treatments which probably felt like mutinies in love. You won, I lost. I won, you refused. Yet, they were magnetic. There was a hysteresis in the hysteria. But, why the sleeping pills? It was my turn…

From @alienatedWind: With the knife she made another scratch. Avenge was all she could think of. Blood started to appear. It seemed she had finally got rid of the pain. It seemed revenge had been taken. But then darkness appeared. Realization was made. Those cuts and wounds were on her own flesh, and never ever on his.

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