Thursday, September 20, 2012

Theme 149 - Bite

From @aaroo4: Her hands stirred the pasta while her mind was blank. She panicked. In the pan, tomatoes & garlic were bubbling away. Was it ready? Blank. Did she add salt? Blank. What did the chef say in class? Blank. She tested the pasta, it still had a bite. Al Dente. She smiled. Everything came flooding in.

From @shakwrites: It was her favorite time of the day. The wedding sounds echoed everywhere. She could hear drums, pipes and chatter. She also smelt delicacies. Soon the large crumpled green leaves full of leftovers would appear. She knew she had to be quick. Else she would miss out on getting her one bite for the day.

From @kaulguddinesh: Mukund sat cross legged waiting for Mita to serve him food. But was she the one for him? She looked ok except for the birth mark on her cheek. Mita served the food. Mukund picked up the Gulab jamum and took a bite. It melted in his mouth leaving a sweet syrupy taste. Yes. 

From @tweettabulous:

I was ecstatic. She had given me the "sign”.  I waited for all to leave so that I could meet her alone. The desire to make animalistic love to her was driving me insane.Picked up wine and whipped cream."Baby, I'm all yours.”

She slapped my face hard. But, but, the seductive lip bite…

From @Chocophiliac:

"Tear, Munch, Cut, Part, Piece, Part, Share, Slice, Clamp, Crush, Eat, Gnaw, Masticate, Nibble, Pierce, Ruminate, Chomp, Chunk, Sever, Teeth, Corrode, Consume, Decay, Decompose, Deteriorate, Dissolve, Engrave, Erode, Etch, Rot, Rust, Slash, Tingle, Rust, Sear, Injure, Chaw, Chew, Chump, Gob, Itch, Lacerate, Nip, Pain, Pinch, Prick, Sting, Hickie, Wound, Burn, Edge, Spice, Zip, Zap, Bite."

From @whiteness: Once upon a time there lived a happy couple, but their only biggest worry was that her husband had strange habit of biting sari every night, she tried hard to stop this but it was out of her control. One day clergyman suggested them to use toothpaste with salt and they lived happily ever afterwards.

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