Thursday, August 30, 2012

Theme 135 - Reality

From @aaroo4: “Lets’ go away on a holiday to Greece in October?’ he said. She smiled “Imagine walking along those narrow cobbled streets, looking at those white & blue all around us”. “Oh yes, I’ll plan work so we get off 2weeks atleast” he grinned and then he woke up to see her smiling from the photo.

From @giggle_water:

Fish swam in the sky. Her blue eye saw them. The green one saw butterflies. And bubbles. So many bubbles.




She was once called Delight, now Delirium; for reasons even Destiny didn’t know. They said she was crazy. That she saw things that didn’t exist. What were they talking about, she wondered?

From @sahilbulla: Roaming around he looked at all the people around him. His peers and enemies alike surrounded him. All of them smiled and bowed down.“Is this the real life? Or is it just fantasy?” asked a confused Freddie Mercury. “A little less conversation a little more action” replied Elvis. Heaven was going to be fun.

From @swordfish19: I could see the island. There was a blazing sun above. The white sand on the shore sparkled like many tiny diamonds. The palm trees were swaying gently. The smell of the sea hit my nostrils. The boat was nearing the island. I didn’t feel like going back to reality. I kept reading the book.

From @TheScotchGirl: He knew what the lawyer said. There is no way in hell he could just get a divorce. He returns home. She smiled at him & does the wife ritual – chai / pani. He told her he had an office dinner tonight. But in reality he just wanted to be with Sam, his first love.

From @anjana_murali: As she entered the mall she was unpleasantly surprised to find a horde of reporters who rushed to her and swarmed her with questions. As a reporter yet again screamed "What will you do with the money?"  the reality of having won the biggest reality show sunk in.

From @roshd:

"You are married to Rocky, the heartthrob. You must feel like the luckiest woman in the world!”

She nodded and smiled back to signal the interview’s end.

He stumbled in at 3 am. Reeking of whiskey and woman. As usual, he avoided eye contact and flopped into bed beside the loneliest woman in the world.

From @Sneak_Speak: They made each other miserable.  Each day brought thoughts of breaking up and moving on. But they held on for dear life. “To those stolen moments of happiness,” they said. They told themselves that’s what made it all worth it. The truth? This was their only reality.  How could they conceive of anything else?

From @rainandpeace: Cracks glitter. Flaws gleam. Imperfections shimmer. Nothing is what it seems. Nothing feels real, not in the true sense of the word. Everything feels plastic, toxic, almost. It’s suffocating. It’s disgusting, gut-wrenching, almost. We carry on nonetheless, holding it together..facing a cruel cruel woman we very callously call Reality.

From @catoptronia:

Reality, it seldom makes a move. It lets you strike out pawn after pawn, lets you enjoy your illusions for a while. Because when reality makes a move, its game over. Check and mate.

The world’s a stage and the men and women merely players, remember? Helpless puppets in the hands of reality.

From @addymitra:

She ran into his arms, kissed him passionately and tears of joy flowed down.
"Superb shot Charu"..."Amazing Rehaan"..."You make the best couple"....
He held her lovingly. The shutterbugs did not stop and so did her tears.
It was the night before."Charu, don't be stupid.Abort the baby right away!!"

From @NumbYaar: Shahana tore yet another page from her notepad. She wasn’t happy with the way her novel was shaping up. She didn’t have a writer’s block, but she was slowly getting one as she had started going into depression. She couldn’t breathe life into her story; her story had started dictating her life.

From @namansaraiya: Often, early in the evenings of late into the nights, he walked by the sea. There was a strong uplifting sense the winds carried, plastering a smile on his face. After a while, closer into the sea, he would feel her slide her hand around his. He would turn and ask, "Reality? Such a joke."

From @flirtingshadows: Reality. It stung her like a bee. It left her feeling drained. Sigh. She envied the carefreeness, restlessness and optimism of five year olds. All they needed to build a castle was sand. The remaining details were mere embellishments and happiness was just a smile away. But reality was a dark cloud. An inescapable truth.

From @slokabs:

Kshitij and Pooja always fought. But now that her family was shifting to US, he felt depressed. “Not possible”, he thought. “How can they suddenly move in the middle of the academic year? What about Pooja’s studies?”

A truck labeled ‘Ease-it Packers and Movers’ halted outside his neighbours’ house.

Time to come out of denial.

From @PeaceOVent:

She can see orange and purple circles on the wall. Did she walk all the way home or is she still on the train?

The man next to her is holding her hand. She turns over to look at him. He's a  complete stranger. Her head starts to spin. The  circles move round and round and dissipate into a black hole.

She has been in a coma for 12 years.

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