Sunday, August 12, 2012

Theme 121 - Window

From @Pscripturient: In 2004, she stood by her window, trying to find network on her phone, as the screen flashed ‘Calling Mumma’. It’s been four years now, and nobody answers that number. She still stands by the sill, dialing into a screen soaked in tears and raindrops, hand outstretched, trying one more time to reach her mother.

From @TheLostCause_: She sat by her window, staring at the world moving by, picturing herself as one of them. Her world was confined to the walls of her house. Everyday, she yearned to be out there but, wistful thinking took her nowhere. Sighing, she got up and faced her world, the place she called 'house'.

From @slokabs:

Thunder. Lightning. The skies tore. Torrential rain poured down.

The nurse and cleaning lady had stopped coming since long. Thick layers of dust covered everything in the house, where Bharti lived alone.

She wheeled herself into the living room. The rain lashed against the panes. She smiled. She could finally resume her favourite pastime again!

From @PeaceOVent:

She was engaged to be married. He was in a blissful long term relationship.

They met. Sparks flew. He broke up with his girlfriend. They slept together. She awakened his senses. He breathed her in. She was oxygen.

A month later, she was married to the fiance. A window of opportunity for some is just a window for some fun for others.

From @TheScotchGirl: Karan wanted out of here desperately. Mrs Rao was a young divorcee.  She wanted to adopt. One Tuesday she showed up at the same boy’s centre Karan was. He brushed against her as he walked out. She felt a tingle. Once done, she dropped her card near the gate, near him. This was his chance.

From @vchatting:

4 o'clock : Strict Mummy, wouldn't let him play.
He posed to study, like everyday. But actually, looked out of his window to watch, his friends playing cricket.Except for the distance and silence (which he carefully maintained!), he was an active participant in each game.
6 o'clock : Running at breakneck speed to join them, at 'his' rightful time to play !

From @roshd:

Mischievous Rishi,11 was explaining the Rapunzel story to his 5-year old cousin Sara:
“Do you know why Rapunzel’s hair was so strong that she could let it down the window and have the prince climb up using it?”
“It’s just a story, not real”
“It’s because she used Garnier Fructis Shampoo. Remember the TV-ad?”

From @vagabondinact: Nights she sat by me, watching the stars, the morning she clung to me, seeing them carry her dad in the coffin, the evening she peeped through me, to see her knight on a white horse, the late nights she paced by me, waiting for her son’s return. Mute witness to her life- her window.

From @singhlicious: She was our new neighbour, we talked through eyes at first,she smiled, after sometime threw a letter to her from my window,got a awesome reply & lesson as well next day 'A smile & an eye contact doesn't mean that girl is in love with you'!

From @dimag_Se_paidal: "Jab garibi darwaze se andar aati hai, pyaar khidki se bahar ho jata hai"  the filmy hero said. Story of their life since Zen suffered a huge loss in his business. They looked at each other. She kept looking at him, as if apologizing for not being able to love him the way she did.

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