Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Theme 110 - Lovers

From @slokabs: Kim clicked away excitedly. She had never seen such craftsmanship before. The caves, in her opinion, were treasures, unexplored and priceless; Pillar after pillar of exquisite and patient handiwork. Men and women, single and pairs, in myriad poses – graceful, erotic or simply attractive! 

Love always inspired Art. And Art had always been her first weakness.

From @flirtingshadows: Their fingers danced upon their keypads. Disengaged words with disjointed emotions in disconnected worlds. Lovers they were not. Time had long robbed them of such intimacies. They were friends, on a good day. Strangers, on some others. Cool, detached and dispassionate, with carefully measured words, toned down emotions and a thin layer of ice.

From @featheringhigh: They were lovers, hearts and souls entwined. It seemed like their life had started that way and they wished it would also end that way. It wasn’t meant to be though, she was plucked away, to adorn someone else’s love. He was left there, maybe for a goat. They wilted away, their love lived on.

From @swordfish19: The huge library was teeming with all sorts of people. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, fat, thin, bald, male, female, young, old, religious, agnostic, cunning, kind, generous, miserly, dark, fair, tall, short, doctors, engineers, teachers and so on and so forth. All these differences did not matter here. What mattered was their common love for books.

From @mixelrandy: I promised myself that it’d be different this time. That I would hook up instead of making love. I gave my body to him, felt his touch, let him excite me. We groped, grabbed, scratched, throbbed, screamed, convulsed and finished explosively.

But when he got up to leave afterwards, my promises meant nothing.

“Hold me?”

From @sneak_speak:

"Let’s do this."
"We shouldn't."
"Doesn't mean that we couldn't."
"What about your wife?"
"We used to be lovers once. Now we’re just friends."
"Can’t we be just friends?"
"Not tonight."

From @vagabondinact: You see them, dotted at regular intervals, on the long concrete promenade facing the sea; on the cut of small rocky patch in the sea, oblivious to the sun, the rains, the gales, the waves, mindful only of each other’s presence. Blind in love or maybe just that proverbial cat drinking milk with closed eyes!

From @roshd: Sheena was excited to introduce Raunak to her BFF Fiona. Fiona was a good judge of character. Raunak was intelligent, kind and very witty.Sheena was madly in love with him and wanted them to get along. His first statement sealed the deal. “Wow! You are beautiful!” he exclaimed. People generally seemed to notice only Fiona’s dark complexion.

From @_Nehu: He would travel 2hours to give her surprise, she would do what he likes, he would wait for dinner till she arrives, and she would crack jokes to make him laugh. He started enjoying life with her, she started growing in life. Lovers who know, they are husband and wife – arrange marriage full of love.

From @sinpinklove: We wait impatiently for each others messages.We find excuses to call each other. We ditch plans that do not involve either of us. We steal smiles when others are not watching. We enjoy each others silence.We take those slow walks hand in hand.We kiss goodbye. So......are we lovers ?

From @ponderpuffman:  For a moment she falls for him. For a moment he catches her. For a moment she tells him everything. For a moment he listens to her silences. For a moment she remembers him. For a moment he forgets her. She will never reach his truth. He will never kiss her soul. They’ll never meet.

From @binivijan: It was that time of the day again; his daily chore.She emerged from her house to catch her daily at 11:00. He followed her till the station; this time determined to present her flowers, confess his feelings.She blushed. “I already feel we are lovers - after all we see each other every day”

From @Crucifire:

“Kris, the theme for today is 'Lovers'!” *wink wink*
“Today's theme is SO us, na Kris?”
“Such a nice theme... will you write about us Kris?”
“Kris, you never write anything about us EVER” *sob sob*
“No use of having a writer boyfriend”

“Vivek Tejuja.. I WILL KILL YOU!”

From @PeaceOVent: Jeff was introspective. His friends adored him and he loved some back. He found himself beautiful, with a sturdy build, melting eyes, disarming smile. He mused and wondered what was wrong with him but couldn't come up with anything. Alas, the only thing he was guilty of was narcissism.

From @anjana_murali: The cool breeze swept across their faces as they sat atop a small bench overlooking the huge expanse of sea in front of them munching sweet corn. They were just one of the various lovers sitting, enjoying, but there was something about the sea, or maybe it was love which made them feel absolutely unique.

From @dopeywriter:

Distance was their enemy they couldn’t defeat. They were the enslaved by phone calls, chats, and emails.

She was impulsive. He was not. He saved, planned and landed in her city. His phone rang. It was her. He picked up smilingly. And then, his face turned pale.

She said, “Surprise! I’m right outside your flat.”

From @aaliznat: Its been 5 years since he last saw her. And 5 before that. Always multiples of 5. Marriage, kids, cities, nothing could change how they met. The same frenzy, the same tearing hurry and the same passion. Because they always met as lovers, always. Nothing less, maybe more sometimes but never less.

From @vchatting:

You don't really love me.
Ok, am done with this conversation. Your accusations and this insult. Fine, if you think I don't love you, I don't.
So let's break up then. Why be together?
Sure, if you want it that way. I'm done with proving to you everyday.
Can we talk? Like properly....

From @absoluteme:

“...walking down the ruins of Purana Qilla, you will feel a peculiar heaviness in the air, like it’s laden with moments. As you breathe, you will be reminiscent of times you’ve never lived in. Time is captured within those ruins. And somewhere there, scribbled on the walls, A and Y are in love for ever.”

From @Unsocialshadow:

The moment I finally melted in your arms. When your touch went from care to love to lust in a matter of mere seconds. The moment when we went from friends to lovers.
The precise moment the twinkle in your eyes died. When your hand didn't automatically seek mine. When my fingers itched to hold your hand, but couldn't. The moment when we went from lovers to nothing. 

From @krishna_marathe:

She could be all four seasons in one day; sometimes striking lightning just to shock the other person.
“I think I’m incapable of feeling dizzy with love!”
He slips the solitaire ring back in his pocket and nods, being her understanding lover.
He couldn’t become her husband. He had to be her lover.

From @visualization:

She wishes to express her pleasure, I want to share my pains.
She wants me to find a lover for her, but I see my love in her.
I am scared to tell her she is more than a friend.
Is friendship the way to love or love the way to losing a friend?

From @minolajekar: "Babe, it's not you it is me".

From @vivekisms: Hands embroiled. Hungry mouths. Never getting enough of each other. Never wanting more. Strange bedfellows. Strange angsts. Lovers, inscrutable lot.

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