Saturday, August 11, 2012

Theme 120 - Captive

From @TheScotchGirl: Sneh blamed her mother for everything. So, when she got married off into an arranged marriage, Sneh had no choice. Mrs Chowksi didn’t have too much of a choice here either; the boy was paying for Sneh after all. Sneh enters their bedroom on the wedding night & her eyes widen. The whip lay silently.

From @slokabs: They had witnessed her unenviable life. Encased in her succulent face, they held her secrets for posterity. Clear and translucent, they hid nothing. They would say wordlessly, all that her determined mouth wouldn’t.Let him read them, if he could!He walked in. She fidgeted.He stared into them, at once arrested by their glance.

From @pranavvk: He could not let go. He had to see it through. But it had no end. There was only a new day. Everyday. Forever. But he could not stop. The world would not let him. He was captive to his own creation. And so each day he repeated the words “Today’s #55wordStory theme is   “.

From @kunalbaidmehta:

Salil had visited so many countries, but there was not a single picture to show.
Many people asked him the reason, and his response always was "Nature is meant to be enjoyed with your naked eyes. You cannot make them captives of your lens and think that you would be able to enjoy them later"

From @roshd:

So who was the tyrant and who was the prisoner?They interchanged roles so deftly.
She:After all I do for you and the children you still hate me.
He:You are a nag and are here only for my money
Her rage leads to a seizure. He grabs her and holds her lovingly trying to revive her.

From @chinmaynaik07:

He had protected her.
Cared for her.
Prayed for her.
Respected her.
Cherished her.
Touched her.
Held her.
Felt her.
He had breathed for her.
Breathed her.
Loved her.
Lived for her.
Lived her.

And one day they broke up.
She said she had set him free.

In his mind though, her memories held him captive.

From @vagabondinact: Lost in my thoughts, I walked far beyond return. Thoughts, my sole companion slowly became my Master. They commended, controlled and ruled me. One day a sole, meek thought of breaking free, escaped from their hold and they commanded me to stop thinking. Thoughtless, I wander now, in the unbroken captivation of the lost thoughts.

From @dimag_se_paidal: Sachin tendulkar was looking in the form of his life displaying a variety of shots. Rahul didn't let anything come in between him and an amazing innings. Whereas priya was in a playful mood, she wanted rahul to leave sachin and come to her. But rahul was glued to the TV. Disgusted, priya picked up the remote and off went the TV.

From @PeaceOVent: It is the first day of school. The last first day. He hopes he gets the courage to come out with the truth this year. The words. There are so many words. They jump around on the page. He can't even tell if it's 'b' or 'd' sometimes. The words chain him down yet they are dying to burst through

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