Monday, August 6, 2012

Theme 115 - Direction

From @DeeSCJockey:

“I believe in destiny.”
“Good for you. Still, if you had to go east, would you turn west and let destiny take you to the right place?”
“If I had to go East, I’d go east.”
“So destiny or no destiny, you do what is needed, to get what you want. Everything else is rubbish.”

From @TheScotchGirl:

Sarita lost all their money & her family. They had nothing.
Raj was a good catch she thought to herself. Her parents were proud too.
He kept leading her on about his money, property & his effluent family connections.
He only wanted her for the money. He had nothing to offer. No life, no direction.

From @cheesewiththat: Last August he had asked for an year to get his life back on track, his finances up to scratch, and her. He had asked for a year, from himself, to get rid of her image from his head. He is on the pavement, begging for spare change, her memory as fresh as ever.

From @swordfish19: The traveller had reached a crossroad. On the left was a road bedecked with flowers. On the right was a gravelly road. The road in front looked a lot like the one he had travelled. He had to choose one. Turning back was not an option. There was no one in sight to guide him.

From @roshd: He looked nervous till he looked in my direction and our eyes met. I gave him my most cheerful smile and a thumbs up with an admiring glance. It worked like a steroid and my 6year old son went on to recite what was to be the prize winning poem at the inter-school fest.

From @anjana_murali: Frantically changing directions, she ran towards the other side. She realized that she was lost but had to find a way out. Suddenly, she spotted the unmistakable red ribbon before her. As she inched forward, the sound of her thudding heart was lost in the cheers that the crowd gave her, the gold medal winner.

From @CruciFire:

“Feel the softness on your cheek. Yes good good. Now, pull that back and lick it. Lick it from bottom up, feel it. Use your fingers if you want to. Yes that's the way... Perfect! Now look at me like you will eat it up.”

Newspaper headline – AMUL signs Sunny Leone

From @kanakkupullai:

Anticipation : “There is a big bomb blast in Mumbai! The market will plummet! I have sold the shares today and will buy them back tomorrow!”

The next day:

Reality settles in : “I don’t understand how this works. A big bang and still the share prices soar upward. What direction does it really take?”

From @slokabs: Disha was at the proverbial crossroads of her life! Science, Commerce, Humanities? Medicine, Engineering, Business, Jounalism? Choices, choices everywhere! And the difficult part – she had to make them herself! Having always followed instructions, Now was time to pick her paths and navigate her life! No compass, no GPS. She was the captain of her ship!

From @visualizashan: For 24 years my Mom told me how to do Right, later my Girlfriend taught me how I Left the Right.  Following opinions and suggestions has made me what I should not have been.  Today, I feel like a pinged pong which is Left with no Rights.

From @vagabondinact:

Take a left, another left and another left from there. Walk a bit and you will be there, he said.\

Wouldn’t I then be back here, I asked.

Such is life’s journey, he said.

Pointless then, I said.

No, directions are worthless; never ask another, for a journey that ought to be yours, he said. 

From @sinpinklove: She was inexperienced, a virgin but the moment she saw him she knew it all.She needed no direction. She gave her sultry smile and gazed deep into his eyes. The effect she had on him shocked her. Not leaving his gaze she unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall on the ground.And then . . .

From @ushfajk:

His mother screamed at him, “your life has no direction!”
His friends told him not to lose direction.
His boss said he was misguided.
His girlfriend told him there was no turning back if they broke up now.
He looked at his reflection in the icy cave & smiled.
“I’m not lost, I’m just exploring.”

From @unsocialshadow:
He lost all sense of life when he lost her. It was as if someone had given him the wrong directions, an incorrect road map. He couldn't fathom how he had lived before her.

He had no idea how to live now. Or whether to live at all.

From @NumbYaar: He was walking aimlessly as the road suddenly disappeared. He had been following a big contingent but there was no trace of his comrades either. And watching him Little Ramesh told Little Suresh ‘See, once you erase the line, the ants get lost’.

From @vchatting: Crawling,toddler steps, learning to walk, walking briskly, running top speed,  turning left, right, hitting the dead end, reversing my way, missing the stop, the shortcut, trusting the wayfarer, getting waylaid and  losing my soul on way to his heart. Sitting alone, thinking where was I going and where did I reach...

From @MinolAjekar:

“We are lost Mohan”.
“But sweetie, the GPS says turns right after two kilometers”.
“But sweetie, it has been making us turn right for the last five kilometers”.
“It’s a straight highway honey, we will be fine”.

From @dimag_se_paidal: Nothing had ever seemed so difficult. shouldn't they have discussed this? surely the affirmative. But for now, Accepting the fact that both of them desired different things from life was getting tougher by the day. different directions, different paths. Seperation was the only option left. it was like a hindi movie except for the climax.

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