Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Theme 129 - Labyrinth

From @karthikisthin:

The incredibly enticing aroma continued to flirt with Larry. Like a poltergeist set on teasing him, it evaded him at every turn.He stared into the new pathway. Surely this was it. Alas! Another dead-end. His anxiety turned into desperation.
Taking pity, the scientist lifted him by his tail and united him with the cheddar.

From @swordfish19: “Hey! Think of something and stay on that thought. Soon, your mind will stray. It’ll start leaping from one thought to another. Before you know it, it would have taken this street, turned that corner, squeezed through that alleyway, stopped there, resumed walking and jumped that fence. Can you come back to that thought again?”

From @Anusual:

The poisonous words coalesced and floated ahead. Their coarse exterior made them loaded and primed to damage. Twisting and turning, they swiftly approached their destination.

On doing so, they shattered into a million malicious particles and dispersed into every corridor and hallway they could find.

Who would've thought an insult could lead to brain cancer?

From @kartwose: "He walked. He had nothing else to do. He thinks, a lot. He sees in others what he doesn't own, and smiles. Blind to the voids in the lives of others, he appends to his incomplete wish list, things that could fill holes, and with that nail, draws another inner circle to his complex labyrinth."

From @roshd: After the maze of lies I wove around our relationship, the humiliation I subjected you to- I have to admit I need you. Once again, you say nothing just smile. As simple as that. You knew I’d be back. You don’t consider it my defeat. Just a victory of your love. I surrender completely.

From @CruciFire:

(Doodling on the notepad)
(Brain storming on a brand launch)
(Fantasizing about the return of the loved one)
(Pondering over why friends are still pissed off)
(Wondering about how the country is going to the dogs)
(Imagining the places he would have visited if he was filthy rich)

A labyrinth, this mind.

From @vchatting:

"Father Arjuna explained entering the impregnable Chakravyu. Little Abhimanyu, yet in his mother, Subhadra's womb listened and learnt intently. But, before Arjuna could talk about exiting from this labyrinth, Subhadra had slept!  So in the final Kurukshetra war,the brave warrior Abhinayu could never get out of the Chakravyu! "
"Maa, another story, this one scares me!"

From @ushfajk:

Neal stood at the start. Stretching himself, getting ready.
He looked at his watch. The clock struck twelve & he ran full speed.
He kept criticizing the obstacle course, thinking it was a maze & not a puzzle. 
His feet kept running, finding a way forward.
This was a labyrinth, you can't win without resolving.

From @PeaceOVent:

The biggest exercise in futility is trying to sleep when your mind is going a mile a minute.
'Did I take care of that client escalation?'
'He gave me his dazzling smile today!'
'I need to start exercising since yesterday.'
'Am I ever gonna start studying?'

Sleep tired brain, sleep.

From @Ophelia_sDream: He felt blind trying to figure a way out of this mess. Like Thesus inside the Cretan labyrinth, Adil searched frantically for the guiding thread that could get him out of this labyrinth. He struggled only to realize that he was guilty of losing that only person who had once held that guiding thread of life.

From @priyankadharmsi: "This is it-she thought to herself. He didn't seem to bother about it or maybe she thought so. But while she was packing her bags and moving out, he was still lost in the labyrinth of his thoughts unable to take up even his own responsibility."

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