Friday, August 17, 2012

Theme 125 - Sight

From @TheScotchGirl: All her friends kept telling her to let go. He was just not worth it no more. It’s been three years since he left her. But no Michelle just could not let go, too much has happened between them. All her friends told her was “Out of sight, out of mind” & he’s gone, forever.

From @PeaceOVent: She was 4 when she found out she was getting a new sibling. She resented this alien invasion. Why should she share her toys, Ma and Pa with this person? The dreadful day dawned. Ma had cried. Pa was holding her, scared. They went in.  He was the most beautiful creature she had ever laid eyes on. She would love that baby boy forever. She was 5 now. All grown up.

From @swordfish19: He had an ambitious plan. He wanted to make literature available to the visually challenged people of the world. So what if they couldn’t consume books through sight? Nothing should get in their way of doing so through touch. He wanted to create a Braille equivalent of each book (worth reading) ever published.

From @CruciFire:

A club of voyeurs with high-powered binoculers, night vision glasses and a Handycam.
They love observing couples, video taping their 'immoral' activities and using it against them to 'protect Indian culture.'

We are hitting Shivaji Park today.

“The first rule of 'SIGHT CLUB' is that you do not talk about the sight club. ”

From @BluBluBling:

"You are beautiful" he said .
 She turned a crimson red and looked away to avoid his face.
"How do you know ?" she asked fetching for compliments. " My eyes , are they pretty or my face ? " .
He remained silent , picked up his dark glasses and reached for his cane.
"Those I can't see, I see what is inside you."

From @PScripturient: Freud said it would take 21 days to convert anything into a habit. She was trying to forget him for 2 months. She still remembered his touch, his warmth, his voice ringing inside her head, as fresh as it was on the day they accidentally met. Out of sight, was definitely not out of mind.

From @BoozeSexSundry:

Out of sight, out of mind.
Eyes are overrated, he used to say.
The real sensory organ is Heart, he used to say.
He either got his heart changed or maybe he was just wrong, and I was blind.

Out of sight is out of mind, they say.
Ask me, my heart says.

From @karthikisthin:

“The rain monster messed the roads last night. Mr. Whistle Blower is irritated. Oh! What’s that awful...? Lady, that’s a bad choice of perfume! Whoa! Nice spoiler. Hey what’s that shiny...?”
As the light turned green, Rex’s attention returned to the zebra crossing ahead, courtesy a gentle tug on his leash from the wheelchair behind.

From @mixelrandy: The slits from the bamboo blinds made linear patterns on the contours of her body. He traced the lines from her hip up to her shoulder, onto the lines of her tattoo. He saw how her coloured streak of hair shone. He blinked, realising he hadn’t removed his lenses. Clarity had never been so enjoyable.

From @bitchwanti: Tenderly she shook herself, releasing fragrances to assail minds. He watched awestruck at her dew laden body and smiled wide. "Oh what a pretty sight these two make!" thought Ananya, as she watched the rose brush softly against the sunflower under the first ray of sunlight.

From @vchatting:

"Hey I'm coming over on the 10th for a week to Delhi!"
"Oh! But, I'm travelling then, from 10th till the 15th.."
"Yeah! Sorry"
His promises to marry her since years had made her an object of his  wilful entertainment.Just lip service! But, now her sight had cleared. She'd decided to move on..

From @Ophelia_sDream:

She, “Why don’t you call me anymore?
He, “I was busy. Tell me why are you calling?”
She, “You were so busy that you couldn’t even call me once in two weeks? Earlier you called me every day and messaged all day long!”
He, “Do you know what out of sight out of mind means!”

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  1. @vivekisms I long to hold ur sight again - the sight that gave my eyes reasons to wander, my heart the beats to beat upon. I long to catch your eyes falling heavily on me, long to look at you and be looked by you again. I long to see the things I saw last year again..