Sunday, July 29, 2012

Theme 107 - Free

From @krishna_marathe

Likes, comments, updates, statuses, tweets, RTs, MTs, hashes, friends, strangers, timelines, photos, follows, followers, trending, YOLOs.

And the train chugged into a really long tunnel and he lost his internet connection on his phone. At last he was free.

From @Stupidiotica

The bullet had pierced through more than half his brain by the time his nervous system had registered it and burst through the other side of his skull by the time it gave a reaction. He was dead before his body or the gun he had held hit the floor. Rather, he was free.

From @writingchalk

“No, no, just leave him and he’ll come to his senses.”
“I’m telling you, call the lawyer…”
“Are you mad? First make sure!”
“I say take a gun and BOOM! End it!”

I didn’t know what was worse. My cheating husband or these women. Did they have no work to do?

From @vagabondinact

Entrapped in a body that displeases its owner, shackled with expectations, hope weighs me down. Motley of emotions constrain my thoughts, the mind tangled with details needless, surrounded by boundaries self made. Oh! How pleased would I be, at the ruin of this body that ensnares me, I the free soul, bound to subsistence.

From @roshd
Schemes on Offer:-
Take a politician get corruption free
Take Anna get fasts free
Take a woman get her tantrums free
Take a man get his roving eyes free
Take India get drama free
Take Shahrukh get KJo free
Take Congress Party get Dynasty free
Take BJP get RSS free
Take (on) Modi get trolled for free

From @MinolAjekar

Sir Churchill’s (supposed) argument on the Indian Independence Act :

“..................Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues and freebooters. All Indian leaders will be of low calibre and men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power and India will be lost in political squabbles”.

From @vchatting

His wife had been bedridden for years.The day their son returned, she showed signs of a collapse. She was rushed to the hospital, where she was declared 'brought dead'.
While the son took care of the arrangements for the last rites, he returned home and slept. Peacefully. Finally, the relief ! He felt free.

From @slokabs

They hadn’t eaten since three days. The water cup was empty but their seed bowls were untouched. Pari had been thinking about it all night. It was difficult but she had to do it. She hesitated for a moment, then opened the door to the cage. They gleefully flew out happy to be free again!

From @kunabaidmehta

Rajan invited his secretary Rita for lunch at the Taj and asked her if she would like to get promoted.
“Sure Sir” replied Rita
“But you know Rita, there are no free lunches” grinned Rajan.
Rita knew he was another one of those creeps to be avoided at all costs. She decided to quit soon.

From @ChaaluChapaati

She fingered the locket feeling its smooth surface with her thumb. Her beautiful eyes lit up, mesmerised, when she thought of what its engraved insides may have held. She then caught the salesman staring at her intently. "How much is this for?" she asked. His brown eyes blazed with desire. "For you madam, no cost."

From @Anusual

The shrill alarm tone at 4 AM awakens the puffy eyes, chapped lips and dishevelled hair. Cracked heels partner detergent allergies. Cooking and packing lunch for 3 before dawn but not before the 7 attempts in waking up the family. Washing, drying and vacuuming. Restoring order. That riveting novel at 3 PM was her window.

From @karthikisthin:

Smita returned to her uncomfortable wooden chair after collecting the sheets and herself. “QUIET!” she yelled before reviewing.

Most of them were lazy renditions of flying doves or the waving Indian flag, with dozens of saluting stick figures surrounding it.

She lingered on the one with only a simple smiley that had unwittingly captured sarcasm.

From @maruwahna

Hairpin curve ahead. He didn‘t care. Drove his Porsche like his life depended on it. The car was screaming under his torture.Didn‘t care.Reached his apartment . Goddamn hell ! Lift wasn‘t working. Three flights of stairs and he was in. Entered the room. Thank you, his free bladder said.

From @bitchwanti

"Lelo Didi. Lelo!", insisted the perfume seller.
He opened the little vial of liquid fragrance and tried tempting the lady at the stall.
"Nahi chahiye!" said the exasperated woman.
"Ek k saath ek free hai!" he declared as he observed interest in her eyes.
"Give me four bottles of those!"
He had made his kill.

From @The_Lie_Lama

They were 'happily' married for forty years. No one knew he died everyday in that odious relationship. She left no chance to persecute him ever.

That night he slept never to wake up. The free soul now haunts her.

From @PeaceOVent

It is time. What's next?
Is this one of life's eternal questions? What am I to do with my life's lessons? Have I been dealt the right
cards? Am I playing the wrong game?


Attempting to summon all reserves of optimism and playing along.
Starting summoning now..

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