Sunday, July 8, 2012

Theme 86 - Stars

From @ShubHASHISH:

I could see them in the eyes, I could see them in the sky.

I could see them in the movies. I could see them when I fly.

I could see them in the day. I could see them in the night.

I could see them sparkling, I could see them shining bright..

Some call them stars, I call them hopes that I sigh.

From @tazeenzafar:

'Let’s make images out of stars.'

'Not today.'

He had seen this coming for days, but was still unprepared for it. It had always been her face that he saw in the starts but she didn’t want it there anymore. His voice broke as they said goodbye. Now, the sky looked empty to him.

From @QuratZafar: I didn't want the stars. What would I do with them? And yet when they shone in my mother's eyes, my life would suddenly acquire meaning.

From @aaroo4:

That looks like Jupiter, on the left. Or is it Venus? Damn, i am confused.
Hey, wait, let us start all over again…There is Pegasus… so, that has to be Jupiter….”
“What are you girls upto? Sitting up so late in the terrace?”
“Ma, go away, don’t disturb us now”
“Seeing Stars.. gah…girls these days!”

From @karthikisthin: His temples throbbed with rage as he thrust his fists into his hapless brother's face. "It’s ROUND! It doesn't have 5 pointy ends!" he yelled. Gopi realised his mistake when his mother nearly ripped his ear out. "The sun IS a bloody star you moron!" Rahul though kept seeing stars for the next few weeks.

From @NumbYaar: He hated being in the film industry. He hated the two faced people who ran it and never acknowledged his success. All the pent up frustration had to come out some day. He finally got his chance when he hosted an IIFA ceremony. He walked on to stage and said “you all are Rs.2 stars”.

From @Catoptronia:

He hated the team he was working with.

That morning, he left home determined to call the project off.

At a traffic signal, someone called out to him.

“Can I’ve an autograph, please?”

Five minutes later, he reached the sets and shot his scene. His fans’ love for him, that’s what kept the Superstar going.

From @AskThePankazzzz: She could throw her hands in the air and have the skies in her pockets. She preferred reaching out for a star, instead. The one, whose spark blinded her. Could've been a black hole, for all she knew. But she took the risk. That was the magic of love. Flushed logics and desires of having.

From @NeelSheth:

We shine, we burn.
We go “boom”; collapse in our own gravity.
We are supernovas; we are a black hole.
We time travel and meet, live light years away.
We form a constellation; yet we are alone. 
We are dead, even when alive. 
We are stardust; you and me.

From @tamannadahiya29: Like every little girl, she believed in fairy tales, a prince charming of her own. She believed in the existence of soulmates, in true, irrevocable love. Poor girl, she believed that a shooting star in sky could make wishes come true. But now, she knows that shooting stars are meteors and love just plain fiction.

From @drun007 : Award for the best choreographed song was no surprise.  The moves, music, sets, costumes, ace actors and 15 others.

Shamini collected her award.  "I would like to invite the stars who made this happen". She called for the 15 dance artists along with the leads.

Usually forgotten, they indeed were stars in their own way.

From @writingchalk:

“Baba! What happened?” She rushed to her father. “I want to show you something in the sky. Sit here.”

The sky was pitch black. He had a disappointed face. “Where did those twinkling…?”

“Baba look! Why so many people there?”

Across the road was Amitabh Bachchan.

“No idea beti. Chalo, let’s beg for some dinner.”

From @roshd: I remember those days, when I was studying engineering. I was half in love with Steffi Graf. Those days she was seeing Mick Hucknall of Simply Red. I, of course, hated him. My favourite song back then was “Stars”, ironically by Simply Red. We were a funny threesome.

From @TandooriCutlet: The stage was set. In the wings stood the entire solar system, complete with asteroids and a disconsolate Pluto who had to be told he couldn’t be in the show.  As the music swelled upwards, the entire cast quickly took their places. Except for the two stars. The teacher found them kissing behind the curtain.

From @iBeingMe: After falling from stairs he layed there at the bottom with broken spine.She waited there patiently . He woke up, relieved to be alive but puzzeled about his dream. “Are you okay darling?” She asked. " I feel like I am on a star." he replied. She sweetly smiled and kissed him with poisoned lips.

From @vivekisms: We try to shimmer. We almost try to shine. We want to make it last. The light in the relationship. The so-called solidity. Then we fade away. Invisible. Morning light takes over in the form of reality. Till we shine again.

From @GayatriiM:

His head was spinning with all the praise and adulation received that night at Silver Jubilee of his first movie.

Dead drunk, he entered home. In pitch dark apartment ,only light was emanating from her room ...

Breaking stoic silence, he sobered up and mumbled " Sorry Mum,will never drink again".

He may've been the Star but she was moon of his life.

From @SaaliKhushi:

They stood there, dark and breezy. She was with him. Him.

“Look!” She pointed, her vision blurred, her glasses in his pocket. “That’s Sirius! And there, the Orion’s Belt!”

He cupped her face, “And the moon…”

“This life. You…” she confessed that night. And all she got in return were the stars in his eyes.

From @eyolous:

He ran home excited. His heart pounding. His lip quivering. ''I have you now'', he whispered hugging his school bag.

His window was wide-open. Somwhere the night heard faint sobs. A notebook lay on the floor. ''Why can't I have you?'', he cried to the sky.

On the notebook, his teacher had pasted five stars.

From @bitchwanti: The blade moved smoothly through the sheet of white foam. She cut five triangles, joint at the center by a pentagon and stuck them together. Carefully she applied glue and sprayed silver powder.Lifting it, she stuck it onto the blue soft board. It glittered crazy in the sun. Who said stars shine only in the sky, unattainable?

From @ScribblingOn: A star in her pitch black night sky. There was madness. There was brilliance. Extinguished hopes, reignited. A star that shined only as when she wanted. Her very own lone star. Non-pariel, unmatched. One night, gazing at the boundless sky, sighting a shooting star, she chuckled, "The brightest is already mine".

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