Monday, July 9, 2012

Theme 87 - Monday

From @NumbYaar: The whole world was going berserk with the start of another week. Everyone was ranting and tweeting about yet another manic Monday. But he sat in his jail cell unperturbed. For him Monday just meant a different Biryani.

From @ChaaluChapaati: I offer ladies free drinks and bathroom singers a chance to croon for an audience. I offer discounted drinks in almost every bar in every city in the world. I bring with me new beginnings, fresh starts and firmer resolutions. But no matter what I do, I know everyone still hates me. And always will.

From @ThePheno_Menon: He flipped through all the vinyl records in his Dad's collection. Some were classic rock, some were funk and some blues and jazz in there too. He could see the Beatles, Boney M, ABBA and even Simon & Garfunkel. But today, he picked out the Bangles. It indeed was just another Manic Monday.

From @theslumdawg:

It was a Monday, he was enjoying his afternoon booze and he got a text, from the one he loved (secretly) for more than eight years.

"Text: Hey, let's meet."

He took an auto-rickshaw, got the train, was waving out from the running train. Enjoying the wind and Suddenly, bumped into a signal pole. BANG!

From @FateMarfatia: *Sets a deadline. Takes a Twitter break. Admonishes self for prolonging the break. Pep-talks self. Begins work. Distracted by a text from Snapdeal. Ignores. Rewards self for resisting temptation by cat napping. Wakes up somewhat paralysed. Rushes out for fresh air and food. Takes another Twitter break upon return. Feels mentally drained. Sets another deadline*

From @FlirtingKaapi: As she picked up the sweets, she just couldn’t help smiling. It is her daughter’s first day at work. The unwanted daughter for whom she was thrown out of her family is now a pilot with the Indian Air force. She couldn’t contain her pride in her eyes and they overflowed as tears of joy.

From @MrNarci: She logged onto Twitter and saw everyone on her timeline ranting. She never understood the hate Monday got. Here she was lying on her bed, with a glass of cold coffee by her side, when everyone else was slogging through traffic and at work. Hairdressing was a good career choice, albeit Sunday was her Monday.

From @karthikisthin:

He woke up with a smile. Landing a job in Mumbai was a dream come true for Subhash. There were 7 office skyscrapers near his chawl.

Most of them jumped from above the 10th floor. His earnings were fixed - Rs. 100 per body. Business always picked up today.
Just another day at the office.

From @roshd: Ravi was a very practical and non-superstitious man. Yet the Monday morning blues got to him every week. He analysed and came to the conclusion that Mondays are nature’s way of punishing us for enjoying the weekend too much. Satisfied, he began planning this weekend’s party with a vengeance.

From @BoozeSexSundry: They say I’ve gone crazy. I don’t believe it. When your dad is said to be patrolling LOC with guns and you’ve been waiting for him to come back, read your new poem, you can’t entirely lose it. It was a Monday last week. I don't know what it is today. Maybe it's a Tuesday.

From @aaroo4: Dear God, i know today is my last day and its back to school tomorrow. But remember, it is Monday, he is bound to have a lot of meetings and work. Go easy on him. Tell him mom is watching him from up there, and guiding him every step of the way. Thank you God!

From @tunnvi: The alarm rang, she sprang out of bed, took a quick shower. She wore her best dress and sprayed on her favorite perfume. She took the stairs since the lift took time. The cab was waiting, she ran as fast as she could. She didn’t wanna be late. For Monday, was when he met her.

From @dhau:

Atrophied muscles. Chapped lips. Sighs of relief. Loads of hugs.
It’d been 4 months since the accident.
“Shrewsberry biscuit please” he wheezed. The mind’s desires can be confounding.
20 minutes passed. “Please…” he rasped before giving up.
All the stores were shut. Too bad Manoj decided to wake up from his coma on a Monday.

From @pudworks:

A long belly and hip scratch and a satisfying yawn later, he turned to the other side on his bed.

The sun’s rays penetrated his window, but not the thick blanket over his head. He twitched.

What was that? A faint whiff! And off ran Garfield to accost Jon.

Mondays often went downhill after breakfast.

From @deescjockey: At the stroke of 6, she woke up and put the electric kettle to boil. She brushed; and was browsing through her sarees when it hit her - the plaque on the top shelf, still draped in cellophane, read: “To the best teacher in the whole world: Wish you a happy and healthy retired life.”

From @bitchwanti:

"Mundane. Sounds oddly like Monday",she laughed. "Mundane Monday!"
"Mon-day, meaning my day!"
"Yes indeed, after the lazy lethargy of Sunday, Monday indeed is MY day," she signed with a flourish on the calendar, as the day smiled at her for accepting it so unconditionally.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: She was dreaming of him. He had a hand around her waist and a little boy was holding his other hand.  She hadn’t seen the boy before. But he had her eyes. “Our son!!”, she realized. Waking up, she remembered he had broken up with her last night. It was the Monday of her life.

From @eyolous: Rains. Torrential rains. A population of umbrellas as they push their way through an obstacle race of puddles.  The hum of trains like overflowing suitcases on wheels. Grey skies. Muck.Cell Phones buzz like swarming flies.  Hands, feet , lips . Noise.  Good  Morning Monday.

From @RuthSaldanha: He needed a break... The in-laws, the wife, the badly behaved BRATS, the overpriced hotel, the watered-down booze... Thank God for his job! Thank God for Mondays!

From @tazeenzafar:

‘I hate Mondays’, he said as he drove to work.

The day had been blamed yet again. He didn’t hate the day, he hated his work place. It took him two years to realize it and when he did, his boss received his resignation letter instead of the file work. He never hated Mondays again.

From @CruciFire:

“I am MonDay and everyone hates me.”
“Hiiiii MonDay.”
“I am the special day for so many couples, festivities, traditions but people still loathe me. Just cause I am the first day in the work week, everyone abhors me. Now what is my fault in that?”

*Everyone group hugs her*

From @shantusharma: Loser riles against me. Lazy mourns I arrive sooner than orgasm. Sluggish bum keeps procrastinating and try to transcend me every time but in vain. And these comprise 99% of men and women. I am not one of the 7 sins. What do I do wrong? I just do my job. Like 6 others.

From @anushreekejriwa: I came to a new city, all alone, with hope in my eyes and a picture of my family in my heart. Monday the big day made me realise that the first day of new life makes me yearn for my mothers warm smile.

From @anjana_murali: Today while returning from work, she saw a little girl of five standing outside a gift shop staring at the wonderful colours inside. Without hesitation, she went inside and purchased a lovely gift and gave it to the girl. It was a normal Monday for her but a special birthday for the girl.

From @ClockRoots:

“….Was it a vision, or a waking dream?
                Fled is that music:—Do I wake or sleep?”
“Ode To A Nightingale by…”
Before she could complete her recital, a slow trail of blood flowed down her thighs. Red blots appeared on her socks.
It was her first Monday of womanhood and grade VII, as well.
From @vchatting:
Anesthesia lulled her screams of labor…… She could still feel the doctor about her ……till the doctor announced, “ It’s a boy! Normal.” 

She felt the relief !  Smiling  through her exhaustion, hugged the warm soft feel of the little human form she’d  created ! ”My darling baby.”

It was the landmark Monday of her life.
From @KingOFlames:
She found a lipstick stain on his shirt.
So, he was cheating.
Later that evening, She put A bullet in his heart. The heart that was supposedly hers. She later realised they were her lips. She was too drunk to remember it before. Ashamed and guilty, she shot herself.
Not really a typical monday.
From @The_Buffmaster: The solar king was gifted seven sons separated by a day’s gap. Bestowed with same qualities, they grew up becoming heirs to the kingdom. Soon, the eldest was engulfed and lured by the dark powers. Practicing treachery and disheartening merry souls, he rules till shadows disappear. He rejuvenates every week, to be known as Monday.
From @muted_musings: It was her turn. Again. The Others were laughing like wicked villains at her timidity. She took in a deep breath as she heard Destiny approaching. She spread her wings with practised precision as she witnessed Time make a grand entry. Monday arrived on world's stage with grace hoping not to be ridiculed yet again.

From @writingchalk:

He smashed his head on a big boulder. Not a scratch.

He tried swallowing poison. For him it was like water.

He asked a lion to maul him. The lion gave up.

He tried all possible excuses to skip the first working day of the week – even the Incredible Hulk was no match for it. 

From @NeelSheth:

Dear Monday,

They curse you, hate you; even say "fuck you". Don't bother, for they hate one or the other day.  Thank you for listening to our rants and not kicking back; you're a true sport. Lemme tell you "I love you" if it makes you feel any better. Smile now please.


From @ponderpuffman: The time froze at 8:22 am. Dark circles and migraines, she could handle. A dismissive boss and long working hours, she could handle. Loud co-workers and unrealistic deadlines, she could handle. What she couldn’t handle was why they always, ALWAYS attacked her in unison. The alarm clock was her first victim today.

From @TandooriCutlet: He’d been asleep for 25 long years. Opening his eyes he blinked in the harsh light. He tried to find answers to all the questions screaming in his head. He decided to start with when he’d woken up. “It’s Monday, 9th July 2012, sir”, said the nurse. Monday? Feeling blue, he promptly fell asleep again.

From @tamannadahiya29:

The anxiety, the craving,the insurmountable desire, the longing just to get a single look of his face, his smile made her wish for weeks to exist without Sundays.

Rather her joy knew no bounds on Monday, the day she could see her beloved again.

But, everyday is a Sunday now. Life's dearies.

From @preetiramaraj: "It wasn’t an ordinary monday, the ones you wake up to; groaning and complaining. This one was special. The one she had been waiting for a very long time. When she would finally let go of her secrets and her dreams would come true. Little did she know that she would hate this monday forever."

From @designerfoo: It had, had been a long Monday. He did not make it time, but then again he never did. That never stopped him though, from pursuing his creative whims of fantasies. He worked at it, decided he did deliver, no matter what. Here it is Let me know what you think? Happy Tuesday!

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